Travel Guide to Austin, TX

Posted on Mar 21 2017 Posted in  Travel
Austin TX Travel Guide

This time of year, Austin is a great destination. Warm, but not too hot and muggy, you’ll be able to get a lot of sun. Austin is also a hub for cultural and art activities. The state capital has no shortage of great places to eat and things to do. Some of the most touristy spots are simply must-sees, but we wanted to tell you about the more off-the-beaten-path ways to spend your time in Austin.

Where to Stay

Where you stay in Austin may depend a little on what you want to do and where you want to go, not to mention whether you want to drive or be able to walk everywhere. Here are a few suggested places where you can’t go wrong:

Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a fun trip on its own for kayaking or a sunset sail! Try a condo or hotel near Lake Travis and you won’t be disappointed.

Fun Fact: In the middle of Lake Travis, you’ll find an island…but only sometimes. Depending on water level, the Sometimes Island may be flourishing with bird and plant life, or be completely invisible. Accessible by kayak, you can occasionally walk to the island, though many times it will be completely submerged.

Hotel Ella

Located near University of Texas’ campus, Hotel Ella is a stunning, historic hotel. The pool is absolutely amazing, and the rooms are a combination of updated amenities with historic charm. Hotel Ella will place you at a pretty good location for walking downtown.

The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Convention Center

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What to Do

These are some primarily off-the-beaten-path locations we think warrant an insider’s recommendation. Before you book an experience, check Groupon Local to see if there are any deals for Austin, TX attractions, restaurants, or museums and you'll earn Up to 10% cash back on your purchases.

Cathedral of Junk

Half-art, half-fort, this spot is literally located in some guy’s backyard. The “yardist” in question is Vince Hannemann. While neighbors complain that it’s unsightly, many engineers have come to review it and say it’s built to withstand Texas storms. The Cathedral of Junk even contains staircases and a throne room. Check out a review of this unique experience on TripAdvisor.

Mueller Sunflowers

This art installation is comprised of 15 large flowers made out of solar panels that light up during the night. The flowers also generate tons of energy for the city!

Mayfield Park

This beautiful park is populated by peacocks, peahens, and peachicks! For out-of-towners it’ll feel like a combo park and zoo, and the kids will love it.

Toy Joy

Another one you may want to hit up with the kids is Toy Joy, which is a bit like a combo antique store and toy store with unique and vintage toys.

Robert Lee Moore Hall

On the University of Texas campus, free telescope viewings are offered on Wednesday nights. Head to Painter Hall if you’re wanting to stargaze for free on the weekends.

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What are your favorite places in Austin, TX?


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