Staycation Survey 2020

Staycation Survey 2020

Though some businesses are starting to reopen, it will be a while before the travel and tourism industries are fully up and running. So if you’ve ever wanted to take a staycation (a vacation/holiday close to or at home), 2020 is the year to do so!

Have you ever taken a staycation? Will you be taking a vacation from home or participating in leisure activities within driving distance of home this summer? Have you canceled/rescheduled travel this year?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their travel habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on June 8th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

Take our survey below! 

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Member526335746308Jun 07 20 - 22:41We were planning on travelling to my graduation 🎓 (Online school across the country) and adding in a number of other stops, but it got postponed. It looks like it will be a go for September so we'll plan an epic trip to places we've never been before.
Wow, that's awesome. That's really something to look forward to! :)


Member626416839638Jun 07 20 - 13:20We usually take a vacation in the summertime. I think the staycation sounds great. We will be trying that out next month.
SoulChefwayne60Jun 06 20 - 22:29In these times my wife and I have decided to try and make the best of a tedious situation by planning little getaways whenever possible.
sputnik1554Jun 06 20 - 19:08We had to cancel our yearly trip to our family reunion. We will be taking weekend trips closer to home when the coronvirus pandemic is over.
AuroraDunnJun 06 20 - 17:30We vacation every year. Forced to cancel our cruise for April 2020 due to coronavirus. The staycation sounds like it is the safest way to travel.
Hello There,

Such a bummer you had to cancel. On the bright side it's nice that you have those weekend trips to look forward to :)


yassinesalaJun 06 20 - 08:39Canceled a family vacation in April, hopefully can rebook once everything opens up. Will try to do few weekend trips over the Summer and maybe brave enough to do a cruise in the fall
FimaJun 06 20 - 07:18Good servis
Nats48Jun 05 20 - 14:30Canceled a family vacation in April, hopefully can rebook once everything opens up. Will try to do few weekend trips over the Summer and maybe brave enough to do a cruise in the fall
NGP143Jun 04 20 - 16:26Can’T wait to see where this goes :)
Sread0929Jun 03 20 - 13:40We were forced to take vacation during lockdown or go on unemployment which here in Florida is still a mess so we took the vacation time. Unfortunately that means no real vacation for us so staycation it is during a couple of weekends hopefully. One will be for Father's Day/Son's birthday weekend and we are starting to plan it out now.
dionneJun 02 20 - 12:39Weekend getaway vacations close to home are a life saver!
Member1223569583740May 30 20 - 09:50You can have a great time vacationing close to home. Just do some research and find the unusual things to do!😊
Great idea, thanks for sharing! :)
QianluliMay 30 20 - 05:36Cancelled an oversea trip due to pandemic but will take a local trip this summer.
So glad to hear you are still going to get out and do something fun locally, enjoy! :)
FelixBuzzardMay 29 20 - 19:56Living in the San Francisco area, there are tons of places to visit without going too far. I will never see all the things there are to discover, no matter how hard I try!
Hello There,

So wonderful that you have so many options, enjoy! :)
Bettina90May 29 20 - 14:35I think it is disappointing to have to stay so close to home esp this summer. I also want to be alive for when we get back to a more normal lifestyle and have future vacations with my family
As long as we all do our best to stay safe, we will be able to enjoy our normal activities hopefully in the near future :)
infomavnMay 29 20 - 13:54Sticking close to home. Still not completely organized after a move a year ago.
Lana_NYCMay 29 20 - 13:11Started missing my vacations already!
Member526309634025May 29 20 - 11:00I hope I did everything it was needed to participte, I didnt had to enter my email somewhere,
Hello There,

It states above that you need to enter your email address at the end of the survey in order to be entered for a chance to win.

Thank you
ui1977May 29 20 - 10:36Need a vacay
poeticsong725May 29 20 - 08:42Done. Entered to win
PriyakiaanMay 28 20 - 07:46Missing summer holidays
Hello There,

Yes, hopefully things will start getting back to normal so that everyone can enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Lindsay1212May 28 20 - 07:05Thanks so much!
Hello There,

You're very wecome! :)
Member526293234248May 28 20 - 04:36Pass the vagisil!
Member526286383433May 27 20 - 18:53Is it completely done?