Summer Spending Survey 2021

Summer Spending Survey 2021

With June just around the corner, you’re probably feeling that familiar, uncontainable excitement that summer brings. It’s hands down the best time of year for barbecuing, swimming, sunbathing, vacationing, gardening and adventuring. But it can also do a number on our savings!

Tell us, what will you be spending money on this summer? Do you have a vacation budget? What summer holiday sales do you tend to shop the most?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their seasonal habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on May 24th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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Member76831662412May 23 21 - 14:12 Our grandbabies and possibly a short trip to San Diego
Member727103914956May 22 21 - 19:36 My garden is beautiful
jspanitzMay 22 21 - 19:16 Travel to make up for last year
aprilahullMay 22 21 - 17:30 A pool for my staycation at home!
songokuMay 22 21 - 12:30 I love my garden!
MtnRoseMay 22 21 - 11:38 We have been dealing yearly with and trying to fix the septic & Leech line that was done wrong. Most of our funding right now is going to folks who can redo system or at least fix main problems since we are no longer capable.
1jodsterMay 22 21 - 11:26 Shopping for back to school items for my high schooler. Now that things are slowly opening up we can go shopping and not feel so stressed. Hoping there will be some good summer sales with the summer holidays and deals.
Laina1000May 22 21 - 10:54 I'm obsessed with vegetable gardening (mainly heirloom tomatoes) and cacti. I have twenty five cacti so far and still want more. So anything plant and cacti related. Amazon and ebay love me!
Member324990759049May 22 21 - 10:30 This summer our daughter is graduating from high school. We will be shopping for graduation supplies and gifts. We also will be doing gardening and buying gardening products and supplies.
sparklygirlMay 21 21 - 18:09 Hair products and athleisure lol
whisperwindMay 21 21 - 14:29 A Road Trip
Lim01BabeMay 21 21 - 10:42 We will be spending time and money on our home and new pool this year. Hoping to find some good deals on things this year. Thanks TopCashback for all you do.
Dmitry_May 21 21 - 08:19 I am planning will seat in home with my family.
Member720706248759May 20 21 - 09:50 Outdoor gear
jesus2jacobMay 20 21 - 08:37 I am planning camping with my family.
manuelinaMay 19 21 - 19:57 Outdoor pool membership. Cheap but fun for my sweet son. My budget is very low this year!
rlchavda24May 19 21 - 15:15 Family vacation
Member430248459127May 19 21 - 12:36 Vacation on the Mediterranean sea
TwitchMay 19 21 - 07:09 Visiting 4 national parks.
Member530606984654May 18 21 - 15:26 I would love to hug my family and have a hugh party celebrating life with them!
Member530677937641May 18 21 - 07:03 Our trip
Member530678087634May 18 21 - 04:30 For my education
Kangwoo LEEMay 17 21 - 22:27 For trip
HoursmanMay 17 21 - 15:37 Family vacation. Please
chloexiaoMay 17 21 - 15:17 I would like to spent money on camping trip coming in this summer, very excited about it.
Member530567438613May 17 21 - 12:46 I would be interested in buying nice and stylish summer clothing for my dear wife.
nsirohiMay 17 21 - 09:26 I just bought tickets to Hawaii for the summer. Bought Gucci New Ace Sneakers off SSense, and about to buy Chloe sandals from Bloomingdales.
rdjbjj126May 17 21 - 09:20 I will be looking to buy new patio furniture, tires and a mattress. With life it is always something! I love TopCashBack to help me save money!
patty1aleMay 17 21 - 06:44 My son's birthday is on July 24th, and I would like to take him on a nice vacation where he and I can celebrate his life and how happy and he has made me.
Member530665563851May 17 21 - 00:59 I want to go on vacation with my family members to enjoy the god gifts that give us in this world like view mountain, lakes, beach,
vertsMay 17 21 - 00:53 Hopefully a vacation!
mereedMay 17 21 - 00:24 We love going on vacation with our grown children and our Grandchildren 😊 We rent a big house on the beach and have a blast! It's been an annual event for years.
Member530663715511May 16 21 - 23:49 Spoko jest ok
MissyntomMay 16 21 - 20:02 We love hiking,tubing, camping,and splashparks
Member530663679549May 16 21 - 16:19 Ok super
Sing2me1511May 16 21 - 10:32 Going to visit my daughters in Atlanta, California & Cincinnati. Hopefully the hubby and I get to do our annual Caribbean trip to Puerto Rico. Since covid I haven’T been able to go back and it’S my happy place. Thanks for the extra discounts you provide. ❤️
fixitMay 16 21 - 07:21 Hopefully a vacation!
TraciwilletteMay 16 21 - 06:24 Spending time at beach, bbq and kayaking
Member430437145309May 16 21 - 03:48 Hopefully a vacation!
Member330074808356May 15 21 - 22:55 Vacanta la munte cu familia
Member1229205401426May 15 21 - 19:26 Hoping to go on vacation with my family!
Member430456883818May 15 21 - 19:12 Go see my family on the east coast. It's been 13:yrs. & Put some away for my final demize. Rainy day fund!😜
misznancylaMay 15 21 - 17:30 Tropical family vacations, traditional asian engagement party and family meetings
tomkeenMay 15 21 - 17:28 Hopefully vacation and moving after getting a new job!
Member530627477634May 15 21 - 17:19 Summer clothes, sandals, hats, sunscreen
Member430332113201May 15 21 - 17:02 No budget necessarily but hoping to save up for a trip to Hawaii next year. Mostly spending on money on groceries and maybe some tubes for tubing in the river
Member530573987912May 15 21 - 16:49 VacacióN in the Caribbean with the family
Member530658850104May 15 21 - 16:42 I'm looking forward to a beach vacation this summer with my family.
Member530641461235May 15 21 - 16:34 عطورات وادوات التجميل
Member430497815202May 15 21 - 16:25 Summer essentials like sunblock, beach sandals, hats ☀️⛱
cb2302May 15 21 - 16:21 Clothes for the kids
tomkeenMay 15 21 - 16:00 Hopefully vacation and moving!
Member430246838857May 15 21 - 15:27 Outdoor gear
SobolevaMay 15 21 - 15:22 Clothes
KonglomeratMay 15 21 - 15:08 Hello. I really love sports. In the summer I play a lot of football and volleyball.
ChihiMay 15 21 - 11:12 Clothes and make up
Member927655538717May 15 21 - 08:24 Summer clothes.
301judybMay 14 21 - 21:46 Two weeks at the beach with extended family! Whoo hoo! Can't wait to get out for a vacation finally!
Mackus84May 14 21 - 21:08 Stuff to improve the garden.
Drmom33624May 14 21 - 20:49 Our daughter is getting married this summer. So we bought new clothes and staying in a hotel near the venue.
Bety LilyMay 14 21 - 18:13 I'm buying all new summer clothes for the family.
justme2111May 14 21 - 16:06 I live in a warm climate so I have summer clothes but I never need an excuse to buy shoes. I also tend to buy better hair conditioning products this time of year.
chrisyu2011May 14 21 - 12:05 Need some beach stuff for this summer. Got two beach chairs already!
Member530648837933May 14 21 - 09:21 I Will Go to Kemah for the day but other than that we will be staying home.
Member318676616448May 14 21 - 04:51 We are staying close to home this summer but still doing a beach vacation!
Member530597400253May 11 21 - 16:40 After this whole pandemic I am ready to go all out! New clothes, parties, skin care, makeup! Everything new! This summer will be one for thr books
BestShoppingMay 11 21 - 10:59 I'm looking forward to a beach vacation this summer!
Member430519480348May 10 21 - 11:41 This the best app you could ever wish for make sure you share with your friends and families and also I wanted to thanked the owner.