Best Birthday Present Ever Giveaway

Best  Birthday Present Ever  Giveaway

Happy birthday to us, cha, cha cha!

On Wednesday, November 15th we’ll be turning 6 years old. Can you believe how time flies?

In honor of our special day, we’d like to give 6 lucky TopCashback members $100 each. That's a total of $600 in cash prizes. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our old members and “welcome” to our new ones. We couldn’t have come this far without you!

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Best Birthday Present Ever Giveaway

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monssifNov 21 17 - 12:14Happé Birthday my Best
lenusya1964Nov 18 17 - 23:35Happy Birthday TopCashback!!!
yorigamyNov 18 17 - 22:39I'm crazy for china.
yorigamyNov 18 17 - 22:36I'm crazy for china.
momof4spoiled1sNov 18 17 - 22:36Happy Birthday TCB
entCBNov 18 17 - 22:35So great
JoshuaLNov 18 17 - 22:13Best present was a brand new pair of 2000 Nike Air Flightposite kg (Kevin Garnett signature NIke shoes)
JoshuaLNov 18 17 - 22:10Best present was a pair of brand new 2000 Nike Air Flightposite kg
(Kevin Garnett Signature Nike shoes)
JoshuaLNov 18 17 - 21:51Happy anniversary, man
AnneWFNov 18 17 - 21:28My son!
Lim01BabeNov 18 17 - 19:57Happy Birthday TopCashback
dianaaaNov 18 17 - 19:56Happy birthday! -Diana
dianaaaNov 18 17 - 19:55Happy birthday, Topcashback!
RandiokNov 18 17 - 19:14One of my favorite birthdays was when about 30 of my friends showed up at my house at 5:00 a.M., Kidnapped me and took me to breakfast. Knowing how precious sleep is for moms, I was overwhelmed by their sacrifice.
HeasterNov 18 17 - 19:07Happy Birthday
VChukwuNov 18 17 - 18:56Happy birthday!
happysophieNov 18 17 - 18:44My favorite gift of all times, I would definitely go with all the cards that my daughter used to make at school or at home when she was a little. I've put them on my wall near my computer and I Love having them here , Just reminds me a lot of beautiful moments .
evdog80Nov 18 17 - 18:43Just in time for the holidays. You guys rock!
celestinNov 18 17 - 18:41My first 10-speed bike when I was younger
hariringNov 18 17 - 18:39Baseball glove when I was little!

bourkebabeNov 18 17 - 18:29A tiny little mustard seed necklace from grandma....Many years ago!
MrsC424Nov 18 17 - 17:32My favorite birthday present ever was family photos on the beach!
KathccNov 18 17 - 17:30And many more!
Member66675190257Nov 18 17 - 17:30Best b-day present was my own horse.
karisaann1Nov 18 17 - 16:56My Cuisinart pan set I received from my parents!
seashell1105Nov 18 17 - 16:26Happy Birthday, TopCashback!
jufaswifeNov 18 17 - 16:08I love all my birthday gifts!
billieve420Nov 18 17 - 15:55My fav present as a kid was receiving the Original nes.
805Nov 18 17 - 15:35A pearl necklace
lmabramsNov 18 17 - 15:11My best b*Day present was a pony
DonExoNov 18 17 - 15:07Damn, I wish more sites are sharing this kind of rewards for their birthdays :)
SamanthaMNov 18 17 - 14:04My best birthday present is a soft toy. A teddy bear which I got on my 10 birthday and I still have it. And recently few years back I got a cute lil puppy as a bday gift. These two gifts will remain my fav forever.
celestialgraveNov 18 17 - 13:35Keep saving us money
FiestamanNov 18 17 - 12:22Chicken dinner.
FiestamanNov 18 17 - 12:22Chicken dinner.
bradsliuNov 18 17 - 12:20Good luck to all!
gamebachiNov 18 17 - 11:24Would love to have the extra $
breadheadNov 18 17 - 11:13Best wishes. Thank you for your business, I could save money for our family.
KKatNov 18 17 - 11:02My sister made me a vegan birthday cake.
Member36308503246Nov 18 17 - 10:19Birthdays are fun.
rachel2820Nov 18 17 - 10:05Best gift ever was my engagement ring
tbrjjtNov 18 17 - 09:19The best gift ever is the unexpected one from my daughter. She sent me an edible arrangement. Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Yumm
yairhaimNov 18 17 - 09:18The family wishes :)
yairhaimNov 18 17 - 09:18The family wishes :)
moonfairy521Nov 18 17 - 09:09My best birthday present was my husband taking care of the house and kids for the whole day...It was awesome saying Go ask your father lol
Member1111562604216Nov 18 17 - 09:03Xone
MajestikNov 18 17 - 07:47Best of luck everyone.
MajestikNov 18 17 - 07:47Best of luck everyone.
runieeeeNov 18 17 - 06:59Just wishes :)
runieeeeNov 18 17 - 06:58Just wishes :)
runieeeeNov 18 17 - 06:58Just wishes :)
runieeeeNov 18 17 - 06:57Just wishes :)
runieeeeNov 18 17 - 06:57Just wishes :)
keylanathanNov 18 17 - 05:08I love to get gift cards or cash for a gift. Thanks for the chance to win!
KVanceNov 18 17 - 04:55My now-husband took my to a guitar store and told me to pick out whichever one I wanted. It was amazing. I still have my "Sombra".
AniCarNov 18 17 - 03:22Starbucks gc, and maybe an Ipad pro...
guppykissesNov 18 17 - 02:07Best b-day gift was my first bicycle.
HappyGoLuckyNov 18 17 - 01:44Happy Birthday!
dapsulaNov 18 17 - 01:37Best gift ever was life its self
eladbsNov 18 17 - 01:15Just bring back Aliexpress already.... :)
Member15923712750Nov 18 17 - 01:08My youngest son surprised me with a little cute stuffed monkey and a coffee cup that said I love you on it.
manhans7Nov 18 17 - 00:26I remember turning 6 many years ago. Though wife would tell you I still haven't turn 6 :)
cmnelsonNov 17 17 - 23:23The best birthday gift I ever got was my tattoo of my cat!
Nutstarr02Nov 17 17 - 23:22The best birthday presents are always experiences for me - a planned hike and picnic, a getaway for a weekend, etc. They're the most memorable.
Member54349760653Nov 17 17 - 23:14I can't think of any favorite birthday gifts.
E1ementNov 17 17 - 22:48Best Gift is 100$
Psalmsat51Nov 17 17 - 21:46I like to celebrate the big o's (30's, 40's & Soon to be 50's)! ;-)

I've never been to Disney World, so i'm hoping for my 50th i'll be healthy enough to go. I hope to bring a friend or two, but if none can go & I'm healthy enough ...I'm still going! 8-) I love, love, love roller coaster rides!!!

So you only turn 50 once & That's my plan when I turn 50!

Blessings to each! O:-) <>< ~~~
sweetleeNov 17 17 - 21:39My best birthday gift was a trip to Bermuda with my husband. We had been dating for about 10 months before he took me there. We had a great time.
CarrieS23Nov 17 17 - 21:33Has to be when I was little. My mom had a surprise party at my favorite restaurant and had my best friends there to surprise me. I cried!
WoadZSNov 17 17 - 21:29Happy Birthday!
superbaratisimoNov 17 17 - 21:14I love you guys and I love the saving.
Member46508222536Nov 17 17 - 20:29Wow, this is an easy one. My grandkids. My daughter and her 2 children and my son live in Arizona. I live in nh where we all used to live together. My son was coming for a visit for about a week and a half at my birthday time. When I was at the airport to pick him up, I gave him a big hug. Now he is tall, so I kept looking up. Something told me to look down. And to my surprise and joy were my granddaughter, Alexiah, 8 and my grandson, Anthony, 3. That was my birthday gift from my kids. What a beautiful birthday and the best ever. I hadn’T seen the. For 2 1/2 years since then. We had an amazing time and Skype all the time now.
lauragNov 17 17 - 20:17Please pick me :)
Brooke24Nov 17 17 - 20:11My best present was being with my 2 little fur babies all day! They are the best!
kaosinlaNov 17 17 - 19:37Like most presents, some of my most special is when I was a child. With this, I would say having a large party with my friends was more of the "best gift" rather than something I opened.
illucasNov 17 17 - 19:13Thank you and love TCB! My best birthday gift is a smartphone.
lmvancoiNov 17 17 - 18:47I haven't had any memorable birthday gifts. For me, birthdays have always been low key!
Nataliia_KolomiietsNov 17 17 - 18:29Best b-day is to share joy with your friends and loved ones!
ashley970727Nov 17 17 - 18:28Congrets!
Allyr21Nov 17 17 - 17:57The Best service, congratulations!
basselope7Nov 17 17 - 17:34I met my best friend the day after my birthday one year... I consider her not only the best belated birthday present I ever got, but a gift that keeps on giving. And yes, that counts.
BRoch911Nov 17 17 - 17:31My best birthday gift was my collegiate class ring from my fellow alum wife. Pretty special at our university and unique as a gift.
ellsie22Nov 17 17 - 17:22A handmade wooden doll made by my 7-yr old brother for my 12th birthday because I didn't get to go to an antique show I wanted to. He me it all out of wood he sawed himself and it had no face because "it is an antique."
Member122556362740Nov 17 17 - 17:06My best birthday present ever was getting taken to Hawaii with my mother this year. I always love spending time with her. We live in different states now so I don't get to see her as often as I like. #Grateful
Member910884477624Nov 17 17 - 16:55Happy birthday to you, and to all of your your crew, you find us great bargains and we want to thank you! Happy birthday TopCashback.
cbaynes1Nov 17 17 - 16:47Happy Birthday TopCashback! Enjoy the site.
BriasmommieNov 17 17 - 16:45One of the best birthday gifts i’Ve ever gotten besides spending it with my family was a girl’S night out with one of my dearest girls friends. I got a massage we went to dinner had wine laughed and talked!! It was really fun!!
cbaynes1Nov 17 17 - 16:44Happy Birthday TopCashback!!
mom2britNov 17 17 - 16:35Wow! $100 could be a great help during the holidays!
Sheetz1113Nov 17 17 - 16:19Seeing my mother one last time before she took her last breath
Sheetz1113Nov 17 17 - 16:15Happy Birthday.....$100 more to spend shopping would be a amazing gift . Thanks for letting me use the app
JoyceLogoworksNov 17 17 - 16:13Here's hoping I win!
LucyANov 17 17 - 16:04Flowers Perpetually planted in raised beds.
marchackiNov 17 17 - 16:04A Barbie Townhouse!
phour20Nov 17 17 - 16:02Simply the tops
banpwongNov 17 17 - 15:42Always used this site for shopping ever since I was introduced to it
maynard7Nov 17 17 - 15:34Top Cashback is my favorite!
auntymissyNov 17 17 - 15:32Best birthday present I got was a surprise part for 38th birthday and my best friend I hadn't seen in 15 uears was there.
maynard7Nov 17 17 - 15:30Happy Birthday... The best cashback is here on TopCashBack!
sweetsbooks67Nov 17 17 - 15:21Best b-day gift was just going out to my fav restaurant with my kids and no arguing
L0vfr33Nov 17 17 - 15:18I love the freebies & Deals I get from the Internet for my birthday. After spending some time finding them, it takes me most of the month of my birthday to take advantage of as many of them as I can! Thankfully, many merchants give you a window instead of just one day. Makes my birthday great every year.
hntaylor32Nov 17 17 - 15:16Thank you for sharing the birthday celebration and generosity with us! This would be very helpful to go towards holiday meals and small gifts! My favorite present memory is the special handmade gifts from my kids when they were little!
tobognaNov 17 17 - 15:14Best gift I got was dinner
hassaan788Nov 17 17 - 15:14Happy Birthday!!
hntaylor32Nov 17 17 - 15:12Happy Birthday TopCashBack and Thank you so much for your generosity. This sure would help with holiday gifts and trinkets shopping through your site of course!
dmurdakhayevNov 17 17 - 15:10Happy Birthday!
clshaubNov 17 17 - 15:08My best birthday present was a Jewelry box with Daughter on it from my mom.
LauxfamilyNov 17 17 - 14:35Happy birthday and thanks for providing such great service!
philltranNov 17 17 - 13:39Happy Birthday!
mrhotelcoNov 17 17 - 11:27Happy birthday!
Mab54Nov 17 17 - 11:25Happy Birthday Topcashback!
DaniiiiNov 17 17 - 11:24My best present was a Barbie car when I was little lol
pkgiles71Nov 17 17 - 11:15Thabnks!
pkgiles71Nov 17 17 - 11:15Thabnks!
wildernessmagicNov 17 17 - 10:38Love this site - happy birthday!
SzettleNov 17 17 - 09:40Extra cash is always great!
royoswaldNov 17 17 - 09:23One of the best!
JJLeahy47Nov 17 17 - 09:14Best gift? Hopefully this $100!
brijeshnarulaNov 17 17 - 08:47Excellent!
LoveTopCashNov 17 17 - 08:19Love Top Cash Back!
chelly2279Nov 17 17 - 08:05Happy Birthday! Hope I win.
mjc26250Nov 17 17 - 07:29So far the best present i've ever had was my first session of chemo. Yes, on my birthday.
sirivolumanojNov 17 17 - 06:25Good way to reward customers !
viehk1Nov 17 17 - 06:12Money
CutieNov 17 17 - 05:11Happy Birthday! Wow, u have a birthday and I might get a gift. Extremely nice of u. Thank you!
smag_artNov 17 17 - 04:54I want win!
SmagArtNov 17 17 - 04:52Yeeeeeehhh!
energygirlNov 17 17 - 04:29Thanks for doing this!
Vladimirs_BNov 17 17 - 04:05Money. I want a lot of money as a gift.
It would be the best present for me.
Thank you.
DrmichNov 17 17 - 03:46Great way to celebrate! Thanks TCB!
Member125666258449Nov 17 17 - 01:40Getting handmade things, especially from my kids
benche83Nov 16 17 - 21:24You guys crush the competition
qeweber1Nov 16 17 - 20:22Happy Birthday!
rorteg03Nov 16 17 - 20:05Happy Birthday TCB!
hhenry2141Nov 16 17 - 19:12Y best birthday gift was when my niece was born on my birthday.
isabelfungNov 16 17 - 18:59My fave are always anything from my boyfriend and parents. To be exact, beauty products lol
Christab716Nov 16 17 - 18:46Happy birthday!!! :)
tcc106Nov 16 17 - 18:01Since I found TCB I never use other website again! Also need say Happy birthday to myself in a few days!!
allshewantsNov 16 17 - 17:47Thanks. This is great.
jerszczepanskiNov 16 17 - 17:15My favorite birthday present ever was a trip to Boston! I would love to win, as my birthday is thanksgiving weekend :)
iguantletNov 16 17 - 17:00Thank you

AirForce65Nov 16 17 - 16:50My Best Gift Ever was my Close 'm Play record player it was the coolest thing ever I was so proud playing my favorite 45's records!
pinaypieNov 16 17 - 16:41Went on a trip to Europe with my high school friends for our 40th milestone birthday. Best ever gift from my husband plus he took a leave from work to take care of our kids. Such a sweet gesture <3
seeleeNov 16 17 - 14:15My best birthday gift ever was a day alone shopping without kids! It was awesome!
AMDNov 16 17 - 14:10Happy Belated Birthday!!
edevega1Nov 16 17 - 13:55😮
edevega1Nov 16 17 - 13:53$100!!!.....It must be my birthday!!!
karlamm28Nov 16 17 - 13:30One of the best shopping apps! Happy bday!
leelaviswanadhNov 16 17 - 13:17Love Topcashback.
desk007Nov 16 17 - 13:14Good gift
Scrappler1212Nov 16 17 - 11:52I love a present I can really use like a hot air fryer or cookware! Hint*Hint* My Birthday is Dec 19th!
brandihankNov 16 17 - 11:25We share the same birthday! What’S great day to celebrate!
EzikielNov 16 17 - 11:24Happy Belated!
MichaelbuiNov 16 17 - 10:42Happy b-Day! Best present is being with family!
mookie298Nov 16 17 - 09:57Doing it!
NyacaNov 16 17 - 09:48What a great gift to surprise my family with! Thank you! :)
Member1111479482649Nov 16 17 - 09:05Dinner with family and friends and a weekend getaway.
bradmer12Nov 16 17 - 09:04My fav gift I ever got was my Sony A7ii camera. I use it all the time
JackilynLNov 16 17 - 08:32We love TopCashback, they help save us $$
croat4Nov 16 17 - 08:18Yes I did!
johnnesetNov 16 17 - 08:10Would be sweet to get back all those untracked cb entries thru this bonus!
Hi jneset,

If you have untracked amounts then please do submit missing cashback claims against these and we'll be sure to chase your earnings up further. Next time, it might be worth clearing your cookies before clicking through.

eviewNov 16 17 - 08:10My favorite bday present of all time was a miniature schnauzer, I have had 4 now. I love this breed. I would love to have another gal, to make my trio again. Thank you for all that you do.
emreynoldsNov 16 17 - 08:08Saving money!
bittyNov 16 17 - 08:05The best I ever received was cupcakes!
erin7503Nov 16 17 - 08:02Happy birthday, this sight is the best, I love you guys
eliran8sNov 16 17 - 07:54Happy birthday to the best CashBack site in the world! :)
Member39319079110Nov 16 17 - 07:43Ssv
sendabrendaNov 16 17 - 07:38Great company best Deals very Satisfied. Worth the effort!
withnoeNov 16 17 - 07:20It was knowing that Jesus had preserved my life and I would not have to have any more ct scans to make sure my cancer was all gone. It had been 5 years since I had my stage 4 colon cancer.
NHZONov 16 17 - 07:15Electronic translator!
dragonrajaNov 16 17 - 07:07Happy Birthday TopCashback~!! :)
Ira_GutinaNov 16 17 - 06:40Happy birthday!!!
sabotsgirlNov 16 17 - 05:53I love presents! The best gift I ever received was a big girl bike on my 4th birthday.
LuvSavingMoneyNov 16 17 - 05:42I was blessed to receive some great birthday presents through the years. One of my fave memories was waking up when I was about 6 years old to my mom giving me the Barbie I wanted and a new outfit to wear to school
vuhxNov 16 17 - 05:32Happy Birthday TCB. Novermber is a great month to have a b-day, I should know ;)
tracywalshNov 16 17 - 05:23Thanks! My favorite cash back site!
wlw2662Nov 16 17 - 04:34My best b-day was a couple of years ago. My Mom took me to England to see my son, his wife and to meet my step grand daughter. And it was on my b-day!!! Doesn't get any better than that!! Congrats and Happy Birthday to TCB!!!
dlakein123Nov 16 17 - 04:18Happy Birthday!
I private dinner on a sailing boat.
collinsbNov 16 17 - 03:43This site is awesome, Great payouts, Great merchants. There is almost nothing you can't find on TopCashBack and you get money back on your purchases! How can you go wrong? I tried "EBates" believe me when I say TopCashBack is much better!
Dimona2003Nov 16 17 - 03:10The Best service, congratulate, best wishes!!
heaster_Nov 16 17 - 03:02My best birthday was wgen I was 9. My mom threw me a slumber party and I received twin talking cabbage patch dolls! ...Lol!
pcbonairNov 16 17 - 02:50Happy Birthday!
pcbonairNov 16 17 - 02:44Happy Birthday!
morganhdccNov 16 17 - 02:08A blanket from my daughter that she saved and shopped for all by herself.
iavramenkoNov 15 17 - 23:43New car definitely
gnicholsNov 15 17 - 23:10Great giveaway! Favorite birthday gift has always been the hand made cards from my kids when they were little!
thumfleetNov 15 17 - 22:34My Gameboy advance will always be my favorite birthday gift. I probably went through over 1000 double a batteries on that thing.
catiblueNov 15 17 - 22:30Top Cashback Rocks! Happy 6th Birthday Top Cashback! I Wish You Love and Prosperity as That's What I Continue to Receive Each of My Birthdays!
Member810626284439Nov 15 17 - 22:15Hope to win so I can buy lots of presents =)
yaqianxiNov 15 17 - 21:363 days left till this promotion - hope I got lucky this time! :)
hy67Nov 15 17 - 21:13Happy b-Day
nsnsfrogNov 15 17 - 20:56Nsns bravo
GypsyS0ulNov 15 17 - 20:40My best birthday gift was a Nintendo with Super Mario 3, I remember waking up to it laying on top of me and seeing my dad slip out of the room... :) Best memory ever
nanapNov 15 17 - 20:01Happy birthday
Yael_WolfNov 15 17 - 19:14So fun to have giveaways!
clarencebyerNov 15 17 - 18:46My favorite present is always time with my family. Can't get better than that! :)
nn27Nov 15 17 - 18:44Happy Birthday! My b-day is in two days!

The favorite present I have received is a necklace given to me by my significant other. I wear it every single day, and I am not a jewelry kind of person. It means a lot to me.
mwbratbergNov 15 17 - 18:33I got a puppy for my 1st birthday - best ever!
cld1022Nov 15 17 - 18:31Need the $$$$ 4 xmas
Member1111302207251Nov 15 17 - 18:21It would be great to win $100.......
Member1111302207251Nov 15 17 - 18:19Winning $100 would be great....
bootzen11Nov 15 17 - 18:18Best present was a trip to Wi dells with my father who has since past we rode the duck boats and Slid down some cool water slides He also let me pick a clam for a pearl to make into a necklace Good memories
T5iJennNov 15 17 - 18:11My best birthday gift was when my husband orchestrated a surprise visit from my parent's for my birthday!
TuquyenNov 15 17 - 17:49I went into labor with my oldest son. So he and I share a birthday and it was the best present ever. :-)
Sradilla253Nov 15 17 - 17:10It was a trip to Italy
marshaw33Nov 15 17 - 16:51Would love to win.
jenro89Nov 15 17 - 16:29My favorite birthday gift was when I was eight years old and I received a jewelry box.
brendakae42Nov 15 17 - 16:27My son was born 23 days after my Birthday..... On the day after Christmas, So he is the best Birthday & Christmas gift I ever received.
spaceman77Nov 15 17 - 16:12Best gift was my friends all agreeing to go camping in the az mountains.
PerkShopperNov 15 17 - 16:10WoWzee Wow! I love TopCash Back, excellent way to buy & Earn because its so quick & Easy to do. Happy 6th Birthday ....And many more showers of earnings!
mskid87Nov 15 17 - 15:49Happy birthday
SmiknikNov 15 17 - 15:48My favorite birthday present was 5 dozen pink roses!
rockstarnyNov 15 17 - 15:43Birthday!
freememberNov 15 17 - 15:10Happy Birthday
wingzNov 15 17 - 14:58Best Wishes for many more.
BilldogNov 15 17 - 14:55Would be nice to win!!!
chrisdiNov 15 17 - 14:43Happy birthday TopCashback. Fingers crossed I win!
ilovemoney123Nov 15 17 - 14:34Happy birthday and good luck
ilovemoney123Nov 15 17 - 14:34Happy birthday and good luck
raybarNov 15 17 - 13:08Good luck!
Samara_RoyerNov 15 17 - 12:51My favorite birthday present would be the roses, hot rocks and dinner that my husband got me on my first birthday married to each other!
Kimbo13Nov 15 17 - 12:39Feliz CumpleañOs TopCashback happy birthday TopCashback
twiglegs11Nov 15 17 - 11:12Probably would have to be when my Mom snuck a couple of those single serve bottles of wine into the hospital when I was inpatient on my 21st birthday....And we took shots out of medicine cups!
gwendolynlemonsNov 15 17 - 11:10I'd love to win!
DonnaYSNov 15 17 - 10:59Happy Birthday to a fellow November Birthday Baby- Can't wait! Mine is coming up and be a totally awesome gift!
nancypyeeNov 15 17 - 10:54Happy Birthday Top CashBack!!! Mine was just yesterday - YaY for November Bday Babies!!
mhermsen21Nov 15 17 - 10:53Happy Birthday
XwhodeyXNov 15 17 - 10:51My best birthday gift was a boombox/Ghetto blaster. Mom went behind dads back to get it because money was tight, bu man that think was awesome.
Black Friday coming, and a new contest on top of that? Love it!
MrsStacyCNov 15 17 - 10:23A Birthday Card, delivered from my grown kids that I haven't seen in years! Awesomeness!!
MrsStacyCNov 15 17 - 10:16The best gift I ever received was a Birthday card, delivered from all my grown kids. I know it sounds silly but meant the world to me.
tmmershon23Nov 15 17 - 10:07The best gift I ever gave my daughter was being certified "Cancer Free" on her 17th birthday!
basaywhatNov 15 17 - 09:42Please pick me! I need the money!
vizz13Nov 15 17 - 09:30Yea!
namedawnNov 15 17 - 09:15Happy birthday!
mtippytooNov 15 17 - 08:28A 6 foot Yellow inflatable Rubber Ducky for the pool was my favorite birthday gift.
Member1011193226535Nov 15 17 - 08:23This is awesome!
NevgadNov 15 17 - 08:03Tickets for a Eurotrip - fave gift ever
zfrogzNov 15 17 - 07:05Woot
Member107540888534Nov 15 17 - 06:55Happy 6th Birthday.
vivianqwNov 15 17 - 06:55Nike Fuelband!
Angelz43217Nov 15 17 - 06:37My favorite present would have to be hugs and a handmade card from my daughter.
SerenaBeansNov 15 17 - 06:08Happy Birthday! Its my birthday too!
Member710382200856Nov 15 17 - 05:54Happy birthday!
AGhostNov 15 17 - 04:13Happy birthday!
LrdxgmNov 15 17 - 01:45..Birthday celebrates you.

Ehm. Yay for TCB!
dink729Nov 15 17 - 01:22My favorite birthday gift was a party with family and friends.
JojokarizNov 14 17 - 23:20Best birthday present - a weekend in Annecy, France, which just happened to be their harvest / Bringing the cows down from the mountains weekend, with yodelling in the streets (lol!) Local cheeses and lots of fun.
mpho01Nov 14 17 - 23:18Love using TCB.
ChellebeRaeNov 14 17 - 22:22Diamond earrings...Twice!
kplake16Nov 14 17 - 22:19Happy, happy 6th Birthday!
guthyrenkerebayNov 14 17 - 22:06Happy bday
guthyrenkerebayNov 14 17 - 22:05Happy bday
adhurkaNov 14 17 - 21:55Live long and prosper! :)
shortrebaNov 14 17 - 21:26My best gift was my twins shortly before my birthday!
Momsday3Nov 14 17 - 21:23My parents, for giving me life in the first place!
countrycathyNov 14 17 - 21:02TopCashBack Happy 6th Birthday! I haven't had many birthday presents in my lifetime, so it is hard to say what is my favorite.
ltrain_76Nov 14 17 - 20:50Happy Birthday!
raffyNov 14 17 - 20:45Best birthday and everyday gift is my family ... And savings at TopCashBack of course!
machiyemaNov 14 17 - 20:37Thank you for holding this. Love you.
balltaniaNov 14 17 - 20:24Happy birthday to you guys and thank you for everything
shorty001usNov 14 17 - 19:55I am new to TCB but looking forward to the many savings and years to come. Ordered the Wal-Mart fleece blanket freebie through your site and ca not wait to us it to snuggle up with. And the year my grandson was born was and still is the best Birthday gift ever that keeps on giving!!!!
daeofcalNov 14 17 - 19:49My best birthday gift was a tub of candy when I turned 4. =)
lsmayo37Nov 14 17 - 19:46My son told me he's moving back home after being 1300 miles away for several years. Best day ever!
Kayla1celesteNov 14 17 - 19:41Happy birthday
grahamgroupNov 14 17 - 19:34The best gift I ever received is my cat. I love him so much!
LeahWootenNov 14 17 - 19:33A proposal to marry the best husband ever!
javablue12Nov 14 17 - 19:23Happy birthday TCB! I've received some really good birthday gifts but one memory stands out. It wasn't my favorite gift at the time & Was a big surprise! It was a lop eared red freckled rabbit I named Lucy. We loved her! She was supposed to be a miniature but I guess she didn't get that memo-she grew quite large! 🐰
SanjubabaNov 14 17 - 19:10Best website, better than all others out there, excellent cb rates and awesome customer service.
javablue12Nov 14 17 - 18:59Happy birthday TCB! I belong to another cashback program but tcp almost always offers a higher percentage. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to another year of savings!
javablue12Nov 14 17 - 18:56Happy birthday Top Cashback! I belong to another 'cash back' program but Top Cashback routinely pays a higher percentage. Keep up the good work!
zyahoo7Nov 14 17 - 18:45Amazing Giveaway!
airika88Nov 14 17 - 18:38I'm just starting TopCashback but i'm liking it so far.
SuendeNov 14 17 - 18:23My Best gift ever is my service dog.
Mariaa1987Nov 14 17 - 17:53My best gift ever would have to be my family.
jungtak3Nov 14 17 - 17:13Good day!
1billett1Nov 14 17 - 16:56The best gift I ever received was when I was 10 years old and walking into our barn and seeing a baby horse in one of our stalls.
sandradeemurfNov 14 17 - 16:49My daughter took my on a shopping spree! ❤
thetiantanNov 14 17 - 16:47My favorite birthday present was a pc my brother built for me.
DiamoniqueNov 14 17 - 16:47Happy Birthday TCB!
jenrenhNov 14 17 - 16:40My best birthday gift was the first gift I received from my fiance. It was a beautiful pair of amethyst earrings.
Dazone18Nov 14 17 - 16:36Happy Birthday and this is a great gift.
fitstyleeditorNov 14 17 - 16:18Birthday enter us
gdg786Nov 14 17 - 16:02Happy bday TCB :)
Member36362314522Nov 14 17 - 15:47You can't go wrong with cash but my best birthday gift was a Pink Ice ring my parents gave me when I was a teenager.
bexho2000Nov 14 17 - 15:45Thank you for the great savings through the years!
AkiramiyuNov 14 17 - 15:45Happy birthday!! My favorite birthday gift was my cat since I had wanted one for so long!
ATORD001Nov 14 17 - 15:02Happy birthday! This is a great site!

mgoldst1Nov 14 17 - 14:25Happy birthday and many more !!!
Tracynguyen514Nov 14 17 - 13:57My daughter turns 4 on the 16th,one day after.
Tracynguyen514Nov 14 17 - 13:57My daughter turns 4 on the 16th,one day after.
queen4oneNov 14 17 - 13:33My best gift was cash. Money always work!!
oldbottlesNov 14 17 - 13:31Happy Birthday
Doxiemom7Nov 14 17 - 13:12Happy Birthday and congratulations on a wonderful website!
MCJ3Nov 14 17 - 13:00Sure would be nice if I won this! Happy Birthday!
cwonglwNov 14 17 - 12:55Happy Birthday!! I hope I can win this so I can get something special for my hubby.
Deborah_RNov 14 17 - 12:46What a great way to celebrate your 6th anniversary/Birthday!
hsoneyNov 14 17 - 12:38Happy Birthday Topcashback
barnesmichaeleNov 14 17 - 12:29I'm sure this gift could help out quite a many of people like myself. Thanks for being a great website.
Member1111492833823Nov 14 17 - 12:28Would love to win
bethbransonNov 14 17 - 11:12Best birthday gift? A remote Wyoming ranch and 4 horses...
ivycottageNov 14 17 - 11:11My best birthday gift was a surprise party with my dear friends on my 50th.

Happy Birthday TopCashBack! I would love to win.
Rebecca521Nov 14 17 - 11:09The best gift i've ever received is that my first daughter was born on my 30th birthday :) The sharing of the same birthday reminds me the cycle of life! Happy birthday, Topcashback:) You make my living much more fun!
mindfreakedNov 14 17 - 11:08Rainbow roses my best friend bought me
jmckenzie2006Nov 14 17 - 10:43Best birthday gift was a set of 4 new tires for my car when I was too broke to buy them myself. My birthday is Nov the 15th awesome so it would be another great gift to be picked!
JacKillinNov 14 17 - 10:28On my 21st my neighbor spent his his whole check on me and paid no rent
bella2277Nov 14 17 - 10:27It was a visa gift card customized with a picture of my family.
bella2277Nov 14 17 - 10:27It was a visa gift card customized with a picture of my family.
paulriveraNov 14 17 - 10:20The best gift i've received is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop that my mom gave me 4 years ago. The laptop is still going strong to this day!
paulriveraNov 14 17 - 10:20The best gift i've received is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop that my mom gave me 4 years ago. The laptop is still going strong to this day!
mentsminNov 14 17 - 10:17My favorite gift was a trip to London
jilliani812Nov 14 17 - 09:35Happy Birthday, Topcashback! The $100 giveaway would be a great help this time of year. Thank you for the opportunity.
klinds521Nov 14 17 - 09:21A Ty beanie baby named Weenie was my favorite. I'd been looking all over for him and never could find him. Well, he was under the tree one year and I was so excited!!
Cam93Nov 14 17 - 09:15My favorite gift was a laptop. It just stopped working last year. I need a new one.
mikelav456Nov 14 17 - 09:05Best gift I ever got was the first generation iPod touch!
mikelav456Nov 14 17 - 09:05Best gift I ever got was the first generation iPod touch!
FreeJetNov 14 17 - 08:58Favorite birthday present was a 10-speed bike.
dhisheeNov 14 17 - 08:58Winning $100 would be awesome!
gaoyu1009Nov 14 17 - 08:54Happy birthday, Topcashback! Thank you for all these amazing savings!
shopsmartestNov 14 17 - 08:42Happy 6th Birthday, Topcashback!
JessiR25Nov 14 17 - 08:41The best gift I ever revived was a computer
minxa1Nov 14 17 - 08:32I think nothing ever tops the gifts you get when you're kid. Getting the new My Little Pony castle will always be my favorite gift. Now I can buy what I want.. But when you're little, it's the anticipation..
thepurplishmuseNov 14 17 - 08:12Congrats!
wribbsNov 14 17 - 08:09A trip out west with my Dad and Grandpa when I was about 10yo.
DugnasNov 14 17 - 08:04My best gift is a good book :)
MissELFNov 14 17 - 08:03My best/Favorite birthday gift I ever received was being taken out to dinner then go shopping.
godessroxieNov 14 17 - 07:49Happy Birthday!!
mandajoNov 14 17 - 07:41I just love your contests!
Member1011015217327Nov 14 17 - 07:33I always check out this site when shopping
JudyJFLANov 14 17 - 07:25Happy 6th to the best, most reliable cash back site out there!
twoblueNov 14 17 - 07:25Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to win!
AnnDNov 14 17 - 07:04You make my shopping much more fun. Thank you and congratulations!
mattcNov 14 17 - 07:00Happy birthday!
mj1357Nov 14 17 - 06:49Will buy a nice watch for my wife.
philip3b04Nov 14 17 - 06:35Happy 6th Birthday! Next year be better than the last!
hantuoNov 14 17 - 06:23Happy Birthday! Thank you for being with us all these years!
JamieGanoeNov 14 17 - 06:20Happy b-Day
hummingbirdhunterNov 14 17 - 06:09Happy Birthday, Topcashback!
kenwinner457Nov 14 17 - 06:06TopCashBack has padded my pocket a lot over the last six years. I am lucky to have such a giving six year old. Thanks
janagram80Nov 14 17 - 05:43When I turned 16 I got a new used car from my parents best gift ever!!
kimdaviskimNov 14 17 - 05:35Happy Birthday to you TopCashbackUSA and i'm wishing you many more to come!
kimdaviskimNov 14 17 - 05:31Happy Birthday to you TopCashbackUSA and i'm wishing you many more to come!
alexisyoakumNov 14 17 - 05:24Best birthday gift I ever got was a new phone.
Member115512755658Nov 14 17 - 04:34Thank you)))Love you so much))
Summer3131Nov 14 17 - 04:05Love TopCashback’S promotions! Hoping to win some exta Christmas money!
Gawilson01Nov 14 17 - 03:44Tcb has become my new favorite for cash back deals. Sign up. You won't be disappointed.
Gawilson01Nov 14 17 - 03:44Tcb has become my new favorite for cash back deals. Sign up. You won't be disappointed.
Gawilson01Nov 14 17 - 03:44Tcb has become my new favorite for cash back deals. Sign up. You won't be disappointed.
Gawilson01Nov 14 17 - 03:44Tcb has become my new favorite for cash back deals. Sign up. You won't be disappointed.
Kathie778Nov 14 17 - 03:43Happy birthday!!!
vgaetjensNov 14 17 - 03:34Love this site! Keep up the good service!
Member117743578741Nov 14 17 - 03:16С Днем Рождения!!
Vraj27Nov 14 17 - 02:52Happy Birthday!! I'm a big fan!
Vraj27Nov 14 17 - 02:52Happy Birthday!! I'm a big fan!
tappletaNov 14 17 - 02:16Love Topcashback♥♥♥
veryvykNov 14 17 - 01:28Full size stand-up Albert Einstein.
briandtam7Nov 14 17 - 00:41Fitbit
kwil2676Nov 14 17 - 00:33Diamond earrings
rubicoNov 14 17 - 00:23A new drone:)
shglbmxNov 14 17 - 00:22Lets get it!
AliciaBlackNov 14 17 - 00:13Happy birthday, dear Topcashback! My favorite present was my dog! He is 14yo now <3
coryandcarissaNov 13 17 - 23:32My birthday is the same day as my wedding anniversary, so I would have to say the best birthday gift I ever got was my husband!
BaconismeatcandyNov 13 17 - 23:02Or TCB for short.
lizjinxNov 13 17 - 22:52My fav bday present is a new computer
lizjinxNov 13 17 - 22:50Happy Birthday!
risycatNov 13 17 - 22:48Happy Birthday Topcashback! My favorite birthday present was when I received an angel Spongebob plushie. Spongebob is my favorite thing and it was so cute!
RosaYNov 13 17 - 22:43Thanks for the chance!
iamcalledtinaNov 13 17 - 22:30My favorite birthday present was when I got Demi Lovato concert ticket for me from me
gvydonNov 13 17 - 22:19Happy birthday!
f1shmanNov 13 17 - 22:00Happy Birthday!
kamelotNov 13 17 - 21:56Happy birthday, dear Topcashback guys! Keep making people happy!
pkchenNov 13 17 - 21:53Love the site!
rungnaphaNov 13 17 - 21:42Happy Birthday to you!
su_A_veNov 13 17 - 21:27I'll also celebrate if I win!
ElzeeNov 13 17 - 21:25My favorite birthday present was a beautiful weekend in Old Town San Diego with my boyfriend :)
SpendantNov 13 17 - 21:14My best friend gave me a pair of blue crystal butterfly earrings, they are my favorite birthday present. I love the color blue and I love Butterflies!
torresmariia10Nov 13 17 - 21:02My favorite birthday present was going on a trip with my best friend to Tennessee
LisaKayNov 13 17 - 20:57My best birthday gift was when I had to travel out of state to attend my uncle's funeral and my mom surprised me with beautiful sterling silver earrings when I woke up.
LisaKayNov 13 17 - 20:57My best birthday gift was when I had to travel out of state to attend my uncle's funeral and my mom surprised me with beautiful sterling silver earrings when I woke up.
Loen210Nov 13 17 - 20:52Happy Birthday, TopCashBack.Com!

For favorite gifts, 2 are in my heart strongly.

1) When I was in my early 30's, my past gymnastics coach gave me a birthday workout, my dream. I missed the sport with a passion. He knew I couldn't do much st all, but the small things gave me such bliss! My health had prevented me as a teenager during my earlier years. Oh, and by the way. My coach is a three time olympic coach. Recent olympics too. 😉

2) For my birthday, my yearly request now makes me soooooo happy. Instead of any touchable gifts, I request family yo take me out yo animal shelters. We bring things to donate that they can use and also donate about how much we would have spent going out to the movies or some other birthday outing. It brings me such warmth and love to spend time with all of the dear animals at the shelters in such need to be loved and to find a home. This year, we went to a different shelter every weekend of the month for my birthday birth month celebration. Joy!!!
ElizabethMayJNov 13 17 - 20:43This may sound awkward but my favorite present was when I received Philips Sonicare toothbrush. It cleans so amazing and I love having good clean teeth.
ElizabethMayJNov 13 17 - 20:43This may sound awkward but my favorite present was when I received Philips Sonicare toothbrush. It cleans so amazing and I love having good clean teeth.
DtakahashiNov 13 17 - 20:39A 6 foot tall Blue Spruce Tree.
ElizabethMayJNov 13 17 - 20:38My favorite birthday present would be my amazing Philips Sonicare toothbrush. I know it sounds like a weird present but I love having good clean teeth and this toothbrush does really great cleaning. I don't get presents often so it is special.
dreamtsoi24Nov 13 17 - 20:34My favorite birthday present is go trip with my honey.
debboikeNov 13 17 - 20:33I could really use the extra cash. Besides my Birthday is during December and it would be an awesome Birthday present.
marshamalindaNov 13 17 - 20:30Perfume
Jessica_WaltersNov 13 17 - 20:21My favorite birthday was bowling and pool with my mom for my 16th.
Carol_NCNov 13 17 - 20:16Nothing like getting presents on somebody else's b-day!
ShawnQNov 13 17 - 20:08A Laptop
pinaypieNov 13 17 - 20:05Going on a trip to Europe with my high school friends for our 40th milestone birthday. Best ever gift from my husband plus he took a leave from work to take of our kids. Such a sweet gesture <3
Member1111483299551Nov 13 17 - 19:59The best birthday present ever was finding out me and my husband was expecting our firstborn daughter in the same year I turned 29, after trying to conceive for five years.
Member1111483299551Nov 13 17 - 19:58The best birthday present ever was finding out me and my husband was expecting our firstborn daughter in the same year I turned 29.
lilflowergrl8Nov 13 17 - 19:58Best gift is the gift of company and people who care enough about me to spend the time with me.
humphboyNov 13 17 - 19:57Happy birthday!
JerBearNov 13 17 - 19:56My best gift ever was when my daughter gave me a card she had made herself. She was 4 at the time and it was my first "mommy" gift that she did all by herself.
Member1111483299551Nov 13 17 - 19:56The best birthday gift was when my hubby of 8 years surprised me with a birthday dinner. Homemade chicken tacos and a cake on my 29th birthday. How romantic. He is the love of my life.
natecubeNov 13 17 - 19:52Love free money
Member1111483299551Nov 13 17 - 19:50Happy 6th b-day! May you have many more years of success. I am excited to now be a new member.
JaMeraGNov 13 17 - 19:50Honestly, this is a gift I will treasure always.

God Bless.
ra1234Nov 13 17 - 19:50An iPhone
NellcountsNov 13 17 - 19:44A trip to San Diego.
valeriekiNov 13 17 - 19:32I am so glad I found you!
ksgreenNov 13 17 - 19:30Happy Birthday! Great giveaway!
NimirajNov 13 17 - 19:25Give it Try and you will Love It! Top CashBack offers you back.

richdmzNov 13 17 - 19:21Visiting Chicago with the Fiancee
vlh1234hNov 13 17 - 19:19Best gift was 2006 Ford Mustang
OnyiakpanisiNov 13 17 - 19:04Best birthday gift was a wrist watch.
criver21Nov 13 17 - 18:56The best gift I ever received was a Kindle. I greatly enjoy reading, and now I am able to carry my entire library with me so I can read anytime and anywhere!
Notnuts50Nov 13 17 - 18:54Thanks for the opportunity, TopCashBack! Happy Birthday
rajesh_sr27Nov 13 17 - 18:37Happy Birthday!!
LindaOaktonNov 13 17 - 18:35It just happens my birthday is in November so it would really be a treat to win! The best birthday gift I can remember is when my boyfriend (now my husband) knocked on my apartment door with a birthday cake in his hands with the candle already lit - so romantic!
Dot4Nov 13 17 - 18:20A bicycle
jesyka80Nov 13 17 - 18:18The best birthday present I ever received was when my sister was born on my 3rd birthday! Each year we celebrate together by going on a big shopping trip :)
bozzlady204Nov 13 17 - 18:18Best present ever when my husband surprised me for my birthday at my parents. I had a lot of balloons and a huge delicious cake set up by him. Unforgettable.
Dot4Nov 13 17 - 18:18My best gift was from my son a nice picture and a frame
Dunmore00Nov 13 17 - 18:18Entered 🍀👍🍀. Best gift ... My husband of 34 years😘
SenonaNov 13 17 - 18:09Necklace from my husband
sarabearNov 13 17 - 18:01My best gift ever was my son!
keschwarz91Nov 13 17 - 17:58My best gift ever was a heat press my fiance got me.
alfaunitsNov 13 17 - 17:57Or hots :)
caleshia004Nov 13 17 - 17:56My best birthday present was a cookie cake plus ice cream cake. The best food ever!
Jamie32087Nov 13 17 - 17:50Thanks for the giveaway.
seaangel4444Nov 13 17 - 17:44My birthday was a few weeks ago. My husband took me to a restaurant with a "spy" theme! They don't advertise the location, and you need a password to get in! The food was fabulous and it was tons of fun! Best Birthday Present ever!
ssmc99Nov 13 17 - 17:39The best present I received was an iPad.
keekNov 13 17 - 17:36Would love to win!!!
MeeSeeksNov 13 17 - 17:36I would say the carebear or cabbage patch doll with real hair.
d93Nov 13 17 - 17:34The best gift ever is know that my wife was pregnant!! This little boy is the light in our life!
ccntxNov 13 17 - 17:30Happy birthday best in this field with higher rates love it I got a bird one time and a necklace
mlinusaNov 13 17 - 17:28Same here - Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
A_to_zNov 13 17 - 17:26Front row seats to see Carrie Underwood's concert
GypsyChickNov 13 17 - 17:23Happy 6th Birthday! May the next year be better than the last!
kaharden11Nov 13 17 - 17:20My best birthday present ever was when my aunt came to visit me with my baby cousin. I hadn’T seen her in years and I hadn’T gotten to meet my cousin in person before so it was an extra special birthday for me!
littodinoNov 13 17 - 17:18My set of watercolors that I use every day!
TheBonBonNov 13 17 - 17:16My best gift wasn't received on my birthday. On my now fiancéS birthday, he proposed to me. He said the best gift he could get would be the answer yes. To me that was the best gift we both have ever received.
SusieevansNov 13 17 - 17:14Happy birthday Topcashback!
s90355Nov 13 17 - 17:13Happy birthday!
s90355Nov 13 17 - 17:13Happy birthday
s90355Nov 13 17 - 17:13Happy birthday!
poetriotNov 13 17 - 17:10Happy birthday. The best gift I ever got was car payments.
luvemkittiesNov 13 17 - 17:06Happy Birthday TCB! My birthday is this month too! My best birthday ever was on my 40th. My family threw a big party for me and invited all the family members (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc..) That I hadn't seen in years! I was so thankful for that! I live 1200 miles away so I flew there and had no idea what they had planned. It was awesome!!
cwhi7950Nov 13 17 - 17:00He best Birthday gift I ever received was when all of my immediate family got together for my Birthday dinner.
Mac41Nov 13 17 - 16:59Best gift I ever got was 500 dollars towards my new kayak.
annakcamachoNov 13 17 - 16:57I never would have guessed that TCB is only six years old - what an amazing company to build in such a short period of time. Congratulations and happy birthday!
psjonesNov 13 17 - 16:57Going to the Cheesecake Factory
clayandsaraNov 13 17 - 16:54My best gift would have to be.. A jar full of things that remind me of how great I am for when I have a bad day. So thoughtful & Sweet!!
Paula_BNov 13 17 - 16:51My best present was a surprise 50th birthday party put on by my kids
suninosNov 13 17 - 16:50My favorite birthday gift was the awesome keyboard i'm currently using.
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
MASOODANJNov 13 17 - 16:49Best gift I ever received was wrist watch
Pyxie83Nov 13 17 - 16:48My favorite birthday gift was when my husband proposed!! Beautiful ring and such a beautiful soul to share my life with!
Pyxie83Nov 13 17 - 16:47My favorite birthday gift was when my husband proposed!! Most beautiful ring and such a beautiful soul to share my life with!!
huangnatorNov 13 17 - 16:38Taking care of business
joyful2016Nov 13 17 - 16:35A trip to Montreal and Old Quebec for myself and my son this past August was my best birthday gift ever.
AET0107Nov 13 17 - 16:30A trip to see phantom of the opera
srupparNov 13 17 - 16:26Happy 6th birthday!!! You guys are so generous!!!
srupparNov 13 17 - 16:23Happy 6th birthday!! You guys are so generous!
cwashi3324Nov 13 17 - 16:17My husband leaving me for some piece of trash who was cheating on him and got pregnant. He left me, thinking it was his kid. Turns out it was the other guys kid. Now hubby lives all over the place, out of garbage bags and boxes
cwashi3324Nov 13 17 - 16:12It was my no good, cheating, lying husband leaving me for some piece of trash. She was pregnant (he thought) with his child. Turns out she was sleeping with another guy too, and it turned out later it was that guys kid! So hubby is living from house to house, with no income, and he never can darken my door!
mrsginn1957Nov 13 17 - 16:09We ❤️ Topcashback!!
ZZZuzikNov 13 17 - 16:04The best gift I received was a new computer with connection to the internet. It changed my life. ☺
Clarissa28Nov 13 17 - 16:03My favorite birthday gift was a Barbie house I received when I was 9 years old. It was so cool!!!
carlyp008Nov 13 17 - 16:03I love TopCashback!
Angeleyes86Nov 13 17 - 15:58Love TopCashback
JgirlspicNov 13 17 - 15:54I received a gem encrusted turtle necklace.
JgirlspicNov 13 17 - 15:52I received a gem encrusted turtle necklace
MrHarBearNov 13 17 - 15:49My best birthday gift is my vacation to DisneyLand with my girlfriend two years ago. Had the best time of my life!
Happy b-day TopCashBack! Good luck everyone! :)
finefinnNov 13 17 - 15:49A big, bright, red tricycle was my favorite birthday present as a child.
Member31094718626Nov 13 17 - 15:49My favorite Bday present is just being able to spend the whole day with my hubby and kids, no interruptions. I've had more years than I can count where my husband has to go out of state and he's not here for my birthday.
finefinnNov 13 17 - 15:49A big, bright, red tricycle was my favorite birthday present as a child.
zamgageNov 13 17 - 15:48The best gift I ever received was my best friends coming in from out of town and surprising me. It was amazing!
Anita_Nov 13 17 - 15:47The best birthday gift is a heart necklace that my mom got me years ago now I treasure it even more since she has passed away
Mewzme2Nov 13 17 - 15:46It was a electric bike.
desdemonaNov 13 17 - 15:46My best birthday present was when I found out I was going to be a grandma! Amazing
yarbr012Nov 13 17 - 15:45The best birthday gift I ever received was a Toyota Prius from my Dad!!
nadushka1008Nov 13 17 - 15:45A trip to Asheville, nc!
desdemonaNov 13 17 - 15:41Wow! My best birthday present ever was finding out my daughter & Son in law were pregnant! It was amazing.
snm1883Nov 13 17 - 15:39A gift card
KayteNov 13 17 - 15:39I cried when I got my first one.Ten years later I bought myself another. But the one I was gifted has a special place in my heart.
GarycubbyNov 13 17 - 15:38Happy 6th Birthday!
sunnikaseyNov 13 17 - 15:38My fave present would have been a Barbie corvette when I was a kid. :)
boogeye87Nov 13 17 - 15:37To you 🎂🎂🎂
JstcountryNov 13 17 - 15:36The best gift in the world is definitely the birth of my very 1st grand baby. After having 2 boys myself and no girls at all in my family it is definitely the best gift ever. Who knew grand babies were better than your own kids, Lol Welcome to this crazy world Addilayne Claire... :-)
sunnikaseyNov 13 17 - 15:36Happy birthday TopCashBack.....You guys are awesome!!
sweetiepieNov 13 17 - 15:31Cash this time of year would be Super! Thanks!!!
iandrussellNov 13 17 - 15:30Gift Cards are the best gifts I get.
lesmis012000Nov 13 17 - 15:30I was 13 years old and my mother had saved up for 4 years to get me a flute. I had started in 4th grade and she was so excited that I loved playing. She really couldn't afford it, but she scrimped and saved for a few years to be able to get me one. She had 5 other children to take care of but she knew how much playing meant to me. I passed it along to my niece when she started playing.
OnlyTheBestNov 13 17 - 15:29It's always dinner with a friend.
kosherpickleNov 13 17 - 15:26In 1987 I got a red mustang from Grandpa!
sgt7Nov 13 17 - 15:19Thanks
mellgbab36Nov 13 17 - 15:17Ever since I signed up with TCB I have had a good experience with them and I will definitely be a lifelong loyal customer such a great site
SJMYNov 13 17 - 15:02A bag of weed
KwelseyNov 13 17 - 14:44Happy birthday to TopCashBack. This site is awesome. Good luck eveyone!
skoeelvNov 13 17 - 14:42Happy Birthday
JoeG1990Nov 13 17 - 14:39Love, love, love Ca$Hback!
Member1111378568933Nov 13 17 - 14:38A divorce. It was like all my birthdays rolled into one. Lol.
JoeG1990Nov 13 17 - 14:33Top Ca$Hback Baby!!!!

Love it
molly3Nov 13 17 - 14:18My best birthday present was an antique ring that my husband bought for me.
cld1022Nov 13 17 - 14:14Everyone can use an extra $100 this time of year!
ThrillRacerESQNov 13 17 - 14:12Sure i'll take $100
MikalaiNov 13 17 - 14:11Very good cashback.
My post about service from 2013 year:
savvy4Nov 13 17 - 14:11Happy b/Day Topcashback!
FinefurNov 13 17 - 13:56I could use $100 this time of year
Tracy3675Nov 13 17 - 13:51Receiving 21 red roses at work from my boyfriend and 21 pink carnations from my Mom at work, on my 21st birthday...That was awesome!!!
karasikNov 13 17 - 13:50Would be nice :)
lriddickNov 13 17 - 13:46I love to receive personalized handmade gifts. They show thoughtfulness and effort.
Member115461427129Nov 13 17 - 13:43My Best Birthday present ever was my little boy who was born on my birthday.
Member38926863015Nov 13 17 - 13:42Happy Birthday!
royoswaldNov 13 17 - 13:41My Wife was the best ever!
Member810514460950Nov 13 17 - 13:41An Amazon Fire Stick, with a rebate from Top Cash Back!!!!
CbalesNov 13 17 - 13:38Finding out my cancer was in remission
ajsattieNov 13 17 - 13:36My favorite present ever was getting engaged!
mzungu7sNov 13 17 - 13:35My best birthday gift was a trip to Victoria, bc! It was a great trip and such a wonderful gift!
Member59747191152Nov 13 17 - 13:27Fave god? Firepit!
bbw4u2loveNov 13 17 - 13:22Happy Birthday TopCashBack!
chuckb56Nov 13 17 - 13:22Birth of my grandson
Member1111421912937Nov 13 17 - 13:16My favorite gift was a necklace from my very best friend in the entire world. Such a sweet lady! I cherish every moment I get with her!
Member36366750012Nov 13 17 - 13:00My favorite Gift was and still is...Have all My Family together
BestRushNov 13 17 - 12:59Best present ever was my son surprising me with a visit! He lives in ca and I live in tx! Miss him every day so it was a great birthday!
shawna_bellNov 13 17 - 12:53So many women think the're age is something to lie about but I figure that I have earned every day of mine so i'm proud to say ill be 45 yrs old in janusry. That i'm proud of my age and able to own it is my gift to myself.
arwenlord26Nov 13 17 - 12:53Thank you Topcashback! Really appreciate it!
skungNov 13 17 - 12:50Happy birthday!
amyyy1109Nov 13 17 - 12:43Thanks for everything!
storm69678Nov 13 17 - 12:34My husband took me to the Humane Society to pick out any kitten I wanted. I didn't pick one out- the kitten picked me! He was very vocal about being the one I wanted/Needed so he is now king of this castle. Love my baby Conan. He is now 6 but will always be my baby.
kbwhitakerNov 13 17 - 12:34I can't remember a favorite gift, I just love being with family on my birthday and having fun.
Overclocker1Nov 13 17 - 12:33My favorite birthday present was a driving experience given to me by my parents.
mcrookhamNov 13 17 - 12:20Thank you
SavemesumNov 13 17 - 12:19My favourite gift I ever receive is the same every year. Money!!! Happy Birthday TopCashBack!!!
Member59641667955Nov 13 17 - 12:16Thank you for giving us cash back on our purchases.
Member910844505952Nov 13 17 - 12:13God bless you with many more birthdays ! Thank you for doing the give away. It would be awesome to win this wonderful prize then I would be able to give my wonderful daughter something for Christmas. God bless
Cjohnson7Nov 13 17 - 12:09An ipod shuffle with 5 authentic cds and a boombox
Cjojarvis34Nov 13 17 - 12:06Thank you Top Cash Back. You are always so quick to respond and its greatly appreciated. Its nice to have this to be able to earn off what your already purchasing. Great for extra money to get to buy myself something once in a while.
Cujo123Nov 13 17 - 12:04Happy birthday TopCashback
vector_man2000Nov 13 17 - 12:02And thanks for the opportunity to win!
sashasevaNov 13 17 - 12:00Diamonds are the best!
Wild_MobileNov 13 17 - 11:49Happy Birthday TopCashBack!
johndunlap1Nov 13 17 - 11:49Awesome!
SaybcbdNov 13 17 - 11:48Love TCB thanks for the promotion
OptimisticKaeNov 13 17 - 11:45My favorite gift to receive has always been, Birthday cards! They hold so much sentimental value to me 🗃️
ValeriechaconNov 13 17 - 11:44My husband surprised me with a trip to visit my parents for my birthday.
mndyjoNov 13 17 - 11:41My birthday is the 22nd so this would be an awesome birthday present :0)
MonaJoanieNov 13 17 - 11:38My favorite gift was my American Girl doll that I got when I was 7. I had waited for 4 years and that Christmas I got her and it was the best ever. :)
lori0791Nov 13 17 - 11:34The best birthday gift I ever received was a small glass rooster lamp. It was a simple gift, but it showed me that the person who gave it had observed something personal about me, and then acted on it. It was very meaningful.
MissmattsonNov 13 17 - 11:29Best birthday present is spending it with my husband and children eating our favorite foods
tugrulpa14Nov 13 17 - 11:29Nice
jennytaNov 13 17 - 11:29Wow! Just entered
truth577Nov 13 17 - 11:26My favorite birthday present is getting to sleep in and have my kids make me breakfast in bed.
jenlabadieNov 13 17 - 11:22My favorite gift was a card I️ Got from my daughter saying kind things about me being a good mom.
KiiyanawNov 13 17 - 11:19My favorite birthday present was a car I gifted myself. I also like the birthday dinners my mom cooks me.
MarkatorNov 13 17 - 11:15Happy Birthday!
I think I have had too many birthdays to remember the best. Sigh
eklueckNov 13 17 - 11:15My favorite birthday presents are experiences, like concerts that I can go to with my husband.
Cameo27Nov 13 17 - 11:12The best give that I ever received was a new laptop!
swinfordNov 13 17 - 11:11What a great way to start the holidays! And Happy Birthday to you!!
amandadowns84Nov 13 17 - 11:09My best bday present ever was from my hubby. White Sox vs Cubs tickets! Go sox of course!!!!
mk7wNov 13 17 - 11:09Thanks for sharing!!
MorissettNov 13 17 - 11:09This has been fun! Thank you for being here.
ladieashNov 13 17 - 11:08A trip to Hawaii with my husband!
artzamy23Nov 13 17 - 11:08My spouse bought a beautiful pendant with a diamond for my first Birthday after we were married. He planned a romantic dinner at a wonderful Steakhouse, and we shared Red Velvet Cake for dessert.
rkevansNov 13 17 - 11:06And many more, for us both!
lhornockNov 13 17 - 11:01Money is the best present. So helpful!
sappy2301Nov 13 17 - 11:01I can not imagine shopping without TopCashBack....Thank you for being there!!!
MissSarahNov 13 17 - 11:00I think my favorite gift that i've ever received on my birthday is a Serger from my parents and grandparents. I used that thing for years until it finally wore out! :)
SashaC23Nov 13 17 - 10:59Sheesh, I don't know! I usually don't get birthday gifts because birthdays aren't really a big deal in my family. Bummer!
credmondivNov 13 17 - 10:58Money was always and still is the best birthday gift for me.
SnickersMamaNov 13 17 - 10:57Though I didn’T really think so at the time- right around my 4th bday, my mom and Dad brought home my baby brother from the hospital.
TheathNov 13 17 - 10:54My favorite gift was a sewing machine.
Jackbaby3Nov 13 17 - 10:54Happy birthday! My best present was a kitchen set:)
Member59765659450Nov 13 17 - 10:52...Are the best days!
Rubies31Nov 13 17 - 10:52Free money is always the best gift
Stephanie_LoflinNov 13 17 - 10:51Yay! We share the same birthday! Let's celebrate together!
davidyu7777Nov 13 17 - 10:49Happy Birthday, Topcashback!
Jcranor43Nov 13 17 - 10:46Thanks
amagesNov 13 17 - 10:44Just spending time with the family...
Kadybug76Nov 13 17 - 10:44Happy Birthday TopCashBack
kevashellNov 13 17 - 10:43My favorite birthday present was finding out I was having a girl, 20 years ago! My only daughter!
Casgirl97Nov 13 17 - 10:43Happy birthday
blbgrNov 13 17 - 10:4124 hour commitment from every relative and friend who wanted to celebrate the day to be kind to those they loved and to do something kind, big or small, for a complete stranger.
ChanFamNov 13 17 - 10:40The best presents are not actual things, it's being surrounded by family and friends and creating memories...But cash to buy things on sale, with cash back, through TCB is a great second!
Kadybug76Nov 13 17 - 10:39Happy Birthday TopCashBack!
Miimees_Nov 13 17 - 10:39Happy Happy birthday!!!!!
joan1030Nov 13 17 - 10:39My favorite birthday present is my Cricut Maker!
alohadustinNov 13 17 - 10:38Please!
foxyroxy79 Nov 13 17 - 10:38Bed and breakfast getaway
jazznwineNov 13 17 - 10:36Since joining TopCashback, i've earned $993.27.
Ants_Nov 13 17 - 10:36Happy Birthday, Topcashback!

My favorite Birthday gift is a nice dinner out with the family.
HollandNov 13 17 - 10:33And many more!!
Member1111417904324Nov 13 17 - 10:33Happy Birthday from a new comer.
banzaiburgerNov 13 17 - 10:33I recommend it to everyone!
Sarah_HsuNov 13 17 - 10:30Love using TopCashback while shopping.
sandicotNov 13 17 - 10:28Best Wishes on your birthday! I use the site before I buy anything online.
My favorite birthday gift is celebrating it with my family.
laichunfung3000Nov 13 17 - 10:25It's great!!
ronvogelNov 13 17 - 10:24Favorite birthday present is a gift card to a store I can really use (but would probably never spend the money on myself, or at least not spend that much at the store).
SimpleChickNov 13 17 - 10:23A car
MuskratsuzieNov 13 17 - 10:22My favorite birthday gift ever is the coffee mug my daughter gave me that says “I love you mom!”
shockadelicaNov 13 17 - 10:22Great giveaway!
mkatm77Nov 13 17 - 10:22Having family to share this special occasion.
BukahNov 13 17 - 10:21Love this! Happy birthday!
Greggsr219Nov 13 17 - 10:18I like it...I like it a lot. I like it better than all the others except one, which has credit card requirement. Topcashback is the best wide open rewards program and i've done my homework. I've tried to get other's to join and some have. I can never understand why folks won't take the initial 5 minutes to sign up and get rewards back on most everything you buy. I estimate I have recieved several thousand dollars in rewards easy so far. It's a no brainer.
AndrewDNov 13 17 - 10:17..To me! Love TopCashBack
ANACHANov 13 17 - 10:15Topcashback is awesome
Awesome guyNov 13 17 - 10:14I love this site.
shep133Nov 13 17 - 10:12I love getting money from TopCashback! Hb!
erictam1Nov 13 17 - 10:09Topcashback is the best, I only use you guys for all of my purchase, keep it up, looking forward to grow up with you.
wjabkowskiNov 13 17 - 10:09My best birthday gift was going to a luau while vacationing in Maui! I hope to one day relive that experience!
duyduc256Nov 13 17 - 10:08Happy birthday to my best online buddy!
J24YOUNGNov 13 17 - 09:58Best gift I received was a trip to Discovery Cove and swam with the Dolphins with my wife.
mary2Nov 13 17 - 09:54Happy 6th birthday
MexatexNov 13 17 - 09:38Happy birthday!
dstapleton76Nov 13 17 - 09:25A Kaleidoscope necklace from uncommon goods.
camryn_huNov 13 17 - 09:21This is by far the best cashback site i've ever seen. Thanks so much!
terimcmullenNov 13 17 - 09:16You guys are great. Happy birthday!
topearn101Nov 13 17 - 09:15The best Birthday gift for me is a Horse back riding trail ride!
CJacobsonNov 13 17 - 09:15My favorite would definitely be dinner with the family and the little gifts I get that have meaning behind them.
topearn101Nov 13 17 - 09:15A horseback riding trip!
Andyaz77Nov 13 17 - 09:09I always check out this site when shopping
llanceNov 13 17 - 09:03Love TCB, best rates around!
hcraytorNov 13 17 - 08:59My favorite birthday present ever is a 40" by 60" Banksy print that now hangs in my living room.
LVLadyNov 13 17 - 08:48As a dedicated follower I always used TCB in the u.K. The first thing I did when I moved to America was sign up for TCBusa! Like a true friend, I am happy to share your birthday on what is also my sons birthday! 🎉🎁🍾
FralickNov 13 17 - 08:48Love using and the app. Here’S to more years to come! 🥂
darlingnicoletteNov 13 17 - 08:44Who can't use an extra $100 with the holidays upon us?
debkyNov 13 17 - 08:31The best things about birthdays are family and friends.
TurtlestarNov 13 17 - 08:29Cabbage Patch doll
nonayobidnisNov 13 17 - 08:25I can sure use this prize!
Not_SureNov 13 17 - 08:23Smartphone :)
Semen5534Nov 13 17 - 08:21The Best service, congratulate
hfenglandNov 13 17 - 08:13The best gift i've ever received is a 1 inch platinum Cross on a platinum chain. It's beautiful.
AndrdiDNov 13 17 - 07:5912.12.1990