Top Week $500 Sweepstakes

Top Week $500 Sweepstakes

Have you heard? TopCashback is holding its very first week-long event of monumental deals and savings you won’t want to miss! From sky-high gift card payouts and the biggest Tell-a-Friend event we’ve ever offered to daily soaring cash back rates at your favorite stores, you can expect to double up your dough and score big every day this week.

But the fun doesn’t stop there—as a member of the USA’s most generous cash back site, you can win the grand cash prize of $500 by entering the Top Week sweepstakes today. For your chance at victory, simply drop your answer to the following question in the comments section below:

What is the most bizarre online purchase you’ve ever made?

This sweepstakes starts on August 17, 2020 and ends on August 21, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST. We’ll randomly select and notify one winner on August 24, 2020. Be on the lookout for an email from letting you know you've won!

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Top Week $500 Sweepstakes

Member827495878732Aug 25 20 - 03:31Table,mouse
ToyTopAug 22 20 - 06:37Mochi squishies
lakerg9Aug 21 20 - 23:56Tamogotchi
bananas11Aug 21 20 - 23:18Curtain brackets for old school rods.
Member714693949915Aug 21 20 - 23:04The most bizarre online purchase was a cactus that was stolen upon arrival.
Member714693949915Aug 21 20 - 22:55The most bizarre online purchase was a cactus that was stolen upon arrival.
Member727116293215Aug 21 20 - 22:22My most bizarre online purchase was post it notes! Who would've thought to buy sticky notes online.
Member727116293215Aug 21 20 - 22:16My most bizarre online purchase was post it notes! Never would've thought to buy sticky notes via the internet.
purpleandorangeAug 21 20 - 22:09I ordered a bathroom rack, the pipes of the rack cannot be inserted into each other as they are supposed to!
Member1223350173636Aug 21 20 - 21:43The most bizarre purchase I made involved dolphin figurines (had a collection) which did not look like dolphins. That was an interesting buy, for sure.
Member425612745415Aug 21 20 - 21:41Hmm.Nothing that I can think of from so far back. But the best necessary...Would be Sailor Moon Colour Pop MakeUp Set♥️🥰♥️
Oh wait... I purchased the Bizzaro Lego Justice League dvd for my kiddo years ago ( :
AbbyJosViewAug 21 20 - 21:19Jumping beans
siddiitrAug 21 20 - 21:09I hope I am not the last one to enter into this sweepstake. Too late but I think I still have time. ;)
cyberbeatnikAug 21 20 - 21:08I ordered some led wire lights and received a tiny samurai sword pen- that's what can happen when you order from China;)
Member413407459019Aug 21 20 - 20:49I guess the strangest thing was a poop shaped light since my daughter was interested in the poop emoji strangely.
klahaneridgeAug 21 20 - 20:39The latest was a goofy chargeable flopping fish toy for my kitty (which was a hit!).
RendezvousWithMeAug 21 20 - 20:23Bizarrest thing I purchased online is booze!! Topcashback rocks.
Member915549764419Aug 21 20 - 19:59Everything is came from China That we daily use in the us
Quris777Aug 21 20 - 19:44My strangest online purchase was a very expensive lightbulb for a classroom projector for work.
Member1122852321535Aug 21 20 - 19:4425 lbs of lard in tub
Member714776259415Aug 21 20 - 19:38Cleaning products.. That came from China.. But I didn't know that when I ordered them!!
archie38Aug 21 20 - 19:00My son’S father bought a ninja star weapon and even his master told him not to use it, a bad idea. My son can’T even use it as his martial art class
tgsooAug 21 20 - 18:56A car. No test drive just bought and it was delivered to my home.
aaaahAug 21 20 - 18:50A mattress, risky not testing in person. It was rolled up tight and expanded after taking the plastic off.
alexandriaAug 21 20 - 18:37A set of sunscreens that were actually flasks to be used to casually drink at the beach and successfully have people believe I love drinking sunscreen, but from the obvious side effects, its probably not too good for me.
katewcAug 21 20 - 18:31One shoe, just one.
Member224700077052Aug 21 20 - 18:31Tree, got seed
Member727198591926Aug 21 20 - 18:30A painted turducken made from clay cut in half. Lol. Seriously for some reason my wacky aunt thought it would made a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving.... She got that wrong
BubbaAug 21 20 - 18:28Bid on (and won) a used car on ebay halfway across the country. Needless to say, after flying there and having the car inspected it was not as described.
svinsonAug 21 20 - 18:19A custom wedding dress!
zjn122Aug 21 20 - 17:58My most bizarre online purchase is that I ordered one gps but they delivered four to me!
eLTeeAug 21 20 - 17:47I bought a can of slime as a gag gift.
Member626520174618Aug 21 20 - 17:43Probably the toilet "night light" - you loop it over the bowl and it's motion activated!
eLTeeAug 21 20 - 17:40I bought a can of slime for a gag gift.
RawrzuriAug 21 20 - 17:37Maybe the crazies purchase was.... That house.
Member318329025349Aug 21 20 - 17:36CashApp always gets me the most for my money!!!
Member325330946110Aug 21 20 - 17:33Love using Top Cash. The %'S are always higher than the other cashback apps.
yani64Aug 21 20 - 17:26The most bizarre thing I have purchased online was old specimens.
flyingpandaAug 21 20 - 17:09Love it!
FirekatAug 21 20 - 17:03Finding money is always welcome!
JullovAug 21 20 - 16:53Win win win
Member425683845704Aug 21 20 - 16:52

I bought my daughter an Instant Pot on Amazon via Customer Service Rep. The moment I disconnected the phone, I realized I hadn't given the number of my new credit card. I phoned and provided the needed info. The rep said the pot had been shipped during the 5 minutes it took me to phone, However she said she'd handle it. My daughter rec'd 2 pots. She phoned Amazon and was told that it was Amazon's mistake so she could keep both! Wondering how they stay in business!!

angelamomof3Aug 21 20 - 16:39If memory serves me correctly, the most bizarre thing I have purchased on line was a Gopherhawk. And it's also one of the best investments I have ever made.
adecorsoAug 21 20 - 16:35I ordered a bra and they sent me those inserts that look and feel like chicken cutlets- I hate the feel of them so I was pretty disgusted and just like... Really I get this instead of a bra!! Hahaha!!
AbaetaAug 21 20 - 15:58Good Luck!
hanechkaAug 21 20 - 15:41
I really want more contests
Andrew MAug 21 20 - 15:31
I'm with you
Member526240601625Aug 21 20 - 15:28It would be nice
alexinaAug 21 20 - 15:25Hello! I'm here
Member1116262002550Aug 21 20 - 15:22Hey! Good luck!
Member1116240148131Aug 21 20 - 15:16
I want to sleep
Member827462164114Aug 21 20 - 14:57Hey! How are you?
reviewAug 21 20 - 14:31I have saved so much $$$ Since I have started using TopCashback! Highly recommended!
krisytin8Aug 21 20 - 14:30Yay for TopCashBack!
Member526053754156Aug 21 20 - 14:29Skunk scent!! My upstairs neighbor was a real jerk, constantly causing problems. She slashed my tires when all else failed to annoy us... I ordered 1oz of skunk scent and on a 90 degree day when her car windows were open I casually walked by with the bottle and ..... The rest is history!
MisterXXXAug 21 20 - 14:29Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader
2pcs :)))
Member727192325805Aug 21 20 - 14:27I purchased powdered urine for my boyfriend.
peachyreaderAug 21 20 - 14:25A roll of fluffy tinfoil that you were supposed to use on garage door for insulation.
Satomik123Aug 21 20 - 14:23A car, runs good and cheap
Member726873820313Aug 21 20 - 14:22Topcash is a great site . You shop you earn.
AmyfarinaAug 21 20 - 14:21Blue hair..Lol
MetricBlueAug 21 20 - 14:15Craziest purchase... Probably a good bracelet that I bid for on an estate auction website, not expecting to win. That took a chunk out of my wallet. Why did I do it? I do not know.
mmaccomAug 21 20 - 14:13I have bought a moai statue for my fish tank
WenebaraAug 21 20 - 14:13I ordered a clock shaped like a black cat. When I opened the package, I realized that it was only flat black pieces and I would have to build the clock myself. :( Needless to say, I threw it in the trash.
Member815178508107Aug 21 20 - 14:13Ok, so it's not that bizarre but I actually bought a life sized "Annabelle" replica doll😁 My daughter wanted one, so, you know. I would've never bought it otherwise because I absolutely hate this dang thing! Thank you for the shot and best of luck to everyone!
Member1022236666956Aug 21 20 - 14:12Tarot cards
MisterXXXAug 21 20 - 14:12Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader
2pcs :)))
Member124318160249Aug 21 20 - 14:12Show me the moneyyyy!
AndyOk999Aug 21 20 - 14:02Massage mat with needles
JoshuaLAug 21 20 - 13:56I have purchased and continue to purchase motor oil, transmission fluid, and household batteries (aa & Aaa) online. These items of themselves are not bizarre, but I find it bizarre that local stores are simply more expensive. I mean, oil and batteries are extremely inefficient to ship out individually, but not sure how they consistently beat the local store prices.
Member526018258137Aug 21 20 - 13:55I almost bought a jar of pure ocean air🌬 (As a gag gift) from the Washington coast 🌊But they ran out.
And I tried to buy a jellyfish lamp🔮 (It was like a lava lamp) from the Maui aquarium But they ran out too..So I only have almost bought a .....😜🐳🐡
Member827230961357Aug 21 20 - 13:48Dried Squid
datvanle2Aug 21 20 - 13:20Meat shredder claws
MacrosAug 21 20 - 13:14I bought a car....Which broke down and the engine blew the day after I flew to pick it up.
Member425576628719Aug 21 20 - 12:42Super ! Good luck to all
ИрэнAug 21 20 - 12:40Я заказала платье 42 размера на Новый Год, оно пришло настолько большим, что можно было смело обмотаться 3 или 4 раза !
Scrappler1212Aug 21 20 - 12:34I bought a jigsaw puzzle where 1/2 the pieces weren't cut and the pattern was not what I ordered!
Member921578297415Aug 21 20 - 12:34I didn't get to buy it but I did bid on an item on eBay a long time ago... Someone put his own sister up for auction!!

For something I did actually receive, some long time ago, I ordered what seemed like white powder of some sort... I was drunk and said what the heck.. Went ahead and placed the order.. And totally forgot about it. A few days later, my wife brings in an usps Express Mail envelope and she proceeded to open it. I had no idea what it could have been at this point.

She pulls out a small ziploc looking bag that had been flattened out and vacuum sealed three times. And the content? White powder! Woah! I then remembered what my friend and I did the other day after getting very drunk. Well, let's just say I had hell of a time trying to explain why a bag of coke showed up at our house through the mail.
Totally thought it was just a joke.. No wonder I had to pay in bitcoin to place the order.
akryukoffAug 21 20 - 12:17Get bedsheets and kitchen tableware set just before my moving. So I spent a lot of money for additional airplane baggage
shuangkidAug 21 20 - 11:56A new luggage but arrived with stuff in it, someone returened a used one.
huangnatorAug 21 20 - 11:51A tiny plastic stove indicator light smaller than the size of a tic-tack. A $4 part and that cost $8 to ship!
Member626532980144Aug 21 20 - 11:44Used lenovo laptop
Member626532980144Aug 21 20 - 11:34Used lenovo laptop
ThrillRacerESQAug 21 20 - 11:33Well, I bought a bathtub from Amazon because it was actually a better deal than Lowe's.
Member124393213934Aug 21 20 - 11:28I don’T know where to post. I’M going in circles!!
The most bizarre purchase I made online was not the item but the delivery. I purchased some GoJo hand soap and a semi truck showed up at my husbands job with a 55 gallon drum of GoJo strapped on the bed. They called him down and when he saw it he said he knew it was me. Lol
Member1122766713508Aug 21 20 - 11:21I ordered a cfa exam study book and got tons of handwriting notes on it, which have some very interesting and funny stories in it. The notes are fun for my study!
Member714512354819Aug 21 20 - 11:20Brazilian soda
Member217935748457Aug 21 20 - 11:15I've ordered rosary beads and twine for a friend of mine who has a rosary ministry.
Member827347926807Aug 21 20 - 11:13The most bizarre thing i've purchased online would have to be an inflatable dinosaur costume a couple of years ago
coins69Aug 21 20 - 11:02Unicorn costume for my baby
Member18387609734Aug 21 20 - 11:01I think live insects are the most bizarre thing that I have ever purchased. As I look back, I am throughly creeped out! It was supposed to help my garden. Didin't seem to work, though. Ick!
Member827272707810Aug 21 20 - 10:59A mattress!
Hotwheelette63Aug 21 20 - 10:47The bizarre thing is not so much what I ordered, but what I received. It was a Christmas gift for my husband, so I just wrapped and put under tree. He was supposed to open a blow dart gun, but got an empty box of Little Debbie pastries!
Member626525341825Aug 21 20 - 10:45Need to learn more and start using this app
Member1122984296633Aug 21 20 - 10:45I do not order a lot online and when I did it either got lost or was damaged on arrival.
eviewAug 21 20 - 10:41I dont buy things on a whim. I usually read reviews on things that I buy. However, a few times, I have not and gotten taken. I purchased some dog socks online, because the reviews said they would help older dogs with slipping and sliding on hard wood floors. Wrong, not only did the socks not stay on, there was no traction on the bottom of the socks like the product stated.
Member1122984296633Aug 21 20 - 10:39I do not order a lot online and when I did it either got lost or was damaged on arrival.
Member217967298554Aug 21 20 - 10:27Honey bee's
gaileatn32Aug 21 20 - 10:24I bought a beautiful swimsuit on line. It looked awesome. It took 2 months to come in. The swimsuit looked nothing like the picture and it was poorly made 😢
gilzowAug 21 20 - 10:09What is the most bizarre online purchase you’Ve ever made?
I cant think of a single thing that would be considered "bizarre".
gaileatn32Aug 21 20 - 10:08I bought a beautiful swimsuit on line. It looked awesome. It took 2 months to come in. The swimsuit looked nothing like the picture and it was poorly made 😢
gaileatn32Aug 21 20 - 09:56I bought a beautiful swimsuit on line. It looked awesome. It took 2 months to come in. The swimsuit looked nothing like the picture and it was poorly made 😢
Member1122773428435Aug 21 20 - 09:55The most bizarre thing i've bought online was weird tasting candies. I bought it for fun and to share with colleagues but it was the grossest candy ever.
Member6107424631Aug 21 20 - 09:54I bought an earthing kit.
DawnaRossAug 21 20 - 09:51Vitamin supplements
LillianSealAug 21 20 - 09:50I just received $10 reward from TopCashback on Amazon, after my $10 purchase. That will make my item free!!
Member1022502673615Aug 21 20 - 09:34The most bizarre thing i've bought online is a tiny, ⅝ Dram bottle of pheromones, and it's weird for me to treat myself, so the 3 bottles of wine and 2 boxes of chocolate truffles and chocolate biscuits to celebrate my birthday on the 24th, they count as bizzare too! Lol!
saucyAug 21 20 - 09:32Live Insects.....
Member1015822982244Aug 21 20 - 09:31I don't think there has been anything too bizarre! Maybe so dirt for seedlings.
xdmanAug 21 20 - 09:30Vintage car parts for paint studies
bg001Aug 21 20 - 09:26I have been thinking about this question for a couple days now. My most bizarre and weird online purchase has to be this bright yellow alarm clock. It has big white rubber wheels on it and the most annoying alarm sound ever created! I thought I was being smart and helping to get a tool that would help me get up earlier for a school I had started at that started early, plus was a long drive from home. Instead I got a headache, yelled at by my husband, had to locate the flipping clock from wherever it ended up, and a clock that sits unused on the shelf! Lol (Forgot to mention the flipping- it would flip and flop all over the place once the alarm went off!)
Member619993550430Aug 21 20 - 09:26The most bizarre thing I ever purchased online was a set of "Mystery Plants" - it was a sort of clearance from a nursery shop. They ended up being really pretty red and green soft-leaved plants that i've now had for years!
ArcyAug 21 20 - 09:24A bag of crushed diatoms...Aka diatomaceous earth :-)
Member1123281260614Aug 21 20 - 09:22Relative bearing grease
xdmanAug 21 20 - 09:20Vintage car parts for paint study
sappy2301Aug 21 20 - 09:12Vacuum pump for... Never mind... This is my most bizarre online purchase...
Member117785285556Aug 21 20 - 09:10Top cash back is amazing !
It's free, and you get money, that simple!
jsteelioAug 21 20 - 09:08A horse mask
sappy2301Aug 21 20 - 09:06Vacuum pump for... Hmm...
rkevansAug 21 20 - 09:04Probably my last 3 cars.
Member827258405627Aug 21 20 - 09:02A kid's ride on jeep, took months to ship home and didn't realize it needed to be assembled:(, so many pieces...Almost like making a car, lol
leec8919Aug 21 20 - 09:02Face mask extenders
Member18341019708Aug 21 20 - 08:59Buying shoes online and receiving an empty box, i've also received a shoe box with only one shoe and of course the most common one for me is getting two different size shoes instead of the matching pair. You think I would quit ordering shoes online. Lol
shailendraambaniAug 21 20 - 08:58Good one
sappy2301Aug 21 20 - 08:57Hmm.. Vacuum pump for... This is my the most bizarre online purchase...
SeaJayAug 21 20 - 08:55Gelatinous coyote urine ;-d

(It's essentially coyote pee in gel form, used as repellent for pack rats and other rodents.)
Member49551415630Aug 21 20 - 08:54Everything
Member626454912942Aug 21 20 - 08:54A miniature horse - and it was an impulse buy!
Member112570379203Aug 21 20 - 08:51This is amazing!
Member325016110552Aug 21 20 - 08:51A mystery box 📦.
ano126Aug 21 20 - 08:46Electric fly swatter.
Member726770692028Aug 21 20 - 08:41Win win win~
LauxfamilyAug 21 20 - 08:39Live ladybugs for our garden!
xdmanAug 21 20 - 08:26Vintage car part for paint study
AndrewRosAug 21 20 - 08:22The most bizzare thing I bought is a tonn of small plastic shafts and gearshafts to repair 5$ Salt miller... Generally all plastic parts costs me more then a miller and non of it fits... But I want so much to repair it by my own hands!!!
Member1116450234239Aug 21 20 - 07:50I can't think of a single thing I have purchased online that is bizarre lol.
mariagaribayAug 21 20 - 07:49The most bizarre purchase was when there was a glitch in Amazon on Prime Day and I bought a whole security system for $80 worth about $500.
SergeyPavlAug 21 20 - 07:30Good site for cashback!
snoop_lyonsAug 21 20 - 05:24One time I had to order over 100 rubber chickens...To shoot out of t-shirt guns.
JuanmjAug 21 20 - 04:09Hm a bizarre purchase?! A birthday surprise for myself on Sephora. I got free shipping and my birthday gift.
32167Aug 21 20 - 02:56Thinkpad x230 4 years ago. It's still on the shelf without any mods that I planned to install...
Kelly82976Aug 21 20 - 01:01A fidget spinner. Odd little thing to be so popular.
CarsAug 21 20 - 00:55Good site
CarsAug 21 20 - 00:49Good site
Kimmi42876Aug 21 20 - 00:13A hot tub!
cgazzaraAug 20 20 - 23:51I purchased live crickets!
nqarniAug 20 20 - 23:41Comments
TripleAMomAug 20 20 - 22:43An Ultimate Home Challenge Checklist organizer/ Calendar from a Facebook group I barely knew, but turns out I love it! Ended up being a great purchase and will continue purchasing every year she does it.
Member1022307438456Aug 20 20 - 22:17Frozen chicken
Member827454311655Aug 20 20 - 22:17Amazon fire stick for $0.01
dealmateAug 20 20 - 21:44Amazon echo dot for $1
Member626494908315Aug 20 20 - 21:43Face mask
Member313366868459Aug 20 20 - 20:31Sofa lol
Sherece86Aug 20 20 - 20:19Not sure
Oscaramaya145Aug 20 20 - 20:10A bag of beans
Carol_NCAug 20 20 - 20:07I'd say a container of "10 Parameters Urinalysis Strip tests"...
xstitcherAug 20 20 - 19:54Great contest but I can't think of anything bizarre that I have ordered online except maybe cookies. Only bizarre because I can get them at my local grocery store. I don't think I have ever bought anything bizarre anywhere!
winstonlamAug 20 20 - 19:13Butterfly pendant
tinaa40Aug 20 20 - 19:12My most bizarre purchase would be a Body Measuring Suit.I have yet to use it!
Member626715791731Aug 20 20 - 19:08Ear rings set for mom
Member626690795751Aug 20 20 - 18:38Dinosaur bone hair comb
ChristinewoodsAug 20 20 - 18:37I think it's lubricant😁
kslickAug 20 20 - 17:58We bought at least 25 pounds of fresh chicken breasts online that were delivered by a truck to a local church parking lot.
Member626690795751Aug 20 20 - 17:47Dinosaur Bone Hair Comb
Member1223941634400Aug 20 20 - 17:31Book on how to hunt ghosts
Oxana20Aug 20 20 - 17:03The best gifts!
Member726778193512Aug 20 20 - 16:46Japaneese matcha candy
Member726920579249Aug 20 20 - 16:43Groceries I feel
Member726778193512Aug 20 20 - 16:30Japaneese matcha candy
Member827303832854Aug 20 20 - 16:27Well done.
LMJAug 20 20 - 16:17Well done!
Cresantmc1Aug 20 20 - 16:16A mattress in a box
melr1980Aug 20 20 - 16:07The strangest thing i've bought online was a mattress-in-a-box
melr1980Aug 20 20 - 16:02The strangest thing i've purchased online is a mattress-in-a-box lol
greatblueAug 20 20 - 16:00A carport
gschoenAug 20 20 - 15:49Accidently sending lube to pregnant sister in law. Whoops!
gschoenAug 20 20 - 15:43Accidently sending lube to pregnant sister in law. Whoops!
SotomayorJAug 20 20 - 15:37A g.I can opener.
kraemer1419Aug 20 20 - 15:34Generator
karenxxAug 20 20 - 15:20A guest house from Amazon
Stoughton01Aug 20 20 - 15:08A complete “Hot stone massage kit”; It looks like a silver briefcase with a plug coming out of the side. You just plug it in open it up and you are ready to go! Also, professional table tennis set..... We don’T have the table, Lol!!
Member827450662117Aug 20 20 - 15:00Big shed
aaweillAug 20 20 - 14:39Firecrackers
Member36249568246Aug 20 20 - 14:28Marawana
Member318336889517Aug 20 20 - 14:18Baby Chickens
anjaliaoAug 20 20 - 14:09Bought frozen durian and made delivery guy thought something rotten in the package.
mcbullAug 20 20 - 13:53Diving Sub toy -powered by baking powder
TexarkanaroseAug 20 20 - 13:44Pillow shaped like poo
Zoe72518Aug 20 20 - 13:11A box of cotton pads which I waited for 2 months
mitaltamoroAug 20 20 - 13:08Bubble solution! Originally from the uk, this isn't a thing. :P
paullinrtAug 20 20 - 13:00Bidet toilet seat.
inalakAug 20 20 - 12:56Having groceries delivered is soo weird but we've been doing it for months now!
jaimeylauravAug 20 20 - 12:47Nail clipper for cats
Member626449350923Aug 20 20 - 12:29A toilet from ebay
Member827450049802Aug 20 20 - 12:28Sage Mega pack.
msmitchelAug 20 20 - 12:24A toilet from Amazon.
clifflipAug 20 20 - 12:24Mosquito trapper.
FulltimesweetyAug 20 20 - 12:16A burlesque tutu for a halloween costume, all of us girls ordered one and mine came with a long back to it. I rocked it though as the madam of all the girls. We got second place in the costume contest.
Member726873820313Aug 20 20 - 12:16Can't wait till I get my purchase.
Member726873820313Aug 20 20 - 12:10Love the good things top cash does for the customer.
Member827358575642Aug 20 20 - 12:09Lcd Television, Type is Samsung 47 inches.
JackilynLAug 20 20 - 11:59MisterMax Anti Icky Poo Unscented Odor Remover (Pint)...You don't want to know 😝. It worked though - kids!
mykudosAug 20 20 - 11:44Freshwater fish for the tank.
JackilynLAug 20 20 - 11:42MisterMax Anti Icky Poo Unscented Odor Remover (Pint)...You don't want to know 😝. It worked though - kids!
Martina25Aug 20 20 - 11:39Would buy clothes for the winter
VgrechanaAug 20 20 - 11:35Wrong size shoes
qiweilu110Aug 20 20 - 11:33Bought a flapper dress for my wedding online, without trying it. They did a free tailoring for me as well. I just sent my measurements and it came out fine.
JackilynLAug 20 20 - 11:31MisterMax Anti Icky Poo Unscented Odor Remover (Pint)...You don't want to know 😝. It worked though - kids!
Altynai Kalieva Aug 20 20 - 11:20I don’T make bizarre purchases. Usually I take only what is necessary for myself and for the children.
Steins35Aug 20 20 - 11:19A bathroom vanity set
miswedeAug 20 20 - 11:18Zombie parts for the grandkids halloween party!
MinniechanAug 20 20 - 11:04Crystal cluster
Winsor211Aug 20 20 - 11:01I bought a 10 pack of rubber snakes to lay around outside to scare away the birds, so they don’T keep pooping all over my vehicles and driveway!
SilverkajaAug 20 20 - 11:01A lot of stuff for tattoos
sunskyseaAug 20 20 - 10:57Too many ordinary things and not many bizarre things.
jennidipaoloAug 20 20 - 10:54I ordered a car online and had it delivered to my office - that was a bit unusual!
Member526085391248Aug 20 20 - 10:47"4 hour work week" book
PhuongkaytranAug 20 20 - 10:24I bought a sleeping bag
username2016Aug 20 20 - 10:23Don't really have any hm...Mask?
Member727201649226Aug 20 20 - 10:21дешевое платье в алиэкпресс которое невозможно носить
Member112548130019Aug 20 20 - 10:14I bought massage cans
jchen09Aug 20 20 - 10:11Ear wax removal kit! #Lifechanging
nurse01Aug 20 20 - 09:53Is when I purchased GermX 32 oz for 17.99 for quantity of 4 which equals about $4.49 per bottle. I’Ve been paying $4.50 for 2oz bottle just a rip off
Martha 3rd StringAug 20 20 - 09:51An alaskan sheepdog!
johnvienAug 20 20 - 09:49I bought hair clippers and learned to cut my own hair.
kmamesAug 20 20 - 09:48Pepper Spray gun
pjkitty12189Aug 20 20 - 09:43Monk fruit
J24YOUNGAug 20 20 - 09:39I purchased a minx kitten for my wife through craigslist because she was sad she lost her dog she had just gotten a week before.
Member610067628643Aug 20 20 - 09:36I can't think of anything bizarre. First time I did instacart for groceries was bizarre since my market is two blocks away.
ChrisL57Aug 20 20 - 09:21A sit on stuffed camel. For me!
Member626681030132Aug 20 20 - 09:14I once bought black-sesame soy milk from Korea because it was sold out at my local place.
blueappleAug 20 20 - 08:57I bought 40 notebook fillers from Office Max at 10 cents each. It's a good deal, But I didn't even use up one of them. I gifted all the rest away when I graduated this summer.
yaqiguoAug 20 20 - 08:47Good job!
BekkaAug 20 20 - 08:47One single 9-volt rechargeable battery.
Member59634514437Aug 20 20 - 08:33Clothing bought for my daughter from an online site. They were Christmas presents. Apparently all came from China and were super super small. Lol we laughed, but a small was like the size of toddler clothes.
Swalczak19Aug 20 20 - 08:33I buy my grown, adult husband games and toys.
doctorjbAug 20 20 - 08:31A very specific teddy bear to replace one my then toddler daughter had lost
leohiker7Aug 20 20 - 08:29Don't really have any! :/
EliagaoAug 20 20 - 08:29I do mostly online shopping and TopCashback is the first site I log in to start with!
deedees98Aug 20 20 - 08:26Earrings for my 16 yr old daughter. When I got them they were tge size of what an infant would use.... And they were adult styles
ReshaMeyerAug 20 20 - 08:22Personal Infra-red sauna
rbuk79Aug 20 20 - 08:22Meat Shredder Claws ;)
MzSaveCrazyAug 20 20 - 08:12Elephant underwear with googly eyes
meemscakesAug 20 20 - 07:51A hamster water feeder for my pet duck. Definitely a confusing purchase, for both me and the Duck.
michellemontAug 20 20 - 07:47My favorite pink vibrator off Amazon. I actually ordered same one twice. It's great!
Also ordered a bunch of dab pens off ebay and saved a bunch of money compared to brick and mortar smoke shop. I still go to my local shop to support the young couple's business.
mando1991Aug 20 20 - 07:46
Once I bought some underpants and in the publication it said it was a pack of 3, I only got one :(
jenro89Aug 20 20 - 07:38Probably the most bizarre online purchase I have ever made would be underwear.
Mecombrink77 Aug 20 20 - 07:36The most bizarre thing I ever bought online was a shirt for my son. What was bizarre about it was I got an empty envelope. A few days later the shirt came in but it was in a sealed envelope so why I got an empty sealed envelope a few days before was bizarre.
ncrafton122198yahooAug 20 20 - 07:36I can be the only too say too many weird things that I can keep track of can be found shopping online. Some of what I would list has already been listed, some things are just too strange to comprehend.
Lsjp Aug 20 20 - 07:29I ordered a baseball car mat for my son and got an email saying that the order wasn’T found. I contacted the merchant and they apologize and sent out another free of charge but when my son received the mats the next day another one came. That was bizarre!
dallas808Aug 20 20 - 07:05Bacteria to flush down the toilet
sbgs53Aug 20 20 - 06:50When my brother was younger he really wanted a cell phone but my parents didn't have money for it. He was begging me to buy him one he found online for a long time. I told him it's not a good one but he kept on asking. I finally ordered it. He had to wait a month for it to come from China. When it came, it was a very old phone with an antenna. Lol He was very disappointed.
jcmb007Aug 20 20 - 06:39A Menstrual Cup - Reusable Period Cup to give as a gift for someone that said they wanted to try one out. :|
SaverMomAug 20 20 - 06:36I bought an 8x8 utility vehicle on ebay.
Member726779391743Aug 20 20 - 06:36The most bizarre internet purchase I have made has to be duck clothing for my duck.
Member526132132432Aug 20 20 - 06:33Order a desk for my child and when it came it was all busted. The box so much in a complete mess. I can't believe they delivered it like that.
Member124151127102Aug 20 20 - 06:33Toys for my dog. Had to buy 5 of the same to get free shipping.
grumplinAug 20 20 - 06:27A 7.5 foot headless horseman and horse.
Member425532410842Aug 20 20 - 06:26I ordered a pair of sneakers online for my father-in-law. However, when they were delivered there were 7 pairs. I did not realize every time I went back onto the site and added a pair to the cart they were adding another pair to the initial order.
ladyet11Aug 20 20 - 06:25Purchased a nice leather sofa sleeper for my son, and when they delivered it, they tore it on the weatherstrip on the front door. 🥵
redsharpieAug 20 20 - 06:21I have quite a few bizarre, weird watches, does that count? I try to save all my really bizarre purchases for in-store only. :)
ersmithAug 20 20 - 06:18Personalized m&Ms. I ordered them as a gift. They had my kids pictures/Faces on each one.
Everyone that I gave them to were conflicted as to if they should eat them or not. :P
JendiAug 20 20 - 06:14It always seems a little weird when I purchase toothpaste and deodorant, but it's great to have them delivered to my door!
Member425532410842Aug 20 20 - 06:12I ordered a pair of sneakers online for my father-in-law. However, when I received them 7 pairs were delivered. I didn't realize that every time I went back onto the site that I added more.
KJPAug 20 20 - 06:05A mermaid tail blanket
mishrkuAug 20 20 - 06:03I bought a thermometer online. Before it was delivered I actually got a refund as the seller sent a defective one by mistake. And even after refund they resent one more thermometer to me. I was amused with their honesty and integrity.
cartera1Aug 20 20 - 05:52Size 24 Blue Jeans when I am a size 8!
trmcduckAug 20 20 - 05:46I bought a car online once
stacy62785Aug 20 20 - 05:43Food and clothes
Wind698Aug 20 20 - 05:43The strangest purchase was a wig for my girlfriend
JamesBAug 20 20 - 05:34Toilet paper
dinara_atabayevaAug 20 20 - 05:22I would be happy to win! I will spend a half of ammount to charity!
BhaktiAug 20 20 - 05:19I don't prefer purchasing electronics online so i'd say my most bizarre online purchase was a Lenovo laptop for a good deal and great cashback!
vibapamiAug 20 20 - 05:14A samurai sword.
BrockAug 20 20 - 05:13It is not weird anymore, but I bought a used car, unseen through eBay about 15 years ago.
jcrandall6Aug 20 20 - 05:11Motor oil
Martina25Aug 20 20 - 05:10Dressing, vitamin, glasses, cosmetics
Jewels4meAug 20 20 - 05:10Would be awesome to win, love savings!!
dlonghow1986Aug 20 20 - 05:01Laptop and Fitness
Member915467621156Aug 20 20 - 04:59Costumes
Meme66Aug 20 20 - 04:54100 hula hoops
plumeriaAug 20 20 - 04:4850 lbs of chlorine tablets for my pool!
michaelburrissAug 20 20 - 04:48My wife. 2013 ish.
Paid for online dating app, met this girl, dated for a couple years, got married had a baby. Started with an online payment for the dating app.
plumeriaAug 20 20 - 04:4250 lbs of chlorine tablets for my pool!
basselope7Aug 20 20 - 04:42Honestly I don't think any of my online purchases ever counted as "bizarre."
snoop_lyonsAug 20 20 - 04:38One time I had to order over 100 rubber chickens...To shoot out of t-shirt guns.
irina210888Aug 20 20 - 04:27Sunglasses and umbrella
Member1223903030121Aug 20 20 - 04:27A tube of Goop
Vlasov VladislavAug 20 20 - 04:18Самой странной покупкой для меня был полный и быстрый возврат денег на ебей за бракованный товар.
Member1123020219228Aug 20 20 - 04:18A pickled pig foetus (in a jar).
Mayra17Aug 20 20 - 04:15Ghost pepper!
Member610017222905Aug 20 20 - 04:07Ok. Smell terrible but useless.
Member626532980144Aug 20 20 - 04:05Lenovo laptop
kmenardAug 20 20 - 03:58I just recently bought a patio swing with a canopy and netting. I consider it my bizarre purchase because there were not any reviews on this product and I usually rely on those before making a purchase decision. We just put it together this weekend and so far, we like it!
Member821471402312Aug 20 20 - 03:44Empty plastic test tubes with corks in to keep my tweezers in as I broke the case and these were the nearest I could find.
omidugaAug 20 20 - 03:29Strange sofa
tomsidsAug 20 20 - 03:23Ayurvedic hair compound
emecvvAug 20 20 - 02:45I bought 100 packs of hand creams by Victoria's secret. I don't know why I did it 😂😂😂
sh888Aug 20 20 - 02:33Hair Formula with Horsetail. Smell terrible but useless.
cyberbeatnikAug 20 20 - 02:25A portable solar multi-function lantern with a flashlight, lantern light, and a disco light on top.
GrigarAug 20 20 - 02:17Used video card
Member59712426205Aug 20 20 - 01:58Trip was the best ever!
Member821471402312Aug 20 20 - 01:56I ordered a leopard print face mask thinking it would be a bit different, when it arrived it looked like it was made from a pair of tights !
Member59712426205Aug 20 20 - 01:49Trip was the best ever!
Dmytro BachynskyiAug 20 20 - 01:47The strangest thing Ive ever purchased online was a quitar that came wet
IsMeTooAug 20 20 - 01:35I purchased an entire new engine for my car & Had it shipped across the country.
a55cnncnnAug 20 20 - 01:29Squatty Potty
bohdan_vysotskyiAug 20 20 - 01:21I once bought glasses for my dog, but he never wore them.....
Member827441978353Aug 20 20 - 01:20A very expensive cat food for my cat that has feline leukemia. It does seem to help him.
BrusrGrlAug 20 20 - 00:57So far the most bizarre thing i've purchased was a feminine funnel to help you pee standing up. No I have not tried it yet. Lol
GabbyDawAug 20 20 - 00:54The strangest thing Ive ever purchased online was a wax candle mold of my mans private area. Dumb but funny! Funny he went soft midway not the biggest candle!
htsiu25Aug 20 20 - 00:20I once bought sushi socks for my wedding that ended up having no design on them at all..
klynbAug 20 20 - 00:13A toy bus with flashing lights that plays Gangnam Style when you turn it on. Weirder still, I completely forgot I owned it and bought a second one a few years later.
BstdrmrAug 20 20 - 00:06Costume Hazmat suit
denisius11Aug 20 20 - 00:03Купил на Aliexpress носки на подтяжках.
klynbAug 19 20 - 23:59A toy bus with flashing lights that plays Gangnam Style when you turn it on. Weirder still, I completely forgot I owned it and bought a second one a few years later.
Member117726071858Aug 19 20 - 23:53When the hype with masks first came about..I ordered a cute pittbull mask that looked like my pup...What I got was a Siamese cat sitting on a llama in the desert... Guess where it came from..Lol
Gilbert SuarezAug 19 20 - 23:53Crickets.
OwloverAug 19 20 - 23:52Ordering doggy snow shoes for my doberman while sitting in the heat of a Texas summer.
10000fistsintheairAug 19 20 - 23:50Love these guys !
irina210888Aug 19 20 - 23:42Shoes for yourself. But they were small to a child
songokuAug 19 20 - 23:37A big buggy toy that arrived split in two, like a Titanic.
alena2007Aug 19 20 - 23:36The best cash back!!!
carivergaAug 19 20 - 23:32Asdfsdgsdg
dlongAug 19 20 - 23:18No bizarre purchase ever made online.
Member626370778536Aug 19 20 - 23:16Зажигалка которая заряжается через Usb провод
StabuAug 19 20 - 23:07A 5ft tall Totoro plush toy for $200 shipped all the way from China.
maladwanAug 19 20 - 22:55Gazebo for $3,700
Ali29cAug 19 20 - 22:50Screen protector for a damaged screen 😂
Member325118193909Aug 19 20 - 22:49Vintage esso sign. Large and heavy!
Jen23Aug 19 20 - 22:47A 50 dollar worth hairbrush :) oh Balmain
Member726930221814Aug 19 20 - 22:44The best cash back in the world ❤
Ali29cAug 19 20 - 22:43Screen protector for a damaged screen 😂
Member726984755548Aug 19 20 - 22:40A paper :)
Member1223914054851Aug 19 20 - 22:36It may be normal to some persons, but it's still a mystery why I bought such a well worn lv bag !
Blitzes42Aug 19 20 - 22:21A wetsuit in a pandemic while all the beaches were closed
Briellesmom16Aug 19 20 - 22:17Most bizarre purchase ever made would be pigs feet for a friend.
magernatAug 19 20 - 22:14Porn stories for a 12$, It was a stupid idea 😂Long time ago
Member1116174139136Aug 19 20 - 22:11Minutes for someone's cellphone
Member726873820313Aug 19 20 - 22:10The 500 I really need right now! But i'm sure a lot of people would say the same thing .They could use 500 dollars too.
Member1217259168315Aug 19 20 - 22:09Hairbrush
ANDREEAAug 19 20 - 22:01A piece of rubber. Instead of gloves. The seller was wrong
rudyp629Aug 19 20 - 21:57Participando
Member525985846447Aug 19 20 - 21:52Wire rack that didn't work.
Member124193458610Aug 19 20 - 21:49Thank you for this opportunity!
voalen1313Aug 19 20 - 21:47Bizarre purchase >>> Never happened :-)
jennj99738Aug 19 20 - 21:46A weird plastic fountain that runs on batteries.
RaspberiliciousAug 19 20 - 21:37Plastic monster eyes for a Halloween arts and crafts project.
Member525985846447Aug 19 20 - 21:36Wire rack that didn't work.
Rozedeath666Aug 19 20 - 21:36Buying an adult toy as a prank for my friends birthday
Anatoly1981Aug 19 20 - 21:33
The strangest online purchase is the first purchase. This is a step into the previously unknown.
heavenfanAug 19 20 - 21:32Very expensive toilet paper!!!
yoreganoAug 19 20 - 21:32Barf bags as a, pardon the pun, "gag" gift.
Member526076049251Aug 19 20 - 21:31Be nice to win$500.00.00.
kosmot24Aug 19 20 - 21:30Nothing really bizarre or unusual, most recent purchase was hairdresser's shears.
Claire NugentAug 19 20 - 21:26I bought bacon and egg socks for my daughter.
diane91653Aug 19 20 - 21:16Laundry detergent that exploded. Knew I should've!
tolikvlAug 19 20 - 21:15They are all strange .. Sometimes you don't know where to apply this thing and what it is ..
AndrewRosAug 19 20 - 21:14I bought a tonn of small plastic shafts and shaftgears to repair 5$ Salt miller... Guess what! None of those shafts was suitable and it cost more than the miller! Genius am i?
luvsdealsAug 19 20 - 21:14I recently purchased a face mask that has a nose, mustache, and beard on it that looks just like my face, but the picture came out blurry and not very recognizable.
sqhAug 19 20 - 21:10Never win
iriskariaAug 19 20 - 21:08Window Blinds
tolikvlAug 19 20 - 21:08They are all strange .. Sometimes you don't know where to apply this thing and what it is .. )
Member727157206307Aug 19 20 - 21:06I wish the good things will comes to me 😍
AWNAug 19 20 - 21:04I’M not that exciting... Maybe a weighted blanket with bamboo covering which I love!!!!🙈🙈🙈.. Good luck to everyone!!
Member727075295523Aug 19 20 - 20:55Coupons. Spend money to save money 👀
PaigeTurnerAug 19 20 - 20:54Thank you for a fun opportunity! The weirdest thing i've purchased online has to be an Ecosphere. Cool closed system ecosystem/Aquarium paperweight type thing but just weird lol
Member614127210315Aug 19 20 - 20:54Shoes for a cat
Member526166813343Aug 19 20 - 20:54The strangest thing i've ever bought online is a Wings of Tok.
wendyylauAug 19 20 - 20:51A bottle of white-out.
ginkiesAug 19 20 - 20:51My weird item I ordered is a queen bee
Kimmr130 Aug 19 20 - 20:51Stupid Chinese weight loss pills!!
dumbo305Aug 19 20 - 20:49The most bizarre online purchase i’Ve ever made was adult diapers...
HennadyAug 19 20 - 20:40I always with TCB. Good team
TweetymamaAug 19 20 - 20:26Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to everyone stay safe
PaigeTurnerAug 19 20 - 20:25Thank you for a fun opportunity. Definitely weirdest thing I purchased online has to be an Ecosphere. Really cool closed system ecosystem but just weird lol
QIAOYI CHENAug 19 20 - 20:24Fragrance
Member325261369556Aug 19 20 - 20:24Very good application
SuvichanontAug 19 20 - 20:22Wonderful time!
majaco4Aug 19 20 - 20:19Tart cherry juice
zoujh93Aug 19 20 - 20:14Very interesting
SweetiePie62Aug 19 20 - 20:14Most bizarre item purchase online is underwater.
heavenfanAug 19 20 - 20:09Very expensive toilet paper!!!
Yevgeniya2712Aug 19 20 - 20:07The strangest thing i've ever bought online is a tennis training tool that looks like a stick
pacAug 19 20 - 20:07Used socks with holes to make a joke to our roommate.
Member626638866609Aug 19 20 - 20:05I bought string
Member1015696285659Aug 19 20 - 20:04Thanks! This is exciting.
Lindsey94Aug 19 20 - 20:02Energy pills.
heavenfanAug 19 20 - 20:00Very expensive toilet papers!!!
Member526345516741Aug 19 20 - 19:58Portable Jewelry Loupe
Member49555354015Aug 19 20 - 19:56Mattress in a box
LizeKAug 19 20 - 19:53Gardening dirt
A mattress in a box
Rolls of tape
Iron weights
And the list goes on!
Member827230961357Aug 19 20 - 19:49Comment-!
Member726983638954Aug 19 20 - 19:47Period panties--yup, panties for my period so I don't need pads and can be more sustainable... #Tmi
SubsalotAug 19 20 - 19:46Weed eater string
Member1015696285659Aug 19 20 - 19:44Thanks! This is exciting.
jiangtingAug 19 20 - 19:44An gas oven
RandiokAug 19 20 - 19:44I once bought a plastic vial that holds spit. Yup--an Ancestry kit!
Member117740157453Aug 19 20 - 19:29Seasoned chicken breast
naaramarquezAug 19 20 - 19:24A lawn mower lol
zhongfuAug 19 20 - 19:22200 stickers saying "for rectal use only"
Member526178887141Aug 19 20 - 19:22Bought one-way ticket to from my city to my city - it was on sale too!
trudellcoreyAug 19 20 - 19:21The Squatty Potty, and I just ordered it!
dmlthomas95Aug 19 20 - 19:18Can't think of anything too bizarre ...Maybe rubber ducky socks for my adult son
cyberbeatnikAug 19 20 - 19:17Plastic folding flower vases.
heatherly06Aug 19 20 - 19:16My husband! I bought an eharmony subscription lol
Member727155746222Aug 19 20 - 19:08Ppe kit for a flight travel.. Didn’T expect to see this day :/
Member727043161655Aug 19 20 - 19:00A set of starter jump ropes in pandemic time we bought for a family fun workout
benchavivAug 19 20 - 18:58Professional Tap dance shoes. But I barely tap.
Member124274761621Aug 19 20 - 18:58Shoes are not my size
Member8489707440Aug 19 20 - 18:57Sshhhhh...Coupons
Member224535977358Aug 19 20 - 18:48300 super cheap surgical masks that never arrived. Turned out it was a scam
Member124393213934Aug 19 20 - 18:4755 gallon drum of GoJo hand wash. Delivered by semi!! I paid under $20 for it delivered
Mary Stewart
GrovekaAug 19 20 - 18:47A plague doctor bird mask 🤣
DDANIELS35Aug 19 20 - 18:45The most bizarre thing i've ever bought online is not really bizarre but,i guess Nose rings...Lol
isra4224Aug 19 20 - 18:435 pounds of banana candy
Member827272457916Aug 19 20 - 18:41A strange keyboard
misslizzy88Aug 19 20 - 18:38Live Aquarium Snails
cahdaveAug 19 20 - 18:3810 pieces of tees on gap
DDANIELS35Aug 19 20 - 18:31Hey! My birthday is 08211992
hobakiAug 19 20 - 18:27Exact replacement of a security doll I had as a child
bsugrace14Aug 19 20 - 18:23An automatic opener trash can
Member224809703612Aug 19 20 - 18:21I bought three treadmills and my whole family are running at home everyday!
NatalliadcAug 19 20 - 18:203 old vintage dolls which l was planning to restore, but it was newer happened)
jeffchang0822Aug 19 20 - 18:19A box of newspaper
Miss aAug 19 20 - 18:17I have purchased granola.
jiangdachenAug 19 20 - 18:16I just purchased lots of vitamin products a few days ago. I never thought that I will need those things.Lol
Member325418552430Aug 19 20 - 18:105 pounds of banana candy
eHestiaAug 19 20 - 18:10Shakespeare humorous quotes bandages.
HuutracAug 19 20 - 18:10Very interesting to participate and share/ Referral to friends. Very easy way to get cash back. 5 stars rate
dggldstn123Aug 19 20 - 18:09A gift card to a horrible restaurant that eventually went out of business. Their reputation was so bad that no other business ever took over their space.
BhavishAug 19 20 - 18:09I haven't bought anything strange online.
TrebehcAug 19 20 - 18:08`A “Fart” Game for my grandkids. They had a “Gassy” Time!
Nikky_d13Aug 19 20 - 18:08I ordered a large cardboard cutout of “Edward” From the Twilight Series. He rode with us in cardboard boat we made for a competition.
ripforreallldoAug 19 20 - 18:07I looked up to see if lemon jolly ranchers existed bc they stopped including them in the variety bags and I accidentally one click shopped 500 yellow jolly ranchers to my house the next day by accident through amazon
FrancesOwensAug 19 20 - 18:04An assortment of chocolate covered dead bugs.
MritaPAug 19 20 - 18:02A bronze life-like chicken foot letter opener for an 8th wedding Anniversary gift for my husband. (I still wonder to this day if it is a real one that was plated.) 🤷‍♀️
Vladis444Aug 19 20 - 17:58The funniest purchase on the Internet for me was an electric flea comb for animals. At first it only caused laughter and tickles to my cat, but later turned out to be a powerful weapon against insects.
MritaPAug 19 20 - 17:57A bronze life-like chicken foot letter opener, for an 8th wedding Anniversary gift. (I still wonder to this day if it actually is a real plated one.)
ВалерияAug 19 20 - 17:56This year I bought 50 packs of medical masks for the whole family
Member59760098329Aug 19 20 - 17:54Wedding dress without fitting
Member821427363515Aug 19 20 - 17:53Dried animal blood
SandyshoAug 19 20 - 17:52Not online, but when my son was little I found him emptying his piggy bank and the "Slap Chopper" guy was on tv. He said he wanted to buy it for me and "if I call right now I can get 2 for the price of one!"
So cute, I never did get it though.
TomFTWAug 19 20 - 17:51Eight pounds of dried fruit!
pikappaphiEE252Aug 19 20 - 17:50Most bizarre online purchase ever made, was an Amazon price mistake on a jackhammer. It dropped from $1800 to $180, so I bought it figuring it would be cancelled. My wife yelled at me when it was delivered a week later and she couldn't budge it from the porch. Sold it to a construction company for i
Member1223997891049Aug 19 20 - 17:50Would love to win!
BhavishAug 19 20 - 17:49I haven't bought anything strange online.
Member1116846826154Aug 19 20 - 17:48I want to buy a lag
Member325127121040Aug 19 20 - 17:48Winwinwin
FrancesOwensAug 19 20 - 17:47I purchased a loose diamond at midnight while my son was on the phone with me for an engagement ring for his girlfriend.
Member626570147732Aug 19 20 - 17:44Waiting to see
Member714667873658Aug 19 20 - 17:43I once bought a rubber nibs to meet the minimum requirement for free shipping.
ShubnumrAug 19 20 - 17:43Worms and crickets
Member727132917733Aug 19 20 - 17:42I haven’T ordered anything online that would be considered to be bizarre yet.
Member325149243956Aug 19 20 - 17:41Diabetic test strips...For a cat.
SuvichanontAug 19 20 - 17:40Win win!
blacksnAug 19 20 - 17:37Wow! Nice event
TeamshadyAug 19 20 - 17:36Most bizarre online purchase was mouse/Rat
FrancesOwensAug 19 20 - 17:36I purchased a loose diamond at midnight while my son was on the phone with me for an engagement ring for his girlfriend.
vermilionAug 19 20 - 17:32I order used iphone and got 'eye shape phone'
Member626491894217Aug 19 20 - 17:32Love to win something like this!
shaz7561Aug 19 20 - 17:32My most bizarre online purchase was 7 lbs of mustard seed.
dlorah158Aug 19 20 - 17:28Centipedes for pest control.
Member425886956247Aug 19 20 - 17:25Rice Dream drink that I couldn't find in stores anymore
koomrssAug 19 20 - 17:24Thanks Good work
Member910706873452Aug 19 20 - 17:24A chemical designed to rid of urine smells that actually smelled like urine!
Next_igmAug 19 20 - 17:24Silicon nipple covers
rolfarnoldAug 19 20 - 17:23Ordered Coffee Syrup from Rhode Island
kenandhiyasAug 19 20 - 17:22I had a coworker order sperms!
vipulchandAug 19 20 - 17:20Brown Triangle Plastic Sofa Legs
redvetteAug 19 20 - 17:13Worms for the orioles.
seanfrommarsAug 19 20 - 17:13I’Ll donate this to those who are in real need of I have the luck. All I need is a good luck. God bless all of us and keep safe.
Member46442975214Aug 19 20 - 17:113 plungers
Member727158132432Aug 19 20 - 17:11The tortilla blanket🤦🏻‍♀️
minxa1Aug 19 20 - 17:11Poo=Pourri lol
polarbyteAug 19 20 - 17:09Porn stickers
Member526194827039Aug 19 20 - 17:08Ladybugs
ValerieMacAug 19 20 - 17:07Editable bugs
mrReynoldsAug 19 20 - 17:06A huge doll
eolmofuentesAug 19 20 - 17:06Love this app, it helps me save Money
nitz995Aug 19 20 - 17:06Breast milk
ramisa001Aug 19 20 - 17:05Love this program!
Deiter777Aug 19 20 - 17:05I'm an eccentric person I have bought from fetus shaped cakes to brutally weird perfumes. What can I add?
zhihanl28Aug 19 20 - 17:02Top cash back
Member38954815233Aug 19 20 - 17:00Lots of silicone house wares
Rogers7174Aug 19 20 - 16:59Great app that gave cash back when we shopped
Wendy_DuranAug 19 20 - 16:54The best cash back place If I can offer stars to this site I can give them all that I have. Thanks!!
allanchan82Aug 19 20 - 16:54It's not legal so I can't really say what I bought.
But it's bizarre. Shhhh...
karenemuellerAug 19 20 - 16:50Dried crickets
jamiecquirozAug 19 20 - 16:50At&T Cable and Internet Bundle Service. Great TopCashBack offer!
Oxana20Aug 19 20 - 16:47Regalo para mi. TopCashBack forever! The best!
Member626715852909Aug 19 20 - 16:43Fuzzy handcuffs, ice cubes, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a nine iron and a polar bear (stuffed for obvious safety reasons. It was definitely a wild weekend.
fattalAug 19 20 - 16:40Live planta
JessicaKnudsonAug 19 20 - 16:40My "most bizarre" online purchase was probably a can of unicorn meat, which was just stuffed "unicorn" body parts - not super interesting... Haha!
ludocdocAug 19 20 - 16:38A fake stuffed fish that sings a song
su_A_veAug 19 20 - 16:36Electronic circuit kit to broadcast mp3 via the radio.
Member1022268950517Aug 19 20 - 16:34I do so much online shopping that I can’T even think of what “The most bizarre thing i’Ve purchased online” Would be... Maybe that one time I tried to buy a wedding dress from a Chinese site and it arrived looking nothing like the picture. I should’Ve known
Member720492902229Aug 19 20 - 16:33My most bizarre online purchase was a Leprachaun costume. Gotta go all out for St Patricks Day
Cfems79Aug 19 20 - 16:33The most bizarre purchase is when I purchase a picture of a shoe when I actually thought I was being the real shoe lol.
mrmofonessAug 19 20 - 16:33Wind shield wipers
Member1217042687430Aug 19 20 - 16:33A buddy seat
Bethlyn184Aug 19 20 - 16:32My dog ate one of my Mother inlaws collectible Santas. Had to glue back together then replace it with new when she wasn't looking.
augiearvizoAug 19 20 - 16:31Face masks and gloves
k_klein_okAug 19 20 - 16:28Great love cash back :)
tetecuakAug 19 20 - 16:27Amazing offer!!!!
trantAug 19 20 - 16:27Let's get this bread, TopCashers!
KrasnyiAug 19 20 - 16:26Glucose meter
Magnolia00Aug 19 20 - 16:26Condoms...Lots and lots of them :-)
kansas5234Aug 19 20 - 16:26I bought fishnet stockings
azplanmanAug 19 20 - 16:25Cbd for dogs
drldeboerAug 19 20 - 16:25Thanks!!!
Member720492902229Aug 19 20 - 16:24My most bizarre online purchase was a Leprachaun costume. Gotta go all out for St. Patricks Day!!!
dchagdesAug 19 20 - 16:22A creepy leprechaun stuffed animal because my 6 year old was convinced that the leprechaun would come by the house for st Patrick's day and leave foot prints everywhere
applemangoAug 19 20 - 16:19I bought a car.
curtis206Aug 19 20 - 16:19A snot sucker.
Deiter777Aug 19 20 - 16:19One of the craziest purchases I had made was alligator meat on eBay to impress my friends and only two of were brave enough to eat some. We had a lost of beer and shutter anecdote for the future
Member513965508511Aug 19 20 - 16:17Phone cases that didn't fit my phone. Not really bizarre but I accidentally did it 3 times in a row.
Jessalee216Aug 19 20 - 16:17I love to win. Just have not done it
gijaburdAug 19 20 - 16:17TopCashback is absolutely top!
Gina GilpinAug 19 20 - 16:16I purchased a Bimini Top (for a boat) for my husband and I thought he was buying a Bikini top I thought for me. I really lost it when the guy asked me what size I needed and I said Medium will do. Boy was my face red.
Member814972020222Aug 19 20 - 16:16A case of Hersheys white chocolate with almonds candy bars
Member425836275422Aug 19 20 - 16:16A Lamborghini
Member1022499631333Aug 19 20 - 16:15Face masks
Mwalden1982Aug 19 20 - 16:14Exotic houseplants I found online.
zjtsgmlAug 19 20 - 16:14Snowplow
tmaenakaAug 19 20 - 16:14A full body frog costume for my cat
bond3503Aug 19 20 - 16:12Great app
Always use it when shopping online
Great deals offered to make it even more lucrative
LemartboAug 19 20 - 16:10Love top cash ack
chen_shuilongAug 19 20 - 16:09Shop small business from american express
krdavisAug 19 20 - 16:09Origami portable standing desk
ElenabunnyAug 19 20 - 16:09Saving is always good.
Mustang loverAug 19 20 - 16:08A seat belt for my dog so he can go with me in the car
IDooMIAug 19 20 - 16:07Cashback why not?
Member727090788751Aug 19 20 - 16:05I got a pair of Nike slides.
jsnyquistAug 19 20 - 16:04Can't think of anything bizarre that I bought online.
Lopaka1978Aug 19 20 - 16:04I can't think of anything truly bizarre but i'm going to go with purchasing a 1987 mercury linx which I never heard of until I got it and finding out it was a hatchback and a 4 speed (not 5). Made me feel like I was taken back to the 80's on the beach.
krdavisAug 19 20 - 16:02Please gimme!
sheep864Aug 19 20 - 16:00A toilet stool. Yeah, right. Hmmm
Member1122576892419Aug 19 20 - 16:00My favorite shopping is huda beauty eyeshadow.
I use it every day and really like.
oldsuAug 19 20 - 15:59Lucas the Spider. It took over a year, since shipping, to actually be delivered.
Bretland BossonAug 19 20 - 15:57Eye drops that I could not find anywhere and they turned out to be expired and recalled... Just wonderful!
punkzrok9Aug 19 20 - 15:57Glasses that look like Weird Al’S!
chihirockAug 19 20 - 15:56Nothing really.
Vanessa JoAug 19 20 - 15:55Rubber corks! It’S been a while since i’Ve had to purchase them but they are commonly found in body piercing/Tattoo studios.
Member1122576892419Aug 19 20 - 15:53H i,
I enjoy the online shopping from topcash everyday
adi jangAug 19 20 - 15:52Great service
invictus22Aug 19 20 - 15:52Alien Punk boots for my niece in Germany
zx025000Aug 19 20 - 15:51Face mask
YX18Aug 19 20 - 15:51The most bizarre thing i've ever bought online is probably phone cases with SpongeBob.
4CSolanoAug 19 20 - 15:50A used swimsuit because it was black with gold glitter pattern on it, or maybe a large supply of Mac n Cheese from Amazon!
sunnyrajAug 19 20 - 15:50Skull shaped shot glasses!
Member1116665792950Aug 19 20 - 15:50I purchased a cozy blanket cape for cold weather and to wear outdoors. The outdoor wear coat left fleece and lint all over my clothes. Even washing several times did not stop the lint being left on my clothes. Susan
meadowzephyrAug 19 20 - 15:49Pink sparkly watch, not my style at all and I bought it on Wish for $1.00. It took over 3 months to arrive.
JWilson73Aug 19 20 - 15:49When my husband and I got married, we welcomed all ages to our wedding and reception. To help the kids feel welcomed, as favors for the children we ordered yo-yos with our faces and wedding details on them to give out at the reception. So, my answer is yo-yos with my photo on them! Lol
renetcbAug 19 20 - 15:49Topeka Canyon
hbhatfieldAug 19 20 - 15:46Whoopie Cushions
Member28597273744Aug 19 20 - 15:44I purchased a bottle of sunscreen. The brand was kfc the food chain!!
syndey01Aug 19 20 - 15:44Face masks
JamesBAug 19 20 - 15:44I can't forget about the
🧚🏿🧚‍♂️Sea Monkeys🧚🏾‍♂️🧚‍♂️ I've purchased online. Back then I thought that they were some type of sea creatures and now I believe that they were
🦐 Shrimps 🦐🤫😏
twoodyAug 19 20 - 15:43Mystery seeds from China
tttaylor79Aug 19 20 - 15:43Most bizarre - a wig
Vit_MaslovAug 19 20 - 15:43I'm hapy purchase a rc car
Gina GilpinAug 19 20 - 15:41I purchased a Bimini Top (for a boat) for my husband and I thought he was buying a Bikini top I thought for me. I really lost it when the guy asked me what size I needed and I said Medium will do. Boy was my face red.
troyalgAug 19 20 - 15:40I bought a mug that looked like a laboratory beaker. It was clear and even had measurements on the side (albeit incorrect ones for some reason). I used it as a White Elephant gift at Christmastime and it was a hit.
twinklingsAug 19 20 - 15:39Kinetic sand
daboo331Aug 19 20 - 15:38The most bizarre thing i've ever bought online is probably doggy diapers.... Bizarre but totally worth it!! =)
quititnow1Aug 19 20 - 15:3710 rolls of toilet paper from china, took 4 months to arrive, was so tiny looked like a childs tissue, very surprised to say the least and it was expensive.
Member1123025137452Aug 19 20 - 15:36Fake roaches for my daughters bday gag gift
Member125614193724Aug 19 20 - 15:36Gag underwear with a sock for a 4ft dong
LucyAAug 19 20 - 15:35Wallpaper. Really, who uses wallpaper anymore?
Valiko488Aug 19 20 - 15:34A jar of Himalayan air :-)
Member1022498339836Aug 19 20 - 15:34Fishing worms
Member1111479803310Aug 19 20 - 15:32I once purchased a funeral casket online. It was half the price then the funeral home was charging and I received cashback and frequent flyer points. Who knew death could pay you back.
CouponKidAug 19 20 - 15:32I paid a website, a few years back, to break up with my then crazy girlfriend at the time. It worked! :)
WangyulinAug 19 20 - 15:30Masks and face shield
JaseYANGAug 19 20 - 15:30Nothing really
EvalAug 19 20 - 15:30I bought a flat screen tv motherboard.
Member18271136503Aug 19 20 - 15:30I ordered two winter jackets, but there were scammers on the site and they sent me cheap sunglasses instead of jackets.
That was a surprise and shock for me))))
Chase1Aug 19 20 - 15:30Exciting!
betty1985Aug 19 20 - 15:30First time around here
TwwhileiAug 19 20 - 15:30A very large amount of armodafinil (150 my. Waklert). Totally worth it!
Member87092018925Aug 19 20 - 15:30A toilet that they broke into many pieces during delivery
AdijoiAug 19 20 - 15:30I purchased a unicorn head for my living room wall, and its horn lights up in a variety of colors. I made the purchase as a 43 year old grown woman. I am now a 44 year old grown woman with a unicorn head on my wall, and I am fine with that. Purchased some Poo-Pourri spray as well...
degaffmanAug 19 20 - 15:29Thanks so much!
Member727095573705Aug 19 20 - 15:28❤️❤️❤️ I love freebies
bmaxusaAug 19 20 - 15:27Looking forward to this!
deniseanne1981Aug 19 20 - 15:26A car that I never saw in person.
jessyoung3Aug 19 20 - 15:25Can I say tuition??

But for real, probably an eyeshadow palette that I definitely have multiple dupes for in my collection already.
gemommyAug 19 20 - 15:25It costs $0 to show kindness
HUIBIN HUANGAug 19 20 - 15:25Health and safety.
lakronAug 19 20 - 15:24Darth Vader helmet
Member213009463140Aug 19 20 - 15:24I bought a used pair of shoes
JamesBAug 19 20 - 15:23The most bizarre online purchases i’Ve made was when I was a kid I purchase Sea Monkeys🧞🧞‍♂️🧜🏽‍♂️🧞
WangyulinAug 19 20 - 15:23Masks and face shield
Member124184486812Aug 19 20 - 15:22Retail Gondola Shelving
Member18271136503Aug 19 20 - 15:21Be healthy!
BettyTSoAug 19 20 - 15:21A box to hold/Save my daughter’S leftover umbilical cord.
Member614120874015Aug 19 20 - 15:21Eat wax removal kit.
Member124391626649Aug 19 20 - 15:21I bought a japanese bear onesie
Mykonos55Aug 19 20 - 15:20A f’N condo
jtavianoAug 19 20 - 15:19A pallet of yogurt!
joncopelandAug 19 20 - 15:19A tiny, $15 spring
SabrinaTAug 19 20 - 15:19Most bizarre? Yeast
twinklingsAug 19 20 - 15:19Kinetic sand
Member1217049741916Aug 19 20 - 15:18Nothing super weird. Just too much of everything lol. Usually craft/Diy/Tools
Member124076375232Aug 19 20 - 15:18I Wish it didn’T take months to approve a bonus
Andyaz77Aug 19 20 - 15:17Most bizarre purchase was Face Shields. I never thought I would need them
rainbowsky777Aug 19 20 - 15:17Cool!!!!
Member124035101535Aug 19 20 - 15:17Lightning strikes
drm1redsoxAug 19 20 - 15:16Prosthetic nose
dallas808Aug 19 20 - 15:16Bacteria to pour down my toilet
IbahaggAug 19 20 - 15:16I would have to say something you wrap around a candle for $3. Thought it was something else when I searched "candle jewelry"
Member124318160249Aug 19 20 - 15:15Gimme my moneeyyyy!!!
Member526069314823Aug 19 20 - 15:15Would love to win!
Member727132917733Aug 19 20 - 15:15I honestly haven’T purchased anything that would be considered to be bizarre.
bonkuAug 19 20 - 15:15When they brought the live lobster (and dropped it) and we had to chase dinner).
AmyfarinaAug 19 20 - 15:14Got quite the deal at jc Penny
arod8ballAug 19 20 - 15:13A rock...
JlcozineAug 19 20 - 15:13Cases of Gatorade
Member526051290527Aug 19 20 - 15:13A scoby (symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria)
TwwhileiAug 19 20 - 15:12A very large amount of armodafinil (150 my. Waklert). Totally worth it!
NoheliaAug 19 20 - 15:12Me encanta ,desde que he visto lo mucho que puedo ahorrar ,es la mejor
rf5060Aug 19 20 - 15:12I bought the ‘No phone’ For a co-worker who couldn’T get off her phone.
GrannyomaAug 19 20 - 15:126 pieces of barn wood
Beaner5972Aug 19 20 - 15:12I bought a pop corn machine from Walmart and when it came in it was poster of a popcorn machine
henryyehAug 19 20 - 15:12TopCashBack rocks!
ruth1PososAug 19 20 - 15:11Good look
mandadi87Aug 19 20 - 15:11I like TopCashback
cmelkins7Aug 19 20 - 15:10Excited!
kai hungAug 19 20 - 15:10Underwear, but unfortunately it is too small!
mandy999918Aug 19 20 - 15:09Cheap shoes
Sharline Aug 19 20 - 15:09A face mask
krose323Aug 19 20 - 15:09Most bizarre purchase I made online was discontinued cereal.
DerekL15Aug 19 20 - 15:09A cow onesie
KazeDesuAug 19 20 - 15:09Looking forward to those monumental deals!
JackZYGAug 19 20 - 15:09Interested!
bohdan_vysotskyiAug 19 20 - 15:09I once bought glasses for my dog, but he never wore them.....
zzcodiAug 19 20 - 15:08Woodstove
sptt001Aug 19 20 - 15:08One pair of socks with free shipping....
Member821327557754Aug 19 20 - 15:08Girls shoe for my boy because it was in sale and I didn't really check if it was for boys or girls
tttaylor79Aug 19 20 - 15:08Most bizarre - a wig
jonghyukleeAug 19 20 - 15:08Awsome App.
Member727158132432Aug 19 20 - 15:07The tortilla blanket 🤦🏻‍♀️
Vit_MaslovAug 19 20 - 15:07I'm very glad to purchase of saw tools
mazz520Aug 19 20 - 15:07"Do not feed the alligators" sign.
LirenaAug 19 20 - 15:06Grateful
tommyp911Aug 19 20 - 15:05Looking forward to a vacation
rabbitwhiteAug 19 20 - 15:05Iterestin contest. Don't expect to win however.
slyj82Aug 19 20 - 15:04Crickets
amm350Aug 19 20 - 15:0410 lbs of special handmade pasta
SynDLiuAug 19 20 - 15:04The most odd purchase I have made online... A toilet seat riser with handles.
ruth1PososAug 19 20 - 15:03Good look
kspence79Aug 19 20 - 15:03Laxatives
rachaeldpAug 19 20 - 15:03Vegan Mayo
Member1223669864718Aug 19 20 - 15:03A book report. Which I ended up completely re-writing because most of the facts were wrong and the grammar was atrocious.
Member727176013645Aug 19 20 - 15:03Inexpensive veneers...Unfortunately didnt work out well🤗
AmaKAug 19 20 - 15:02Live plants. Never thought i'd do that.
Member224806865039Aug 19 20 - 15:01Very well
hwadaAug 19 20 - 15:01I couldn't say
theowingAug 19 20 - 15:00Sheep Ottoman
bonkuAug 19 20 - 15:00When they brought the live lobster (and dropped it) and we had to chase dinner).
subliminal878Aug 19 20 - 15:00I can't think of anything truly bizarre.
anjumjabeenAug 19 20 - 15:00My bizarre purchase on the Internet is pineapple shape handbag on aliexpress I don't know why I needed that but it turned out bad
ipch08824Aug 19 20 - 15:00Used toothbrush.
Member1223703460857Aug 19 20 - 14:59A carseat cover and bed sheet fasteners to use on my boat seats.
kai hungAug 19 20 - 14:59Underwear
glkmleeAug 19 20 - 14:58Very good!
Member1022449422430Aug 19 20 - 14:58The most wierd thing I bought is a box of matches! :)
Alberttu00Aug 19 20 - 14:58Mostly satisfactory!
KstromeAug 19 20 - 14:57Square watermelon
Member814863502754Aug 19 20 - 14:56My most bizarre internet purchase was crocheted chicken outfits for my moms chickens!
leftrearaxleAug 19 20 - 14:56Ant Farm with Ants
sweetleeAug 19 20 - 14:55A Bugs Bunny jacket. The hood is Bugs Bunny's head. It's so soft, I still love it.
Madgeik Aug 19 20 - 14:55Seedlings
Neofili24Aug 19 20 - 14:55Let’S do this!!!!
Member418760060239Aug 19 20 - 14:55God bless
faa800Aug 19 20 - 14:55
My bizarre purchase on the Internet is morilla seeds from Thailand on ebay, I don't know why I needed them, I wanted to try. It turned out to be disgusting.
ppatil007Aug 19 20 - 14:54Let’S try
chmfhlAug 19 20 - 14:54Thinkpad laptop
Member112487104947Aug 19 20 - 14:54Zoolander wig
xinglin001Aug 19 20 - 14:53Googogogogogoogogog
tpost44Aug 19 20 - 14:53Live ladybugs for the garden
wkspc1Aug 19 20 - 14:53Toddler toy
Joshy119Aug 19 20 - 14:53A 1989 wwf sealed box of cereal. In 2009
Member1022468433108Aug 19 20 - 14:53A companion doll. It was freaky
Member814872541707Aug 19 20 - 14:52A tough one, but think i'll go with live crickets to feed our tortoise. Receiving a box of those was only a step odder than the live ladybugs we'd gotten the year before.
HaidaoAug 19 20 - 14:52Ten order of dumplings.
Member626594566809Aug 19 20 - 14:52Once I ordered a rose bush for my stepdad. When it arrived, it was a dried twig. He was so confused when I gave it to him, but he planted it anyway. It grew into a beautiful fill bush full of roses. 🌹
Jamie32087Aug 19 20 - 14:51A repair kit for my bathtub. I also believe my credit card number was stolen during said transaction.
tammy24557Aug 19 20 - 14:51Kidney supplements for my cat with kidney disease. I haven't really bought anything too crazy.
joelmadyAug 19 20 - 14:51I bought 10 different card decks. My family thought I was crazy.
tinaandpippiAug 19 20 - 14:51A pair of winter boots on eBay. They arrived with a complimentary mouse nest inside one of them. 😫
angcat77Aug 19 20 - 14:50Suction cups for a reacher, grabber assistive device.
khoover82Aug 19 20 - 14:50Cement cracker
AhenryAug 19 20 - 14:50I think it's probably purchasing a ski mask because it was a great deal but I live the desert with 100+ Degree weather, smh. To make it worst, I have never been skiing and had no intentions on visiting a ski resort, plus I hate the cold and snow.
zer422Aug 19 20 - 14:49Ugly shirt
meid783Aug 19 20 - 14:49Ship stocks
lyon0901Aug 19 20 - 14:49The most bizzare purchase that I have made on line is encapsulated worms for the garden.
masamuneAug 19 20 - 14:48Dried up plants that came back to life.
Member726919348637Aug 19 20 - 14:48Beneficial nematodes
dltighe57Aug 19 20 - 14:48Parts to make a snowmaking machine.
silverlining4770Aug 19 20 - 14:48Awsome App.
Member519803453345Aug 19 20 - 14:47The most bizarre purchase I have made online has been a mini medical spa set up that includes an Infrared detox blanket that heats up to 180 degrees and cellulite massage unit that includes suction cups and a 40k ultra fat cavitation unit with radio frequency skin tightening capabilitites. I have to keep myself up during this Covid-19 lockdown!
Member46413075148Aug 19 20 - 14:47I bought a sage bundle and smoked it around the house to ward off evil spirits.
Member1116458594931Aug 19 20 - 14:47A big cat tree for less than $35.
MPoWeRM3Aug 19 20 - 14:47All online purchases without cash back
limegreenloveAug 19 20 - 14:46A dried squid as a white elephant gift!
shuang2017Aug 19 20 - 14:46A gift shop teddy bear from a vacation where I had the worst memories of my life. Truly the darkest times of my life there. I guess optimists can say this teddy bear was the only positive memory of the place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Member1123281260614Aug 19 20 - 14:46Bought entrance to Tiger Kingdom in Chiangmai, Thailand
Denis_MDAug 19 20 - 14:46Chinese dog guard, which not working
sambo2000Aug 19 20 - 14:46Ladybugs
molly3Aug 19 20 - 14:45The most bizarre online purchase i've ever made was a hard plastic full face mask hoping to wear it to shield my face from blue light when on my computer but it was so hot to wear.
Michael PesaventoAug 19 20 - 14:45A bunch of rubber bands.
yarbr012Aug 19 20 - 14:45I bought an entry into a virtual marathon. Wish I could get my money back!
wc4572Aug 19 20 - 14:45A "wubble" for my niece
Member1015736785023Aug 19 20 - 14:44The most bizarre online purchase I have ever made was buying live crickets to feed my granddaughters' lizards!! :) :) :)
Member224873625839Aug 19 20 - 14:44Old drafting supplies might be the most unusual, but it still seems odd to me to buy batteries online.
sheilarae71Aug 19 20 - 14:44What an awesome contest!!
Member1223703460857Aug 19 20 - 14:44A carseat cover and bed sheet fasteners to use on my boat seats.
tl8882Aug 19 20 - 14:43Probably 20 boxes of toothpaste
Member419203648624Aug 19 20 - 14:43Pregnancy test.
Member726918992236Aug 19 20 - 14:43Definitely good!!
ablangAug 19 20 - 14:43I once bought a pair of used shorts on eBay but that was not the unusual part. I wasn't paying attention to the sizing and ended up winning (and having to pay for) a pair that was at least 6" bigger around the waist than I needed.
Member10564690651Aug 19 20 - 14:41Prayingmantis eggs
dannyohlAug 19 20 - 14:40I purchased 12 boxes of Shake and Bake
dariabethknupp1978Aug 19 20 - 14:40Dirt was the most unusual one.
emscout9Aug 19 20 - 14:40I bought an Ouija board for a friend's birthday present.
RoyceWaddyAug 19 20 - 14:40Water struck by lightning for the "healing properties".
Member626532980144Aug 19 20 - 14:40Lenovo laptop
Member1223896537556Aug 19 20 - 14:39Once I ordered a lego toy set as was pictured lying scattered on floor. May be did not see description properly... Thus realized after product delivery that its actually not a lego set but table top cloth having the print of lego set. But that’S fine I kept it instead of returning it.
Wild_MobileAug 19 20 - 14:39Wow! Its great!
danilo2535Aug 19 20 - 14:38Always love using this before purchase!!!
ottsterAug 19 20 - 14:38Thanks for the sweepstake
gorayomdAug 19 20 - 14:3812 cans of shaving cream. A deal site made me do it.
Member1216966687825Aug 19 20 - 14:37I purchased the bibshorts for bicycle from ebay bidding. When I received it I was shocked to see the something yellowish in the pad. I threw it away.@!
mariomp2Aug 19 20 - 14:37Bought lens for professional camera,but receive only sticker...
Denis_MDAug 19 20 - 14:37Chinese dog guard, which not working
kruvimAug 19 20 - 14:37Salt 🤷🏻‍♀️
syj19950301Aug 19 20 - 14:37A pair of kitchen scissors for only $0.98 from Walmart...
gonnabeyuAug 19 20 - 14:36I bought a draft punk led helmet for my ex, and yeah you know what happened
debboikeAug 19 20 - 14:3510 pairs of shoes.
mk_panditAug 19 20 - 14:33I bought an immersion water heater. Total waste.
ekirtl01Aug 19 20 - 14:25I once thought I was purchasing a Disney dvd but when it arrived, it was just a printout of a dvd. Wow. Lol.
cfettig1Aug 19 20 - 14:25The most bizarre thing I have bought this year would have to be a android phone and a Chromebook. Its only bizarre for me because its totally out of character for me to have anything but apple products. But thanks to @Topcashback and all there awesome deals I could not say no, do I decided to try android products and i'm proud to say that I am very happy with every purchase I have made from @Topcashback, I also recommend everyone to download it :) 10 stars for TopCashback
Member526321583649Aug 19 20 - 14:24Love TopCashback! User friendly!
kelley4avonAug 19 20 - 14:02Dog diapers
ChasityJayne78Aug 19 20 - 13:43Adult toys (swing and bondage)
Tamer3366Aug 19 20 - 13:25I see good
arayfordAug 19 20 - 12:38Never made a bizarre purchase!
Tao HuAug 19 20 - 12:27Tcb is almost my first choice!
jufaswifeAug 19 20 - 12:19I don't think I ever made a bizarre purchase!
CarliNAug 19 20 - 12:02Vintage sweater that reminded me of the big Lebowski!
Chrissy20Aug 19 20 - 11:59A cover for a heater
mattmilsteadAug 19 20 - 11:48Love TCB!!!
kellyk2584Aug 19 20 - 11:43Thanks for the awesome sweepstakes chance
Member726778033006Aug 19 20 - 11:42I bought a lot of cosmetics and clothes. It is even better to receive cashback. So good TopCashback!
PETERLAMAug 19 20 - 11:29Thanks for the chance.
mndygrl7878Aug 19 20 - 11:28Predator Pee,it helps to keep unwanted pests and unwanted animals out of your yard.
MhopkinsAug 19 20 - 11:19I think buying my husband an adult onesie is about the most bizarre for me. Fyi, He wanted Captain America. Couldn't find it.😒
jhall81Aug 19 20 - 10:36I once bought a Claymore sword online when I was young and very into Braveheart lol
Aubreyyarbrough90Aug 19 20 - 10:26Thanx for letting me apply
amandas42Aug 19 20 - 10:04Great opportunity, thanks for the chance to win!
accomplished469Aug 19 20 - 09:50Thanks for the opportunity to receive cashback. It's a big help for me being disable.
petergmailAug 19 20 - 09:49The most bizarre online purchase you’Ve ever made is "useless box" . This thing is a box with a button. When you push a button - a skeleton hand comes out of the box and unpush it and gets in again. Pure fun :)
GramrAug 19 20 - 09:35Men's crossbody bag
Liliane MarounAug 19 20 - 09:10Love TopCashback! User friendly!
КашлюкAug 19 20 - 09:09я купив очищувач повітря Сяомі. дуже цікавий апарат. в кімнаті сповітря стало чистіше, і менше пилу на меблях )))
Mi4MoqitosAug 19 20 - 08:59Love TopCashBack.Com!!!
Member87116345623Aug 19 20 - 08:59Thanks for the service
JaElJ31Aug 19 20 - 08:38A "Dude, Where's My Car?" Bubble wrap costume for my son
adnouAug 19 20 - 08:36The most bizarre online purchase i’Ve ever made was a plastic gun
klishnerAug 19 20 - 08:35I once got home from a party very drunk and turned on the tv before bed. I ended up watching a 2 hour infomercial about a bead-filled pillow that contours to your head and bought two of them online. When they arrived I had completely forgotten it.
Member128057715650Aug 19 20 - 08:34I had ordered a(n) door handle for old shower stall and it even said it on the package shower door handle but what was in it looked like a small finger sized rubber that was kind of hard 😳 Needles to say that was returned. 🤦‍♀️
megra10Aug 19 20 - 08:31A bizae dog
ariesdocAug 19 20 - 08:31The most bizarre online purchase i’Ve ever made was probably during the "covid-19 stock-up hysteria." I bought a freezer online without knowing exactly how big it was actually going to be...Apparently it wasn't that bizarre because so many other people had the same idea it took 6 months for it to be delivered!
Member827276149437Aug 19 20 - 08:30I bought a dress for my daughter and it came very different from the pictures and the size very big for her
rturteltaub64Aug 19 20 - 08:28Bought toilet paper rolls during pandemic craze. We just finally received them and they were miniature rolls. I mean like what a doll would use, not even a small child.
Member827434535057Aug 19 20 - 08:26I was directed to this by Krazy coupon lady app
Member726901273019Aug 19 20 - 08:25I purchased Halloween costumes for my two Chihuahua dogs, my boy dog was an angel and my girl dog was a devel. I guess its not that bizarre for us dog lovers right?
Anas at Cash BackAug 19 20 - 08:25Lol... Purchased over 1500 pieces of wooden shelves and 2000 pieces of sticky notes.
megra10Aug 19 20 - 08:23I buy a lot online even my dog. He is the most bizarre
tenea13Aug 19 20 - 08:22I once purchased cardboard cut-out, life-size people in fancy clothes...Without heads...It was for pictures. :-)
RuodanAug 19 20 - 08:21Canada goose parka
Member419191336652Aug 19 20 - 08:20An oversized rubber duckie filled with raspberry jam
clsmitchellAug 19 20 - 08:15I went to Etsy and ordered a Joker display. Looked great but turned out to be a 5 inch plastic joker and batman (1" tall) and a cutout for the background. A huge disappointment.

sleekpAug 19 20 - 07:53A gaited horse
jporterAug 19 20 - 07:30Smoothie cups candy 2nds in a big brown box
mccomAug 19 20 - 07:23Guess this isn't too weird, but I ordered a bunch of litter locker refills...They're like diaper genie refills but for cats. I ordered 12 of them to meet the free shipping threshold.
tiaradizAug 19 20 - 07:02Family caricature
Satomik123Aug 19 20 - 06:37A car, it ran ok.
melehundeleAug 19 20 - 06:33700 pounds (1300 lbs) of chain. It was a super deal and shipped free!
OnyiakpanisiAug 19 20 - 06:29A huge sized teddy bear. It was scary when I received it. My son was too scared of it so we had to get rid of it.
Member325329400830Aug 19 20 - 06:19I absolutely love Topcashback. It's the only site I use to save $$$ Like this!!
Kate_CAug 19 20 - 05:24I love TopCashback! I don't shop online often but i've already earned nearly $100 back on items I planned to purchase anyway. So so glad I found this site!
MaleighAug 19 20 - 04:49To bid , win and expect the item shipped!
Northmont2Aug 19 20 - 04:45Live bees
MaleighAug 19 20 - 04:44Hope I am the LuCky Girl...This time!
Member69992423406Aug 19 20 - 03:35Adult size dragon onesie
Member821278130050Aug 19 20 - 02:43Shoes for my mom and I and when we got them they were plastic 😂
veoliAug 19 20 - 01:55Crazy Halloween things
stlmom4Aug 19 20 - 01:39Fossilized dinosaur stool on eBay.
Member1223818497016Aug 19 20 - 00:26Super Super
baixiangguoAug 18 20 - 23:34Now I am gonna buy a gift for my bf as the Qixi Festival gift.
DEn47Aug 18 20 - 23:23Cap with fan for aliexpress
Member726873820313Aug 18 20 - 23:23I bought shoes can't wait to receive them!
DEn47Aug 18 20 - 23:17Cap with fan for aliexpress
DEn47Aug 18 20 - 23:03Cap with fan for aliexpress
bbenekeAug 18 20 - 22:26Toilet paper and paper towels.... I was too lazy to go to the store!
chieartgroupAug 18 20 - 21:30Two cartons (12 in each box) of Purolator F312 Basic Efficiency Standard Fiberglass Filters. Why did I buy two? To get free shipping of course!
IDOPOOSODOYOUAug 18 20 - 21:25A vacation I wasn't able to go on because of the quarantine. Non refundable too. Sad times!
Member620316593434Aug 18 20 - 21:19Most bizarre thing would be clip on gold teeth;)
ajtuckerAug 18 20 - 21:19$12,000 of horrible cars on eBay.
wally222Aug 18 20 - 21:18Love the savings every time I shop TopCashBack
BaurjanAug 18 20 - 21:09When I bought a shoe sized twice as small as my size.
Member1111792526634Aug 18 20 - 21:03Horse Head Squirrel feeder!
AuntySuzanyAug 18 20 - 21:00Toilet paper
bma22Aug 18 20 - 19:50Bicycle spoke lights
mtanguturuAug 18 20 - 19:49Invitation for Orkut and Gmail
mtanguturuAug 18 20 - 19:44The $500 is mine
FrancesOwensAug 18 20 - 19:29Most bizarre thing i've bought was a queen bee for my son's beehives.
FrancesOwensAug 18 20 - 19:23Most bizarre thing i've bought was a queen bee for my son's beehives.
FrancesOwensAug 18 20 - 19:17Most bizarre thing i've bought was a queen bee for my son's beehives.
mereedAug 18 20 - 19:14I can't think of anything that i've purchased that was bizarre.....
alphaeagleAug 18 20 - 18:45Vhs tapes.
Happy_BujokAug 18 20 - 18:37Most bizarre thing I bought was a flowery jacket from Jcp.
Member1116325158538Aug 18 20 - 17:54The most bizarre thing i've bought was a stuffed jackalope (minus the Dave Coulier aka Uncle Joey voice!)
linkboiAug 18 20 - 17:53Spin wheel, for those random trivia nights
daiseymeAug 18 20 - 17:52I bought a sweater in large for myself and it look like it could fit a 6 year old child.
Member418889017910Aug 18 20 - 17:36A friend talked me into trying “Cake” Mascara....It’S not food, it’S mascara that is in a cake. You apply it to your lashes with a brush! Very bizarre!
Quris777Aug 18 20 - 17:28I'm always excited when Top Cash Back offers contests and giveaways. They really help make shopping more fun!
Member425478975100Aug 18 20 - 17:10I bought 25 Lindy Excellence Lime Zest chocolate bars
valeriekiAug 18 20 - 17:03Bizarre?

Hmmm...Honestly, I can't think of anything I have ever ordered online that would be considered bizarre; had to pass on the lifelike male lover doll because it was too expensive. Lol
kslickAug 18 20 - 17:02Strawberry flavored Astroglide
kclwAug 18 20 - 16:59Love the opportunity to win some cash,in these pressing times its nice to have something to lift our spirits.Thank you
SilentJJAug 18 20 - 16:56The most bizarre online purchase I have ever made was a wireless jammer for the owner of a company I worked for. The company was having problems with their shop employees spending too much time on their cell phones in the restroom (15+ Minutes at a time). The owner said to me, "i wish there was a way to make the cell phones not work while in the restroom..." Without doing much research, I found that such a device as he described existed. The website I purchased the jammer from didn't have any warnings like "this may not be legal in your country." The jammer worked a little "too good" and almost landed the company in hot water. Oops. True story.
nanol0Aug 18 20 - 16:56Bull s**T (poop) in a box.
Member66739090518Aug 18 20 - 16:23I bought a small pump not realizing it was for cleaning the anal for the special activity.
salmasoAug 18 20 - 16:18I once bought 1 eraser at target.Com. Long story...
Lee543Aug 18 20 - 16:10Terramin California Living Clay

Basically dirt you consume, used by Astronauts to detox
Member1022473085554Aug 18 20 - 15:58Rabbit Food
dealjunkieashAug 18 20 - 15:56A bs button
Member626619655544Aug 18 20 - 15:52Phone cords
mahanloriAug 18 20 - 15:50The strangest thing I have ever bought was an "intimate" toy as a gag gift for a bridal shower- if you know what I mean. Like the postman didn't know what it was, who are we kidding. Still can't look him in the eye.
Member1022236666956Aug 18 20 - 15:35I ordered a bracelet that is in Brazil and says f off
Sharklady71Aug 18 20 - 15:29Pigeon spikes.
neptoonandowlAug 18 20 - 15:28I guess my online shopping habits tend to be on the normal side.
TweetymamaAug 18 20 - 15:24My daughter wanted a head with long hair it was a little weird
j3503002Aug 18 20 - 15:12Used iphone 8 which is not worked
Member117953124245Aug 18 20 - 15:06Great!!!!!!!!!!!
Member112303936951Aug 18 20 - 15:01Caterpillars
clsmitchellAug 18 20 - 14:36This is awesome
Member224840131406Aug 18 20 - 14:22Nematodes for my lawn!
smack915Aug 18 20 - 13:36An almost life size remote control flying shark my son had on his Christmas wish list one year
51952Aug 18 20 - 13:14One lime
kmalleckAug 18 20 - 12:56I ordered some panties and thought I was following their size guide. When I got them and held up a pair, I saw that 3 people could fit into them! I showed my friend and I never laughed so hard at her laughing!
ChaimlungerAug 18 20 - 12:55Fish food
ChaimlungerAug 18 20 - 12:49Fish food
Member224587824227Aug 18 20 - 12:47Rail road spikes
Member425627119313Aug 18 20 - 12:21I never purchased them online
Member224688469744Aug 18 20 - 12:16Spiralizer for vegetables
lisamcfAug 18 20 - 12:08An easy chair
Member224688469744Aug 18 20 - 12:07Spiralizer for vegetables
LisaRN97Aug 18 20 - 11:59Bees.....
Member325397269522Aug 18 20 - 11:54An ice cream scooper.
raffyAug 18 20 - 11:44A pug paw print by Andy Warhol.
Cherrykewl20Aug 18 20 - 11:18Silicone Garlic Peeler
ajtuckerAug 18 20 - 11:13Two horrific cars on eBay
snuznmcAug 18 20 - 11:07Cat litter!
Aladdin495Aug 18 20 - 10:44The strangest purchase is a fishing rod (on megasale). But i'm not even a fisherman
mrshoferAug 18 20 - 10:36Um. I don't really order weird things. *Shrug*
ajtuckerAug 18 20 - 10:25Two horrific cars.
KRAZURI82Aug 18 20 - 10:14A while ago before the Covid, I had ordered succulent seeds. I received it 2 days ago, I totally forgot I ordered them. Have you seen the news about random people receiving seeds from China? Imagine how I felt..Because if totally forgot I ordered succulent seeds from Amazon. Package said earrings,so bizarre when I opened the packed and saw the famous Chinese seeds. I realized this was ordered by me 2 days later. Lol
dabshier74Aug 18 20 - 10:06Not a very adventurous online shopper, mainly only buy online during major sale events
Member513987356656Aug 18 20 - 10:03A designed doggy bowl for our little Roxanne.
SBW8279Aug 18 20 - 09:56Car door handle
taransinghAug 18 20 - 09:53High end shoes that didn't fit :(
aprilahullAug 18 20 - 09:52Two Foam Mannequin heads for my son's swim team party. We placed googles on them and then stuck dum dum lollipops into the head to make a swim caps.
aimeeotanAug 18 20 - 09:27A pool floater that's shaped like a pretzel
rachel2820Aug 18 20 - 09:25Seed potatoes!
Stephano1111Aug 18 20 - 09:24Most bizarre purchase would be a car that didn’T run!
Member614111183109Aug 18 20 - 09:22Frying pan for 1 egg. It was too little. Gave it to my daughter
saleagoAug 18 20 - 09:19Charcoal toothpaste. I think that is bizarre! Just about gagged to death trying to use it.
cranegal107Aug 18 20 - 09:16A tushy bidet
Stephano1111Aug 18 20 - 09:12Most Bizarre Purchase would be a car that didn’T run!
Gesi13Aug 18 20 - 08:56The most bizarre online purchase i've made was a stuffed singing bear.
Member1736144255Aug 18 20 - 08:44A cheese wedge sponge
larebareAug 18 20 - 08:38I bought a fog machine for Halloween decor, but never used it! It's collecting dust in my closet.
michelle70817Aug 18 20 - 08:23Gluten free beer making supplies for my husband!
AJSWWAug 18 20 - 08:03I recently bought my bff who just got divorced & Lost her job a bracelet with a hidden message on the inside saying, “Keep f*Ing Going” To inspire her. She loves it btw!
michelle70817Aug 18 20 - 08:00I purchased gluten free beer making supplies for my husband!
SimonBonAug 18 20 - 07:59A very good priced second hand iPhone 5, which didn't work....
vittaAug 18 20 - 07:58I bought for mistake sneakers size 19 (eu 53.5) because I thinked that this size is mistake and it is size 9 (eu 42)😂
AJSWWAug 18 20 - 07:53I recently bought a granite composite kitchen sink online. I don’T know how bizarre that is in general, but considering it’S for a barn, out in the middle of nowhere, that we’Re moving into with two donkeys that inhabit our acreage that aren’T even ours-it makes me wonder just how bizarre my life is fixing to become & Why i’M buying a sink online for a “Kitchen” In a “Barn”?
vittaAug 18 20 - 07:51I bought for mistake sneakers size 19 (eu 53.5) because I thinked that this size is mistake and it is size 9 (eu 42)😂
navycatAug 18 20 - 07:42I was buying a Prada sunglasses from a German store, but received a piece of rubbish from China.
Maryann2Aug 18 20 - 07:39Caterpillars for a project learning about butterflies
MorozilnegAug 18 20 - 07:35I accidentally bought one thing and didn't even realize what it was.
Member1122745412345Aug 18 20 - 07:31The most bizarre purchase I made was a tiny long-neck camera for your cellphone. I was hoping it would allow me to look down blocked sinks but it was too cheap and useless!
Member1116323828606Aug 18 20 - 07:26A bizarre "no soliciting" sticker for my front door
Member519321549832Aug 18 20 - 07:08I would have to say the gag gifts.
itzmeAug 18 20 - 07:06I'm pretty boring so I haven't bought anything bizarre.
Kec222777Aug 18 20 - 07:02I bought a subscription to the Gross Room which are pics/Videos by a pathology assistant. The stuff is really Gross
GumbackAug 18 20 - 06:53I usually stick to buying things I needed or really wanted. So I can't think of anything bizarre. However the closet thing I can think of is these very tiny bottles of glow in the dark paint (much less than a ounce) for night sights.
Member224893395535Aug 18 20 - 06:50Something very bizarre...I haven't made any bizarre purchases!
chrism5jamesAug 18 20 - 06:25Decals and mini hubcaps for a 1970's John Deere kids pedal tractor. Was amazed to even find a place that still made them!
PattijhsAug 18 20 - 06:13I bought a pimple~Popping *Toy* For my 30 year old son : )
pambennAug 18 20 - 06:09I've ordered millions of items on line but my most bizarre is probably cow manure.
s66Aug 18 20 - 06:0410 cartons of duff beer!
KSull0004Aug 18 20 - 05:33Not very bizarre, but it is for me - 2 new window regulators for my Jeep Cherokee, opting to replace both myself instead of paying astronomical labor fees to mechanic. Also 2 new hinges for my dryer door and did repairs myself!
pjm2goAug 18 20 - 05:19Would love to win, TopCashback is awesome
IOPis4meAug 18 20 - 05:18Crickets for my children to eat in a "weird food olympics" challenge
yohiaxAug 18 20 - 05:00Swings that you hang from the ceiling
Pamerickson66Aug 18 20 - 04:46Fingers crossed. Good luck all
vita perekladAug 18 20 - 04:35Shoes Puma on sale - 2$!!!
Member814990871016Aug 18 20 - 04:34Perfect for back to school (if we go).
Member325329600047Aug 18 20 - 04:28I don't think i've ever really made a bizarre online purchase, so the best I can come up with is a Marathon brand inner tube for one of the wheels on my wheelbarrow. :)
AniCarAug 18 20 - 04:24A car from a different state
mahmoudpohaAug 18 20 - 04:22Very good
MFMAug 18 20 - 04:17Lavatory template
bhayen005Aug 18 20 - 03:32Ladybugs for my garden
Lana_Jackson_Aug 18 20 - 02:30A face corrector and as a gift small tube artificial blood.It was professional cinema shop.
jocelynshopsAug 18 20 - 02:09Feminine products
dremarie7Aug 18 20 - 01:33A machine to make my butt bigger
ronvogelAug 18 20 - 01:20Salmon Seasoning (the only kind we like, and can't find it locally anymore)
adnouAug 18 20 - 01:18Comfycup Public Transportation Cup Holder
Member218174911701Aug 18 20 - 01:07Swimsuit that was giant size
Member425673201455Aug 18 20 - 00:54Salad labels in the shape of palm tree leaves. I love them!
irtomatoAug 18 20 - 00:33Diapers for my baby and myself
bthornton83Aug 18 20 - 00:26An astronaut dampener!
tbayner0921Aug 18 20 - 00:22Bug Bite Suction Tool
Member1116307738423Aug 17 20 - 23:54Shoes that squeak so our foster child would not walk on his tip toes. Good thing they come with an off/On button.
hntaylor32Aug 17 20 - 23:51I couldn't find the all natural Zarbees allergy relief tablets at the local pharmacies anymore and I swear by that product because not only does it really work after doing yard work all day but also because it is an all natural product. So the search was on to find it online and low and behold, I found brand new boxes of it on eBay! So far one 30 count box has lasted me a few years as I only needed occasionally after a long hard day of doing lots of seasonal yard work.
Member727077000405Aug 17 20 - 23:50With Cash App, you can move beyond peer-to-peer payment by enabling your Cash Card. The Cash Card allows you to use money in your Cash account at stores online and in the real world. ... Cash App makes it easy to send money to friends or buy things while you're out, cash app is really helpful at this covid 19 trial times.
hntaylor32Aug 17 20 - 23:38Never would I have thought that i, as a 55 yr old woman, would have enough stamina to do my own full tune up on my 1984 gmc conversion van back in December. My van wasn't running right obviously because way overdue for a tune up and after getting estimates from mechanics for over $600 to do it, I gathered my wits, ordered all my parts online needed for a full tune up, not only to earn cash back on those parts, but also earned rewards bucks from Advanced Auto store as well. I did the whole tune up all by myself! I replaced the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, the distributor cap and rotor, and since I was at it, the air filter too. I even shot a video to prove I was doing it and by myself! My total cost was $80! I am proud of myself for that accomplishment and my van runs good as new!
Member626472360915Aug 17 20 - 23:34An expensive college textbook that the professor ended up deciding later on we did not need 😒
Kdwilson97Aug 17 20 - 23:31An egg slicer that doesn't chopped the eggs up but cuts it into strips
LovleeshellAug 17 20 - 23:26I ordered what was supposed to be a real military helmet and got a plastic helmet instead.
Member1122673015412Aug 17 20 - 23:13What counts as bizarre? I've bought gag gifts, real gifts for weird friends. I bought a shirt for a friend as a gift which had a joke that I got, but I don't think he's seen the show, so it was a bit bizarre.
luz09Aug 17 20 - 22:58Christmas socks
TadejAug 17 20 - 22:56Special fork just for eating spaghetti.
JoshrAug 17 20 - 22:48Cool app
Member1116843875312Aug 17 20 - 22:26Tires and other car parts
rfredisck04Aug 17 20 - 22:08A diaper bag
Member69992423406Aug 17 20 - 21:58Adult animal onesie
ArgyllAug 17 20 - 21:43Extendable fork so I can reach other people's food.
btrover77Aug 17 20 - 21:42"Toys" wink wink
ocean7chic3Aug 17 20 - 21:35Condoms for my husbands friend.
DinavegaAug 17 20 - 21:31Seeds and shoes
tk54448088Aug 17 20 - 21:28I've had too many bizzare purchases to pick just one.
wt1983Aug 17 20 - 21:25For me it was several riverstones that polished by hand as a necklace which was purchased from ebay
nerskaAug 17 20 - 20:59Some crazy Halloween things
Member318480703202Aug 17 20 - 20:35The most unusual thing I purchased was bass boxer briefs.
jackpackage11Aug 17 20 - 20:28Judging by the comments I definitely need to be buying some weirder stuff. Weirdest for me has been like, a squishy scented ice cream stress ball thing.
KAREL L GANZINIAug 17 20 - 20:27Having to buy hand sanitizer, tp and face masks online because they are sold out in stores is bizarre!
Member1223863629942Aug 17 20 - 20:24For me it was probably my order of stabilizers for the camper
TAG2008Aug 17 20 - 20:24The most unusual thing i’Ve ever purchased is probably a unicorn onesie for a friend who was searching for one.
donlast021Aug 17 20 - 20:21Only one pencil
twinkie822Aug 17 20 - 20:18I bought a head massager for .99 from eBay years ago. It works and I still use it.
mariemarheineAug 17 20 - 20:11A dna and blood home test kit!
suzeAug 17 20 - 20:07I bought worms! I bought them to add to my composter.
Member1223838361554Aug 17 20 - 20:02The weirdest thing I bought was a flamenco dancer costume.
khullandAug 17 20 - 19:59Metal bike tire caps - I was fed up with my plastic ones continually breaking. Didn't think it was something I could get with buying a new tire.
KenshinBattosaiAug 17 20 - 19:55