NFL Shop Gift Card Giveaway

NFL Shop Gift Card Giveaway

Huddle up, football fans. You’re going to want to hear this.

Our TopCashback team is gearing up for Super Bowl LV with a little friendly competition, and we need all hands on deck! The rule book is short and sweet.


Rule number one: Players must answer the question below to qualify to win a $100 NFL Shop gift card.

Rule number two: Only one player wins.

It’s the luck of the draw, we’re afraid. But it’s all in good fun! Kickoff begins in 3, 2, 1 …


What is your all-time favorite Super Bowl memory?


Is it a play that changed the face of a game? A halftime show that knocked your socks off? A now-iconic commercial? Whatever it is, leave us a comment underneath this post.

You have until Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST to enter the contest. A victor will be chosen on Friday, January 22, 2021, so be on the lookout for an email from letting you know you’ve won.

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SpeckopolisFeb 03 21 - 16:26 Justin Timberlake grabbing Ms. Jackson like she's nasty! Lol I love Timberlake ♡
Member129655652205Jan 29 21 - 23:13 Every Super Bowl is an all-time favorite, because I get to share it with my family and friends
KorkisJan 22 21 - 17:19 My family friends around having awesome food and spirits,
lvlelissa3Jan 22 21 - 06:29 My all time favorite Super Bowl memory is the Brittney Spears & Aerosmith performance! Loved it!
amybklynJan 21 21 - 23:53 Love watching the super bowl game with friends and family . Eating bbq, hot dogs, chips and having a great time . Good times!!
EmhelumsJan 21 21 - 20:37 Having all my family friends and coworkers around having awesome food and spirits, and watching the Atlanta Falcons take the championship!!!!!
Member1223650547134Jan 21 21 - 17:48 Always make great memories watching every Superbowl, Especially the Patriots, with my friends and family!!
PieperlinnzieJan 21 21 - 17:43 Nothing was better than seeing my son and my father enjoy and celebrate their Patriots on the Super Bowl the first year he was old enough to understand! They loved their games together!
Member129560915830Jan 21 21 - 16:03 When my cousin kicked the winning field goal for the Patriots!
lorabklynJan 21 21 - 12:39 Every Patriots super bowl was exciting
Member821288160519Jan 21 21 - 12:06 My all-time favorite ❤ Super Bowl 🏉 Moment is when the 🦅 Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018! 🤗
PhenomenalK_Jan 21 21 - 09:07 It has to be the time that I won a couple hundred bucks on Super Bowl squares!!
sgiguereJan 21 21 - 09:01 My Favorite Super Bowl Memory is when Malcolm Butler Intercepts the football to win the game for the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks.
J24YOUNGJan 21 21 - 06:36 When Arizona Cardinals was playing Pittsburgh Steelers I thought they had it with a little over 2 mins left. Then Big Ben brought Steelers back and won it, was a very heartbreaking defeat but still remember it till this day.
Mommaureen18Jan 21 21 - 05:39 When the Eagles won the Super ball when the kicker for the other team missed the field goal and we won
hdt1108Jan 21 21 - 03:32 My all time favourite Super Bowl memory is when I spent time with my son. We would watch it together, it was our son
/Mom time with our snacks and time together. I mainly enjoyed the half time shows as I really don’T understand football. My son lives far away so I miss that time now.
preacherswife36Jan 20 21 - 20:44 In 2014, when Russel Wilson led my Seahawks to crush the Denver Broncos (43-8).
Lucina78Jan 20 21 - 19:41 Omg my favorite moment was the tribute to Prince after his death and the singers were Just beautiful it was a teary moment
mccomJan 20 21 - 19:25 My all-time fave Superbowl memory happened on Feb. 2, 2020, when our Kansas City Chiefs won!! The best part was that I got to watch the game & Celebrate the long-awaited victory with my parents & Kc fam! <3
Aubreydaniels84Jan 20 21 - 18:09 12 years ago I found out I was pregnant with my daughter during the Super Bowl!
VennwillJan 20 21 - 17:07 Kr chiefs winning
susan121512151962Jan 20 21 - 16:53 Last years Super Bowl when my kc Chiefs won after not winning it for 50 years.
saleagoJan 20 21 - 13:19 I met my husband.
Nightling7Jan 20 21 - 09:40 Bruce Springsteen sliding into a camera during his halftime show
doublejjJan 20 21 - 09:05 I don't have one.
FreeJetJan 20 21 - 08:01 Janet Jackson's boob popping out during the Super Bowl half-time show.
murphy63Jan 20 21 - 07:48 My favorite is the Indianapolis Colts defeating the Chicago Bears in 2007!!🏆🎉
Cathycmomof3Jan 20 21 - 07:11 My favorite memories of the Super Bowl is the commercials! I love the ones that bring a tear!
Member821292040717Jan 20 21 - 06:55 My fav super bowl memory was Prince playing in the rain. Best halftime show in history. God I miss him.
mellanhead1Jan 20 21 - 06:48 Missed field for the buffalo bills that cost them the Superbowl
LuckyTJGJan 20 21 - 06:48 I loved watching the Carolina Panthers play in the Super Bowl. Being from nc, that was the best! Even though they didn't win, it was excitement overload.

mellanhead1Jan 20 21 - 06:39 Missed field for the buffalo bills that cost them the Superbowl
Member318328211741Jan 20 21 - 06:37 Adam. Levine. Shirtless.
Trace_HallJan 20 21 - 06:35 When they announced the Seahawks had won
2bfit1girlJan 20 21 - 06:29 Was at a friend's house in Texas hanging out by the pool and making snacks in her teeny tiny kitchen during the half time. We all missed the show (It was Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake...)...But we had a lot of fun all squeezed into the kitchen.
Sassyscents3Jan 20 21 - 06:25 Prince playing in the rain during the best half time show ever!!
Member313168287008Jan 19 21 - 20:25 I enjoyed the Katy Perry half time show.
nez32Jan 19 21 - 17:08 Lynn Swan's amazing catch in the Super Bowl over the Dallas Cowboys.Or when Giants beat New England 17-14 and ended their perfect season.
SherSanchJan 19 21 - 11:03 Super Bowl 50, Denver broncos and Peyron Manning, John Elway, and Gary Kubiak. One of the best games ever!!!!!!!
ScorpJewelJan 18 21 - 17:40 Watching the Chicago Bears win Super Bowl xx in '85!
godsantagonistJan 18 21 - 14:27 The Buccaneers winning over the Raiders!
defjukieJan 17 21 - 18:50 Watching the Patriots lose!
m3ssinaroundJan 17 21 - 15:57 Beyonce in 2013 Super Bowl xlvii half time show featuring Destiny's Child......
drew82Jan 17 21 - 13:38 The Pick 6 by nick collins in the super bowl.
miriama59Jan 17 21 - 11:53 Watching the Seahawks' first Super Bowl win!
ra1234Jan 17 21 - 10:54 When Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl!
Member325413759040Jan 17 21 - 08:20 When the Patriots won!! In 2015 and the amazing funny commercials!..
Must say that was the best super bowl one..😏😏😋😋
SandraMM63Jan 17 21 - 07:56 The Seahawks winning the Superbowl!
Shannon BentonJan 17 21 - 05:42 The best and funniest for me was 2004 I think it was when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson had the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show. 🤪
Member318676616448Jan 17 21 - 05:25 Hanging out with my family!
johnrudaJan 17 21 - 04:48 Any year that the Patriots won thanks to the powerful partnership between Brady and Gronk.
Member72104956022Jan 16 21 - 23:36 Having good snacks makes any Super Bowl great.
sweetleeJan 16 21 - 23:31 Watching Prince play the Super Bowl half time show. It was awesome. Since then, the acts mostly suck.
psjonesJan 16 21 - 21:43 One memorable halftime show was the one with Prince! Another good one was the Rolling Stones.
ajtuckerJan 16 21 - 20:00 Seeing the first game in 1967, before they changed the name of the game to the Super Bowl.
mrbasepaulyJan 16 21 - 17:26 Steve young to Terrell Owens touchdown
Member1128429524046Jan 16 21 - 16:27 Super bowl 9/11 Clydesdale Tribute Commercial played at Super Bowl in 2002. So touching, the team of horses drawing a Budweiser carriage all kneel down as they view the skyline of New York City from a grassy field.

piggy118Jan 16 21 - 16:08 Watching the Steelers superbowl xliii game when James Harrison has that 100 yard touchdown return
KorkisJan 16 21 - 13:34 Having super bowl party with friends and family
callarse1Jan 16 21 - 13:14 I loved the Super Bowl Half Time with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.
AirForce65Jan 16 21 - 12:35 My All Time Favorite Super Bowl Halftime performance was when the late Great Whitney Houston serenading us with her Beautiful Voice singing The National Anthem
Member413511814028Jan 16 21 - 12:16 Whenever the Pittsburgh Steelers win! My husband's favorite team.
Member1228936181133Jan 16 21 - 11:51 Having super bowl party with friends and family
Member1223903030121Jan 16 21 - 09:36 Favorite super bowl was a few years when the Carolina Panthers played the Broncos. Even though they lost, it made it more exciting than not being in the game at all.
Member129513377517Jan 16 21 - 09:33 The colts winning the super bowl
KKatJan 16 21 - 07:48 My best memory was the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl victory. I was in high school at the time and i'll never forget the excitement of the fans and the energy in the city throughout that entire season. Winning was great, but ever better was when my friends and I ditched school to go to the victory parade in frigid Chicago weather. Still one of the best decisions i've ever made because it was a once in a lifetime experience.
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Member921491464253Jan 16 21 - 06:13 My best memory was watching Super Bowl xliv on 02/07/2010.
The New Orleans Saints defeated the Colts 31–17 to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history.
Member921491464253Jan 16 21 - 06:06 My best memory was watching Super Bowl xliv on 02/07/2010.
The New Orleans Saints defeated the Colts 31–17 to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history.
bigguy2261Jan 16 21 - 03:41 2002 When the Patriots won the super bowl shocking everyone.
bozzlady204Jan 16 21 - 01:16 My favorite Super bowl memory is from 2015 when the Patriots won!! I really loved the amazing and funny commercials!
bozzlady204Jan 16 21 - 01:10 My favorite Super bowl memory is from 2015 when the Patriots won!! I really loved the amazing and funny commercials!
paffliuJan 15 21 - 22:15 Mines was the seahawk's win the superbowl
Member1116327148759Jan 15 21 - 19:23 The pandemic superbowl might be one no one will forget
Dfge841Jan 15 21 - 16:00 Mine is when the Colts won the superbowl!!
Mary0323Jan 15 21 - 15:15 The Super Bowl I remember most is the year when the Budweiser commercial came out with the frog. I was going, but I was watching the game with my father like we do every year. I still to this day remember that game and commercial.
Member418877315522Jan 15 21 - 15:12 Gonna probably be this year, with less fans at the game because of the pandemic.
nicksJan 15 21 - 13:56 Falling asleep.
MrMrs916817Jan 15 21 - 13:42 My all-time favorite Super Bowl memory is from Super Bowl xlii on February 3, 2008. The ny Giants vs. Ne Patriots at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, az!!!
My now husband (at the time we had been dating for 5 months and the month before this Super Bowl had moved in together) is a lifelong diehard Giants fan and was so into this Super Bowl because the Giants had not won a Super Bowl since 1990.
In our house at the time there was this one light switch that for whatever reason was connected to our entire entertainment center including the tv and cable box and the light switch was in a completely different room from our living room. It made absolutely no sense but we just left it and never had any problems.
Everyone, including myself, knew not to flip that switch because if you did the entire tv/Cable box would be shut off and then the whole system had to reboot and turn on which took forever!!!!
For whatever reason, I was in the room with the infamous switch having a conversation with my now sister in law and it was during the end of an intense second quarter of the game.
For reasons I still have no idea why, while talking to my sister in law I randomly got up and flipped the switch!!! Logically I knew not to touch this switch but my illogical brain and fingers had other plans.
With in seconds you could hear my husband having a grown man sized temper tantrum and running around trying to figure out what happened!! I realized what I did and quickly flipped the switch back on!
It was our first real fight/Argument! Lmao!!
To this day, 13 years and soon to be 12 Super Bowls later, I still can’T live that 2008 Super Bowl moment down.
clsmitchellJan 15 21 - 13:17 I am a diehard Redskin fan and my favorite Super Bowl was when we beat Denver 42-10 with Doug Williams as quarterback. What a game and season.
MBinckesJan 15 21 - 11:50 I am a die hard Jets fan so for me it was back in 1969!
GBinckesJan 15 21 - 11:48 The Mean Joe Green Super Bowl Commercial was the best ever.
bhjusticeJan 15 21 - 11:10 I am old enough to remember the Ice Bowl. "Fifty-four years ago on December 31, 1967, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in the coldest nfl game on record: the 1967 nfl Championship dubbed forevermore as the “Ice Bowl.” Dallas should have won...

Now, with so many changes and protests and commercials that make me sadder instead of uplifted, I may or may not watch the Super Bowl at all - I don't need any more depressing imagery. We all need to laugh out loud and be happy, for a change...
bhjusticeJan 15 21 - 11:05 I am old enough to remember the Ice Bowl. "Fifty-four years ago on December 31, 1967, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in the coldest nfl game on record: the 1967 nfl Championship dubbed forevermore as the “Ice Bowl.” Dallas should have won...

Now, with so many changes and protests and commercials that make me sadder instead of uplifted, I may or may not watch the Super Bowl at all - I don't need any more depressing imagery. We all need to laugh out loud and be happy, for a change...
Jesquivel62Jan 15 21 - 10:42 Sitting next to my dad while he would call out every play as it happened, getting to spend time with him doing something he enjoys after he’S spent his whole life putting aside his own joys to fulfill ours.
Member124198810307Jan 15 21 - 10:18 I was living in Las Vegas and had just sold my house. I bet on Pittsburgh against the Rams. I think it was 1980. It was a nice size bet and I won ..That was fun.
smaliceJan 15 21 - 09:37 After having 6 children, we all loved getting food prepared for the big game and watching the Commercials, we didn't really care much about the game is was the food
timwuJan 15 21 - 09:36 Nothing much. Just sitting around with friends and enjoy the game!
Toby518Jan 15 21 - 08:44 Super bowl 51 when the patriots came back from a 25 point deficit. The greatest game i've ever seen.
Member117758566352Jan 15 21 - 06:40 Tom BraDy finally losing last year super Bowl loved that Kansas City won as most super bowls are boring this one wasn t
Member1223536848946Jan 15 21 - 04:37 I never paid much attention to the Super Bowl until my sister hosted a party, which was incredibly fun.
lorabklynJan 14 21 - 22:45 Every super bowl is special . Spending it with friends and family . Enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers . Just having a nice time
peachyreaderJan 14 21 - 21:09 My favorite sb memory was watching one years and years ago with friends and having chili, chips and beer. Someone cooked a chicken in the crockpot as well. It was fun.
HavirovJan 14 21 - 17:19 The day after my son was born we watched the ny Giants beat the Patriots with a helmet catch. It may have been on a tiny hospital tv but fun nonetheless😊
andiJan 14 21 - 16:05 They're all Just as memorable as another 🏈 Game!
Member526195366419Jan 14 21 - 14:41 Even though “My” Team lost, Super Bowl xlix (Seahawks v Pats) had the most electric energy in the second half! I don’T even remember the halftime act that year and that’S the only part I usually care to watch
Baileycmk24Jan 14 21 - 13:52 Working at the super bowl when it was in the town I lived in. Wasn't able to see much on the game in person but was able to see all the activities before the week before the game and worked the halftime show entrance.
bg001Jan 14 21 - 11:24 Dreaming of this upcoming Super Bowl with fingers crossed that my Cleveland Browns will be playing for the win. What a sb memory that will be!!!
Pitter98Jan 14 21 - 04:16 My all-time favorite Super Bowl memory is having a great time with friends in Downtown Detroit during Superbowl xl! It was Motown Winter Blast, the Rolling Stones performed, there was a snowstorm and it was fantastic!
denisebuffJan 14 21 - 04:14 My Favorite Super Bowl Memory Is In 2020, It Was Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Who I Think Mesmerized Fans And The Event. The Music And Vibe Was Wonderful. I Think One Of The Biggest Highlights Of a Super Bowl Event Is The Halftime Show Where Spectators At The Stadium And The Audience Sitting At Home Get To Witness One Of The Top Global Stars Performing At The Event.
reladamelateJan 14 21 - 02:15 My favorite SuperBowl memory is xii, Dallas vs Broncos, watching with my gramma while helping her cook. I was to turn 17 little over a week later and asked her if she was going to make me a cake. She laughed and said, 'We gon make yo cake...'. She was not happy when Denver lost 🥰
purpleandorangeJan 13 21 - 22:27 My all-time favorite Super Bowl memory is watching the entire game and the half time show with friends and enjoying the snacks at the same time.
aquariunJan 13 21 - 19:23 My all time super bowl memory is watching half time commercials with family and friends for the first time in 2006
Member218174911701Jan 13 21 - 15:28 Super Bowl 53 halftime show featured Adam Levine. He took his shirt off and showed all of his tattoos.
Member218167661042Jan 13 21 - 15:18 My favorite Super Bowl memory is when the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl with a perfect season in 1972.
Nfam16Jan 13 21 - 11:41 Don't have any all-time favorite or memory, but Super Bowl game surely get most of the attention through out like commercials and halftime show.
HonazJan 13 21 - 09:57 Love so much
ronvogelJan 13 21 - 09:40 My favorite Super Bowl memory was the 49ers winning my freshman year in college, with a bunch of us watching on a little tiny tv in the lounge on my dorm floor.
andreaa16Jan 13 21 - 06:16 Best memory was my Giants beating the Patriots! In your face! And love the smack talk too!
jporterJan 13 21 - 04:41 My mom use to always have a big Super Bowl party, just like it was a holiday.
rrnycJan 13 21 - 03:59 Super Bowl 52: Eagles win over the Patriots. The iconic play "Philly Philly" where Nick Foles receives a pass and scores a td.
adensgirlJan 13 21 - 03:56 My favorite Super Bowl memory was in 2009 when the New Orleans Saints won against the Colts when everyone said they wouldn't!
Niki4nuJan 13 21 - 01:46 As someone who grew up in kc I have to go with last years sb win for the Chiefs!!
LestomaterJan 13 21 - 00:50 Last year's Super Bowl when the Chiefs won against the 49ers! I have to thank the 49ers, because if they would have never traded Joe Montana to the Chiefs, I would've never changed my team to the Chiefs! Est. Chief Fan since 1993!
Member525911737159Jan 13 21 - 00:45 In 1994 the Superbowl was hosted in Atlanta and although I wasn't able to attend the event, I did however work that day driving a limo and so my favorite moment was that day before when I did a job that involved driving the legendary Don Shula to cnn because he was appearing on Meet the Press..He was a heck of a nice guy and I will never forget Superbowl xxviii
Sharon h
tikiwestJan 12 21 - 23:52 Favorite memory is Super Bowl 50, amazing Broncos lineup and a hard won victory.
jenrenhJan 12 21 - 21:30 My all-time favorite Super Bowl memory was last year's Super Bowl comeback by the Chiefs to beat the 49ers. I was born a Chiefs fan so I was so excited to see them win a Super Bowl. It was awesome!
BrandyCrabtreeJan 12 21 - 21:12 My favorite Superbowl that i've watched was last year's! Go chiefs!
cinfully1978Jan 12 21 - 20:58 All the Budweiser commercials. They're always my favorites.
lesh4537Jan 12 21 - 20:57 All those years I bartended. I loved the energy in the bar..
JwickJan 12 21 - 20:54 Desmond Howard returning the kick for a touchdown to pretty much seal the Packers victory.
kkalookJan 12 21 - 20:42 Superbowl xx when the Bears dominated over the Patriots. It was the icing on a 17 win season.
rchailletJan 12 21 - 18:38 Seriously, no question it was John Elway’S “Helicopter” Dive for a first down sparking the Broncos to their first Super Bowl win over the Packers, followed closely by Green Bay “Letting” The Broncos score so they could get the ball back quickly near the end of xxxii.

bouch76Jan 12 21 - 18:31 My favorite memory is Super Bowl xiv - watching the game with great friends while in college.
vellerJan 12 21 - 18:07 My favorite super bowl memory is attending the game at Met Life stadium. Awesome experience.
Member626523291327Jan 12 21 - 17:51 My favorite super bowl memory would have to be seeing Peyton get his second ring. Absolute legend, happy he played when he did and where he did
Pam2424Jan 12 21 - 16:51 My favorite Super Bowl memory was when The Baltimore a Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2001.
Lacondie1Jan 12 21 - 15:30 My favorite all time memory will be when I actually get to see a Super Bowl! Been to a Stanley Cup & World Series.
Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
moonpie2020Jan 12 21 - 15:14 I met my husband at a 1998 Superbowl party. We are still going strong - even in covid times - so I will forever love the Superbowl!
schnoodleJan 12 21 - 15:04 Super Bowl xliii in 2009 - The one that I won tickets to, attend and was able to use air miles to fly there and hotel points to stay (couldn't believe my luck - thought both would be blacked out)!
kyra1982Jan 12 21 - 14:59 Emmitt Smith waving at a defender as he rushed in for a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills in the 90's.
TweetymamaJan 12 21 - 14:59 Well i’M from Buffalo ny and the Buffalo Bills in the 90’S went to the Super Bowl 4 years in a row and we lost every one but i’M proud to be Bills Mafia
avatartigerJan 12 21 - 14:57 Beyoncé At the halftime show with Bruno Mars and Coldplay was great.
Member125649725715Jan 12 21 - 14:46 The Chicago Bears 1986 Super Bowl Shuffle
loutlawJan 12 21 - 14:30 When Philly won the Super Bowl because that’S my team.
Member827473921440Jan 12 21 - 14:28 49ers winning the super bowl!!
Member36310936841Jan 12 21 - 14:04 My all time fav Super Bowl memory was when Scott Norwood missed the field goal and the Giants won Super Bowl xxv
satchie67Jan 12 21 - 13:38 2005 I remember it well first Madonna at halftime and second the Bears won!!!
fifi43Jan 12 21 - 13:37 Several plays took over early in the game.
Member525917535824Jan 12 21 - 13:32 Super Bowl xlii Giants vs Patriots “The Catch” Eli Manning to David Tyree 🏈
eviewJan 12 21 - 13:28 When I was living in Washington, dc and was friends with several of the players on the Washington Redskins team. It was a great year and party at the bar I went to where I was dating the owner. The team had a big party at this bar. It was lots of fun. It is more fun to watch and enjoy the games when you personally know someone playing.
jufaswifeJan 12 21 - 12:53 My favorite Super Bowl memory would be when my husband won a trip to the Super Bowl in New York. This was in 2014. It was freezing cold and the stadium was outside. It actually was warmer than it was expected to be. It was a wonderful experience for us.
motherbeeJan 12 21 - 12:48 Watching the commercials