The 20 Hottest Toys for Kids in 2020

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The 20 Hottest Toys for Kids in 2020

Dear TopCashback parents:

If you’re going to tell your kids no to buying a dog, then you’re going to need a back-up plan. In other words, you should buy toys and lots of them!

Toys are absolutely the next best thing you can possibly give your kids (besides breakout TV star Baby Yoda). So, we went ahead and enclosed a list of the biggest, hottest, most sought-after toys of 2020.

Trust us; these gifts will make any youngster light up like a Christmas tree. And though most of the credit will go to Santa, your child’s happiness will ultimately be a win for Team Mom and Dad.

Love, TopCashback

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1. Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth

Gone are the days of doing the hustle. Today, everybody’s doing the floss – and now this dancing sloth is, too. A robotic pet that blinks her eyes, wiggles her tush and flosses to three epic songs, Fifi is taking the toy world by storm.

2. Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo

Maybe you can’t get them a dog, but how about Sherbet the Flamingo? They’ll learn how to play with him, feed him and…clean up his poop.

No, really. Sherbet sings a “Gotta Go” song that indicates to the kids he needs to use the toilet. Once he’s done his business, they can scoop up the magic poop, watch it dry and turn back into flamingo food.

Toys these days.

3. Squeakee the Balloon Dog

Sensing a pattern here? Toy pets are the way to go this year, and Squeakee is no exception.

Built with over 60 sounds and movements, he can be taught how to sit and roll on his back. He’ll even pee like a good boy after he’s fed. Pop him with his pin and see him deflate. Like a real balloon, he’ll inflate again once you use his pump.

4. VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

The next Steven Spielberg could be right under your nose!

With this HD creator cam from VTech, your six-year-old can film and direct short videos that feature some pretty cool special effects. There are 20+ animated backgrounds to choose from, plus on-camera editing, creativity tools and a green screen. Before you know it, your home will be transformed into a mini Hollywood studio.

5. Blue's Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush

If your tyke is obsessed with the “Blue’s Clues & You!” theme song, then this dance-along Blue plush is a must. She’ll lift her floppy ears, bop her head and sway her hips to the TV tune over and over again. Oh, and that Handy Dandy Guitar? It controls Blue’s movements. You can speed her up or slow her down wherever, whenever.

6. Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset

Do us all a favor and introduce the kiddos to soft, squishy kinetic sand. They’ll be blown away by the Sandwhirlz explosions that it creates, and they’ll want to transform the sand into as many shapes and sizes as they possibly can. Just give this Toy of the Year finalist the trophy already!

7. Air Hogs Super Soft Stunt Shot Indoor Remote Control Stunt Vehicle

We know what you’re thinking, but rest assured this remote control car won’t wreck your walls, floors or furniture.

8. Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship Playset

Ahoy, Matey! Have the kids put on their best pirate impression because this playset needs their leadership. It boasts 25 levels of adventure that must be solved to rescue the captain, defeat the evil Kraken and rule the seas. And yes, there’s gold treasure waiting to be uncovered, too.

9. Mall Madness Board Game

Let the girls embark on a shopping spree of their own with this 3D Hasbro gameboard. It includes 22 mall locations, a food court and an ATM machine. The last player to purchase six items on their shopping list and make it back to the parking lot is a rotten egg.

10. Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Animatronic Edition

The real Baby Yoda is under contract at Disney, so this animatronic toy will just have to suffice. Touch the top of his head to activate over 25 sound and motion combinations. You’ll hear his adorable giggles, sighs and babbles, and watch his ears move back and forth. His hand also rises when he uses the Force.

11. LEGO® Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

With this year marking the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, it’s only fitting that his latest LEGO kit is considered a top toy in 2020. Piece together a starter course that he can jump through, collect precious gold coins and crush Goomba and Bowser Jr. His success rests in your hands.

12. Lite-Brite

In case you missed it, Lite-Brite is back and better than ever. It’s a bigger screen now, with over 200 colorful pegs and six templates to copy. Show these kids how it’s done, then prepare to watch them fall in love with one of the best toys from your era.

13. Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway

Featuring a jump ramp, drop-through trap door, Hot Wheels loop-the-loop and three speed tracks, this one-of-a-kind raceway will see some action for sure.

14. Barbie Dreamhouse Playset

Barbie’s home has had another upgrade! This time it comes with a working elevator, new home office, carport, second-story pool with slide and enough room for four dolls. If it were a couple feet taller (and wider), we’d be ready to move in ourselves.

15. L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Fashion Dolls

Torn between Kitty K and Honeylicious? Or Lonestar and Pop B.B.?

No matter which doll you buy, your little girl will be completely entranced. Each one carries 25 surprises, plus two outfits she can mix and match for loads of fun.

16. Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers


She might have a Hatchimals Pixie already, but does she have one that can fly?

This new and improved grown-up Pixie knows how to spread her glittery wings and take flight. Grab her legs to safely reposition her in the air or use your own pixie power to guide her. Thanks to a built-in sensor, Pixie follows wherever your hands are raised.

17. PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller

This hot commodity is the first-ever motorized PAW Patrol team vehicle. Complete with a Chase collectible figure and T-Rex dinosaur, it’s sure to entertain fans of the Nickelodeon hit.

18. Na! Na! Na! Surprise Ultimate Surprise Rainbow Kitty

Pre-teens everywhere are raving about this fashion doll – and we are, too. *Shh*

Piper Prim has grown to a full 11 inches tall and brings a massive wardrobe along with her. You can mix and match over 100 looks and use her kitty-shaped hairbrush to maintain her signature lavender locks.

19. Nintendo Switch

Even though it’s been three years since its release, the Nintendo Switch continues to be on every gamer’s radar. Think about it; a gift like this would truly make you “cool” in your children’s eyes!

20. LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

Potterheads, young and old, will get to work their own magic and build the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower from scratch.

This LEGO gift set contains 971 pieces total, including eight mini figures, a Hedwig toy, mandrake plants, letters, wands and a book of potions. It’s safe to say you won’t be hearing a peep out of the playroom while this project is under construction.


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