Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $300 on mobile plans

Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $300 on Mobile Plans

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Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $300 on Mobile Plans

If there’s one thing you should get cash back on, it’s cell phone service. And here’s why: It’s an everyday essential, and the cost is growing. Trust us, you don’t want to miss FaceTime with Nana because you can’t afford data.

We want to help all you chatterboxes out there. So we cherry-picked the top mobile deals. And we compared our rates with Rakuten’s/Ebates’ because you deserve the best cash back offers too.

Cash back from TopCashback and eBates

But before we get down to business, let’s explore some helpful shopping trends.

Average Amount Spent on Cell Phone Service

The average 3-person household shells out $26.96 a week on mobile service, according to the good ol’ Bureau of Labor Statistics. They cough up $116.83 a month and $1,402 per year.

If you think this is a lot, just imagine their other expenses. A hefty cell phone bill is a painful burden when you have gas, electricity and other essentials to worry about. But before you chomp your fingernails off, check out these handy deals. They’ll ease any concerns.

Version Wireless

Cash back from Verizon Wireless


Year's worth of cash back if you shop at Verizon Wireless

We offer $30 cash back on additional lines and pre-pay service plans and 10% on accessories at Verizon Wireless. And we provide $100 cash back on new device payment activations for phones or tablets. The latter applies to new accounts only.

So, a 3-person household could get $300 cash back if they each made a new device payment activation. But they would have to transact via 3 different accounts. Hey, totally worth it for a fat chunk of change!

If you shop at Verizon Wireless through Rakuten/Ebates, you’ll only get $75 back on new services and $15 on additional lines and pre-pay plans. Accessories are eligible for 5% cash back.

So Rakuten/Ebates offers half the amount of cash back that we provide for additional lines, pre-pay plans and accessories. And if a 3-person unit bought 3 new services plans, they’d only get $225 back. No bueno.

Mint Mobile

Mobile device

Shop at Mint Mobile through us, and you’ll get $20 back on your order. But please keep in mind, this rate applies to initial transactions of return customers only.

If you go through Rakuten/Ebates, you’ll get $10 cash back on one-time only subscriptions that start with free trials. And this is 50% of what we provide (hmm, we’re sensing a trend here).


Sprint device

Buy an Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 at Sprint with our services, and you’ll get $25 cash back. Bring Your Own Phone line activation is eligible for $25. And you can snag $80 for new line activation. This includes a pre-order of the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e. If a 3-person unit activated 3 new lines, they’d get $240 cash back.

Purchase a Bring Your Own line with Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll receive $12.50 cash back. New sign-ups will get you $40 back. So if 3 customers signed up, they’d nab just $120.


AtandT device

If you shop at AT&T through us, you can earn $10 cash back on upgrades, prepaid, and additional family lines. AT&T Next and 2-year agreements are eligible for $50 cash back.

This is great because you can upgrade to a new smartphone every 2 years by trading in your eligible device. And you can cover the cost in 30 months and enjoy lower monthly payments. So, if a 3-person family nabbed 3 smartphones with AT&T Next, and they shopped through us, they’d earn $150 cash back. But they would have to make the purchases with new contracts.

If you use Rakuten/Ebates for your order, you’ll earn $75 cash back on AT&T Next and 2-year plans. But you’ll only score $5 cash back if you add a family line. So, a 3-person household would get $225 back for AT&T Next. But if they bought a family line, they’d receive half of what we offer.

These are just a couple of ways you can save on smartphones. Be sure to snatch the best deals with our cash back. And check out our nifty Rakuten/Ebates vs TopCashback guide to learn about more perks.

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Editor's Note: Cash back rates and promos were correct at time of publication.

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