Black Friday in July

Black Friday in July

Looking to kick-start your back-to-school shopping? Or maybe you crave a budget-friendly way to beef up your summer style? Whatever your retail desires, Black Friday in July has some of the best deals of 2019.

What Is Black Friday in July?

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Set around Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday in July is a series of colossal discounts that stores offer midsummer. The savings rival the Black Friday feeding frenzy in November, hence the borrowed name.

How It All Began

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Amazon sparked Black Friday in July with their first official Prime Day in 2015. They created this member-only extravaganza to celebrate the company’s 20th birthday.

It led to more subscribers than any other day in Amazon history, and customers ordered a whopping 24.4 million items in total. Feeling the buzz, other leading stores threw their hats in the ring with doorbusters of their own.

Walmart birthed their Atomic Deals in July 2015. They even lowered their free shipping minimum to $35 from $50. Forever 21 followed suit with a smorgasbord of unbeatable savings. Other notable brands, like Groupon, Petco, Best Buy and Macy’s, eventually joined in.

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

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This year’s Amazon Prime Day will take place on July 15th, but they're serving several discounted morsels right now. And once the break-the-site bonanza officially begins, other e-commerce giants will unleash their promos. Walmart, eBay and Target already announced their sales. But just to give you an even better idea of how bonkers Black Friday in July is, the following are a few former participants:

Make the Most of Prime Day Deals

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You can score early access to exclusive bargains when you shop with Alexa. And don't forget, you need a Prime membership to partake in the festivities. But, you can start a 30-day free trial today.

Watch out for the Gold Box Deals of the Day and Lightning Deals for some of the best steals. You can sign up for the latter 24 hours in advance, but they run for a limited amount of time with finite quantities. Each one has a timer as a status bar, so you can check availability. And don't be sad if you miss a few. New Lightning Deals spring up almost every 5 minutes, and there are thousands of them.

When Does Prime Day End?

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Some Prime Day deals already started, but the big game day will be 48 hours (12 am PT July 15th - July 16th). It used to be 24 hours, and last year it bumped up to 36. So, maybe Amazon will treat us to 60 next year.

Enjoy Black Friday in July Sales at Walmart, Belk, BH Cosmetics and More


Walmart said they'll have a bunch of discounts between July 14th and the 17th, and Target announced Target Deal Days from July 15th through the 16th. eBay couldn't resist throwing some playful shade with a "Crash Sale" promo on July 15th. And in case you're wondering, this cheeky name refers to Amazon's site crash last Prime Day.

If you're interested in some potential repeats, Belk provided free shipping on orders worth $49 or more and up to 75% off sitewide last year. And BH Cosmetics shoppers could pocket 40% through July 17th. Chico's customers could get half off their purchases.

We can't promise these brands will provide the same offers this time around. But judging by the trends over the past couple of years, we bet they're going to be even better.

So, now that this price-slashing sensation is almost here, there's no better time to earn cash back. Make the most of your spree with our unbeatable offers.

Editor's Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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