Top Menswear Trends

Posted on Sep 09 2016 Posted in  Fashion
Menswear Trends to Watch

"Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners" - Tom Ford


Fall is an exciting time of year in for menswear, and this year is no exception. While the temperature is cooling down, men's fall fashion trends are heating up.  Here is a list of a few fall trends that will be essential to your wardrobe for the coming season.


  1. The Bomber Jacket. The bomber jacket is available in so many colors and styles as seen at retailers like AllSaints and Topman; this will be your go-to jacket this season. Ranging in styles from the military theme to silk, and featuring the standard utility pockets more inventive pockets, the range of bomber jackets is explosive! No pun intended.


  1. Sweat Pants. Yes, men everywhere will be relieved to discover that sweat pants will still be in style this fall. From the super-slim cut to the extra-wide, or overlong, there is a sweat pant for everyone. So, if you've been hot and bothered over where the new fall fashion trends are heading, take a look at the styles available from James Perse and sweat no more.

  2. Suits. Thankfully, the fit of suits is a little more loose fitting but still trim, than previous trends. Get comfort and style from Brooks Brothers who offer a wide selection of suits for any occasion while providing cashback rewards. Always need to be prepared for that time when you need a suit. There's no reason to wait until the last minute to pick one out.

  3. Sneakers. Comfort seems to be the theme this fall. Sneakers will often be seen on men's feet this fall.  Styles will be available from minimalist to sporty luxury as well as nostalgia-inspired footwear. Jimmy Jazz offers a wide selection of sneakers with savings combined with cash back for even better deals.

  4. Pants. The skinny leg pant is giving way to a little more comfort as well. If you are ready to get out of those tight leg huggers from last year, John Varvatos offers a large variety of men's apparel made from cotton, wool, and linen in solid colors or prints. The pants this year are a bit wider at the thigh and foot, but should be much more comfortable. Some will even be available with an elasticated waist! So go ahead and stock up on more comfortable pants this season.

  5. Sunglasses. Don't forget about your eyes. The lenses are getting rounder, which is considered to be more flattering for most face shapes while still having a classic look. Having lenses and frames in different colors can give your current wardrobe a little kick in the right direction. If price is a problem, this would be the perfect place to use your rebates. Sunglasses with full UVA/UVB protections in every style are available from Jack Spade with savings and sweet cashback rewards.

  6. Watches. The right watch says a lot about you and your style. This year watch faces have changed remarkably in shape and size. We all realize that being "fashionably late" is out of style. Find the watch that keeps you on schedule and matches your style at Michael Kors, while enjoying savings and cash back rewards.




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