Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Online Grocer & Meal-Kit Deals

Best Online Grocer and Meal-Kit Deals

Loitering around the free samples carts will always have a special place in our hearts. But in-store supermarket shopping is quickly becoming an errand of the past. And just because you're now buying green pea snack crisps from the comfort of your couch, doesn't mean you're saving more. That is unless, you’re using a handy cash back site.

And what, pray tell, food delivery and cash back services are best? We rounded up 5 of the top online grocers and meal-kit companies. And we stacked our rates next to Rakuten’s/Ebates’ to see who measured up.

Cash back from TopCashback and eBates

But before we dig in, let’s take a peek at some USA shopping trends for food at home.

Average Consumer Spending on Groceries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical 3-person household coughs up $98.58 a week for at-home eats. This includes meat, bakery goods, cereal, fruits, veggies, dairy and more. They dish out $427.17 a month and $5,126 a year. That’s not chump change.

Meat, fish and eggs are some of the most expensive groceries. And 3-person units scoop them for $1,126 a year.

If you think this is a lot of dough, just imagine how much they could save with special promos and cash back rates. Let’s move on to the top online grocers and meal-kit companies to see who has the best deals.


Bulk buyers love Boxed’s wholesale products. Because they can stock up on cereal, canned foods, condiments, bread and more without pesky membership fees. Delivery is free on first orders and every purchase worth more than $49 after that. And shoppers can save 15% off their first shipment when they sign up for Boxed emails.

New buyers earn 4% cash back when they use TopCashback. And existing customers snag 2%. So if the average 3-person household spends $5,126 on at-home grub per year, they’d pocket $102.52 annually. Not too shabby. And if their first purchase was a month's worth of groceries, they'd get $17.09 for that first month.

Rakuten/Ebates offers 2% cash back for repeat shoppers as well. But they don’t provide 4% cash back on new orders.



Complete with generous portions and 5-star recipes, HelloFresh has yummy meal kits that start at just $6.99. That’s a steal! And they offer flexible plans, diverse ingredients and special discount promos.

In February 2019, customers could save $20 on their first 3 deliveries. Plus, they could slap our $10 cash back onto this deal for a double savings bonus.

Rakuten/Ebates offers $10 cash back as well. But they only provide it for first orders. So members can’t use it throughout the year.

However, TopCashback shoppers can enjoy their cash back whenever they make a purchase. And if they load up on home cooking delights once a week, they’d get back about $520 annually.


Known for their secure packaging, crisp produce and unbeatable convenience, FreshDirect strives to make every order perfect. Just search for your fave items, add them to your cart and select a shipping time. Your yummy chow will arrive in a refrigerated truck. And the delivery person will even place them on your kitchen counter.

You’ll get $25 off your first purchase of $99 or more if you use a code. And you’ll score 60 days of unlimited free shipping if you sign up for DeliveryPass.

Shop with us, and you’ll nab 6% cash back on your first order. That’s $25.63 back if you’re part of a 3-person family and you’re getting a month’s worth of goodies. Settle for Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll earn a measly 1% cash back ($4.27 for a month’s supply).

Thrive Market


Whether you need healthy snacks for the kiddos, non-toxic cleaning products or some scrumptious vegan sauces, Thrive Market is the store for you. You’ll find over 5,000 popular organic products, and you can save up to 50% off every day. Plus, they offer free shipping when you spend more than $49. And they hand out complimentary gifts with every order.

Stack your savings with $14 cash back when you make your first purchase through us. And get…oh wait. Rakuten/Ebates doesn’t offer cash back for Thrive Market. Whoops.

Home Chef

Draw out your inner Julia Child with Home Chef’s easy-to-follow recipe cards and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients. You’ll effortlessly create and plate delicious meals in about 30 minutes. And you can mix and match customizable dishes to make up to 26 weekly choices. Individual feasts start at just $7.99.

Enjoy $10 cash back when you place a new order through us. And scrape together 10% cash back on your first purchase when you shop through Rakuten/Ebates. The average 3-person household spends $98.58 a week on groceries. So 10% of $98.58 is $9.86. This only a few cents less than our offer, but every penny counts.

The Bottom Line

Cash back from Boxed and HelloFresh Purchases

Year's worth of cash back if you shop at Boxed and HelloFresh

These are just a few online food delivery services that won’t eat away at your budget. And don’t forget, we offer cash back at Boxed and HelloFresh for both new and existing customers. So say, you buy groceries weekly and you want to try out Boxed for 6 months and HelloFresh for another 6, you can earn about $313.41 cash back from us and only $61.40 from Rakuten/Ebates for the whole year.

If you’d like to explore the other main differences between TopCashback and Rakuten/Ebates, check out our simple guide. You can learn about bonuses, coupons, payout options and more.

Editor's Note:

Cash back rates and promos were correct at time of publication.

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eviewMar 08 19 - 06:18I have tried the Hello Fresh. I did not feel it was worth the money for a single person. In addition, it was not delivered to my house, it was sent by ups and they do not deliver to my house, so it almost spoiled by the time I got notice of the delivery to ups.