Spring Treats Game - 2020 Edition

Spring Treats Game - 2020 Edition

The popular hummingbird hunt has returned -- bigger than ever! Because we're shelling out $15,000 in total prizes, the most we've given away by far.

All you need to do is collect the spring icons for instant cash rewards and chances to win the mega prize. As you browse our site for the greatest cash back deals on everything you'll need this season, you might just find a buzzing hummingbird waiting for you. Each hummingbird you find may contain a spring treat or an entry to win the $500 grand prize.


Starting Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 06:00am PST until Monday, April 13, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST you'll encounter hummingbirds around our site to collect for cash prizes. Studies prove that hummingbirds can remember every flower they've visited. We will give you clues to solve so that you can follow them on their "migration route" around TopCashback.com.

How to Play:


How to enter: Entering the sweepstakes is easy. All you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account any time during the promotion run date and look around for clues that lead you to find the hummingbirds. Each hummingbird you collect (by clicking on the hummingbird) may contain a spring treat which will be counted toward your instant wins for the day.


Instant wins: When you collect a certain number of spring treats to equal an instant win, the prize will be automatically added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours. Return each day to increase your chances for instant wins and gain more entries to the grand prize. There are thousands of instant wins in the form of some of our favorite spring icons that range in value from $0.25 to $100 each.


Mega prize: The grand prize, valued at $500, will be deposited into the winning TopCashback member’s account to spend anywhere they want.


Refer to the terms and conditions page for more prize details. At the conclusion of the game, we will select one winner at random for the mega prize. Upon confirmation, the $500 prize will be deposited into the winner's account. The winner of the grand prize will also be announced on our social media.


Get others to join in on the fun to increase your chances to win! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain more entries to the big prize draw. At any time, you can check your account to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize.


Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily clues. You can also visit TopCashback.com and click on the Spring Treats banner found on the bottom of the screen to review your prize board and daily clues.


Don't miss a single hummingbird! We will post a round-up of the previous daily clues right here, so be sure to bookmark this blog post.




Login to your account every day to experience the ultimate cash back giveaway -- $15,000 in total prizes!


Full terms of the Sweepstakes

Member1223906215802Mar 28 20 - 16:39The game isn’T working like it did last time. Even using the clues, no bird ever shows up.
nilynadMar 28 20 - 15:24If you miss the hummingbird you will have to leave the site and go back for him to show up again sometimes twice.
Member1122782012305Mar 28 20 - 13:36No hummingbird shows up on Rite Aid, Lenovo or Neiman Marcus. Help!
cheletteMar 28 20 - 12:31Dell finally worked, saw the hummingbird, thank you!
Member1223906215802Mar 28 20 - 10:55This doesn’T seem to be working as it did during the Winter game. The clues don’T yield results. It’S not fun like before. Is it just harder or is this a glitch.
Member325384300859Mar 28 20 - 07:53Does the location of the hummingbirds change everyday or do they stay the same from the beginning?
Member325384300859Mar 28 20 - 07:48Does the location of the hummingbirds change every day
bernard olocheMar 28 20 - 04:07Must you sign in to the store before seeing an hummingbird
bernard olocheMar 28 20 - 03:52Must you sign in to the store before seeing an hummingbird
cheletteMar 27 20 - 20:51I have tried Dell twice today...Not working. The banner loads but no matter how long I wait, no hummingbirds ever appear. I have done this contest many times, and this is not the norm.
Member921920437848Mar 27 20 - 08:54Found a hummingbird 3/27, but it disappeared before I could tap it.....Did I get credit TopCashBack?????
Hello There,

No worries. Try signing out and back in again or just refreshing the page. Have fun and good luck :)
RUSHRUSHMar 27 20 - 00:12Works great! Found several hummingbirds... Dell, Lenovo, Rite Aid. Thanks :)
mesurlesMar 26 20 - 23:14I can’T get anything on Dell either and I tried all the variations of Dell. I’M using an iPhone 8+. I did catch a hummingbird on the 3/25th hint.
Hello There,

Can you please check again today? It should be working now :)

Thank you and good luck!
pmartsrMar 26 20 - 15:32No hummingbird on Dell.
Hello There,

Please check again today!

Thank you
Member9559486806Mar 26 20 - 13:05It worked for me... And I am new to this site. Try again everyone. Is there just one hummingbird a day ?
Hello There,

Thanks so much for your comment! There is one clue per day which will help them find multiple hummingbirds hidden around throughout the site. Good Luck :)
msparkyMar 26 20 - 12:02It's working and I saw the hummingbird .
dlongMar 26 20 - 08:35Yeah. I can't see the hummingbird like in past games.
Hello There,

Can you please check again and see if it works for you today? It should :)

Thank you
mdokolasMar 26 20 - 08:07No Hummingbird on the d*** Site
HonazMar 26 20 - 07:55Not working
Member1022432209906Mar 26 20 - 05:00Not working
Hello There,

Can you clarify what you mean by not working? Is the footer not showing up at all? If you're still receiving issues please send an email to promotions@Topcashback.com or send us a message on fb.

Thank you
wingwing791123Mar 26 20 - 04:44Nothing I can see when I browse Dell
Hello There,

Can you please try checking again now for Dell?

Thank you
KayPMar 26 20 - 04:26Not seeing a hummingbird....
Hello There,

Where specificially are you not seeing this?

Thank you
Member821079122004Mar 25 20 - 18:50I don’T get it. Saw the clue and went to their site and now what? Look for bees, butterflies etc, not understanding
Hello There,

You are only looking for a hummingbird :)
Member910706873452Mar 25 20 - 18:35Not working
msjxzhangMar 25 20 - 14:16Does anybody know how many hummingbirds we can get each day?Thank you!
MidoriMar 25 20 - 11:46Working fine for me now, thanks!
g7zavalaMar 25 20 - 10:24Not working
HonazMar 25 20 - 10:13Still not working
HavirovMar 25 20 - 09:34Still not working
Vandan471Mar 25 20 - 09:30Still not working 😭😭😭
Lindsay324Mar 25 20 - 09:22Not working for me either! Laptop nor android
prahilMar 25 20 - 08:36Not working for me
Hello Prahil,

The issue has been fixed. Everything should work just fine for you now, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience :)
gotknikkiMar 25 20 - 08:30Apparently from comments on Facebook, this is only working for Apple snobs (i.E. Safari users). :(
Hello There,

The issue has been resolved, and everything should be working just fine for you now. Sorry for the delay. And thank you so much for your patience.
abbysmom02Mar 25 20 - 08:00Not working!


I'm so sorry that you are having difficulty with this. We're experiencing some issues with it appearing on desktop right now, but should have this resolved shortly. Thanks so much for your patience
buckeye65Mar 25 20 - 07:59This games not working

I'm so sorry that you are having trouble with this. We're experiencing some issues with it appearing on desktop right now, We're working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for your patience
Member614056124150Mar 25 20 - 07:49Not working for me

We're experiencing some issues with this appearing on desktop right now. So sorry for the confusion. We're working to get this resolved quickly.

Thank you
vince66Mar 25 20 - 07:47Not working here :(

Sorry for the trouble. We're experiencing some issues with this appearing on desktop. Good news is we should have this resolved relatively soon. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you
esq93Mar 25 20 - 07:42Hummingbird hunt isn't working for me!! Please help!!

Sorry we were experiencing some issues, but all has been fixed now! :) Sorry for the delay and thank you so much for your understanding.