The Perfect Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

Posted on Nov 25 2020 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons
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The Perfect Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

It’s that time of year again. The time where Santa isn’t the only one making a list, or checking it twice. Holiday shopping can be overwhelming for many, but it can also be tons of fun, especially when you truly know the people you’re shopping for. If you don’t, that’s okay! TopCashback has come up with a little gift-giving hack that you’ll find unique and helpful.

Search for the perfect gift based on your recipient’s zodiac sign. No, really! We believe horoscopes are a great way to pin down people’s likes and dislikes, making it easier for you to buy something they’ll actually enjoy.

So, let’s dive into all 12 astrological signs of the zodiac and see which items best match with each one.


This fire sign is most noted for its motivation and determination. Whatever an Aries sets their mind to, they will accomplish. There’s no better gift than The Happy Planner (4.04% cash back) to keep all of their goals on track for the upcoming year.

In order to stay driven, Aries needs lots of rest as well. Nothing beats Mattress Firm's Stearns and Foster memory foam pillow for a good night’s sleep. You’ll get a whopping up to 5.05% cash back with your order, too.


Many will say Tauruses are lazy, when really they just like their comfort. Some might say they’re stubborn, but we say they’re just ambitious. These bulls are also ruled by the planet Venus, so you already know that beauty and artistry go hand in hand.

Nothing says beauty and relaxation like skincare. Head over to JCPenney and earn 4% cash back on Tatcha’s Pore-Perfecting and Protecting Set that is sure to satisfy this earth sign.


Another gift that screams comfort is candles. Why not spice it up a bit with a luxurious one? Nab 9.29% cash back at The Luxury Closet after purchasing this sophisticated Tom Ford wooden candle.


The one undeniable fact about the Gemini twins is their love and desire to communicate. These social butterflies like to mingle with everyone, and most times are the life of the party. Karaoke is the perfect way to let them entertain. Scoop up this best seller from the Singing Machine and score 5.05% cash back!

Geminis are always stimulating their brains with new hobbies and adventures, making for endless possibilities on what they’ll get their hands on next. So, after all of the excitement, Geminis will definitely need to unwind a bit. What better way to do that than to enjoy a nice drink? Unlock up to 6.06% cash back at when you pick out a yummy bottle of red or white that’ll get these Gems chatting away.


These crabs are very self-aware, protective, emotional and intense. They’ll do everything for others with love in their hearts and minds. They especially like to treasure special moments with their family and friends. How about you buy a mini instant camera that’ll allow them to capture all their memories wherever they are? You can snag 2% cash back with your purchase at Kohl’s.

Cancers are probably so busy doing for others that they rarely make time for themselves. Help them get some much-needed R&R with Ellia’s crystallized ultrasonic aroma diffuser from Belk. There’s 12% cash back in store for you.


Not only are they ambitious, generous and loyal, Leos are extremely protective of their loved ones. Show the Leo in your life you care for them back by making them feel like they’re the center of attention. (Let’s not pretend they don’t love that, too!) This mobile ring light with tripod stand from SHEIN will improve their selfie skills and give you an amazing up to 15% cash back.

Meanwhile, this towel warmer can treat them to a spa-like experience at home. Pocket cash back at Bed Bath & Beyond today.


Enough of all that play time and relaxation. These Virgos are ready to work. Get their creative juices flowing with this JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker that can play pump-up music all day, every day. Walmart is currently offering up to 3% cash back.

What if there’s too much work and not enough play (or caffeine we should say)? Have Virgos feel appreciated by recharging their energy with a single serve coffee, espresso and tea maker from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Throw in 8.08% cash back and it’s a deal both of you can’t resist.


This air sign craves balance, enjoys the finer things in life and cares just as much about itself as it does for others. Libras love to keep the peace and are experts at compromising, which makes them some of the best friends and partners.

They’re sure to take care of their loved ones this holiday season, so it’s only right we do the same. This Polaroid pocket printer will let them publish precious memories saved on their phone; plus, you can take away up to 1.5% cash back at eBay.

Since Libras strive to keep the peace, give them the gift of beauty and tranquility. You’ll snatch 4% cash back at Sephora with this Crystal Facial Roller Set.


If you have an honest, true friend in your life, then they are probably a Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, this water sign is brave, passionate and resourceful. Determined and decisive, Scorpios are to the core truth-seekers. Giving so much of themselves to their career and their loved ones, they can find it hard to stay calm and rooted. A crystal infused water bottle is just the ticket. Also, earn 4% cash back when you shop at AliExpress! It’s a clear win-win.

Scorpios usually have a lot of friends because of their brave, caring nature. They love to keep memories of their good times. They probably even have notes from high school stored away somewhere. Why not give them a nice place for all their sentimental keepsakes? You can net cash back at Things Remembered with this beautiful antique keepsake box.


Sagittarians are curious and energetic folk who always seek freedom, outdoor excitement and the deeper meanings of life. Their thoughts quickly turn into action; when they want something, they will stop at nothing to get it. If a Sagittarius needs to get a workout in, they like to do something fun. This fitness trampoline from HSN (up to 15% cash back) will bring out their child-like spirits while doing something good for themselves.

Sagittarians tend to have a great sense of humor. Bring their comedic side out with this fun adult game they can take to their next gathering. It’s available at Hot Topic and offers up to 2.02% cash back.


These Earth signs are ambitious and natural-born hustlers. Their responsible and disciplined nature make them ideal for a manager position. They are lovers of family tradition and music, and always follow through with their plans.

What can we gift these hardworking, family-oriented Caps? It can be really hard to pull a Capricorn away from their work, so surprise them with a stylish portable charger. This way, they can step out and still stay connected. Mophie's sleek Powerstation XXL PD from Best Buy (up to 10% cash back) is a terrific option.

When you’re working, you’re bringing home the big bucks. Help them stack money in style with this Tory Burch wallet and grab 5% cash back.


Aquariuses are independent, opinionated and carefree. They don’t like to follow the crowd and will create their own trends. They’re usually the first ones to know about what’s popular. And let’s not forget their appreciation for the arts. Add this portable pocket projector to your Bloomingdale's cart and activate 5% cash back in the process.

Aquariuses tend to express themselves in their own special way. A personalized box of art supplies from Smart Art ( cash back) will allow them to do just that.


We’ve finally reached the last sign of the zodiac. This water sign is compassionate, intuitive and wise. Pisces care for people more than themselves. However, they typically enjoy their alone time and can sleep the day away if you let them. They are romantic and kind-hearted, and can’t stand to see any type of cruelty happening around them. They are emotional, gentle and artistic beings. What better way to be in your feelings than to be comfy while doing so? Swipe cash back when buying a pair of cozy pajamas from Aerie.

Pisces sometimes need a little boost to lift their spirits. Earn up to $5.05 cash back while ordering a beautiful floral arrangement like this one from 1800Flowers. This will definitely make them feel appreciated, especially for all of the love they put into pleasing others.


No matter what zodiac sign you are shopping for, make it fun. Explore these options and maybe along the way you’ll even learn something about yourself that you didn’t know. Whatever you do, follow your heart and, of course, the stars!


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