Our 2020 Resolution Challenge

Our 2020 Resolution Challenge

New year, new you. It’s a tradition the whole world knows well. And we’re all guilty of setting aside goals we hope will be achieved by year’s end. So, has that changed now that it’s 2020?

The answer is (gasp)…no.

In fact, here at TopCashback, we’ve begun our countdown to succeeding our resolutions. Yes, succeed! Because you shouldn’t accept anything less. Feel free to join in on some of our staff’s challenges. Or, you know, just read. We’ll revisit this in June when we’re halfway through 2020 and see how far we’ve come.

Dance, Dance, Dance with Echo Dot

Echo Dot Image

“My resolution is to dance more (in other words, get some much-needed happy type of exercise – when I’m home alone, of course). I ordered myself an Echo Dot from Amazon so I can play music on command. I will command Alexa, in a nice way, to get me to dance.” – Patricia, Office Manager

Shake your body down to the ground along with Patricia and nab the Echo Dot (3rd Generation) for $34.99 on Amazon.com. We’re offering Up to 8% cash back on your purchase!

Learn to Code with Udemy

Udemy Image

“For the new year, I am going to learn more HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding to help with developing new programs. I have already purchased classes through Udemy to make this possible.” – Jon, Affiliate Marketing Manager

You heard the man. Beef up your knowledge of development, design, photography, music, and other exciting subjects with Udemy's online instruction. You’ll score 15% cash back when you sign up today.

Organize the Home with Storage Solutions

Dollar Tree Image

“My new year’s resolution for 2020 is to get my apartment further organized – particularly the linen closet and the pantry! Target and Dollar Tree are both two great resources for baskets, bins, jars, storage cubes, and more.” – Nicole, Influencer Marketing Specialist

We don’t all have a Marie Kondo to whip our homes into shape. But Dollar Tree does provide handy storage solutions at a great bargain, like these large rectangular plastic baskets. They’re, you guessed it, $1 per unit or $36 per case. Top that with 4% cash back, and your spring cleaning is done before March even hits.

Run a 5K with a Garmin Watch

Garmin Image

“My new year’s resolution is to successfully run a 5K. I absolutely hate running and can’t even do 1 mile without stopping, so this should be interesting. I may need to buy a Garmin watch to keep me motivated.” – Andrew, Senior Vice President, US Operations

Hey, we can’t all be track stars. But you can take Andrew’s lead and race to the finish line with a Garmin Forerunner 35 running watch. It’s priced at $169.99, which isn’t too shabby when paired with our 6% cash back.

Cook Delicious Grub with Instant Pot

Bed Bath & Beyond Image

“I resolve to cook something new each week, perhaps with an Instant Pot.” – Lee, Engagement and Retention Manager, US Operations.

Mhm…that’s a yummy idea! The Instant Pot 9-in-1 Duo Plus pressure cooker is available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $69.99.

Tackle Mom Life with Recovery Eye Mask

Bluemercury Image

“My goal is to balance being an awesome FTM (first-time mom) while also taking time to care for myself. I’m going to definitely invest in some quality skin care, including these lifesavers. Bluemercury always has a strong cash back offer, free 2-day shipping, and really incredible customer service!” – Jillian, Senior Account Manager

Don’t let the sleepless nights eat away at your skin – or sanity! Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair eye mask promises results for Jillian and new moms everywhere at just $40. Pick a pack up at Bluemercury.com and stack your savings with Up to 12% cash back.

What are your personal goals for 2020 and this swanky decade? Share them with us below! Our cash back offers are here to help.

Editor's Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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Member1022449032404Jan 13 20 - 06:15 I purchased a Happy Planner, my resolution is to actually use it this year.
eviewJan 09 20 - 09:54 Get back in shape, move and get a new house, get 2 new dogs to add to my family of two
FirewomanJan 08 20 - 10:23 My goal is to eat less sugar, more fruits and veggies, and get active with my kids
Member1223892348952Jan 05 20 - 19:31 My goal is to prepare more yummy food ...Learn and make new recipes using instant pot..Entertain people with delicious ffg ood
annmariegJan 03 20 - 14:22 These Are really Some great ideas!!! I Only wish that My Personal New Years Goal was Able to achieve as Simple as Your Staff's are!!! Unfortunately, My Goals depend Upon Others Coming into my life and are Not Set Solely on me Just Purchasing a New Product or Two!?!? My NewYears Goals are to have New Friends and New People within my Life, and this New Year. Moving to a New Area and Not Knowing Anyone, Plus not Being able to Work has Kept me Pretty Much Secluded and Locked within Myself. I've even tried to take a Class at the local Community College (and had no intrust within the actual subject matter! I had taken!) Already knew how to cook, so the class was a Wash!!! And the Sad Part was to meet others, however after the class, everyone went home!!! Ever get the feeling that your on a Island All Alone and with No One to Even speak with? Meeting People had been so easy when I was Much Younger!!! Now it seems as if, People have their Own little groups inwhich of Not letting anyone else within their groups!? People are all walking around this world Lonely and i'm sure Many like Myself wanting New Friendships, Yet no ones openning up!!! Let alone, welcoming others in. This World has Just gotten Much Sadder and Closed Off. Also, if your like me and have no family, Life itself is Really lonely and sad. In Hope's to Change All of that this Year, i've been Praying just to make a friend!?!? Is anyone else out there feeling this way as I do???? How has the world just Closed Itself off, and Its Even to the point Inwhich You find yourself joining classes or even signing up for Events inwhich you would never find yourself ever going to if you had a friend in the first place!!! (I attented a "aa" meeting and thought to myself, "these would be great people to meet, say if in a bar!" (But kinda defeats the purpose I guess!)
Cant hang-out at a Bar because sitting there Alone all Night waiting for a Future Friend, Kinda makes you look like somekinda Stocker!!! And Going to Places by Oneself is really difficult!!! What Ever Happened to People being friendly? When the times where that Others could just walk up to a person, start a conversation and continue that conversation over say perhaps drinks or schedule a movie day!? People dont want 2 be bothered these days. And It Seems as though More and More People have fear of Each Other than Need to have that fear!!! Where all loosing out on simple basic Kindness, and True Authentic friendships!!! (Because, if you weren't born into it these days, then you might aswell forget about it!!!)
I had been to the doctor about 3 weeks ago, and they asked for a secondary contact. I cried!!! A short from actually entering in the number of the most recent Telamarketer who had called me prior that day, my phone book is empty. Its sad. And it makes me sadder. So My NewYears Goal is to find friendships. I just don't know where to start Without being Pushed aside anymore. (And usually I would Keep All these thoughts within my own Head, But I heard that If You actually Write what You want down, It Helps Bring that to life. So i've taken the chance to write this all out, No matter its so long, and all. But Its my first step in this years goals!!! Make a friend!!