Tax Refund Survey 2020

Tax Refund Survey 2020

Ready, set… file your 2019 taxes! Will you be receiving a surprise tax bill this year or a hefty refund?

Do you look forward to tax season? Did you receive a tax refund last year? When will you file?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on February 17th

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

Take our survey below or visit our mobile page!

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tegodsFeb 16 20 - 19:48Good survey, short and to the point.
IndratriyantoFeb 16 20 - 07:22Trimakasih
adnouFeb 16 20 - 02:48Thank you
ropsonFeb 15 20 - 11:48So many shops so many discount
lilyshortduckie13Feb 14 20 - 21:07Thanks! Not a bad survey
bittyFeb 14 20 - 14:20Thank you!
lonnie1015Feb 14 20 - 14:05I want it .Please
Amos5123Feb 13 20 - 12:49Please make this mobile friendly
Member1123309068815Feb 13 20 - 04:33Please make mobile friendly.
Member224657189027Feb 12 20 - 20:04I try this
Yuhei HayashiFeb 12 20 - 17:21Give me, hopelly
annahun3Feb 12 20 - 16:26Thank you !
Member224654588000Feb 12 20 - 16:13Interesting
Member1212270246326Feb 12 20 - 16:10The form of this form is not mobile friendly.
Jhandy81Feb 12 20 - 16:08Tax season is ok but I love and hate it at the same time I just hate the long wait to get them back
DevilduskFeb 12 20 - 15:26Filed my taxes this year and only get about $100 back. Better than paying. Last year I got about $2000. I usually look forward to tax season. Especially this year since I was laid off and could really use the money. But $100 will have to do this year.
Member1022470261932Feb 12 20 - 15:13Luckily I have a lot of tax write offs since I am self-employed and still get a small return back
JulanFeb 10 20 - 21:49Give me $
supun vimukthiFeb 10 20 - 00:44I dont understand what to do
alvkanFeb 09 20 - 23:32I now need this service
Member224605651107Feb 09 20 - 07:51I dont understand what to do
Marina GrebenetsFeb 08 20 - 08:53You are the best...
MoAsran44Feb 08 20 - 05:10لم احصل علي الاسترداد ابدا ولاكن احب ان اشارك
sdickinson09Feb 07 20 - 17:57Being a stay at home mom, unemployed in 2019, I believe if I were to claim my daughter with $0.00 of income my tax refund would be $0.00. I am going to fill it out still just to verify that my assumptions are 100% Accurate.
Thank you for this chance in winning some money that if I did win it would be spent on my 9-month-old daughter's wants/Needs!
dumbo305Feb 07 20 - 15:12Thought I was the only one that knew contributing more money into my retirement account would reduce me from going into the next tax bracket. :-)
armandmiraka20Feb 07 20 - 11:06You are the best...
superbaratisimoFeb 07 20 - 04:41Thank you
jltaylor2607Feb 06 20 - 15:50I've never not gotten a refund, but still stress about 'doing taxes'.
AthenianldrFeb 06 20 - 13:57Tax season is just is just a time consuming pain in the rear.
Member519568175946Feb 06 20 - 13:32Thanks for the chance to win. I will be getting alot less, my Son no longer lives with me.
royoswaldFeb 05 20 - 09:55No Refund for Me.
jdsd6kFeb 05 20 - 07:25Not sure who is analyzing our answers but question 14 assumes we could go into another tax bracket, there's no option for us to say we didn't do any other options selected because they're not available to us.
Member1224013523414Feb 04 20 - 15:46It's a good giveaway I hope I win.
mccoyrobinFeb 04 20 - 12:22Thank you
CarcinogenFeb 04 20 - 09:20Love it - thanks
JILANChakladerFeb 04 20 - 04:57I no money