Top Week of Mega Deals

Top Week of Mega Deals

Happy Top Week, everybody! We’re sure most of you are saying to yourselves, “I never heard of this before in my life.” And honestly, you’d be 100% correct.

Top Week is brand spanking new and our grandest money-saving event by far. It’s like hosting an enormous feast, but instead of meals we’re serving hot deals and the party lasts for five days instead of one night.

Here’s what’s on the menu: Members will earn $30 bonuses for every friend they invite (er, refer). They’ll enjoy increased payout rates for Target, Nike, Grubhub, Gap and Sephora gift cards. They can enter to win our Top Week $500 Sweepstakes. Plus, if they spend $10 at a single TopCashback merchant, they’ll pocket an additional $3 in cash back.

Oh, and we can’t forget the pièce de résistance. Each day there will be one mega merchant that raises its cash back rate to 15% – or higher!

Ready to dig in? We included a helpful directory below. Top Week ends Friday, August 21 at 11:59 pm PST.

Daily Mega Merchant

Keep your eyes on our 24-hour countdown for the mystery merchant of the day.

$3 Cash Back Bonus

On a $10+ spend. Just activate and start shopping.

Activate now

$500 Giveaway

Will you be the lucky one?

Enter the giveaway

Mega $30 Tell-a-Friend

Gab to your pals about us and earn rewards.

Share and earn

Payout Bonuses

Loads of payout options have been boosted until Aug 21. Perfect time to withdraw your sweet cash.

View the payout options
Member1122857454243Aug 21 20 - 22:15This app was made to help people save money!!!Thank you!!!
Hi There,

No problem at all. We love to see our members scoring the best deals! Good Luck :)


Member727198591926Aug 21 20 - 18:33A painted turducken made from clay cut in half. Lol. Seriously for some reason my wacky aunt thought it would made a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving.... She got that wrong
LeticiaCAug 21 20 - 15:49The best app ever!!!! Whenever I shop I always look on TopCashback first!
Hi There Leticia,

We are so happy to hear this. So glad you are taking advantage of all of the good offers TopCashback has to offer :) Good Luck to you!


Liquid71Aug 21 20 - 13:17Topcashback so much better than rakuten and even better than honey. Love this site with the best payouts and cashback!
Hi There,

Thank you so much for the feedback! We are so happy to hear that you're taking full advatage of all we have to offer :) Good Luck!


jaipakornAug 21 20 - 12:01Best deal/Cashback in the entire web!
qitttAug 21 20 - 10:14The best cashback ever!
bg001Aug 21 20 - 09:20I have been thinking about this question for a couple days now. My most bizarre and weird online purchase has to be this bright yellow alarm clock. It has big white rubber wheels on it and the most annoying alarm sound ever created! I thought I was being smart and helping to get a tool that would help me get up earlier for a school I had started at that started early, plus was a long drive from home. Instead I got a headache, yelled at by my husband, had to locate the flipping clock from wherever it ended up, and a clock that sits unused on the shelf! Lol (Forgot to mention the flipping- it would flip and flop all over the place once the alarm went off!)
Sunshyne1586Aug 20 20 - 22:50Supplies to make a face mask necklace.
Member827451635628Aug 20 20 - 16:19I saw the video on UTube and am interested on all bargains
JJ73Aug 20 20 - 08:33Holder for my mask
ladyet11Aug 20 20 - 06:28Like donating to Direct Relief
BCVAug 20 20 - 05:01Top Cash Back is TopCashback.
TFaz1Aug 19 20 - 18:58I Luv Top Cash Back.
xsimpliciteaAug 19 20 - 18:35Weird stuff purchased online, fake poop to play as a prank lol
betty1985Aug 19 20 - 17:54I made a wish to be lucky👍
Member59760098329Aug 19 20 - 17:54Wedding dress without fitting
Member425544292041Aug 19 20 - 17:11Let me have a try! Good luck!
Member418939423349Aug 19 20 - 16:53Wanna know whats even better than entering giveaways.... It's winning that giveaway! My fingers are crossed. Thanks TopCashback!
licfirAug 19 20 - 16:52Wish me luck!
PrincesaAug 19 20 - 16:30I loved!!
Member1116772496052Aug 19 20 - 16:15Mahalo !
cuddles24Aug 19 20 - 15:55$500 Giveway
Amdc1219Aug 19 20 - 15:55Thanks for the chance!
Member1122655796919Aug 19 20 - 15:47Yay giveaway!
realloveboaAug 19 20 - 15:04$500 giveaways!
Member72104392912Aug 19 20 - 15:02Tons of thanks
Member814863502754Aug 19 20 - 14:54Most bizarre internet purchase crocheted chicken outfits for my moms chickens!
molly3Aug 19 20 - 14:47Hoping to earn my $3 bonus - thanks for the opportunity!
kclwAug 18 20 - 17:02Thanks this is Great!
clsmitchellAug 18 20 - 16:55Most bizarre would be a batman skull lamp for my son inlaw.
TweetymamaAug 18 20 - 15:27Thanks TopCashBack
Member1111737884358Aug 18 20 - 14:33Pretty Please!
sytown7Aug 18 20 - 07:52A tiny, extremely detailed, hand-carved wooden bicycle for my brother who is an avid bicyclist!
KSull0004Aug 18 20 - 05:38Thanks, TopCashBack!
Pamerickson66Aug 18 20 - 04:48Fingers crossed 🤞😜🍀
irtomatoAug 18 20 - 00:35Thanks!!
Member626638866609Aug 17 20 - 20:59I'd love to win!
PookinsAug 17 20 - 20:17Thanks, I could use the $500!
Member1736144255Aug 17 20 - 19:48Cheese sponge lol
Member726846304624Aug 17 20 - 18:45Thanks for the info
EulalieAug 17 20 - 18:21Hi,
Please advise what is the pay out for the blogs adverting?
Hi There,

Please contact our Influencer Marketing Manager at Nicole.Spataro@Topcashback.Com. Thank you :)


tracey420Aug 17 20 - 17:23Thanks for the info
Member224668545234Aug 17 20 - 16:05Thank you
davit1485Aug 17 20 - 15:02Thanks!!!
Mommaureen18Aug 17 20 - 13:49Thank you ❤
ElochkaAug 17 20 - 12:48Want my $500
Member324988370727Aug 17 20 - 11:08Amazing.
maticdzAug 17 20 - 10:43.............