What We Can't Live Without 1 Year After COVID

Posted on Mar 11 2021 Posted in  Money Saving Tips
What We Can't Live Without 1 Year After COVID

There’s no arguing that it’s been one heck of a year. Since last March, everything from how we get our groceries to how we take care of ourselves has changed.

While it took some time to adjust, we’ve found tons of new and exciting ways to keep ourselves both productive and entertained at home despite the unusual circumstances.

We asked the TopCashback team what they’ve been doing to stay busy over the past 12 months and the results are in. From wine fridges to meditation apps, being home actually is fun. Who knows, you might even feel motivated to pick up a new hobby after reading this!


“During quarantine, I’ve been doing my best to stay active. Whether it’s following an Instagram Live workout or using a running app, I’m thankful to be able to have some time to move my body.

My must-have fitness item is the Bala Bangle Classic 1 lb. weights. They are easy to use, comfortable and lightweight but really get me sweatin’!” – Rebecca, Public Relations Manager

It’s never too late to restart your workout regimen. Pick up the Bala Bangles from Athleta and score 8% cash back in the process.


“Some things I would say I've been loving since quarantine are puzzles! I find them so relaxing and it's really satisfying when you complete one and get to start another. I have this puzzle sorter that makes it easy to sort the pieces.” – Nicole, Influencer Marketing Manager

Pandemic + puzzles = hours (or should we say months?) of entertainment. Follow Nicole’s lead and organize the not-so-fun mess puzzles leave behind with Cra-z-art’s Sort 'N' Stack Puzzle Sorter from Zulily and pocket 2% cash back in return.


“I love the Myprotein fitness resistance bands and recently the Lifetime fitness app. I’ve also been trying yoga and meditation using the Headspace app (it’s on Netflix, too!). – Dominique, Online Reputation Coordinator

There’s never been a better time to keep active and prioritize mental health. Thanks to Dominique’s advice, you can get a start on both without having to break the bank. (Up to 12% cash back)


“In March of last year, I purchased a new mountain bike to have a third reason to go outside during quarantine, besides walking and grocery shopping. That got me into cycling quite a lot and I have been enjoying my bike ever since. The longest ride so far has been 30 miles.” – Vadim, Head of US Operations

As if you needed another reminder to get moving, Vadim’s mountain bike has done more than get him from A to B. Check out the bike selection at Academy Sports + Outdoors (2% cash back) and enjoy free shipping on $35+ orders.


"Since I don't feel comfortable going back to the gym, I've been relying on Ring Fit Adventure to keep me in shape while I'm home. It's an exercise game for the Nintendo Switch that has me doing knee lifts, squats, planks and more grueling workouts to defeat a bodybuilding dragon. It sounds insane, but it totally works!" – Diana, Copywriter

Bodybuilding dragon? Sign us up! Have fun and workout with the Ring Fit Adventure, which you can purchase from GameStop right now. (Up to 5% cash back)


“Given the lack of need to dress up and go out, I figured I'd get something that made me feel a bit fancy while also supporting my natural love for wine.” – Ashley, Digital Marketing Manager

If you don’t have a wine fridge in your home office, are you even working from home? Treat yourself to your very own wine cooler from Bed Bath & Beyond (2% cash back), because wine not?


“My can’t-live-without item is a new mattress from Mattress Firm!” – Carlie, Partnerships Account Manager

If you’re anything like Carlie, you’ve also been spending more time catching ZZZ’s since lockdown. Browse through firm, plush, gel and memory foam mattresses from as low as $199 at Mattress Firm and enjoy 5% cash back.


“Does an Uber Eats Pass subscription count? Trying to juggle an infant and working from home during a pandemic has seriously limited our time for cooking and grocery shopping and Uber Eats has been such a help. Not to mention, it's a great way to send birthday treats to friends and family around the country!” – Jillian, VP Partnerships Accounts

If you thought your plate was full before, let us introduce Uber Eats to the table. The food delivery and takeout app everyone loves has been Jillian’s savior, along with millions of others, over the past year. Order in for yourself or someone who needs it and score $7 cash back.


“Besides escaping through thriller novels and adult coloring books, I added a new member to my family and adopted a cat! Now I have a work-from-home buddy and lifelong friend to share my days with. I keep her tummy happy by ordering food and treats online from PetSmart (Tip: The prices are lower online versus in-store).” –Nikki, Copywriter

There’s no room for boredom with a furry friend by your side. Spoil your current or future feline companion by shopping and saving at PetSmart, plus scoop up 5% cash back.


What have you been doing to stay busy? Let us know in the comment section below!


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