Spring Cleaning Survey 2020

Spring Cleaning Survey 2020

Did you hear... Spring is coming early this year! While this means the weather is getting nicer, it also means spring cleaning is right around the corner.

Do you find it hard to get motivated to clean? How long does it take for you to finish spring cleaning? When everything is clean, how do you feel?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their seasonal habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on March 2nd.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

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uciteljMar 01 20 - 16:59Very good!
tashatashaMar 01 20 - 11:29Spring cleaning definitely takes motivation for me. I odnt love to clean but I will do a thorough job and I love the end result! I like that my sister helps me and I help her with spring cleaning. We motivate each other and it goes much faster to have a friend. Especially when you need to decide what to keep or trash. It usually takes a good 3-7 days to finish and feel accomplished. It does feel great and also is nice to know someone can use what I dont really need and I get to have more space back in my closet/ Apt.
haydufyteamFeb 29 20 - 09:53Very good!
Member224912369607Feb 29 20 - 05:00I am the chosen on!! Lol
Grandmakim12Feb 28 20 - 10:00Spring cleaning usually take until at least June. I have neuropathy in my legs and hands so I can only do a little at a time. Sometimes it lays me up for a couple days if I overdue. I try to concentrate on what is done and enjoy that and when i'm able, I go on to the next thing that needs to be done. When finished I am relieved that the job is done for another season as fall cleaning is not too far away lol!!! I'll worry about that after having a clean house for 2 months :d
MandasiaFeb 27 20 - 18:54Winter depression here; therefore, when my helper and I totally clean my house, it is so beautiful afterwards and I finally feel happy....And like the survey listed, I also feel accomplished and stress free. Know what?! It actually lasts throughout the Summer and Autumn!
kendal0120Feb 27 20 - 16:45Super app!
Cash 💰
Member614161752017Feb 27 20 - 08:46Hello everyone ! Winter is almost over and it is time to do some " Spring Cleaning ". Some of the things that I have are not important . They will have to go ! I may sell some of the things that I have . Sounds like a plan to me . Greg
gitrdone67Feb 27 20 - 02:47I am putting in new screens on porch I am 67 so, I need to get as much done around home before I get too old to move.
d_borisov_Feb 27 20 - 02:40Cleaning the kitchen is easy job, but cleaning the computer...... Some time is dificult job ;)
NamsuplayzFeb 26 20 - 23:36Yeah
AmiJaFeb 26 20 - 20:45Excited to see what i'll be able to finish this spring..
mohamedsmhFeb 26 20 - 12:03Very good!!!
Member1022227887119Feb 26 20 - 06:46Never thought about spring cleaning your finances. May have to try that this year.
sps1023Feb 26 20 - 05:12Wow, give me please cash
Member224745020620Feb 25 20 - 18:13Very good!!!
Tamila_Feb 25 20 - 11:28Super app!
Cash 💰
Member224850920343Feb 25 20 - 07:30Who wat get 99999999dollars
Oleksii_ObruchkovFeb 25 20 - 06:54Very good
Member224568157143Feb 24 20 - 19:23Love the app!!
GOEUNLEEFeb 24 20 - 14:56Very good
pei_shanFeb 24 20 - 13:30Done! Yay
JackyTomFeb 24 20 - 12:57Good job !!!
lavenderhFeb 24 20 - 09:18Very good
Ali alattarFeb 24 20 - 06:53Very good
gandhe123Feb 23 20 - 18:42I usually do basic cleaning in the kitchen everyday, rest of the clean on weekends. More cleaning will be done once in 3 weeks, area by area instead of all at once.
mlg968Feb 23 20 - 15:31I live with my 76 year old dad. He leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes and in everything he does. It's exhausting.
vlc211Feb 23 20 - 11:52I have to get it done as I am moving!
sandrabFeb 23 20 - 10:31Will do some basic cleaning. No "spring cleaning".
Member1122799529600Feb 23 20 - 09:47I have ocd everything has to be clean
cuddles24Feb 23 20 - 08:15I love having a clean home not cluttered
Member224768366641Feb 23 20 - 04:55Cleaning is cathartic.
Member224807532846Feb 23 20 - 00:38I love cleaning. And that’S one of the way to make your and your family feel happy.
Member1022251007211Feb 22 20 - 17:59I am a total procrastinator. I’Ll think about it and think about it and when l finally get to Spring cleaning l know exactly what needs to be done. I can finish much faster.

Member1122986128156Feb 22 20 - 17:25I don’T really do “Spring cleaning,” But rather tackle an area that I think needs attention then in a week or two I may recognize that another area, ie, the garage needs cleaned and organized. A few weeks may pass when I realize that all the kitchen cabinets could use a good cleaning and organizing. I usually clean all the carpets to brighten up the whole house. Usually within a day or two i’Ll do a “Hands and knees” Cleaning of the floors that don’T have carpeting. On rainy day, I might decide to clean and organize the drawers in the bedroom. Cleaning in this manner is more manageable for me so that no areas of the house go without a good scrubbing. In cleaning by areas that show a need for it, I usually find it helpful to get rid of clothes or items which haven’T been used to be thrown away or put in the “Good will” Bag for my husband to drop off when he’S in that area. Sure beats a spring cleaning day when I know these areas wouldn’T have had a thorough cleaning if it were all done in one or two days.
KimberlySnoopyFeb 22 20 - 13:52I'm an elderly disabled woman living by myself with no one to help me. I didn't plan my life to be this way, but it is. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance I can get in anyway I can get it. Thank you & God bless!
Member413520862645Feb 22 20 - 07:39I really hate cleaning so yes it is hard for me to start.
It takes about half a day to finish spring cleaning, but after it's done the house feels cleaner and refreshed.
royoswaldFeb 22 20 - 06:58I hate to start, but it's a great feeling when done.
dionneFeb 21 20 - 10:37Always feel good after a good spring cleaning !
jmarchianoFeb 21 20 - 10:12I love spring cleaning. It sucks to start the process, but when you're done, it 's the best feeling. It also gives me an excuse to start shopping again.
ManasapvsFeb 21 20 - 08:12I like so to spring cleaning
silvana_korbiFeb 21 20 - 07:47I don't like to do the spring cleaning but is something that I must do.
Pinksapphire3Feb 20 20 - 21:47Looking forward to cleaning out to make more room to bring in new items
kiki7023Feb 20 20 - 16:11It’S nice and looking forward to shopping more