The Cost of Friendship 2019

The Cost of Friendship 2019

While you can’t buy love or friendship, we all know maintaining friendships can come with a hefty price tag. From birthday celebrations to brunch dates, being a good friend doesn’t come cheap.

On average, how much do you spend on close pals a year? Have friendships ever been strained over financial issues? Do you ever feel pressured to spend money on friends even if you can't afford it?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on July 19th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

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Cristina MJul 24 19 - 13:08Looks that my comments were not posted. Possible that they did not like what I have just said!!!
I did not received my money !!! I have to wait 3 month for a lousy $2 !!! And you can't complain to
Anybody because there is nobody just computers !!!! Bad company!!! Why I have to invite friend if they cannot pay me back $2 !!!!!!
Cristina MJul 24 19 - 13:01Where is my money??? You promised the highest %% And I have to wait 3 months??? To get the money from Walmart??? Ebates gives me the earnings right away and I don't have to beg for it like in your site!!!!
You people have the license to steal from the working class !!!! Why am I going to tell my friends to Top Cash if did not gave me even a penny ???
Shame on you !!!!
Member117492026843Jul 19 19 - 10:39I have met many new friends during board game nights across New Orleans.
BillincpJul 19 19 - 09:56Nice to have it
peter_9_7Jul 18 19 - 22:40What is the survey for friendship?
kerrykrebillJul 18 19 - 21:00We celebrate all the time!
xstitcherJul 18 19 - 19:51Where do I add my email address so I have a chance for the $50 or is this a bogus survey!
xstitcherJul 18 19 - 19:45Easy to do
QueensuzeJul 18 19 - 19:44Really do not understand this survey and what it has to do with friendship
Member418898644937Jul 18 19 - 18:30Yes I liked this survey
ns521Jul 18 19 - 18:23I prefer to spend money in warehouses better than supermarket
MosheJul 18 19 - 17:53Hello. Win now?
HardwaremanJul 18 19 - 17:50It was an interesting survey.
Doxiemom7Jul 18 19 - 17:29No other comments
navneetkJul 18 19 - 16:28Nothing to add
ProudAmericanJul 18 19 - 16:26Honestly, I don't have friends. I have neighbors and acquaintances. But there people I have interacted with who are sweet, patient, share my sense of humor, and who are genuinely on my side. There is someone who has been a tremendous help to me with my computer, technical problems, and being accommodating. This person does not accept money. This person is extremely generous with their time and there seems to be nothing this individual can accomplish. The individual I refer to is a person of faith and comes to the aid of many, many people. Unfortunately, most of the people to whom a helping hand has been extended take this person for granted and treat the person as a servant. Completely unappreciative. Flat-out ingrates. The people who have befriended me are the most valuable to me. I have already purchased a Christmas gift for one, and bought a pretty cosmetics case for another. For the latter, I appreciate her friendliness and warmth, and I am giving her a little gift just because she's really nice and I want her to have it. My Mother is the only one who matters most to me.
Turkey1215Jul 18 19 - 15:55Close friends are few but stay thru the worst
ChrisL57Jul 18 19 - 15:25Nothing else to add
Adona1Jul 18 19 - 15:03True friendship don’T have a price tag which is why i’M lucky that my best friend is my hubby! 😊
gregschipperJul 18 19 - 14:50I have many wonderful friends, but my 3 bestest are incredible.
mymarlaJul 18 19 - 13:38I have the best of the bestest when it comes tomy friends!
UzzulhtJul 18 19 - 08:34On average I spend 12 dollars on friends per week
Kimyu3082Jul 18 19 - 01:09I just wanna cool!
Septy13Jul 17 19 - 19:33Very good
Member720722224949Jul 17 19 - 15:37New here...
adnouJul 17 19 - 13:16Friendship is a tresor. And Topcashback is more than a tresor
KorailJul 16 19 - 22:51Always get good promotion and items by Topcashback
YOUJINJul 16 19 - 21:40Interesting survey!!
Member1116168575921Jul 16 19 - 15:07True friends are priceless they have your back and you have theres can't buy that for any amount of money just knowing we are there for each other threw good and bad times.
dcoopeJul 16 19 - 14:49Nothing further to add.
candynanaJul 16 19 - 10:52True friends are hard to find.
MaBelleVieJul 16 19 - 07:29True friendship is priceless.
TalhaJul 16 19 - 02:36Thank you so much.
sweetleeJul 15 19 - 20:00Yes. It would be great to win.
metin85Jul 15 19 - 14:56Yes, thank you.
lewreenzJul 15 19 - 07:17No bad. Waiting
DaShoppaJul 14 19 - 22:22Hope to win :)
Member519760224854Jul 14 19 - 21:43*Best Friend* So spend some money, nbd imo!
Lfoley_25Jul 14 19 - 20:46Yay!!!!!!!!!
SuazobJul 14 19 - 18:45Hope to win!
amazonrog27Jul 14 19 - 14:40Wow hope to win
SpoonsukJul 14 19 - 13:07Sunday afternoon
caiyunqingJul 14 19 - 11:07Interesting
weibeltJul 14 19 - 02:41Interesting survey
abdo mahdyJul 14 19 - 01:16Interesting survey
CschimcekJul 13 19 - 22:08Interesting survey...
tr15t4Jul 13 19 - 19:11Interesting survey.
Toy1212Jul 13 19 - 18:07Love this site, but I really was disappointed when I spent hundreds of dollars and Sears and got absolutely no money back.
JOJO1966Jul 13 19 - 00:04Love it sooo very much! Awesome!!
sherryhongheJul 12 19 - 18:18Not very much.
Member720623737648Jul 12 19 - 17:34Awesome love it
smargolies123Jul 12 19 - 13:17This was cool
hsiun78355Jul 12 19 - 13:17I like the one
diminchenJul 12 19 - 10:40Happy summer.
StacyGJul 12 19 - 08:18Our friendship formed when we used to ride the school bus together. Now we've been best friends for forty years this year. We like to hang out poolside and chat.
ZorkaJul 11 19 - 23:46I have great friends
Sammyb23Jul 11 19 - 23:41I think it’S important to show appreciation to your friends when they do nice things.
c_ormesJul 11 19 - 19:36---------------------------------------------------
Member620350816225Jul 11 19 - 09:56Yes I do.
tabulaJul 11 19 - 07:52Good luck
davyb0iJul 11 19 - 06:29Good luck everyone!
vlc211Jul 10 19 - 20:42I have the best, best friend ever!!
arce2mdetailingJul 10 19 - 18:02I would love TopCashback forever to life. Its good time daily online 24/7 days
zarahgJul 10 19 - 12:10I am grateful to have close friends.
lanpilotJul 10 19 - 08:54I have great friends
delaneydJul 10 19 - 07:47Good questions on the survey. My friends and I don't typically spend a lot on gifts. We spend more on having experiences today. I spent several hundred to go on a cruise with my best friend when she turned 50 and then again when she turned 60.
elhunt7Jul 09 19 - 17:57Show me the money!
royoswaldJul 09 19 - 17:30I'm ready to win!