Summer of 2020 Giveaway

Summer of 2020 Giveaway

Had enough of the beach yet? Nah, we didn’t think so. That’s why we’re back with an all-new giveaway, showcasing the joys and thrills of summer.

TopCashback will mail a sun-sational Igloo cooler and deposit $50 into the account of one lucky winner who shares a favorite summer vacation memory in the comments section underneath this post. We’d love to hear about your past adventures. Plus, just think of the places you’ll visit next with your free cooler (and extra 50 bucks)!

This contest runs until Monday, July 27, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST, and the victor will be chosen on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. So, be on the lookout for an email from letting you know you’ve won. You can increase your chances for gold by submitting additional entries below.

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Member1015951699007Jul 27 20 - 23:04 This would be an awesome win.
Member117779216901Jul 27 20 - 20:29 I was backpacking in the western part of Ireland, in County Galway, spending long days hiking from one hostel to the next, taking in the beautiful sights along the way. On one leg of my trip, while walking on a road, I passed by a pheasant on the side of the road to my right. It looked like a male pheasant, due to its bright colored feathers. I did not have time to stop to admire its beautiful colors, mostly blues and greens if I remember correctly, so I continued along.

A minute later, I looked back to see that the pheasant was following behind me, so I slowed down to see if it would try to catch up with me. It did, and the pheasant soon walked alongside me on my left. A short time later, a car coming towards us from the opposite direction slowed down and pulled to a stop beside me. “Is that your bird?,” The driver, a German tourist, inquired with surprise. I imagine it must have been an odd sight: a small wild bird walking side by side with a girl carrying a large backpack on her back, as if the bird were her pet dog. “No,” I replied, “He began following me as I was walking along.” The man smiled, wished me good-day, and drove on.

We continued walking on the side of the road, but after a few more yards, I thought to myself, “It’S an interesting thing to have a friendly bird walking with me, but I cannot possibly take him with me, and as it is getting late in the day, I must hurry along.” I picked up my speed to a normal pace and the pheasant soon began to fall behind. Sorry, birdie, I cannot stay at such a slow pace, dragging my feet, as I must make it to the next hostel at a reasonable hour in order to get an open bed.

Suddenly, I felt a pecking on the back of my leg. I ignored it, but then felt another pecking. I turned around to see that the pheasant was up in arms, trying hard to keep up with me, and whenever he managed to catch up, he would attempt another peck before falling behind again. He appeared to be indignant, squawked at me and spread his wings, as if to say, “Why are you walking so fast? Slow down!”

I began to feel quite alarmed, and as I tried to move away, he would run after me. I began shooing him away, kicking my foot in the air to scare him off, while he would pause but continued advancing towards me, as if refusing to be left behind. I could not run far because of my heavy backpack.

I backed away from the pheasant and found myself in the middle of the road, and in the distance, a car was fast approaching. It filled me with sudden fear, but fortunately, the driver had seen this strange sight from a distance and the car began to slow down. I gave some more kicks at the bird to shoo him away, and he stopped advancing, while I retreated further to the other side of the road, being thrown a little off balance by the weight of my backpack. The car slowly approached us and carefully inched down the middle of the road, forming a barricade between me and the bird on either side of the car. As she drove past, the driver appeared both surprised and amused, as I could see that she was laughing, but she also seemed to be alert in case I needed help. I don’T really know if she completely understood what was happening.

The car saved me in a way and as it moved past, I used the opportunity to get away and skedaddled up the road. After a minute, I looked behind to see if the bird was still following me – He was not. He had finally stopped, the car having deterred him, but he was still standing on his side of the road, looking dejected. I continued walking and once I had gotten a long way ahead, I looked back again – He was now a small silhouette in the distance, and he still seemed to be looking at me. I continued on and finally, at a downhill turn in the road, when I had reached the farthest point at which I would still be able to see the spot where that pheasant was, I took one final look back. He was still standing there in that same spot and he still appeared to be looking on in my direction. What an odd, needy bird. It seemed a bit sad but, as I was in a foreign country, there was nothing I could do for him.

I resumed my hike to the next hostel, taking up again my enjoyment of the beautiful scenery in this part of the country. To this day, many years later, I still have no idea what that was all about. I have to say, I don’T know much about this species. Perhaps there was food in my backpack; I can’T recall. The few people that I have told this story to have all gotten a good laugh out of it. The thought of my being chased by a bird must have given them comical imaginations. It wasn’T so funny at the time, but when I look back on it, I can chuckle about it. It was a strange but memorable experience, and it contributed to the many adventures I had during this backpacking trip in Ireland, one of my most favorite summer vacations.
bourkebabeJul 27 20 - 15:48 Loved watching the fireworks on the shores of Lake Michigan while camping when the kiddos in our family were little.
Member313143341107Jul 27 20 - 14:09 Camping in state parks with family. Fishing and enjoying the camp fires and playing games at night.
satchie67Jul 27 20 - 12:35 Upper Michigan, Kayaking, canoeing and camping, the best time always
nieuportJul 27 20 - 12:19 I miss those long summer days at the beach with friends who have long since moved away.
paffliuJul 27 20 - 11:24 Definitely ski place in the summer, which is cool
dthrumcJul 27 20 - 10:54 My summer vacation has been learning how to be a care giver to my mom who now has Dementia. Every day we spend together is quite an adventure. It is quite startling to become the adult with a parent. Thankfully I am learning lots about being more patient and compassionate to someone I love dearly.
janae50Jul 27 20 - 09:55 I grew up on a farm and I always looked forward to going to the "Big City" to visit my Big sister! Fun Times!
Cujo123Jul 27 20 - 06:29 I would love to win!!
Dana CJul 27 20 - 05:59 Favorite summer as a child was packing up the station wagon with my 5 siblings and parents and going to a lake not far from home . We had weekends filled with fun with family :)
Member1116687146056Jul 27 20 - 04:30 Like to win this.
Member726884173902Jul 27 20 - 03:46 My favorite summer vacation is when I go to my beautiful Dominican Republic. I love the hot weather, the beaches, the view, and of course my family there! Is always good to go back any time is possible.
Member726884173902Jul 27 20 - 03:38 My favorite summer vacation is when I go to my beautiful Dominican Republic. I love the hot weather, the beaches, the view, and of course my family there! Is always good to go back any time is possible.
Hockeymom18Jul 27 20 - 02:33 My favorite family summer activity has to be from 2011 when we got to go on a first and only family vacation across country. We took a few weeks and just drove. Fun times.
natlarkapJul 27 20 - 01:41 Favorite summer vacation memories for our family would be spending lots of quality time with the family at home, beach, road trips, fun trips to places in us and around the world, etc!
songincJul 27 20 - 01:24 Favorite summer vacation memories for our family would be spending lots of quality time with the family at home, beach, road trips, fun trips to places in us and around the world, etc!
natlarkapJul 27 20 - 01:23 Favorite summer vacation memories for our family would be spending lots of quality time with the family at home, beach, road trips, fun trips to places in us and around the world, etc!
HonazJul 27 20 - 00:33 Hi all
I love you all
haoshiminJul 27 20 - 00:17 It would be wonderful to have a cooler when playing outdoor basketball under the scorching sun!
Member727087763222Jul 26 20 - 21:49 I loved the time when I went to Disney land with my family and spent a few days exploring that sad part of the trip was that we didn't have cooler and it would've been nice to have a cold drink from our own cooler on a hot day.
Member727087763222Jul 26 20 - 21:41 Love giveaways!!
trungchem2002Jul 26 20 - 18:57 Thanks for the giveaway.
cerieliaJul 26 20 - 18:39 This would be great.
Member727052467351Jul 26 20 - 18:25 Favorite summer vacation would be last summer 2019..Road trip with family to Wilmington nc then Franklin nc and stayed in the mountains for the 4th of July!
ejp10mdJul 26 20 - 18:18 My favorite summer trip was to qatar almost 20 years ago. It was quite a bargain and after arriving in Doha I found out why. It was probably around 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. Still, a neat trip!
Member325397867402Jul 26 20 - 14:35 We go every year to the lake with family. The food is always awesome, the kids get to swim in the pool, and we ride around the campground in the golf cart.
Ladybug524Jul 26 20 - 13:08 My favorite summer vacation memory was going on a family road trip to DisneyWorld in Florida!
katiewinttxJul 26 20 - 11:46 We went to see family in ca most summers but the one when I was 12 we went to s. Dakota. Beautiful place, great weather, lots of history, & Buffalo! Can't wait to take my kids.
EugeniusJul 26 20 - 11:45 Every day in Wisconsin in a vacation.
Member1015951398720Jul 26 20 - 11:29 My favorite was water skiing on Lake Michigan when I graduated college in 2007.
Member1015951398720Jul 26 20 - 11:05 My favorite vacation memory was water skiing on Lake Michigan the summer I graduated from college. It was like a three-month party.
Member726777111155Jul 26 20 - 08:55 My best summer 2020, my family spent a lot of time together, we were very happy
Member610079748915Jul 26 20 - 08:35 At a beautiful Beach with my spouse in Clearwater . The sand was so white even found a few sea shells and used them to decorate a frame with our picture of our adventure.
3peetJul 26 20 - 08:34 Our honeymoon in Italy. Venice and Florence my favorite.
JamesMassJul 26 20 - 08:12 My favorite summer vacation was going to visit my mother in a different state and going camping with her and my family before she passed away
Suzy69Jul 26 20 - 08:06 Las Vegas for the first time I was blown away! I try to go every year now but this year is a bust. Hopefully I will be back next year 🙏
Shegolfs2Jul 26 20 - 08:06 We took our kids to Atlantis-Paradise Island and fell in love with the place! The water park is amazing, but there are also private beaches to snorkel and swim (the water is oh so warm!) And aquariums, lazy rivers and not so lazy rivers! We rented a condo there, which included wrist bands daily to go to Atlantis. Tip: the restaurants are a bit pricy, so pack some sturdy packable foods like bagels, powdered milk, pasta, etc...! Trip of a lifetime, with a little help from the money 'earned' from TopCashback.Com!
bsugrace14Jul 26 20 - 07:54 Wisconsin with my grandma and cousins.
kelleymcJul 26 20 - 07:19 Vacation touring all the national parks
jessica1956Jul 26 20 - 07:13 Favorite summer vacation memory,camping in the back yard with all the grand kids having a pit fire swimming putting up the tents kids love it and so did all my brothers & Sisters awesome memory,,
Member1212036104430Jul 26 20 - 07:11 Love Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket-great food, weather and memories.
Member418821346959Jul 26 20 - 07:10 My best memory was going yo the country and staying in our 100 year old plus country house
kelleymcJul 26 20 - 07:05 Awesome deals and giveaways
Member620158098315Jul 25 20 - 23:28 Going to the beach!
AthenianldrJul 25 20 - 20:03 When in laws retired they had a place on Hilton Head island that they stayed at most of the time Loved spending summer vacations visiting with our children when they were young. So much to do and beautiful beaches. Our children got to see their grandparents care free and enjoying life. Those are memories that are even more precious now that grandparents are no longer with us.
mdr1Jul 25 20 - 19:49 Annual beach trip was the best.
Ms DeeJul 25 20 - 19:42 Annual Family Field Trip.
leec8919Jul 25 20 - 19:00 All-inclusive in Cancun.
Jodie4614Jul 25 20 - 17:16 Always going to the beach!
groozerJul 25 20 - 14:04 My favorite memory is camping on the beach, including a campfire and clambake, followed by storytelling with friends into the night!
sandyyJul 25 20 - 13:39 My dad was a workaholic my entire childhood trying to support his young family. During the summer, he would take one day off his 7 day work week and bring us kids to the beach so we would have a chance to have fun, experience the beach and spend time as a family. Those are far and few between now, but still one of the best memories of my past summers.
Member115462490611Jul 25 20 - 12:03 Would love to win this Igloo cooler and $50.
StoogerockerJul 25 20 - 09:54 My most memorable moment are the road trips. Seeing the sights from across the country that most people take for granted. Would love to do more traveling after the pandemic is over :-)
brandywilsonJul 25 20 - 09:06 My fave summer memory is road tripping for a month across the country and Canada. It was wild. We had no plans. We just went.
MaBelleVieJul 25 20 - 08:47 My most memorable moment is skating along the bike path early Sunday morning with marine layers coming from the Pacific Ocean. I also love listening to Baroque music and setting up under a life guard tower for breakfast with my family.
dpast1Jul 25 20 - 08:31 Love going to Venice Florida with all the kids and finding 112 shark teeth. So much fun. Can't wait to do it again.
dpast1Jul 25 20 - 08:20 Love going to Venice Florida with all the kids and finding 112 shark teeth. So much fun. Can't wait to do it again.
Member1123049860414Jul 25 20 - 05:20 Every moment in Aruba was a "best beach moment!"
TryptamindsJul 25 20 - 03:56 My favorite memory is driving as high elevation as we could when we got to Colorado. We camped in the most mystical place right next to a rushing river and no one else around. We I woke up the next morning, I walked around exploring this profound place and right there about 15 ft away was a full grown male moose! It was my first time seeing a moose! He turned and looked at me to as fog left his nose with a strong exhale as he seen me. It was such a magical moment for me with the moose. He knew I wasn't there to hurt him and I knew he wasn't there to hurt me and as I admired him,he observed me and then we went our separate ways. I will never forget that memory!! It makes me smile till this day!
czechbobJul 25 20 - 00:43 Thanks for this promotion !
Member726779687847Jul 25 20 - 00:28 I would absolutely Love to win this prize. It would be so useful to me this summer to bring drinks into my backyard and keep them cool at my family barbeques. Thank you for the chance to possibly win it.
Danstar14Jul 24 20 - 23:20 Traveling to Africa was the best moment I ever had, their tourist is wonderful
Member72104956022Jul 24 20 - 21:20 Thanks for the giveaway.
gg221Jul 24 20 - 19:38 This would be awesome for picnics!
djy2g33Jul 24 20 - 19:35 Cruise to Alaska was great last year - great memories!
prima808Jul 24 20 - 16:40 Seems like a useful item for the beach...Too bad can't go to the beach...Oh well, maybe can use it as a grocery carrier??
illyjnsJul 24 20 - 16:11 Road trip with my family and friends, it is and awesome journey
nfriesJul 24 20 - 13:31 Cycling along the bike trail on the beachfront in Venice Beach, California
mommaJul 24 20 - 13:03 Have you ever been in a hoopty.Driving along Michigan avenue.Hoping you dont run out of gas.Dreading the red light.Sitting there reving your fablous 4 cylinger engine.Praying your car doesnt shut off, again.Wiping your forhead for the hundreath time.Sweating.Because your air condtioner went out& You cant afford to get it fixed, but at the end of the day.Your blessed to have a car.That's paid for.Thats yours.That gets you from point a to point b.You go home.Kick of your shoes.Plop down on your couch.After a long day of work.In your grandmas basement, but realize.You'll get a place of your own.One day.Thankful for the breath you take each.Then you brush your teeth.Get into your cozy jammies& Crawl into bed.Fall into a peaceful deep sleep.And start the next day.Still feeling blessed.
gjnaismithJul 24 20 - 12:59 Getting together with immediate family for a long weekend vacation staying up late catching up and playing games together!
mrbasepaulyJul 24 20 - 12:30 Going camping every year in yosemite!
TCBMEMBER54Jul 24 20 - 12:24 Ever been to a place of ancient enchantment? Strata that tell a story of an age of giant mammals, lush and verdent vegetation, and a tropical climate long past? Ever taken a trip underground into structures built during the Cold War era of last century? Or an immense cavern filled with fantastic karstic features reminiscent of a fairy tale? Have you ever gazed upon the gigantic busts of four iconic American Presidents in granite? Look no further than South Dakota's Badlands National Park, Minuteman Missile Silo National Historic Site, Wind Cave National Park, and Mount Rushmore! I visited the area in the late summer of 2015 (i also ventured to Wyoming to Devil's Tower). One of my most favorite excursions.
cortneykepeskyJul 24 20 - 11:15 When I was a kid, we would vacation by going to the Brownsville Revival! Miss everything about those days!
cortneykepeskyJul 24 20 - 11:05 When I was a kid, we would vacation by going to Pensacola Fl for the Brownsville Revival! Miss everything about those days!
Member112519086814Jul 24 20 - 10:40 Spending time with my family by the campfire
Member821291580855Jul 24 20 - 10:31 My favorite vacation memory was traveling to the Grand Caymans to snorkel & Sail sailboats.
Member727108618636Jul 24 20 - 08:59 My fav memory was traveling to Australia and feeding the kangaroos :)
Member727108618636Jul 24 20 - 08:47 My fav memory is vacationing in Cancun, Mexico!
Missusp76Jul 24 20 - 08:22 My favorite memory is Camping with my kids at our favorite amusement park, Knoebels Grove. They loved sleeping in a tent and being outside all the time.
jaclynhJul 24 20 - 08:20 My favorite memory is packing up my family and camping gear to travel and stay at an outdoor campsite, with nothing but camps and fires to cook meals. We stay for a week and really get to enjoy nature and focus on what really matters to us the most. Its always a favorite lovely memory of mine and I only hope my kids keep this a tradition in their families once they get older.
Reyreybella01Jul 24 20 - 08:15 Taking the kids swimming
Missusp76Jul 24 20 - 08:14 My favorite memory is Camping with my kids at our favorite amusement park, Knoebels Grove. They loved sleeping in a tent and being outside all the time.
Oscaramaya145Jul 24 20 - 07:51 Yesterday when I was able to go on a whale/Shark/Sea lion and bird watching boat tour after months of being locked up at home due to the global pandemic. Had the time of my life on this four-hour tour and I consider myself lucky to be alive. Life is truly beautiful enjoy it now while you can
Member626374906844Jul 24 20 - 07:45 My favorite summer memory is a family vacation we took at the beach.
seywenJul 24 20 - 07:44 Spending time at grandparents (my parents) house with the baby pool and my 4 yo :-)
mt2xeJul 24 20 - 07:41 We went to the beach a few weeks ago+ We're planning to go at least 1 more time befor summer's over! Seeing my babies (5+6yo) swimming is the best memories, I hope to remember years down the road.
arayfordJul 24 20 - 04:38 Going today! Just for today.
momcherelleJul 24 20 - 03:00 We missed the beach this year!
Member720782548656Jul 24 20 - 00:15 Seeing my 2 year old play in the sand.
groozerJul 23 20 - 18:00 My favorite memory is camping on the beach, including a campfire and clambake, followed by storytelling with friends into the night!
catiblueJul 23 20 - 17:33 I loved it when my whole fam (six kids) would go camping in our pop up trailer.
KorkisJul 23 20 - 14:52 Favorite summer vacation memory is every day with family :)
Member526084383501Jul 23 20 - 14:41 Hanging out on the beach, people watching and playing some volleyball!
Sushma62Jul 23 20 - 12:55 Nothing like a cooler to keep you cool in the hot summer months. Perfect for anywhere.
bhcouponJul 23 20 - 12:53 Need a cooler big enough to fit into .. Maybe shaped like a pool. :-)
Member526112265240Jul 23 20 - 11:11 Nothing better than a summer vacation at the beach!! A Southern California, palm trees, sunshine and family!!
DDanielJul 23 20 - 10:43 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐮𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐚 (𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 & 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐥 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐨).
𝗜 𝘄𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝗙𝗟. 𝘁𝘄𝗼 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗮𝗴𝗼 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝟭𝟬 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀, 𝟯 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗮𝗹 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝟮 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗗𝗶𝘀𝗻𝗲𝘆 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱. 𝗪𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗵𝗮𝗱 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗱𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘃𝗮𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻. 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵 𝘄𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗮𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗼𝘀𝗲 𝗮𝘀 𝗯𝗲𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗲, 𝘄𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀.
Dtown_liliJul 23 20 - 10:38 My favorite summer vaca was when we went to Destin, Florida it was memorable because all my family got to enjoy the experience of being at the beach for the first time. Feeling the sand in your feet.
barl5123Jul 23 20 - 10:28 Favorite summer vacations are going camping with family. Love going to Beavers Bend in ok. Lots of time with family, swimming, boating, floating the rapids, hiking and cooking out because everyone knows food taste so much better when cooked over a hot fire!
barl5123Jul 23 20 - 10:14 Favorite summer vacations are going camping with family. Love going to Beavers Bend in ok. Lots of time with family, swimming, boating, floating the rapids, hiking and cooking out because everyone knows food taste so much better when cooked over a hot fire!
BlueGrayJul 23 20 - 10:02 Favorite summer memory: driving to the beach with my family- in one car - anticipating all the stuff we were about to do and see at the beach!
T_pup323Jul 23 20 - 08:10 My favorite summer vacations are when we take our 2 kids camping in the Idaho mountains 1-3 times a year since they were very young. Teaching them to fish, & A 3-4 years back to use pontoon boats. Every trip is great family time with fires & Star gazing.
jessica1956Jul 23 20 - 07:52 My favorite memory camping out in our back yard with the grandkids swimming in the pool fire pit awesome kids love that
Member727059151336Jul 23 20 - 07:30 Omg awesome
Member1122704438634Jul 23 20 - 07:10 Going to summer camp at the y
tracey420Jul 23 20 - 07:00 Me and my husband never really have a chance to take a vacation but last year we decided to take a week long vacay. We went to Clearwater Florida, that place is beautiful and the people there were super nice, we also visited Sea World, this was our first visit and it was magical.
paulettejuly1959Jul 23 20 - 07:00 Going to Disney World in Orlando, Fl. With a friend. There's nothing like the magic of Disney!!!
Member815035143502Jul 23 20 - 06:59 The year my mom, aunts, a couple cousins, and I went on a trip down the Oregon coast with Grandma. One of the best family bonding experiences ever. Still remember how cold the water was.
Maryann2Jul 23 20 - 06:25 When I stayed home from camp one summer and made a day camp for my sibling. Was fun and we had lots of family time.
Member217989587904Jul 23 20 - 05:55 Our camping gear trip to Mackinaw Island, Michigan a few years back.
dlztJul 23 20 - 05:40 My favorite memories of summer vacation is with my Husband and 2 boys in Gatlinburg tn. We started this tradition about 5 years ago when we could finally afford it. We would go every summer right after last day of school. My husband passed away unexpectedly last year right before vacation so we didn't get to go and we weren't mentally ready to go back this year plus we could not afford it.
Yurchik81Jul 23 20 - 05:00 Ho ho ho
Member821408468927Jul 23 20 - 04:53 I loved going to myrtle beach sc
zapdoodaJul 23 20 - 04:42 A trip to Galveston with my parents & A school friend when I was in high school was a great vacation. We had so much fun swimming & Hanging out on the beach.
Member117857308022Jul 23 20 - 04:06 A great summer vacation memory is an Alaska land tour and cruise. We flew from Miami to Anchorage, rented a car and drove to Denali, Fairbanks and back to Anchorage staying at interesting lodges along the way. We stopped at a unique trading post for gas. Driving for hours you would see no other cars on the road just bear, caribou and moose. It is truly the last frontier. We then cruised from Seward to Vancouver on a Princess ship.
BrusrGrlJul 23 20 - 03:05 Best summer vaca was going out to see my dad in San Diego when I was about 10 yrs old. They were holding the sand castle competitions at pacific beach. So many different sculptures built! All truly amazing. And I got to share it with my dad =)
scopectJul 23 20 - 02:46 This should be fun
Deniseandmickey4everJul 22 20 - 21:57 My favorite summer vacation is when my husband and daughter and I went to the beach. I loved seeing my daughters face light up with joy and curiosity while looking at and experiencing the ocean waves the very first time.
Member425657060517Jul 22 20 - 21:57 As a kid my family would take me to a cottage that they had rented in the woods in deep Canada. I loved all the trees and wilderness!
Member626619006623Jul 22 20 - 19:37 My favorite memory is back yard fun with four generations of my family. 2 to 82 is an awesome experience of sharing and making memories of a lifetime.
Member26036997238Jul 22 20 - 18:58 My other entry didn't give me any enties
Member26036997238Jul 22 20 - 18:53 My favorite summer memory is going to the beach in North Carolina with my kids. We stayed in a house right on the ocean. There was a pool in the back yard. It was cool at night to listen to the waves crash in. And to see all the stars was incredible.
Member97145211622Jul 22 20 - 18:50 My fav memory was flying to Vegas with my 4 kiddos by myself to see my folks. My kids had so much fun in the town I grew up in, and it was the last time I saw my dad, rip. Great memories ❤
Member26036997238Jul 22 20 - 18:46 My favorite summer memory is going to the beach in North Carolina with my kids. We stayed in a house right on the ocean. There was a pool in the back yard. It was cool at night to listen to the waves crash in. And to see all the stars was incredible.
sejinshopperJul 22 20 - 17:48 Sharing my happiest summer vacation memory with my wife and her mother in Catalina Island in California.
My wife was a gymnast in her high school and college so she's good at most sports especially in water sports.
Since i've been almost dead in the water when I was a child, i've been so scared of being in water, never tried to do it until I met my wife. She encouraged me so many times and we traveled to Santa Catalina Island to have snorkeling.
I had to hold my wife's hand in the water for over an hour but she never gave up and finally I could swim myself with life jacket. Yep I know it may be funny but it was a big jump to me. The memory of being myself in the water watching sea lives was never forgettable.
moomoo1771Jul 22 20 - 17:43 The beach for my daughter's birthday a few years ago, so many memories made!
3threebeanJul 22 20 - 17:31 My favorite summer vacation memory is when we drove from fl to id. We packed up the car and kids and hit the road, stopping in the Badlands, at Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. We made it in only 2 days by sharing driving responsibilities but got to spend an entire month there with family before heading home. It was the trip of a lifetime!!!
Member726925344737Jul 22 20 - 15:53 Pick me !!!
Member821029839806Jul 22 20 - 15:09 Going to Sequoia National Park with the family!
pikappaphiEE252Jul 22 20 - 14:59 Going to Atlantic City as a kid seemed so cool. There was the beach, the pier, the casino, and the boardwalk fires. The area was so lit up at night. And enough taffy to satisfy any kid!
j3nny29Jul 22 20 - 14:58 My parents owned their own business and worked 6 days a week so we could never go on the "traditional" vacations. So for summer vacation after work on saturday, we'd get in the car and drive to a camping ground...Pitch our tent, cook out and just spend time together. I miss those days!
inu521Jul 22 20 - 14:37 I love TopCashback!
Vkrbrett040712Jul 22 20 - 14:23 Favorite vacation memory for me was when I was little I went to Nashville and went on the steamboat the General Jackson. I dont know who the little girl was but she was my age around 10 and had an amazing voice and was singing on the boat. I will never forget that. The steamboat was so big and on the deck she had a little band and was singing song after song. I wish I knew if she made it big. Her voice was beautiful.
bonniesawinnerJul 22 20 - 14:17 A favorite vacation memory is of the time I went on a horse trekking week in Montana with family.
Member519691996142Jul 22 20 - 13:57 So exciting! I love giveaways!
Paladin_Jul 22 20 - 13:35 My grandma used to take us to Disneyland, and my brother and I used to make her hysterical jumping on the beds in the hotel. We thought it was so funny! (-;
RockDocJul 22 20 - 13:01 Summers in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks with family while growing up! We always stayed in a cabin at General Grant Grove. It was made better by the fact that my mother also went there every year growing up, and stayed in those same cabins!
adensgirlJul 22 20 - 12:09 Stayed in Panama City Beach with my fiance, best friend, & The love of her life. We had the most awesome time & Really enjoyed ourselves! My best friend's love had never been on a vacation like that before & We made a promise to him that he could come with us every summer no matter where we went! Little did we know that would be his first & Last vacation because he passed away 6 months later 😢
Member112517800715Jul 22 20 - 11:50 Staying in wildwood with my family had so much fun now that's just a memory r.I.P Mom and dad
KELLIEH23Jul 22 20 - 11:11 Staying in Minnesota longer because our van broke down gave my family a chance to go to a river and collect seashells, go to the Mall of America and meet wonderful people
NerolliJul 22 20 - 10:54 My favorite memory. I won a contest on facebook, and the prize was hotel 5*. With ultra-all inclusive , deluxe room , for four whole days, in egypt on the red sea ...
It was amazing ...
mari224Jul 22 20 - 10:49 Staying at the Jersey shore with a bunch of family for our daughter’S 3rd birthday! Can’T wait to do it again 😬
ItalianstudJul 22 20 - 10:48 What is my phone number of old vacation moments would be when I had the opportunity to go and visit Cancun back when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I went with my my sister and her husband along with their two boys, we got to stay on the resort oh, and the resort was called Playa Del Carmen. My name is also Carmen so I found that what up odd coincidence. Anyways, it was an all-inclusive resort we got to eat whenever we want as much as we want, drink when we want as much as we want (unfortunately I was underage so I wasn't able to drink alcoholic beverages) but none the less it was probably the most fun i've ever had. Remember when we first got there we've got to take a golf cart like cab to our room on the resort and they was crabs running all over the ground the beach was so white, pure, and soft while the ocean was a crisp blue with the intense rays from the sun reflecting off the sandy beach. Probably hands down the best vacation I have been on.
Member324932552406Jul 22 20 - 10:39 Going up north to Duluth area with my parents. All of the parks we visited and local ice cream shops! Especially visiting split rock light house. Carrying on the tradition of those trips with my son!
traveller1000Jul 22 20 - 10:21 Entered every one of this in the last 5 years. Don't even know if it was ever recorded, let alone winning. But what can you do huh? Welcome to the behind the scene digital dark age.
Niki4nuJul 22 20 - 10:16 Our annual summer trip to Adventureland.
BiolaJul 22 20 - 09:53 One of the best vacations I had was road tripping with my friends for two weeks through the western part of the us. We crossed 4 states and drove countless miles. We visited places like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Antelope Canyons where we took spectacular photos. If this blog post allowed for photos i'd share one. We could've definitely used an Igloo cooler for all our drinks so if I win this it'll be another excuse to plan another road trip to use it!
Member610040966101Jul 22 20 - 09:50 My favorite memory is going to the beach every summer with my family. I enjoy spending time together and it's good to get away for awhile.
scattiJul 22 20 - 09:43 In my pool, with a cooler full of brewskis!
LotsofmoneyJul 22 20 - 09:36 My favorite memory would be when the whole family went to the lake. We fished , grilled and had a wonderful day. My Dad is gone now , so it's a treasured memory.
ChuffJul 22 20 - 09:04 It was my all-time favorite vacation ever! Right after my son graduated from high school, My mom,my husband,both our kids all took a 10 day trip to Disney world in Florida,we stage 6 days in Florida then we left and went to pigeon forge Tennessee where are we seeing several shows and did a lot of sight seeing! I truly love Tennessee if I was to ever move out of Ohio it would be to Tennessee! We chose this time to do it because with my son graduating this year and then my daughter a year after that we all figured this would be the best chance at getting everybody to be able to go together for the whole trip? So many memories so many awesome fun memories!
HollandJul 22 20 - 09:01 Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay! 🤿 🏝 🐠
queen4oneJul 22 20 - 09:00 My favorite summer vacation was taking vacation to New Orleans for family reunion. I have never been to New Orleans so it was great and able to gone to famous Beale Street
ChuffJul 22 20 - 08:57 Thank You
Member87067251212Jul 22 20 - 08:41 Camping with my grandkids
knicks69Jul 22 20 - 08:38 Going to Europe with my family and visiting my dad's hometown in Hungary.
SuzzeeJul 22 20 - 08:30 Thank you!
jenro89Jul 22 20 - 08:23 My favorite summer vacation memory is swimming when family comes to visit.
leoecheverriacJul 22 20 - 08:19 Thanks for always giving back
bg001Jul 22 20 - 08:06 One of my best summer vacation of memories had to be when I was twelve. My parents, little sister, and I flew to Germany to stay and visit with family. First of all, we flew on Lufthansa which was wonderful in itself. The crew was awesome both coming and going. Then to be able to stay at my aunt and uncle's apartment home over his shop? Sheer bliss! This trip was the first time I was able to actually meet a lot of my mother's remaining family. The culture, the friendliness, and the different opportunities to live as they did was eye-opening. The day trips we took were great, along with a few days at a hostel in the Black Forest. This is awesome to remember this summer trip. It's bittersweet and nostalgic, but beautiful to remember now since my folks, aunts and uncles are all gone. We had such a wonderful time.
FelixBuzzardJul 22 20 - 07:57 A cooler and $50 bucks? Cool!
Pamerickson66Jul 22 20 - 07:47 Thanks for always giving back
mikesgirl898Jul 22 20 - 07:43 I love coolers and money!!!!
mellanhead1Jul 22 20 - 07:25 Mine was driving to my grandparents house for a summer vacation as a kid.
HonazJul 22 20 - 07:23 I really like memories with my family. I want to take my children to the most beautiful places. Save memorable moments in the heart
Member821023463326Jul 22 20 - 07:00 Favorite summer vacation memory is when my husband, aunt, mom, son and I went to Key West then a cruise through Panama Canal and sailed back to San Francisco. We experienced the famous Mallory Square sunsets, took pictures at the Southernmost Point of the Continental us, saw Ernest Hemingway's home and Duval St. Of course we didn't miss the Key lime pie! We had several ports along the way we stopped and explored. It was our last big vacation together. Since then my aunt and husband passed away. Missing them, i'll treasure all the memories forever.
natfilbyJul 22 20 - 06:11 Favorite vacation memory is when we took our two daughters to Yellowstone in early spring, less people more wildlife and it snowed in the park! It was so beautiful!
Member1223641783806Jul 22 20 - 06:06 Best summer memory was taking my twins to the beach for the first time!!!! Went to Jekyll Island in Georgia - best time ever
kimberlyn727Jul 22 20 - 05:17 My favorite memory is sharing the same family cabin I grew up in, in the mountains with my children. Mountain Lake House, nothing better.
Cc7686Jul 22 20 - 04:25 My favorite vacation memory was bringing my son to St.Lucia!
adebolaJul 22 20 - 04:15 Vacation to Nice, France
cuddles24Jul 22 20 - 03:36 Enjoy Getting Cashback from Shopping using TopCashBack!
cuddles24Jul 22 20 - 03:27 My favorite vacation going to Zoo Safari in West Palm Beach fl seeing the Tigers and other animals
Member726781204948Jul 22 20 - 01:49 Summer has not felt like summer lately, hopefully it will get better soon!! Need to go shopping for apartment things when I move for college
mk_panditJul 22 20 - 01:49 A long weekend in San Diego with family
Member726814330642Jul 22 20 - 01:45 Summer treats end today???
krisytin8Jul 22 20 - 01:36 Weeks with the family at a mountain lake cabin ... Great memories!!
linwlrJul 21 20 - 23:47 Staycation in hotel is a good choice in Summer. We enjoyed the hotel stay with buffer dinner at a competitive price. It is great!
Member726765670051Jul 21 20 - 23:14 Camping in Maui at 7 pools and catching fresh water prawns to bbq and hiking to the top where the big water fall is while swimming in all the little waterfalls on the way up and taking breaks chillin in the hammock. Then being able to wake up over looking The view of the ocean and swimming in both fresh water and the ocean however most importantly doing it with family 🤙❤️
Member726901844815Jul 21 20 - 22:09 Spending time withmy grandkids
Member727053847325Jul 21 20 - 22:03 Awesome way to win something cool!
Member128057801425Jul 21 20 - 21:21 Woohoo games make everything better
rgeiger15Jul 21 20 - 21:09 Going to my grandparents and picking berries.
Member1223758550711Jul 21 20 - 20:47 Best summer memories was with my daughter melanie when we went on our road trip she is autistic an sat through it like a champ an enjoyed it so much can’T wait to go again with her an enjoy this moment again
Member325413924332Jul 21 20 - 20:32 Our best summer memories are going camping as a family. We have been going to the same lake and place for over 20 years! Lots of great memories.
southern11belleJul 21 20 - 20:20 Vacationing at the beach with my family and best friend.
twol8sueJul 21 20 - 19:31 I've never been to disney nor florida nor california
bcruzruiz305Jul 21 20 - 19:02 Visiting disney with my sis
Member23055435839Jul 21 20 - 18:34 Visiting Yosemite np and camping
Member727052579821Jul 21 20 - 18:31 Becoming a lake mermaid this summer.
adebolaJul 21 20 - 18:19 Visiting Sweden and Denmark
MelonpanJul 21 20 - 18:14 Going to London and visiting Big Ben
Member425669098622Jul 21 20 - 17:52 Visiting my grandparents every summer was always fun as we would go camping and to water parks.
basaywhatJul 21 20 - 17:45 Spending the summer in the mountains in Colorado
thefan747Jul 21 20 - 17:42 Disney World!
Member425651911633Jul 21 20 - 17:38 Going to a beach in Southern California. Amazing!
ilanerJul 21 20 - 17:02 Best summer in Hawaii!!
cowfishTCBJul 21 20 - 16:54 Lakeshore...Sailing...Friends. All you need.
Member1223914054851Jul 21 20 - 16:44 My favorite summer was when I went to Mexico, I won that trip and it was great !
Nenny22Jul 21 20 - 16:39 Going to the beach as kids with my cousins. Driving to what seemed like eternity to get to, but only took an hour. After we swam are mothers would feed us, we would explore and then head for home. It was a great time with my cousins.
westcaJul 21 20 - 16:08 Climbing the cliffs of ÉTretat last summer.
Rissamae5 Jul 21 20 - 16:03 My favorite vacation was learning about myself more. Learning stuff I never even knew. Took the time to find myself and to think about what I want to do with my life It felt so good to do things for me!
TweetymamaJul 21 20 - 15:55 My favorite summer was when I went to Myrtle Beach with my daughter
Saadia_MuneebJul 21 20 - 15:28 Our best summers were in Europe.. ❤️
Rissamae5 Jul 21 20 - 15:27 My favorite vacation was learning about myself more. Learning stuff I never even knew. Took the time to find myself and to think about what I want to do with my life. It felt so good to do things for me!
Rissamae5 Jul 21 20 - 15:21 My favorite vacation was learning about myself more. Learning stuff I never even knew. Took the time to find myself and to think about what I want to do with my life. It felt so good to do things for me!
Lscott8080Jul 21 20 - 14:48 My favorite summertime memory is always walking the boardwalk at the ocean, The sound of the rides and games, the smell of all of the good food and the Ocean air and most importantly fun with the family.
Member726765209253Jul 21 20 - 14:31 My favorite vacation was a trip to Chicago were I had tickets to and attended a Cubs game. I left the game went back to the hotel to shower and on a whim took the "l" to the Bears exhibition game. I was lucky enough to get face value tickets on field level to watch the game.
Liquid71Jul 21 20 - 14:26 Nothing beats memories of Jersey shore in my youth, but at this age and in a pandemic i'd prefer boating. The great lakes are on my bucket list so summer boating any of the great lakes would be my dream vacation.
Member720825271024Jul 21 20 - 14:18 My favorite vacation was taking my grandchildren to New England. History and the beach, all in one trip.
Member325202483149Jul 21 20 - 14:16 Paddle Boarding on the 4th of July and seeing the fireworks
Member525956168030Jul 21 20 - 14:15 Taking a train anywhere in Europe--always a good time!
Ah, the smell of bergamot toilet water (that's cologne to the uninitiated) and stinky cheese on a roll.
AuntySuzanyJul 21 20 - 14:11 Staying inside during summer!
Member525956168030Jul 21 20 - 14:05 One summer vacation as a kid with my sister and friend we went to an amusement park. As we were rounding the bend on a huge wooden roller coaster my glasses flew off. Never did find them, but we rode that coaster at least 10 more times!
wpersinJul 21 20 - 13:51 Best vacation summer outing at Jersey shore body surfing the big waves. Best memories of Dad and Mom keeping a watchful eye out. Well I miss them both. I wonder if cloud surfing is the same?
wpersinJul 21 20 - 13:43 Best vacation summer outing at Jersey shore body surfing the big waves. Best memories of Dad and Mom keeping a watchful eye out. Well I miss them both. I wonder if cloud surfing is the same?
yfernandesJul 21 20 - 13:32 Extra cash is always handy!
KcariJul 21 20 - 13:10 Even though I will be doing a staycation this year, exited fir summer and this giveaway!
LiljuleJul 21 20 - 12:58 In August 2019, I boarded a plane for the first time in about 20 years and flew to Rapid City, sd for the Sturgis motorcycle rally. My boyfriend towed his camper and bike to Sturgis from Florida, so he met me at the airport. We rode to Deadwood, the Badlands, the Crazy Horse memorial - it was all amazing. The high point of the trip was our ride to Devil's Tower. I will never forget the sight as we came around a bend in the road and saw the tower rising from the plains, miles away. It was awe-inspiring, surreal and spiritual, as well.
lilmissvo1Jul 21 20 - 12:54 My favorite summertime memory was going to New York for the first time and visiting Niagara Falls and seeing the Yankees stadium
Member115462490611Jul 21 20 - 12:53 Igloo cooler would be a cool prize to win for summer.
Britbrat0603Jul 21 20 - 12:42 My favorite summer vacation memory is when I started my own family and we went to lake tobias and hershey park. I had more fun watching the excitement on my kids faces than anything else.
island writerJul 21 20 - 12:36 Some of my favorite memories of summer vacations were the summers that we camped up at Lost Lake on Mt. Hood in Oregon when I was young. Back then the campsites were right by the water, and we'd rent a rowboat for the week and spend hours rowing around the lake. We always cooked over a camp fire, and slept out under the stars at night. I must say though, that I never made it through a week without at least one badly stubbed toe because of running in my flip-flops!
Member418889017910Jul 21 20 - 12:33 My favorite summertime memory is the first time my husband and I took our son to Walt Disney World. We both love anything Disney! For example, our son was Mickey Mouse for his first Halloween! We planned this vacation for several weeks, and finally it was time to go! Our son was 6 yrs old. It was amazing seeing his reaction to the characters, rides, and sites! We were there 7 days, so we were able to do a lot. We made so many memories and just enjoyed being a family! It was my best summer vacation ever.
Member821287946312Jul 21 20 - 12:28 Thanks for this opportunity!
Member821410208943Jul 21 20 - 12:19 What fun. A way to get some extra cash
saleagoJul 21 20 - 12:13 I would love to go to the beach this year.
ayc22Jul 21 20 - 12:08 Driving around Mallorca, Spain in a rental car for a weekend!
MalmsJul 21 20 - 12:04 When I was around 14 years of age, my family and other families got together for a big camping trip. I brought along a friend and one night in the tent, we had a tv/Dvd player playing Godzilla. We blasted the sound when Godzilla would roar and had quite a few people come to our tent asking what's going on as it had scared some folks from afar. Who wouldn't be a little frightened from Godzilla out in nature in the dark?
Member921801092131Jul 21 20 - 12:03 I was 10, we as a family went to Indian Rocks Beach in Florida. I met (what I would now say was a very bored) 17 year old girl and we hung out on the beach for the 3 weeks my family was there. Of course I fell in love and still think about her occasionally 50 years later. Lol
Member1216992445544Jul 21 20 - 11:52 Driving to Asheville, nc!
angiescashJul 21 20 - 11:38 Family car trips!
JoshuasJul 21 20 - 11:30 The Wilds of the Rockies!
selfserviceckinJul 21 20 - 11:25 Great competition!...Love to be a winner!
Micaela6955Jul 21 20 - 11:20 When my daughter was turning 15 we took a trip to Central America so that we could celebrate her Quince with family and friends on hubby's side of the family. It was a wonderful party and then later on back home I had a party at the local movie theater for her friends and my family.
scuttlebugJul 21 20 - 10:39 Can use the igloo in my backyard!
Zoey1427Jul 21 20 - 10:32 Love summer in the mountains where it is cool.
Member418889017910Jul 21 20 - 10:25 My favorite summertime memory is the first time my husband and I took our son to Walt Disney World. We both love anything Disney! For example, our son was Mickey Mouse for his first Halloween! We planned this vacation for several weeks, and finally it was time to go! Our son was 6 yrs old. It was amazing seeing his reaction to the characters, rides, and sites! We were there 7 days, so we were able to do a lot. We made so many memories and just enjoyed being a family! It was my best summer vacation ever.
Member313366868459Jul 21 20 - 09:58 Way awesome
Rhea CaninoJul 21 20 - 09:55 My most recent vacation was in the mountains with the whole family included and a bear that visited us at night in the cabin, but with this coler we can't help but think of a few days of vacation on the beach.
Member38850844502Jul 21 20 - 09:52 Way awesome
TVD316Jul 21 20 - 09:52 Sometimes we just do "stay-cations", someplace in town, find a local hotel just to get away from the house. We might be doing that again this year, due to Covid...Seems a little safer than getting a plane this year. We will support local communities!
chorong11Jul 21 20 - 09:51 Missing California beaches so much.
momsterof3Jul 21 20 - 09:48 Always loved summers when I could spend more time with my kids without worrying about homework.
Member1223515254315Jul 21 20 - 09:31 My summer memory was spending a summer at my cousins house in South Louisiana. My aunt taught me how to coupon shop. My uncle taught me how to take care of a horse. And my cousin taught me how to ride her horse. We also went down to the gulf of Mexico and did a little crab fishing. It was awesome!!!!
Member418889017910Jul 21 20 - 09:27 My favorite summertime memory is the first time my husband and I took our son to Walt Disney World. We both love anything Disney! For example, our son was Mickey Mouse for his first Halloween! We planned this vacation for several weeks, and finally it was time to go! Our son was 6 yrs old. It was amazing seeing his reaction to the characters, rides, and sites! We were there 7 days, so we were able to do a lot. We made so many memories and just enjoyed being a family! It was my best summer vacation ever.
berley69Jul 21 20 - 09:04 My favorite summer vacation memory is the year we went to Colorado in July. Hot Hot Hot until we went up in the mountains and the kids got to play in the snow. They thought it was great, snow in the summer :)
Member526132132432Jul 21 20 - 09:03 Grilling it up all summer!!
Kmurray9Jul 21 20 - 08:57 Time with family around a campfire!
annguardinoJul 21 20 - 08:47 My favorite memory is bittersweet...I had been caring fully for my father his name was Steve maybe about 7 years he had 3 heart attack and a few strokes. He was my hero he helped me financial because I was a single mother ...So I took care of him while he paid for everything and also paying for me to get my degree in wildlife/Forestry conservation. Anyway he was getting bad off and he wanted to take a trip to the mountains ..Which we did just me and him we had stayed a whole week and seen all kinds of things caves...Anything we can do and see with a wheelchair. ...Well after a picnic he asked me to push him where he can view some mountains ..And he peacefully died there ...I took it as a blessing cause he got to do what he wanted and I made it happen.I love ans miss him dearly..😇😇
oswalda1Jul 21 20 - 08:35 I loved going biking with my parents when I was younger. We specifically would do a ride around Father's Day and it was so much fun!
Mecombrink77 Jul 21 20 - 08:34 My favorite memory is from my childhood. One year we had won tickets to Disney in Florida. We had such a good time that week. We went to the space center an aquarium and just enjoyed ourselves. We spent a lot of time on the beach at times just our family. My favorite part was our trip to Disney. We went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and several others. I think my favorite was the haunted Mansion. It was awesome to see the dancing ghosts and at one point the ride seat things turned facing a mirror that made it look like a ghost was sitting with us. In the beginning when we tried to close the bar to our seat the voice that talked to us in the room we began in says don't pull on the bar I will close it for you or something similar. It was a great vacation.
chri521Jul 21 20 - 08:32 Day trips to the state park and a nice quiet beach; past, present and future.
Member814859769221Jul 21 20 - 08:30 Campfires, s’Mores, sparklers, mosquito bites from all the time spent outside, 4-h camp, and watching the shooting stars while laying in the grass:)
nicholyesJul 21 20 - 08:26 I had a fun beach trip with my friends. We stayed at a cute beach house and the neighbors called the police for noise complaints every night.
Member814859769221Jul 21 20 - 08:00 Camping with my family and cousins in the mountains!
kmenardJul 21 20 - 07:41 My favorite summer memory was vacationing in Orlando with my mom and uncle. We visited theme parks, grilled out by the pool, and played board games in the condo.
curtis206Jul 21 20 - 07:28 Go biking
Member620190805848Jul 21 20 - 07:25 Hiking to waterfalls.
Member620266124115Jul 21 20 - 07:24 I grew up near the ocean, but now am several hours inland and I miss it! It's been 10 years since i've even seen the sea. Wow. And that was a winter vacation. My last summer vacation was 2009, when I took a road trip through Canada and some northern us states with an old boyfriend. Beautiful trip, annoying companion. Lol We had to stop and turn back just before we reached Yellowstone because he realized we just barely had enough time left for him to return to work on time. Still haven't seen Yellowstone!
Dallas09Jul 21 20 - 07:20 I could use this money so much! I'm an essential worker but haven't received any extras from my employer. My kids have been out of school for months and i've been juggling them and work without much help. Throw in the cool cooler to take kayaking one weekend and we would all be excited :)
AcermanJul 21 20 - 07:09 The only time I went on vacation was in the late 80's. I went to Las Vegas for a week. The mgm was just starting to be built at that time, I haven't gone anywhere since then.
TelephusJul 21 20 - 06:58 Sitting around the campfire!
fairy637Jul 21 20 - 06:34 Camping by the lake!
frenchy729Jul 21 20 - 06:31 Such a nice cooler. Would love to have it for my picnics.
dmagee32Jul 21 20 - 06:29 I would love to use the cooler for my staycation!
dmagee32Jul 21 20 - 06:16 I'd love to use the cooler for my staycation:)
marasakiJul 21 20 - 06:07 Camping with my friends!
CTomJul 21 20 - 06:07 Lake George,ny is the best!
ra1234Jul 21 20 - 05:53 Enjoying spending time with the kids in the backyard.
Member526240378146Jul 21 20 - 05:50 I hope I win. Thank you !
micahbrubinJul 21 20 - 05:47 Fabulous. Love to keep food fresh and tasty while camping!
Member921642854130Jul 21 20 - 05:47 A couple of years ago we went to Mackinac Island in Michigan~ So beautiful! We were there for our anniversary. So quaint with no cars- just horses and bikes and walking! Remember when we could travel??? Oh how I miss it!!!
Member324928360545Jul 21 20 - 05:46 Floating in the lake with family and friends and making memories ❤.
Member626518734056Jul 21 20 - 05:35 I'm just going to be in the backyard with a pitcher of margaritas keeping my distance!
Member324928360545Jul 21 20 - 05:33 Floating in the lake & Enjoying summertime with family and friends ❤
Member915467621156Jul 21 20 - 05:29 Seeing my son lounging on a pool lounge in aruba. He was so cute
Member318488659858Jul 21 20 - 05:28 Going to jacksonville florida beach while i
Member224710136632Jul 21 20 - 05:23 Unfortunately, stay close to home, wear a mask and keep fit.
ApeineJul 21 20 - 04:58 Camping with my family
djrmarJul 21 20 - 04:34 Falling asleep at night listening to the waves hit the beach!
Member425652293256Jul 21 20 - 04:31 Drift wood beach near Savannah....Amazing experience.
Member1212072725445Jul 21 20 - 04:25 Tcb rocks!
msparkyJul 21 20 - 04:25 Kauai trip with my family. Napali coast and Waimea canyon are amazing.
molly3Jul 21 20 - 04:21 Seeing my husband in a bathing suit for thr first time - he had always been in business suits or dress casual.
Member526135659248Jul 21 20 - 04:17 Making smores with my fiance on a nice breezy night! :)
lbrinson17Jul 21 20 - 03:58 We always go to the nc mountains and it is so much cooler than Florida so it's a nice break from the summer heat.
Member1223907489651Jul 21 20 - 03:52 My favorite vacation was going to Put-In-Bay
SilentJJJul 21 20 - 03:48 Last summer would mark the last time our family would take a family vacation together before my eldest son would graduate and start his six years in the Air Force. We tried to cram as much as we could into the limited time we had. Starting in Glen Rose, Texas we visited Dinosaur World as a throwback to my oldest son’S childhood when he went as a Boy Scout and as something new for my youngest son to enjoy. That afternoon we shot over to Legoland in Dallas and finished off the day with a trip to Rainforest Café. Over the following few days, we managed to visit the Ft. Worth Zoo, visit the Alamo down in San Antonio, and toured the Battleship Texas and the Texas Monument in La Porte. I’M glad we did so much last year since it seems summer 2020 vacations will be put on hold for most people this year.
twinklemanJul 21 20 - 03:47 Disney World as a kid!
scopectJul 21 20 - 03:16 My favorite summer vacation was the first time we went to Topsail Island in North Carolina. I expected it to be mucch more "touristy;" and built up. Instead it was a sleepy little island with a focus on relaxation and beachtime. We walked every where - to the beach, to church, to the shops, etc. Had a sweet time we wished did not have to end.
sprinklerhandJul 21 20 - 02:20 Summer cross country trip with my family
JoshuasJul 21 20 - 02:06 The Wilds of the Rockies!
songokuJul 21 20 - 01:51 Super Topcashback!
dformatoJul 21 20 - 01:43 Going on trips with my family to historical places. It was so interesting to learn about each place we traveled too. We were a family of 8 so that was not an easy task. I look forward to taking those trips in honor of my recently deceasd father to continue those educational vacations for my own famiy vacations.
rivera23Jul 21 20 - 01:41 Backpacking across Europe was amazing. So was Christmas in Hawaii. My two biggest trips and the best memories
McCheeseMHJul 21 20 - 01:38 Hiking in Smoky Mountain National Park
QuazazaJul 21 20 - 01:26 Bali, Indonesia
RunarqJul 21 20 - 01:26 As a child we had trips to sunny Southern Europe. However my favorite vocation is the trips home in Norway 🇳🇴, By car.

Those made memories. When we drove long distances, stayed at caravan sights or sometimes hotels. Today hotel breakfast may be ordinary, but as a child it was heaven.
Member626620007709Jul 21 20 - 01:20 Lake welch with the family
Madeline85Jul 21 20 - 01:02 Top cashback is the best 💰💲💵💸🤑
Member525919924100Jul 21 20 - 00:55 De todas las cashback que he, probado esta es la mejor de todas🤑
EdomedoJul 21 20 - 00:50 Camping, Fratarski otok, Pula, Croatia
QuazazaJul 21 20 - 00:41 Yeah! Bali, Indonesia!
Member413691974844Jul 21 20 - 00:31 Lockdown
LehunnyJul 21 20 - 00:12 Camping...... No.Fores of course :( but safety first.
ElisanthJul 20 20 - 23:48 Best cashback service!
Lyubov_KhudinovaJul 20 20 - 23:45 Great time.Black sea
Member1223972329831Jul 20 20 - 23:38 In Canada, visiting my family
ttpham89Jul 20 20 - 23:16 Surfing, exploring, and amazing eats in Kuaui!!
bakolsalesJul 20 20 - 23:14 Mountain climbing with the kids!
rachelmanaJul 20 20 - 23:00 I grew up near beaches and now raise my children in missouri so beaches are not so common. My favorite vacation was when I got to take my kids to Daytona beach. We usually cannot afford out of state vacations so I am so happy that we were able to take this trip.
Stylishteacher Jul 20 20 - 22:58 Wandering around London
Moes123123Jul 20 20 - 22:45 I love the ocean and I love beaches and lakes💕
ro5e2heartJul 20 20 - 22:28 Summer of 2016, very memorable and special moments shared with my relatives. Just the chance to see someone you’Ve have not seen for years is beautiful, i’M grateful for what I already have and although I have many desires of spending a summer in Dubai, or South Korea, I would not take back my experiences at summer 2016.
ashina74Jul 20 20 - 22:27 California Coast area
SlayridingJul 20 20 - 22:27 Next to the lake with my favorite app in hand
LymatasJul 20 20 - 22:26 At the beach near the Baltic sea.
yasermq89Jul 20 20 - 22:19 Seafront with family
billieve420Jul 20 20 - 22:19 A memory that captures summer for me was our summer holiday at the beach, so many awesome memories of being at the cottage with my grandma and going to the beach, the flea market, garage sales, church supper; enjoying a game of cards at night in the cottage. I truly miss those days but have an opportunity to create memories at the cottage with my own children.
ashina74Jul 20 20 - 22:16 Beach of course
MyikaJul 20 20 - 22:15 Going to the park
korthmeyerJul 20 20 - 22:15 My favorite summer memory is my mom and mother in law meeting my daughter, their granddaughter, for the first time.
suzeJul 20 20 - 21:57 Skydiving with 2 of my kids.
ocean7chic3Jul 20 20 - 21:54 Taking a 5 week roadtrip as a kid and traveling to so many neat national parks, and monuments and campgrounds.
Member1223896467032Jul 20 20 - 21:44 My favorite summer memory was the cruise to Alaska I went on with my sister.
FrenchToastJul 20 20 - 21:43 For awhile as a child I was taken on camping trips with friends. We all went in a large, quite nice trailer with indoor plumbing, stove, refrigerator, etc. The girls, who were the minority on these trips, slept inside the trailer with mum. The boys roughed it outside in sleeping bags with dad. We went to camp grounds like Money Hill, which I am unsure still exists, but I recall it was beautiful, and we learnt a lot about wildlife.
We also went to Grand Isle where we used to float along the Gulf in huge truck inner tubes. I recall the last time we were there was shortly after Jaws (the original) was released at cinema, so sharks were on all of our minds. One day whilst I and a friend, Claire, were happily floating along in the water, suddenly something from beneath the water grabbed my feet and pulled me under! It was friend Terrence and a couple of the other boys who had conspired to frighten Claire and I out of our wits! They succeeded! Dad was not too happy about it once we reported back, though, so the boys were denied dessert that night and no marshmallows around the campfire, either! Well, they survived..... (Lol)
In those days, the days were long, adventurous, hot, salty, and fun. Exploring and learning about the wildlife around us was a huge thrill. It was a time to let our creative tendencies bloom, too. I wrote poetry beneath tall pine trees and dreamt of what life would be like 25 or more years into the future. Those were happy, carefree days that I shall always make me smile and fill me with warmth. Everyone should have days like those.
Member224809703612Jul 20 20 - 21:40 A family vacation to the Point Reyes! Great time!
dishjbJul 20 20 - 21:40 Our family trip to Florida in 1993 was full of misadventure but sure was a lot of fun despite the various troubles that befell us along the way.
kalyangJul 20 20 - 21:33 Summer vacation to Fort Brag was awesome & Memorable forever!
Member1015783042659Jul 20 20 - 21:24 My favorite summer vacation was to Colorado. We visited Estes Park, went horseback riding in the mountains, and went up Pikes Peak, where the view was spectacular.
eLTeeJul 20 20 - 21:22 My favorite vacation was Hawaii with the family when I was a teenager.
MrHerringJul 20 20 - 21:20 Favorite memories - fishing on a lake in the forest, far from settlements ...
VigorixJul 20 20 - 21:19 Cape Cod.
davchoJul 20 20 - 21:19 Eating a ice cream cone on the broadwalk at Coney Island after a Nathans hot dog meal
Member1223997891049Jul 20 20 - 21:04 Need one! Would love it!
Member38928570334Jul 20 20 - 21:01 My favorite vacation was at Carolina Beach North Carolina it was the year that my parents and all of my siblings could finally be together for vacation with all of our children. We made a lot of good memories and it started a tradition that every two years we go to the beach for our family reunions. The best part is introducing the kids and grandkids to the ocean, sand, shells and sea life. I loved that we finally got an updated family photo on the beach.
DaczJul 20 20 - 20:50 We had a great rest on the river while descending
Member124187478709Jul 20 20 - 20:47 My favorite vacation was Hawaii with the whole family. It was muggy hot but we had an absolute blast.
yossnechJul 20 20 - 20:43 One day layover in Reykjavik Iceland with Wow Air. 12 hours drove around the Golden Circle.
jenro89Jul 20 20 - 20:38 Hiking at the river.
zihan1207Jul 20 20 - 20:30 Visit Los Angeles, Hawaii!
Member614422863953Jul 20 20 - 20:30 My favorite vacation was when me and my kids went to Cocoa Beach Disney world and universal studios
unihcky99Jul 20 20 - 20:26 I can't wait to start making summer vacation memories with our kiddos. This would have been their first summer off from school as fresh kindergarten graduates. We had to postpone our trip to next summer.
rlchavda24Jul 20 20 - 20:17 Orlando, fl
gserbeleJul 20 20 - 20:07 Rapid city with my family as a kid.
jlcasey467Jul 20 20 - 20:06 My favorite summer vacation was when I was on a cruise in the Mediterranean. Swimming in the warm waters of Cannes, France was amazing!
trisha312caJul 20 20 - 20:05 One of my favorite summer memories was camping at Lake Kabetogama. Boating to one of the islands for our campsite, bear-proof cabinets (we were woken up by a bear digging in the pop cooler one morning), hiking, tubing, & Other boat fun.
jlkratzJul 20 20 - 20:03 Some of my best summer vacations are just taking time off to hike and enjoy beautiful waterfalls. Seeing and enjoying what God has created always refreshes my soul.
Member1116204937147Jul 20 20 - 19:49 I remember my favorite summers driving across several states, with several of my relatives, being hauled back and forth by my dad. With stopovers, sightseeing, and tasty food runs, they were the best summers ever.
Member325015124723Jul 20 20 - 19:49 My favorite Summer Vacation was the year my wife and myself stayed in a Hampton Inn by Ft.Myers Beach Florida. We rode the local beach trolly to and from the beach every day. We were in walking distance of stores and restaurants. This Vacation was so care free, the easy days on trolly and on the beach made for one of my wife and I most amazing trip.
tiger653Jul 20 20 - 19:47 All inclusive all the way!!
maribJul 20 20 - 19:43 My favorite summer memory was2 years ago finally taking a cruise that spent 3 days in St. Petersburg visiting many museums, but in particular, the Hermitage and Faberge Museum with their fabulous treasures. I fell and broke a bone in my foot the night we were sailing away from the city but luckily not before realizing my longtime dream of seeing this amazing place.
blueappleJul 20 20 - 19:40 Visit New York City.
Member1116204937147Jul 20 20 - 19:40 I remember favorite summer drives across several states with some of my relatives, and my dad hauling us all there and back. Lots of fun, with stopovers, sightseeing, and tasty food runs all in between. Best summers ever.
Member124446718302Jul 20 20 - 19:26 My favorite summer vacation memory is taking a road trip every summer to Florida when I was young. One particular summer when I was 13, we spent 3 weeks in Tampa,Florida & Then spent one week in Honolulu, Hawaii. While in Hawaii we spent everyday at Waikiki Beach. We traveled around to a few different islands & Beaches while we were there as well.The best fruit i’Ve ever had. The most beautiful sunrise & Sunsets .I would love to travel back there sometime soon when money isn’T so tight.
jlcasey467Jul 20 20 - 19:25 My favorite summer vacation was when I was on a cruise in the Mediterranean. Swimming in the warm waters of Cannes, France was amazing!
yami1987Jul 20 20 - 19:25 My favorite vacation was going to Puerto Vallarta with mi Parents , my kids and my husband , drinking some Tequila !! Salud =)
Mavarela5Jul 20 20 - 19:22 Staying home as much as possible but I would rather be camping by a lake with my family.
freyaloJul 20 20 - 19:18 My favorite vacation time was going to Hokkaido. Although its weather is harsh in winter with lots of snowfall, it is perfect for skiers and snowboarders.
Member124440560232Jul 20 20 - 19:16 My favorite summer vacation is enjoying the beaches at Ocean Shores Washington
ValeriechaconJul 20 20 - 19:16 I love summer because of the plants and flowers that continue to bloom and grow. Watching the "fruits" of my labor produce is wonderful!
SylviaRJul 20 20 - 19:15 The summer I graduated and spent a month in Washington state -
MSVacayJul 20 20 - 19:11 Going to Hawaii with my sister for her 40th bday.
Member318583492216Jul 20 20 - 19:09 My memorable vacation was when I had all three of my grand children for the summer with my husband and I in Florida just relaxing while they were enjoying the pool.
charlesjanayJul 20 20 - 19:09 Nothing fancy. Visiting Amish country for a few days of really getting away from it all.
jessyoung3Jul 20 20 - 19:08 My favourite summer vacation memory was going to Hawaii with my team for a tournament. It was so fun!
Member1122805307604Jul 20 20 - 19:06 Soaking in Dead Sea....
aocs2Jul 20 20 - 19:03 Traveling to South Carolina
Kdwilson97Jul 20 20 - 19:01 The last summer vacation I took with my grandma before she past away. She took all of her grandkids to Florida by herself its the best memory and best vacation i'll ever remember because we were together.
Sread0929Jul 20 20 - 19:00 Going to Spooner, wi with my family. So many great memories of us either at the farm, tubing down the River or going into town.
johnvienJul 20 20 - 18:52 My favorite summer vacation memory thus far was when I traveled to Portland and Seattle with a group of college friends. The total trip was about a week and we had a great time exploring the city and trying out the best reviewed food spots in each city!
Member921819974455Jul 20 20 - 18:51 My best memory was seeing my kids face knowing they were going on there 1st airplane trip to Florida for 4th of july
Adero1780Jul 20 20 - 18:49 Celebrating my sisters bday week in Venice Beach with an airbnb. Not much hot weather like we hoped, but the family being together made it all worth it.
Debv656Jul 20 20 - 18:46 Hilton Head was a fun spring vacation years ago
scubayouJul 20 20 - 18:46 Campfire on the beach and having smores
Member1223838361554Jul 20 20 - 18:46 Traveling to Guatemala and drinking the fresh coconut water
Member1123075237457Jul 20 20 - 18:44 On a beach with this cooler full of beer!
tegodsJul 20 20 - 18:42 Bbq at the lake side. Building sand castles.
emscout9Jul 20 20 - 18:40 My favorite vacay memory was spending the week on the beach in the Florida panhandle.
Member726996487918Jul 20 20 - 18:39 Camping with no cell phone signal with my family ♡
Member1223999015752Jul 20 20 - 18:37 My favorite Summer Vacation memory would have to be July 2012, my Mother- In- Law lived in Ocean City and it was 4th of July - The weather was perfect, the Sunset was amazing and the Fireworks were beautiful and all the Family was together. She sadly passed away from Cancer 2 years ago.
dtaylor1024Jul 20 20 - 18:35 My favorite was a trip to San Diego over 4th of July with the kids and husband. We had tons of fun and called 4 months in advance for reservations on the bay for the fireworks show.
scurtisJul 20 20 - 18:34 Bahamas for 3 weeks with best friends post high school graduation.
Member626525408754Jul 20 20 - 18:33 Going to the beach twice every summer is a thing we normally do with the kids but this year we had to just stay home and blow up the pool.
Member425745811303Jul 20 20 - 18:28 The summer that my teenage daughters and I drove from Oklahoma to Ohio was the best! We took our time, making sure to stop at all of the oddities we could find.
Michael BergJul 20 20 - 18:26 Need a scuba vacation or anywhere away fro the house at this point. #COVID19SUCKS
Member1223999015752Jul 20 20 - 18:24 My favorite Summer Vacation memory would have to be July 2012, my Mother- In- Law lived in Ocean City and it was 4th of July - The weather was perfect, the Sunset was amazing and the Fireworks were beautiful and all the Family was together. She sadly passed away from Cancer 2 years ago.
Member821217433417Jul 20 20 - 18:23 My favorite vacation time was going to Imperial Beach. It was my first time going to the ocean. It was jus a peaceful place moment with my family. Will always remember it. Although I had a good time I was thinking of the Andreas fault line. I didn't want to take ke big step, jump or anything lol
hardbod35Jul 20 20 - 18:22 I could really use that $50 to buy me some beer and that cooler to put them in as this heat is brutal!
ELAINEDONGJul 20 20 - 18:22 Biking in Alaska
xstitcherJul 20 20 - 18:17 The vacation that I remember the most was when we went to South Dakota and Wyoming. Beautiful country. We loved going to the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park.

cheapa55Jul 20 20 - 18:17 Spending a week in an old cottage on a lake in Cuba, ny with my wife, her side of the family and our 18 month old son.
ranron22Jul 20 20 - 18:13 1977 - 17 years old - Hawaii with some bros. Mai tai on the beach with older girls topless. Heaven.
jfalkersJul 20 20 - 18:13 Pontoon boat on Lake Pepin
manuelinaJul 20 20 - 18:11 Would love to win for my mom. She's having a hard moment. Stay safe, guys!
Deiter777Jul 20 20 - 18:11 The most beautiful summer I remeber was the 4th of July of 2000 , the day that I landed in nyc , that same date but 4 years later my daughter was born in the same city, the city that never sleeps! I wanted to be part of it ny ny. So i'm.
jessikaJul 20 20 - 18:11 Yay! Thank you!
LilsilverfishJul 20 20 - 18:11 My favorite summer vacation memory is when I first met my now husband more than twenty-two years ago - he worked as a bagger at the Publix where my family and I used to shop after our arrival at our beach destination...
AmanJul 20 20 - 18:08 Thank you, good initiative.
x79141Jul 20 20 - 18:06 Driving on a road trip across the country with my wife.
rchailletJul 20 20 - 18:03 Took off for semester in Europe in late summer of 1978. Sill remember everything vividly.
calhowrJul 20 20 - 17:57 Best vacation ever was a trip to Barbados last year. Got to experience Crop Over (their version of Carnival) which was awesome! Great food, great people! Will definitely be back after corona is thru! Lol
lmr8705Jul 20 20 - 17:57 One of my favorite summer memories was my uncle taking me fishing. He was an avid fisherman, and it was a huge treat to be taken out and shown the ropes - then so satisfying to actually catch my own fish (which we would always eat if they were the legal size to keep!). Something I would love to do again with him :).
MrsAnsley14Jul 20 20 - 17:57 A favorite summer vacation memory is a trip my family took when I was 13. We flew from Montana to Washington dc, then drove up to Niagara Falls, over to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and down through more of New England.
Member519680255907Jul 20 20 - 17:56 Due to covid-19, I haven't been able to take a summer vacation because "either restrictions from other countries &/Or states; states within us are spiking from increases in cases; people aren't taking situation seriously & I fear becoming infected due to my age as well as health issues". So my vacation is indoors, in my home, staying away from others & Having peace of mind
Member526085803419Jul 20 20 - 17:55 Summer fun
Member1022347534316Jul 20 20 - 17:53 Any vacation at the beach is always the best.
bjsmatsJul 20 20 - 17:53 Swimming in the pool with my ducks was fun and cooling.
LadyRose813Jul 20 20 - 17:51 Long walks in New York City, picnics at Central Park, going to baseball games with my family... I love Summer in New York City. There's nothing quite like it. So much to do, so much to see in the city that never sleeps. I'm a Summer baby and my favorite summer memory is hosting my 25th Birthday party with my now best friend on a rooftop in Brooklyn. We're still friends, 20 years and counting, all thanks to a great summer memory.
steinhausJul 20 20 - 17:50 Florida beaches! Sun, sand and salty air!
Member626374264200Jul 20 20 - 17:50 I travelled to wa state and spent a week with one of my closest friends in a Valley near the Columbia river. Best summer of my life.
dale7570Jul 20 20 - 17:49 Love to go to Panama City when travel is safe again!
skydtlaJul 20 20 - 17:49 Yes! Need!!!
Member76975848449Jul 20 20 - 17:49 Great addition to my summer
isra4224Jul 20 20 - 17:49 Good luck
nathanescottJul 20 20 - 17:49 Beach time with multiple families and going to the boardwalk
MerlinsbaneJul 20 20 - 17:48 Florida beaches! Sun, sand and salty air!
JoshuaLJul 20 20 - 17:48 The most memorable summer vacation in the us was the road trip to San Antonio for the first time with the whole family more than a decade ago. A trip with the whole family is basically impossible now that all us kids are forming our own families. This was also the first road trip for my family in the us. Only looking back years later did I realize why family road trips had been a beloved American tradition and experience. The Alamo, Riverwalk, tower of America, and all the local food will never be forgotten as they transformed us into true Americans. It's funny how memories flood your mind with each frame full of vivid images and lively emotions. Our family had been back to San Antonio with different members since then, but it is interesting that we all felt that nothing was the same as the first time. It was simply special in every way and perhaps a little magical is how we'll always remember it.
melissacleaverJul 20 20 - 17:45 My favorite summer memory is eating watermelon and having seed spitting fights! Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance!
Member513843311023Jul 20 20 - 17:45 Whole pig feast and luau at the beach!
cnvrtble98Jul 20 20 - 17:44 I really need a new cooler too!
Robles1989Jul 20 20 - 17:44
Sorry,you can submit your comment after five minutes
Nwaynet Jul 20 20 - 17:43 Going to a beach with my wife in Southern California. Amazing!
LanolitJul 20 20 - 17:43 My favorite beach destinations have always been Florida. The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly, and there are lots of activities for kids to do. I think that Florida is a great place to park a new cooler. Next stop, I wouldn't mind branching out to the Bahamas.
Member720565821723Jul 20 20 - 17:40 Bonfire at my grandparents house.
Jessie1022Jul 20 20 - 17:39 Vermont with my mom, dad & Older sister!!!
jul00373Jul 20 20 - 17:38 The first time I can remember going to the beach. Spent all day running away from the waves. Wanted to get in water but didn't know how to get past the waves. Finally figured it out and it was time to go! Great memories.
jessicajdJul 20 20 - 17:37 Would be great to keep my beer cold!
kashish108narangJul 20 20 - 17:37 I think the best memory of summer vacation will be sitting near a beach and answering summer treat hints to get the bird and see your gift.
Member626663877341Jul 20 20 - 17:34 Relaxing at home
lsshemoJul 20 20 - 17:33 My favorite memory of summer is going to the beach
uciteljJul 20 20 - 17:33 Cross country road trip!
lebronzeJul 20 20 - 17:32 Sitting by the beaches of Assassteague
Jessie1022Jul 20 20 - 17:32 Vermont with my mom, dad & Older sister!!!
Baker5Jul 20 20 - 17:32 Rehoboth Beach.
lkmpsychJul 20 20 - 17:32 The one in which I didn’T break my ankle and have surgery during the middle of a pandemic which kept me isolated at home
Jul 20 20 - 17:32 Can’T say there is any memorable summer vacation I can recall.

What I do remember, however, was as a kid how summer itself was a vacation, and I loved going to the local swimming pools to frolic and use the diving boards.
dootsiebirdJul 20 20 - 17:31 Sitting on the beach listening to the waves.
Member128143303218Jul 20 20 - 17:31 When I was a single mom and my kids were little (4 and 6), I was unable financially to take my kids on a vacation after leaving an abusive marriage. I won a trip to Disneyland for four days for all of us, which I would not have been able to afford. Then, when I turned 50, after raising my kids alone, then caring for my aging parents, my daughter took me on an all-expenses paid vacation up the California coast, staying on the beach in Cambria, for my birthday. Those are my two favorite vacations. So grateful for those memories.
Satomik123Jul 20 20 - 17:30 Rim to rim hiking at Grand canyon np!
Member1217049759013Jul 20 20 - 17:30 Grand canyon
nycwongJul 20 20 - 17:29 Hiking narrows at Zion National Park!
jul00373Jul 20 20 - 17:29 The first time I can remember going to the beach. Spent all day running away from the waves. Wanted to get in water but didn't know how to get past the waves. Finally figured it out and it was time to go! Great memories.
dlongJul 20 20 - 17:29 Eating an orange.
SamanthalincolnJul 20 20 - 17:29 Loving summer and all the activities were fitting into our schedule! My 3 kids have seen so many wonderful places!
Member117839006513Jul 20 20 - 17:27 Galveston, Tx beach when I was young..Walking the strand good memories..
Member1122997807450Jul 20 20 - 17:27 Good luck
lcastoJul 20 20 - 17:27 Taking Amtrak with my family to see grandparents.
Member1022384609241Jul 20 20 - 17:27 Pool time with my boys! 😊
BoredOOMMJul 20 20 - 17:26 San Diego.
krptx356951Jul 20 20 - 17:25 Trip to the beach with friends
Member325397831457Jul 20 20 - 17:24 Working at boy scout summer, camp, where I met my husband.
Robles1989Jul 20 20 - 17:23 When we went to Yosemite we had so much fun we looked so much at nature we wanted to repeat it, I would like to forget that my pregnancy is high risk and have some peace! That's all
Member526188634157Jul 20 20 - 17:22 Donald Trump 2020
rkevansJul 20 20 - 17:22 Two weeks on St. George Island in the early 1970's - perfect beaches, perfect weather, and before tourists even knew about the place.
ckr585Jul 20 20 - 17:21 Trip to Orlando
RobbjhattemJul 20 20 - 17:21 I'm loving staying home, reading and relaxing in my beautiful backyard with the butterflies, flowers and our 2 fountains that so many birds bathe and drink from!! Happy Summer!
finefinnJul 20 20 - 17:21 My favorite vacation memory was when I was a child. Our family camped at Big Betsey and had a fabulous time! A big thunderstorm came through in the night. All were are and sound.
Kaselle Jul 20 20 - 17:21 Bermuda!!!
Member821488451306Jul 20 20 - 17:20 Tidal pools, Popham Beach, Maine
carrancoJul 20 20 - 17:20 Alaskan cruise.
jojo80Jul 20 20 - 17:17 Eating cake and having a beer on an overlook at the BlueRidgeMountains in the afternoon, while forgetting the pandemic...
stevemcqueenJul 20 20 - 17:17 Disneyworld
jiangtingJul 20 20 - 17:17 Keywest beach and southmost point are really sweet memory for me!
Member626685537038Jul 20 20 - 17:15 Need a Igloo cooler please.
BethHern1981Jul 20 20 - 17:15 Spending the week with my family hiking and going through caves.
stevemcqueenJul 20 20 - 17:12 Disneyworld
gmrichhicksJul 20 20 - 17:10 We had a great memory 2 years ago when we visited DisneyWorld
redvetteJul 20 20 - 17:08 Spending the week at a cabin on the lake with good fishing, good food and good friends.
sweetleeJul 20 20 - 17:05 Going to the beach. We always stayed for many hours and packed lots of food and snacks. It was fun swimming all day in the sun.
Member1116492368339Jul 20 20 - 17:04 My 2 week trip to Africa & London. I did three safaris in Zimbabwe & Then spent a couple of days in London
ludekemaJul 20 20 - 17:03 Summer in Siberia
Rhea CaninoJul 20 20 - 17:01 My most recent vacation was in the mountains with the whole family included and a bear that visited us at night in the cabin, but with this cooler we can't help but think of a few days of vacation on the beach.
amanpreetJul 20 20 - 17:01 Trip to miami..
FeedingPhoenixFarmJul 20 20 - 17:00 Disneyland with my family
Member526188634157Jul 20 20 - 17:00 Donald Trump 2020
Gulbakyt Jul 20 20 - 16:59 I love it
rsleddyJul 20 20 - 16:59 Spending summers in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
MTColeman1Jul 20 20 - 16:59 Attending our annual family reunion! I enjoy the fellowship with my extended family.
Laurita19Jul 20 20 - 16:57 My favorite summer getaway was getting together with my family in Chicago enjoying the zoo,lunch, and visiting the aquarium.
erkkilakcJul 20 20 - 16:57 Love going to the lake in summer
jaw12121Jul 20 20 - 16:57 We did a 3 week family driving trip in 2018 across us lower states, up west coast, and the across upper states staying with family, friends & Hotels - visiting state and national parks.
mnerenbaumJul 20 20 - 16:56 Last summer when we took our 10 year anniversay Alaskan cruise and we spend several nights traveling inland. We were able to get clear views of Denali....What an awesome sight!
martyzzzJul 20 20 - 16:55 Bass fishing on my favorite lake in nj.
CpaulkJul 20 20 - 16:55 My favorite summer memory was with my family at Disney World!
613gershJul 20 20 - 16:55 Went with 3 friends to Iceland, the most beautiful place i've ever seen. It was a glorious week and drove around the entire island.
Member1022384609241Jul 20 20 - 16:55 Pool time with my boys! 😊
curtis206Jul 20 20 - 16:55 Sitting on the beach in Hawaii.
denwood3Jul 20 20 - 16:54 Good luck (to me)!
Member526132514321Jul 20 20 - 16:53 Cross country road trip!
FrenchToastJul 20 20 - 16:52 For awhile as a child I was taken on camping trips with friends. We all went in a large, quite nice trailer with indoor plumbing, stove, refrigerator, etc. The girls, who were the minority on these trips, slept inside the trailer with mum. The boys roughed it outside in sleeping bags with dad. We went to camp grounds like Money Hill, which I am unsure still exists, but I recall it was beautiful, and we learnt a lot about wildlife.

We also went to Grand Isle where we used to float along the Gulf in huge truck inner tubes. I recall the last time we were there was shortly after Jaws (the original) was released at cinema, so sharks were on all of our minds. One day whilst I and a friend, Claire, were happily floating along in the water, suddenly something from beneath the water grabbed my feet and pulled me under! It was friend Terrence and a couple of the other boys who had conspired to frighten Claire and I out of our wits! They succeeded! Dad was not too happy about it once we reported back, though, so the boys were denied dessert that night and no marshmallows around the campfire, either! Well, they survived..... (Lol)

In those days, the days were long, adventurous, hot, salty, and fun. Exploring and learning about the wildlife around us was a huge thrill. It was a time to let our creative tendencies bloom, too. I wrote poetry beneath tall pine trees and dreamt of what life would be like 25 or more years into the future. Those were happy, carefree days that I shall always make me smile and fill me with warmth. Everyone should have days like those.
flyhigh8Jul 20 20 - 16:51 My favorite summer vacation memory was a family trip to Hawaii. We visited two islands, Maui and Oahu and had a great time on both islands. We drove Road to Hana and hiked Pipiwai Trail, watched the stunning sunrise at Haleakalā National Park in Maui. We went kayaking and hiked Diamond Head for a great view of Honolulu in Oahu. Of course, we went snorkeling on both islands (saw fishes and turtles!) Last but not least, simply lying on the beach was relaxing and the food was delicious!
ram6788Jul 20 20 - 16:51 Hope I win.
Pepsi289Jul 20 20 - 16:51 Thank you for the chance.
mewmewgirl13Jul 20 20 - 16:51 My favorite summer vacation was back in college. The time with my Bf and currently my hussy, we went to Florida universal studio together. It was free and happy.
PCPhilJul 20 20 - 16:50 Hope everyone is staying safe this summer!!
Member218235442135Jul 20 20 - 16:50 Looking forward to great vacations!
tommyp911Jul 20 20 - 16:50 I need a new cooler for the beach, my cooler's lid is broken.
adaaa05Jul 20 20 - 16:50 Bbq with my friends!!!
marszinmotionJul 20 20 - 16:49 Spending time with family & Extended family up in Canada
AbuSulaymaanJul 20 20 - 16:49 I'm am new to this forum. Still trying to understand how to benefit from this site.
Member519323027620Jul 20 20 - 16:49 Jamaica several years ago with fiancee to visit her family in the countryside. Met some really nice people, ate delicious food, danced to great music. The beaches are gorgeous, the heat tempered by the constant breeze.
sahoward1Jul 20 20 - 16:49 Disney, camping, watching movies at a drive in.
mctestersonJul 20 20 - 16:48 My favorite summer vacation memory is of aimless days getting sunburned on the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.
nmyrandJul 20 20 - 16:48 Day dreaming about a vacation with my new cooler
CpaulkJul 20 20 - 16:47 My favorite summer memory was when I was younger and I was with my family at Disney World.
rebbeseinikelJul 20 20 - 16:46 We loved the happy summers in gorgeous Switzerland. The only place that beats that is the Holy Land of Israel.
BlondeSugarJul 20 20 - 16:46 My favorite summer vacation memory was going to Martha's Vineyard with loved ones.
chrissysundayJul 20 20 - 16:45 I need a cooler!
HUIBIN HUANGJul 20 20 - 16:45 Water park go go go!
DaffodilJul 20 20 - 16:45 Swimming for hours until our skin wrinkled!
cyberbeatnikJul 20 20 - 16:44 Palm Springs with my 10 nieces and nephews at the water park. It's a blast especially in 100 degree weather.
Member318480703202Jul 20 20 - 16:44 Thanks for the chance to win this great cooler!
Joach12Jul 20 20 - 16:43 Summer time
Member26042303943Jul 20 20 - 16:43 Beach--going under the dam and sitting under the water that goes over the dam
Member714753202931Jul 20 20 - 16:43 Love to win!! ThankYou!
srleightJul 20 20 - 16:42 Noting like the warm days of summer. Even if we have to keep our distance because of covid, backyard fun with family is what matters now.
MadeleinePutziJul 20 20 - 16:41 I want one!!
mandy999918Jul 20 20 - 16:40 Visiting parks
Member425842554450Jul 20 20 - 16:40 This sounds like an awesome giveaway..Thanks
bethphelpsJul 20 20 - 16:39 We always love visiting Florida and enjoying beach days!
Member519323027620Jul 20 20 - 16:38 Went to Jamaica with my fiancee and visited her family in the countryside. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, great music, tasty food. We had a wonderful time, will never forget it.
Member425874461811Jul 20 20 - 16:38 I lost mine and really need one.
Knightt5Jul 20 20 - 16:38 This would be cool along with a secluded beach getaway. I need Vitamin Sea😜!!!!
indplayfulJul 20 20 - 16:37 I was planning to buy.
jde139Jul 20 20 - 16:37 Water island St Thomas usvi
Natalie TJul 20 20 - 16:36 My past adventure was with my mother in law and my kids. It was a pleasure and great time spending with my mother in law at Good Harbor beach. Every year, Grammy Invited us over night in the guest house at Brooksby Village where she lives. We packed our yummy sandwich, snack and drinks and headed to the beach for 2 days in a row! We also had a glamorous dinners at the fancy restaurants at Brooksby! Thanks Grammy for giving us such a great memories and fabulous treats! This year, we are going to invite Grammy to the Hampton beach. We definitely will have a good time together as long as we have face masks in and social distancing 6 feet apart. Let’S roll the nice Igloo cooler to the beach and have fun!
KazeDesuJul 20 20 - 16:35 A cooler and $50 to bill the cooler with drinks would be awesome.
Member1123281260614Jul 20 20 - 16:35 Butchart gardens during Alaska cruise
Member626435598323Jul 20 20 - 16:34 YodlEhoooooo
Member626668244109Jul 20 20 - 16:34 Back to the Thousand Islands in ny & Visit to Boldt Castle
arl10144Jul 20 20 - 16:33 This would be handy while tailgating in my back yard. These days i'm not venturing too far from home.
Anton123Jul 20 20 - 16:33 On the beach with friend & Family.
paulcartyJul 20 20 - 16:33 Secrets oc md.

Say no more.
Member425895272555Jul 20 20 - 16:32 Favorite memory with family is the beach and spending time together
Member325419447926Jul 20 20 - 16:31 Remember laying on the beach and a storm came over, lighting included, and it started raining. So I put a beach towel over me while it rained, hoping that I wouldn't get struck by lighting. It was a good experience considering, listening to the rain drops hit all around me with the ocean surf sounds in the background.
Member513957812048Jul 20 20 - 16:30 Cancun has the most beautiful beach and sea
Member76958958730Jul 20 20 - 16:30 I would love to win win win .... I don’T usually win stuff so making summer fun with a win. My best vacation memory was when I went to Miami ... It was amazing , the weather and everything ...
Member212758974559Jul 20 20 - 16:30 My favorite memory is my huge family (7 of us, 3 sets of aunts/Uncles/Cousins, grandparents) renting cabins on a lake in upstate ny for a week!! We would fish, swim, occasionally someone would let us waterski, head into Lake George for touristy stuff (arcade, spin-art, candy, haunted house). Good times!!
Member128143303218Jul 20 20 - 16:29 When I was raising my kids as a single parent when they were 4 and 6 years old and living below poverty level after leaving an abusive marriage, I won a trip for four to Disneyland, which I would never have been able to do for them. It was such a blessing. Then, when I turned 50 after raising them, my daughter paid for a trip up the California coast to stay in Cambria right across from the beach. Those two memories were the best summer trips i've ever had.
jerryhanJul 20 20 - 16:29 I love summer...
jaw12121Jul 20 20 - 16:29 We did a 3 week family driving trip in 2018 across us lower states, up west coast, and the across upper states staying with family, friends & Hotels - visiting state and national parks.
TopBobJul 20 20 - 16:29 Red sand between my
Toes summer vacation in
Outer space staples
Lungu CristinaJul 20 20 - 16:29 The most memorable last vacation was in Italy when I took the little girl out of the Pavlik corset
Member66702159918Jul 20 20 - 16:29 We did a lot of family day trips as a kid, camp was too expensive. I loved it. My fave memory was when we convinced my both proper and motion-sickness-prone mother to get on the kiddie roller coaster. She lost her hat and the rest of us could not stop laughing at her terrified expression- don't worry she was laughing too as soon as the ride stopped!
milty908Jul 20 20 - 16:28 I never win anything
Member105286868531Jul 20 20 - 16:28 My favorite memory is my summer vacation in Vietnam. I was finally able to meet my grand parents and learn about the Vietnamese culture. I learned about new foods and more about my parents culture. It was interesting to see the statues under the ocean where they said it was the god of the seas and they are there to protect us. The history of Vietnam and the war was so interesting to learn!
coffeemom78Jul 20 20 - 16:28 Looks like an amazing cooler!
redsharpieJul 20 20 - 16:27 A family vacation to Florida. Always fun to have a first family vacation.
KellyHammJul 20 20 - 16:25 Spending time on Cape Cod!
jin_zhhJul 20 20 - 16:24 I want this cooler.
Mab54Jul 20 20 - 16:23 Went to Myrtle Beach as a teenager had a great time on the water slides.
kraemer1419Jul 20 20 - 16:23 My favorite summer mini-vacation memory is when we went with our friends to Upper Michigan to race our Vintage Race Cars. The weather was beautiful and what fun to share with our 'Racing Family'.
chanart05Jul 20 20 - 16:23 Would love to win
supbro_123Jul 20 20 - 16:23 Had a great summer last year at San Diego la jolla beach with the kids! I had a big tan to prove it! Hope to win~
mijinsoo8348Jul 20 20 - 16:23 Good chance ! Thx
blissjoyloveJul 20 20 - 16:22 Summertime oh how I love theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Brenda MuellerJul 20 20 - 16:22 My favorite summer memories are us being able to spend a week with our grandchildren visiting us from out of state.
vineetpalJul 20 20 - 16:21 Nice giveaway
margaretg711Jul 20 20 - 16:20 My sons first trip with us was when he was 5 years old. We went to The Cayman Islands. My son was in the water feeding the fish Cheerios! ( It was allowed) it was a great experience for him. He loves the ocean. He is now 20 years old and that was the first of many vacations we took him on!
michaelspicerJul 20 20 - 16:20 Summer family trip to Kauai every year.
krissykris0815Jul 20 20 - 16:20 What a great gift even while staying at home and hanging out in your backyard! Thank you!
Xsavior21Jul 20 20 - 16:20 My favorite memory is laying down in a creek that's ankle-deep and letting the cold water run past me on a hot summer day.
Member418879287138Jul 20 20 - 16:19 We took our three grandsons, ages1, 7 and 12 to my husband's family cabin in the u.P. At Hulbert Lake. My 90 year old mother- in- law went too. It was awesome!!!
yarbr012Jul 20 20 - 16:19 My favorite summer vacation memory was traveling to Cancun Mexico with my Dad and brother where we went snorkeling!
lizcotter2Jul 20 20 - 16:18 I loved the first time I went to the ocean! I'm from Michigan so I was used to lakes and had never smelled the ocean breeze before!
tbesanconJul 20 20 - 16:18 Would love to win this cooler.
Member1223933462158Jul 20 20 - 16:18 Great giveaway❗
Boweil91Jul 20 20 - 16:18 Went to the seashore a couple of times
Bon00Jul 20 20 - 16:18 Great giveaway!!
baker3108Jul 20 20 - 16:18 Love TCB. Like money falling from the sky
Mab54Jul 20 20 - 16:17 Went to Myrtle Beach as a teenager had a great time on the water slides.
omidugaJul 20 20 - 16:17 Enjoy home's deck because of covid
karenemuellerJul 20 20 - 16:16 Love our trips to Maui!
ZIvey2007Jul 20 20 - 16:16 We always have our family reunion the first of July every year. It's always an adventure. So far we've had it in 17 different states. Family fun and vacay in one!
floydmel65Jul 20 20 - 16:15 My favorite memory is my summer at Bible camp. We made bracelets and necklaces to send Guatemala to help support women and children with their income
Member1015712233334Jul 20 20 - 16:15 Sailing and snorkling in Anguilla. Best trip ever!
Member519417525557Jul 20 20 - 16:15 I love visiting Disney World! I can not wait to go back after covid is over!
Member1122998330938Jul 20 20 - 16:14 Great deal
teemak50Jul 20 20 - 16:14 Camping during the summer was a big thing for us.
Member626594566809Jul 20 20 - 16:14 I would love to win this cooler!
Fish060Jul 20 20 - 16:14 Camping with the kids!
CoolkorvJul 20 20 - 16:13 When my mom died
Member626715905135Jul 20 20 - 16:13 Going to Myrtle Beach
almostastoryJul 20 20 - 16:12 Niagara Fall! Unforgettable trip! Grand and amazing, mastery and cooling! I was not expecting before setting off, but shocked when I saw the fall! Definitely go there again!
Member626355422118Jul 20 20 - 16:12 Myrtle Beach with our extended family each year!
Member224552967555Jul 20 20 - 16:12 When I was 7 first in my life I saw ocean. This my childhood's summer was amazing !
KateHollywoodJul 20 20 - 16:11 Fishing with my kids during vacation in Northern Minnesota.
arrowandaJul 20 20 - 16:11 Everyone loves the beach. Clear water and a cold drink.
alohachipJul 20 20 - 16:09 It's been so many years since I had went to the beach. I wish I could go there soon.
sunlutzJul 20 20 - 16:09 My best summer memory is the time I spent in Chequamegon National Forest for 8 weeks . I was fifteen, and wanted to spend the summer away from home. I wanted an adventure. I signed up with the Forestry service, and lived in a Youth Conservation Camp for the whole summer. We made hiking trails, created cold water streams for trouts. It was very physically demanding. But, looking back, it was the best summer of my life.
ReneeH06Jul 20 20 - 16:08 Going to Martha’S Vineyard When I was a teenager, with my best friend at the time, her mother and aunt. What a great time!!
Member224852598550Jul 20 20 - 16:08 My favorite summer memory was a place. My whole family would go to the campground in Chesapeake, Va then we would drive to Va, Beach from there. I enjoyed the time our car broke down and the mcdonalds let us walk through the drive thru since they were closed inside.
tobognaJul 20 20 - 16:08 Going to Florida with my mom we use to always have the best time
DonleeJul 20 20 - 16:08 Stay at home
BillincpJul 20 20 - 16:08 1st rv trip, short but memorable.
ki4ztpJul 20 20 - 16:08 Every Summer; Napping during thunder storms
MechanicalManJul 20 20 - 16:06 That's nice. Can I have a starfish?
qijinyiJul 20 20 - 15:31 Cant wait to win something from TCB
basselope7Jul 20 20 - 15:13 When I was a kid every year we'd go visit family in fl but we'd also make sure to see the sights around as well. We don't do that anymore. I do go on summer trips but they're way closer to home than they used to be so by now, every moment I had on those trips is a favorite summer memory.
Member1122563121212Jul 20 20 - 14:57 Great Giveaway, in this hot weather!
Member526104268744Jul 20 20 - 14:55 Summers in Martha's Vineyard with my family. Cookouts, beach all day, fried fish sandwiches and wing dings from gios. Hot summer nights in ob, cotton candy, movies and Ag fair... My heart
WenebaraJul 20 20 - 14:47 My favorite vacation was a trip to the American west.
jessicahmhJul 20 20 - 14:24 My favorite vacation was a cruise trip to the Caribbean.
TheInsuranceDanJul 20 20 - 13:30 Our 18 year old daughter chose to stay on campus over the summer and started working for a grocery delivery service. On one of her deliveries, she found a small, state park that none of us had heard of. So, last week she took my wife and I to said park for the day. We hiked the trails and read all of the informational placards in the park. It was very nice to get to spend the day reconnecting with our university girl!
sksJul 20 20 - 13:05 It's about 15 years ago when we traveled to a beautiful lake far far away, most of the time we went for fishing on a boat. That's the most peaceful and wonderful summer I could remember.
Member1015793725014Jul 20 20 - 12:58 It was the first time I had ever been on a plane by myself. I was having a hard time at home. My brother invited me to spend some time in California with him before he got married, with one caveat: i’D have to show myself around since he would be busy with wedding planning.

It took some time to get my bearings. Then one day, while driving I switched the gps to only take local roads. Best decision ever. It was amazing to drive around and spent my summer exploring California.

A week later I hopped on a 9 hour bus to San Francisco. I had no plans, for lost more times than I could count. It was all worth it when I finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge.

And then renting a car and driving down the Big Sur. It was just all so beautiful. The coastline, the wind, the mountains. The fruit stands and shops along the road. The lighthouses. The sunsets.

I never thought I was a summer person until I spent it somewhere else.
lefty421Jul 20 20 - 12:45 Camping up north
LuvSavingMoneyJul 20 20 - 12:40 We had booked our vacation to Topsail Island back in January. We were unsure if we were going to be able to go with everything going on but we were able to. I tried paddleboarding for the first time with my middle son. Great bonding time and awesome experience.
LPottsJul 20 20 - 12:24 Last summer we flew to Rome and stayed for 3 nights, visiting all of the incredible sights to see. From there we took a train to Venice where we boarded a cruise ship which took us down the Adriatic. We stopped in Montenegro, Corfu, Kefalonia, Santorini and Croatia. We had wonderful excursions at each of these destinations. Once back in Venice, we stayed for 3 nights in a 5 star hotel right on the Grand Canal and toured all of Venice! This was truly a trop of a lifetime!
ErnikovJul 20 20 - 12:22 My family vacation at Saint-Petersburg!
Member1122795785038Jul 20 20 - 11:19 Family road trip to San Diego! The weather was nice and spending quality time with my family was amazing!
andreaa16Jul 20 20 - 10:45 Spending all day in the pool! Doesnt get any better!
Member425535628911Jul 20 20 - 10:30 When i'm off I love swimming with my grandson and daughter.
dabshier74Jul 20 20 - 10:30 Road trip to roswell
artemis520Jul 20 20 - 10:13 My favorite memory is walking on the beach with my mother.
btjfarnhamJul 20 20 - 10:08 My favorite vacation memory was taking our daughter to the beach for the first time. We walked the beach, collected shells, built sandcastles and jump in the waves.
a75952Jul 20 20 - 08:58 Summer giveaway
neptoonandowlJul 20 20 - 08:55 My favorite vacation memory was that there was no pandemic and I was able to travel.
CollegeJul 20 20 - 08:16 One summer vacation I still remember is with my girl friend in Japan a year ago. We stayed for a week and had been to Osaka, Kyoto, Izu, and Tokyo. Shinkansen's steady and fast.
oso_lordJul 20 20 - 07:26 Summer.. Summer .. Summer :)
searchy4Jul 20 20 - 07:10 My favorite summer family vacation memory is when I went camping on the lake with my hubby of 25 year and his family.Wr had 2 kids and my.Hubbies sister had 5 kids and all the girl were around the same age so it was fun building those memories. Now due to a bad back surgery the surgeon paralyzed me and it is too hard to go on a lake in a wheelchair so you never know what happens in life that changes so always live in the moment and make memories while your health is advice I give everyone now.Stay safe everyone
glitterelectraJul 20 20 - 07:00 Going to the state fair with my family creates some of my favorite summer memories. Shopping, people watching and consuming everything possible on a stick is just fun!
mandajoJul 20 20 - 06:39 My favorite vacation memory is the year that my whole family got together and went to Hawaii. A week in a tropical paradise, picking pineapples (which were the best I ever tasted!) And fun times on the beach! We can't wait to do it again!!
adyJul 20 20 - 05:36 Summer staycation!! This summer we have many craft ideas, like painting then home improvement projects we want to do, also some decluttering and cleaning our home on quarantine time. Many activities for every member in our home.
SkitchsJul 20 20 - 05:30 Thank you!
amandrew67Jul 20 20 - 04:12 Torch Lake where the water as as blue as the caribbean.
BocomommaJul 20 20 - 03:52 Taking my kids to beach when they were little. My daughter had to have been about 4. She absolutely loved the water, and was completely fearless. She and I spent the entire time in the water and were completely soaked by the time we left. She laughed and giggled the entire time. Some of my favorite pictures are from that day.
hdt1108Jul 20 20 - 03:23 My favorite mememory is going to the lake with my family as a child
VarekaidreamJul 20 20 - 02:20 Good luck to me!
informative1Jul 20 20 - 01:35 My favorite summer vacation memory is when I was a child and went to the ☀Magical☀ Land of ⚜Disneyworld⚜!
So grateful that I was able to experience that when I was a child!
I hope one day i'll be able to take my youngest❣
dc916Jul 20 20 - 00:41 Winner!!
Member710365971137Jul 19 20 - 22:46 Hope I can win something
Lasilent99 Jul 19 20 - 22:15 My best vacation memory was going to Disneyworld when I was 18 years old
Member726778042935Jul 19 20 - 21:48 Best vacation was when we went to Carolina beach North Carolina! We got to see my dad witch don’T happen very often! E went swimming in the ocean and fishing, had family dinners and went out in the boat, and tried tubing for the first time!! That was very funny and fun at the same time, lol! I will never forget this vacation as long as I live! Wish we could do it more often! Love being close to my whole family and spending time with them! My kids absolutely loved it as well!! The most fun we had in a very very long time!!
Member726778042935Jul 19 20 - 21:42 My favorite family vacation was to North Carolina, Carolina beach! We had so much fun and got to see my dad witch we don’T get to do very after! The whole family was together again and it felt so nice! I miss my family and the amazing fun times we used to have! This was most definitely the best vacation i’Ve ever had! The swimming in the ocean and fishing, having family dinners, going out in a boat and tubing together! I’Ll never forget it! Wish we could do this kinda thing more often!!
btrover77Jul 19 20 - 20:54 Visitng disney and universal in orlando
samson1705Jul 19 20 - 19:22 Thanks for the chance to win.
Member54353761757Jul 19 20 - 18:56 My dad took us to the beach and let each one of us pick out a book from the bookstore to read on the drive.
jumanjiroomJul 19 20 - 18:21 My favorite memory is the year my parents took me to Expo '86. I loved all the things to do and see!
AhenryJul 19 20 - 17:10 My favorite summer memory is spending time in Jersey with my siblings and walking on the sand.
Simplyheather10Jul 19 20 - 15:54 Oe of my favorite memories was my vacation to Las Vegas, summer of 2009. We drove all the way from ohio and got to stay at the Bellagio. It was 100% Better than the movies portray!!!
Jodie4614Jul 19 20 - 15:36 Beach bound!!
ArgyllJul 19 20 - 15:32 Paradise Island, Bahamas. Snorkeling in the bay following a sea turtle.
Member720830512347Jul 19 20 - 15:31 Love getting cash back on all the gifts I order for others!
Stace7630Jul 19 20 - 15:18 Spending time in Dauphin Island!!! Amazing!
Adis07Jul 19 20 - 15:18 Spending time with family
ccntxJul 19 20 - 15:10 Spending in at the beach and a shark coming up very very scary but like I couldnt stop walking towards it I know then I was like .... And ran
ctinsle3Jul 19 20 - 14:58 My favorite summer vacation memory is swimming out in the ocean and catching a hermit crab!
nicksJul 19 20 - 14:38 Picking berries and swimming.
Stace7630Jul 19 20 - 13:24 Spending time in Dauphin Island!!! Amazing!
jadabkJul 19 20 - 12:11 My favorite summer vacation memory was going to Pennsylvania with my family when I was younger. We went to the Hershey and Crayola factories and had a really great time.
Member72117276415Jul 19 20 - 12:03 Just relaxing with family!
rive03Jul 19 20 - 11:51 I've discovered the simple pleasures of camping (and the importance of a good cooler)! Nothing beats being away from crowds in nature.
doctorwheelerJul 19 20 - 11:47 Summer fun is even better with an Igloo-cooled bevvy. Thanks TopCashBack!
MrsPhyliciaRussellJul 19 20 - 10:07 My favorite summer memory was a few years ago, at rend lake with all three of my wild kiddos playing in the water then our friend broke his back car window
On accident. A beer bottle is stronger than the back window of a Ford focus.
wt1983Jul 19 20 - 09:03 I love going to the mountain hiking :)
Member626663877341Jul 19 20 - 08:56 Just relaxing at the house for vacation.
mlsq24Jul 19 20 - 08:40 Cold drinks in an Igloo cooler, family and friends! The answer for a good summer!
Member8504903007Jul 19 20 - 08:31 I loved and still love going to the beach
Member26036997238Jul 19 20 - 08:29 Just hanging out at the house for vacation.
Lugkit212 Jul 19 20 - 08:13 My favorite memory of summer vacation was visiting Georgia and going to six flags. My brother in law was waiting to get on log flume when he stepped backwards and fell into the flume and got soaked his whole body was in! And he didn’T get hurt. We couldn’T stop laughing!!! Great memory!!
Rubies31Jul 19 20 - 08:11 I need a vacation for after packing and moving!
tuathekJul 19 20 - 07:55 I want me some coolaaa
Carlyn613Jul 19 20 - 07:21 My favorite summer vacations are anything that has to do with being around family and having a good time and making it memorable.
Member921832266348Jul 19 20 - 07:14 Fourth of July precious we’D spend the whole day at the beach
Decolace1920Jul 19 20 - 06:46 Key West Florida waa so relaxing, so beautiful. The culture there is entertaining in and of itself. So much to see and do or just relax. There is a bakery there that sells cookies as big as dinner plates, and so many nice restaurants. We so enjoyed the aquarium. Plus going up in an air glider off the back of a boat to take in a bird's eye view was breath taking. If you can, definately fit in a scuba diving experience. You won't be disappointed!
Jessica KoehlerJul 19 20 - 06:17 Going camping with my hubby, kid and in laws. My kid learned how to swim, ride a bike, chop wood, about nature and how to enjoy the world and it's beautiful nature. We went for hikes (being asthmatic, not easy), we took and went on the 4 wheelers. Cooked so many different meals together, we had Smores and watched the stars. Nothing better than taking a 4 hour drive to find a piece of mind in the crazy world we are in right now. I'm still carrying around an old cooler from the 80s, good ol Coleman. This would be a blessing, and I can not wait to go back for quality family time.
Jessica KoehlerJul 19 20 - 06:11 Going camping with my hubby, kid and in laws. My kid learned how to swim, ride a bike, chop wood, about nature and how to enjoy the world and it's beautiful nature. We went for hikes (being asthmatic, not easy), we took and went on the 4 wheelers. Cooked so many different meals together, we had Smores and watched the stars. Nothing better than taking a 4 hour drive to find a piece of mind in the crazy world we are in right now. I'm still carrying around an old cooler from the 80s, good ol Coleman. This would be a blessing, and I can not wait to go back for quality family time.
Member1223536848946Jul 19 20 - 06:11 My favorite summer memories are visiting Ludington with my family.
petjam18Jul 19 20 - 05:32 10 days in France including Roland Garros tennis, d-Day sites in Normandy, Monet’S house in Giverny, and of course paris
Member1217028653731Jul 19 20 - 04:38 When my now deceased husband and I and our 3 kid's went to visit my dad. He lived in North Carolina at that time and I had been there but I was way younger well this time I git to drive all the way there and back and omg those smoky mountains and everything are seriously breathtakingly beautiful.. But on our way home I was actually in a hurry to get back home as my sister here in Indiana had called there was a serious emergency back home. So we got packed up and ready and headed back home. Well I was doing about 85 or so threw the mountains trying to get back home faster. My husband looks at me and says hey babe I said yeah he said well I thought I would tell you now but a few minutes ago back there you passed a smokey boy but I knew if I told you at the time you would punch the break or something and make it look worse lol God love his soul.
2014beachbumJul 19 20 - 04:21 I love the beach, so summer of 79 we took a beach trip and it was a beautiful memory making trip. I can still remember the sun and the smell of the beach
bernard olocheJul 19 20 - 03:49 My favourite vacation was 2010 when my dad first took us to the airport to see planes on land I was very excited seeing how gigantic they are on land. Though we never entered the plane. I hope I win
bernard olocheJul 19 20 - 03:44 My favourite vacation was 2010 when my dad first took us to the airport to see planes on land I was very excited seeing how gigantic they are on land. Though we never entered the plane. I hope I win
iliass_bourjaJul 19 20 - 03:26 Beach of course whit my friends
Ritz83Jul 19 20 - 00:56 My favorite summer memories are going camping with my family.
Member726838924945Jul 19 20 - 00:07 My favorite summer vacation was the summer of 2014. It was the last summer vacation all four of us took before my daughter got married. We went to New Orleans, la and to Orlando, fl. We had a blast at Disney World and Universal Studios and we loved the food and sigh seings in New Orleans. Best Memories Ever!!
SherrydlgJul 18 20 - 23:13 Going to the Jersey shore with my family! Waiting all year for that week in the summer
Member1224002526601Jul 18 20 - 22:31 My favorite summer vacation memory is when my entire family, grandparents, aunts and uncles would all spend a week at the beach every summer.
schnoodleJul 18 20 - 22:18 The last 4th of July my father was alive, I was "home" visiting him at his lake home. Stumbled upon his army foot locker and spent hour going thru the treasures he'd stored in there. Obviously I had no idea it would be our last 4th together
Ritz83Jul 18 20 - 21:21 My favorite summer memories are going camping with my family.
sandradeemurfJul 18 20 - 19:16 Houseboating on the Shuswap lakes in Canada!
LexyJul 18 20 - 19:14 I live in Florida. Every August, our boss will have a party around the beach. And we could have fun with each other.
I go to the white sand beach with my boyfriend.
mnmshemiJul 18 20 - 19:06 My favorite is taking the whole family Camping, including all my grandbabies. Taking them on the pontoon and listening to their little laughs and all the fun we have together. Teaching them about fishing, and the different bugs, going to the wildlife center in the park to see the wildlife so they can learn about them. Then of course enjoying the campfire with the nightly s'mores.
sandradeemurfJul 18 20 - 18:59 Houseboating on the Shuswap lakes in Canada!
Member425498235438Jul 18 20 - 18:56 Camping with my family on Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire!
Member727007849547Jul 18 20 - 18:46 My favourite holiday spot is strolling along the Northern beaches in Sydney, Australia.
Member1022101468631Jul 18 20 - 18:42 Favorite summer vacation is at vienna
ehaglundJul 18 20 - 18:32 I love going to the beach :)
Member324992887816Jul 18 20 - 18:04 My favorite vacation was when my husband and I got to go to a q & A in Burbank and preview the season finale of 24. It was awesome.
Lstrak13Jul 18 20 - 17:52 My favorite summer vacation is at Burt Lake, Mi with family and friends. I would like to go again.
littlefoxblueJul 18 20 - 17:22 My favorite memory was the summer we spent going to zoos
pfeifJul 18 20 - 17:04 My favorite memory is swimming in the ocean in Puerto Rico as a kid!
Member821146761217Jul 18 20 - 16:58 My only vacation was the one taken last year to see my grandchildren. My husband and I spent 3 days driving from wi to pa.
Member821293140816Jul 18 20 - 16:48 Favorite summer memory was 2 years ago, taking 3 of my kiddos to Louisville, Kentucky because my 2 youngest were competing for their high school archery team in the National Competition! We were there for 6 days and had a blast!! We never go on vacation (could never afford it), so we made the most of this!! My son ended up shooting so well that he qualified for the World Competition in Nashville, Tennessee!! We did travel to tn. 3 months later, but it was only 3 of us and boy was the bank broke after that!!! We did not get to sight see or do much there at all, but it was an amazing experience!!!
Dolplhinmom729Jul 18 20 - 16:43 Camping with my family at the local lake
Dolplhinmom729Jul 18 20 - 16:37 Camping with my family at the local lake
JuanmjJul 18 20 - 16:09 Fave summer my dad teaching my siblings and I to swim.
Member1223916610236Jul 18 20 - 16:07 My favorite summer vacation memory is when my oldest daughter paid and took the whole family to disneyland. It was the first time our 1st granddaughter got to go. So it was very exciting. Took lots of pictures and had such a good time. Now staying indoors forever I need a good vacation but it will probably be a long time
MirandaT75Jul 18 20 - 16:02 My favorite summer vacation memory was a trip my husband I took before we were married to California. We went to San Francisco, Napa and the 17-mile Monterey/Pebble Beach area. Everything was great from taking the trolley; visiting all the fun places in San Francisco and to seeing the wine country.
Judy1234Jul 18 20 - 15:52 We are fortunate to have a gracious neighbor with a pool! So loading up a cooler is imperative. Having a new one would be sweet too! Either way it is a cool way to spend the very hot days of summer!
Pam2424Jul 18 20 - 15:26 My favorite summer vacation memory is going to Ocean City, md with my family. One year, my dad and uncle helped me build a spectacular sand castle.
joyful2016Jul 18 20 - 15:21 Best summer vacation was going from Florida to coast of Maine, then resort in New Hampshire, and back to Boston.
Beautiful scenery in both Maine and New Hampshire.
rachelmJul 18 20 - 14:49 Spending all day outside and swimming in the neighborhood pool. 🏊 Thanks for the chance to win!
shinnaLXLJul 18 20 - 14:21 Lucky, lucky!
Member1116738944605Jul 18 20 - 14:19 My favorite summer memory is spending time with my entire family at the beach with no concerns other than to keep everyone from getting sunburned.
Liquid71Jul 18 20 - 14:15 As a teenager on the Jersey Shore, ah the good ole days!
Jenny507Jul 18 20 - 13:54 Best summer vaca memory is laying on the beach reading with my sister!
blissjoyloveJul 18 20 - 13:27 Summertime, and the livin's easy
Bradley's on the microphone with Ras m.G.​
All people in the dance will agree
That we're well-qualified to represent the l.B.C.​
Me, me and Louie, we gon' run to the party
Dance to the rhythm, it gets harder
rlchavda24Jul 18 20 - 13:15 Love to win
janda13Jul 18 20 - 13:09 It seems that after losing both my husband and my mother in 2 days, every single memory is special.
Member726765812213Jul 18 20 - 12:45 My favorite summer vacation memory was a trip to Walt Disney World as a child I didnt even have a clue we was going until we pulled in to Disney! It was one of my best memories as a child.
Member726765812213Jul 18 20 - 12:39 Thank you for giving back especially when we all need the extra help right now.(On all the savings)
nataly810323Jul 18 20 - 12:20 Love TopCashback
Member212903500134Jul 18 20 - 12:15 My favorite summer vacation memory is a trip to Japan where we hiked to the top of Mount Fuji.
Jesquivel62Jul 18 20 - 12:13 My favorite summer days are the kind of days I want for my family. We use to spend our summers in Washington state, bike rides and swimming, lots of family fun time.
tomandlynneshowJul 18 20 - 12:13 Summer .... No school, evenings playing outside until the street lights come on and sleeping with windows open to the sounds of wildlife ... The simple joys of a distant childhood .
Royce627Jul 18 20 - 12:10 My favorite summer vacation is back when we didn't need funerals for our family to gather together. A time when I didn't have so many worries or stress and we should visit my cousins in port Arthur, make our way down to Galveston take a ride on the ferry and spend some time on the beach. I want to be able to give my kids donde kind of memories, the kind full of fun and wonder and not of fear and stress. I miss those summer days.
suzannekaneJul 18 20 - 11:57 When the kids were little, and as a single mom, I wanted to take them someplace really memorable for summer vacation. After looking at dozens of options, I chose the island of Martinique. We booked at an all-inclusive resort (breaking my budget, but well worth it for the incredible memories of the trip) and spent 2 weeks there. The kids learned how to snorkel and play various games (badminton, horseshoes), rode horses, and we explored the island with a rental car. The best part for the kids had to be the pop beads everyone wore that could be exchanged for different items. They were like cash, and so colorful.

Other resort guests loved that my kids were so personable and eager to participate in water sports, play games, socialize with other kids and they offered to babysit them so I could have a bit of time to myself.

One of the best times for me that the kids talk about to this day is the celebrations of Fourth of July and Bastille Day (July 14). The island had parades, fireworks, all sorts of costumes and plays depicting Bastille Day. What a great trip!
whocares13Jul 18 20 - 11:57 Simply loving TopCashBack. Thanks!
Member64604401803Jul 18 20 - 11:50 My favorite summer vacation memory is going to London to watch West End musicals.
Member1736144255Jul 18 20 - 11:50 Going to savannah
Royce627Jul 18 20 - 11:46 My favorite summer vacation is back when we didn't need funerals for our family to gather together. A time when I didn't have so many worries or stress and we should visit my cousins in port Arthur, make our way down to Galveston take a ride on the ferry and spend some time on the beach. I want to be able to give my kids donde kind of memories, the kind full of fun and wonder and not of fear and stress. I miss those summer days.
SabrinaTJul 18 20 - 11:39 Woohooo! Thanks TopCashBack! :D
kajech65Jul 18 20 - 11:30 Summer trips to the theme parks, Disney World, Universal Studios, Cedar Point, Kings Island..
Frs9760Jul 18 20 - 11:29 My favorite summer memory was going staying in a massive beach house with 20 family members.
korthmeyerJul 18 20 - 11:21 My favorite summer memory is our family reunions. It was always so fun to hangout with my cousins.
Oily SupportJul 18 20 - 10:40 I love Top Cash Back!
BJohnson1478Jul 18 20 - 10:10 Nice This would be a great Summer ot win that prize pack. Thanks
kosmot24Jul 18 20 - 10:07 Many childhood trips to Florida including Disneyworld.
RobyrooJul 18 20 - 10:00 Awesome prize pack
Member619997561444Jul 18 20 - 09:55 My favorite summer vacation memory was going to Taiwan.
tategrantJul 18 20 - 09:10 Good luck boys.
duyduc256Jul 18 20 - 09:08 My favorite summer vacation memory is visiting the beach where I was born.
tinaa40Jul 18 20 - 09:00 My favorite summer vacation memory is going to Kings Dominion with a host of family members.
LymanJul 18 20 - 08:51 I remember driving down to Disney with my cousin and being so freaked out by the Elevator that had the ghost.
kristyddJul 18 20 - 08:46 Love Florida beaches! We also went to a different twice every summer!
PivdenJul 18 20 - 08:33 It was summer, it was good, but I hardly remember anything )
Wi11aJul 18 20 - 08:31 Going to sleepaway camp in upstate New York.
anastaciagb23Jul 18 20 - 08:25 My favorite summer memories are when we would spend an entire day at the pool or at the lake. I also loved going camping and roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.
StruenseeJul 18 20 - 08:21 My favorite summer memory is last summer, Got to move from Oregon back to Wisconsin. Don't ever move to Oregon!
tazpooh57Jul 18 20 - 08:17 Going camping when my boys were little. Those were the best time.
thefivehartsJul 18 20 - 07:55 My very favorite summer memory is celebrating my 40th on the beach with my husband, kids, and parents. Just hanging out on the sand with my favorite people was a perfect day.
Member626591012456Jul 18 20 - 07:40 You've got to check this out! Top Cashback is the most exciting way to save you money. Join today and shop through the app at your favorite stores. Top Cashback does the rest.
reedandlaylaJul 18 20 - 07:36 Honestly, my favorite moments in life are hanging out at home in our backyard with The Hubs and our four babies: Ryan 16, Ryder 14, Reed 10, Layla 8. I am completely aware just how totally corny it sounds but, as I was wracking my brain for this entry these memories give me the biggest warmest fuzzies. There is nothing better that sitting in my own grass watching my family enjoy time with eachother at our home ..No outside distractions or duplications. It is pure bliss♡
...Even before time stood still n we have to vacay at home to quarantine...
Member814996425830Jul 18 20 - 07:27 Thank you for the opportunity! Work for a motorcoach company and during this time the buses are parked! Miss my customers and miss touring!
Member626682803444Jul 18 20 - 07:14 I want get it.
Christab716Jul 18 20 - 07:10 Thanks for the giveaway!
WackymomJul 18 20 - 06:41 I used to take my oldest son to nj between the wild safari and the beach. At the safari we had a bear on my car where a guy had to come get the bear off😂 Same trip we saw emus peck a persons sunroof out because they didn’T listen to don’T feed the animals.
NixMaksMamaJul 18 20 - 06:32 My best summertime memory is taking my oldest son to the beach. It was June and very hot. He had never touched sand before and he was so amazed by it. My husband and I held both of his hands so he could jump the waves in the ocean. Now he loves any water and you can't get him out even when his fingers are so wrinkly from being in so long. He lives for the ocean, pools or even the shower. I tell him he could be a fish, he loves the water so much.
natsnJul 18 20 - 06:14 I loved going to Boston last year. I stayed with three friends and we spent a whole week visiting different places around the city, traveling to other cities in ma, and eating lots of different foods.
gators8891Jul 18 20 - 06:09 Growing up in Florida & Then tn, I have so many wonderful memories, but I must say nothing tops the summer memories we are starting with our kids.. A 4 year old & A 9 month old. My 4 year old is a daddy's girl, she loves going fishing and canoeing with me, most days she catches more fish than I do!
Lemonhead13201Jul 18 20 - 05:24 My favorite summer vacation was Lake of the Ozarks. Swimming, Go Karting, Sightseeing, Fishing, Shopping and Relaxing in a gorgeous condo with my family. Great memories!!
Member815124603832Jul 18 20 - 05:16 My favorite summer memory was camping with my parents as a young child. Dad would take us out in the boat and fish and it was so peaceful and relaxing.
mmaccomJul 18 20 - 04:04 My favorite summer memory was going to our vacation house in the cape and spending 2 weeks just doing family stuff. Tandem biking, beach, some naps in the hammock.
Tuki54Jul 18 20 - 03:46 Love this site. Great prizes, awesome offers! Easy to navigate. Love that they keep track of sites visited &, If I go back a day or 2 later w/O going thru them, I still get my cash back!
vector_man2000Jul 18 20 - 03:20 Weirldy, we do all of our vacationing in fall and spring. Summer has always been sit around on the porch sipping cool drinks watching kids play in the sprinklers
Member620196079237Jul 18 20 - 03:05 One of my favorite memories of summer vacations was our family picnics in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, pa. It was a time when “Family” Was the core of the gathering. Something we are missing today.
JuanmjJul 18 20 - 01:42 Crossing fingers
bbw4u2loveJul 18 20 - 01:31 This would be awesome
krisytin8Jul 18 20 - 01:27 Vacationing with my family at a lake cabin.
SooniiaJul 18 20 - 00:12 My favorite summer memory was a few years back when most of my family got together for a cookout in celebration of my grandma, she turned 82. We all ate, laughed and reminisced it was awesome. Later that year my last living grandparent passed away that is why it’S a very memorable and a cherished summer for me.
wubuluJul 17 20 - 23:32 My favorite summer memory is one when I traveled overseas with my family to Thailand to experience the culture and the good food there. Under the beautiful weather and pristine beaches. Every moment was great!
OwloverJul 17 20 - 23:23 Standing with my Dad on a corner in WInslow Arizona. We were so pleased with ourselves and sang our own redition of the Eagles just as loud as we pleased!
migz001Jul 17 20 - 22:37 Love ❤️ This site!
linhongjunJul 17 20 - 22:21 It's in the year of 2002.
eddo092Jul 17 20 - 22:14 Tapas & Wine Tasting with the fam all over Spain for 2 weeks!
Alexandra1Jul 17 20 - 22:12 My best summer was in 2010. It was my very first vacation and I went away to St. Croix with my family. It was amazing we went on a boat plane, tons of beaches, the malls, tours. We did it all. It was a first of many things for me.
djbatesJul 17 20 - 21:48 As a new resident to south Florida, last week was my first experience in the calm Atlantic Ocean. It was the clearest water i’Ve ever seen. My soul fell in love. By far my favorite memory of the beach, it’S was truly breathtaking to feel so free and connected to the sea.
Moes123123Jul 17 20 - 21:24 I want to travel with my beautiful kids and I love very much
Boweil91Jul 17 20 - 21:12 Staying at home
Member325323696056Jul 17 20 - 21:03 Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love! 😍
lkw1974Jul 17 20 - 20:42 We would love to go to the beach and take this cooler along would be great. Thank you.
coupondebJul 17 20 - 20:39 Looking forward to a beach trip & Sunbathing. Life is too crazy right now.
fifi43Jul 17 20 - 20:28 Going to visit my aunt in Indiana.
tony15Jul 17 20 - 20:27 ..At the boardwalk next to the beach, I found a souvenir item and it made me think of the only girl I Iove. I was a young teen at the time, and yes I was broke. But I was determined to buy the item, and I did; the joy I felt when she liked it.
..She got away. The closest i've been to a beach since is when i'm close by a tv that is showing scenes and pictures of the beach.
Jodie4614Jul 17 20 - 20:26 Beach 😎😎😎! (All this indoor time has reverted me to a shade I fail to recall being...Like, ever 👻😞)
yingadingJul 17 20 - 20:10 I would love to go to bleach with the cooler and drink some ice tea!
SWAPNIKSAHAJul 17 20 - 20:08 It was confined at home
Member425478975100Jul 17 20 - 20:04 Camping, swimming, boating, eating fresh cherries with my family in bc's Okanagan Valley, are my favourite summer vacation memories
hadkins0319Jul 17 20 - 19:51 Would love to make it to the beach and or camping!
achruscielJul 17 20 - 19:14 I don't have a favorite vacation. My daughter & I never traveled far but instead did fun activities close to home. I loved taking her to her first concert, riding going carts, going to a county fair or just going to visit family.

Now I love doing fun things with my grandchildren.
KristineADJul 17 20 - 19:02 My favorite summer vacation memory was being away from all the day to day stress and getting to show my kids mountains.
achruscielJul 17 20 - 19:02 Thanks for this awesome contests. I so enjoy the Summer Treats give away. I love TopCashBack since it's such an easy & Fun way to save money.
pkeen1972Jul 17 20 - 19:00 Parasailing with my son in fl.
KKatJul 17 20 - 18:41 Summer road trips with my family are my best memories.
jhonn1Jul 17 20 - 18:38 Awesome!! Travel in the USA pleaase thanks.
AGDGJul 17 20 - 18:34 Some years back, I won a sweepstakes & The prize was a trip to Altantis, (Paradise Island, Bahamas). That place was absolutely a m a z I n g ! There were open air ray tanks all around, floor to ceiling aquariums, (i found the the jellyfish to be particularly infatuating) & A huge temple that you climb up to go down the water slide through the shark tank. Woo hoo! What a trip. The place has tons of things to do & The food was incredible, too. That was my most memorable summer vacation & I hope that I can go back some day!
sgt7Jul 17 20 - 18:28 Swimming in the ocean
FrittscargoJul 17 20 - 18:24 My most memorable and favorite vacation was a trip to Pismo Beach, Ca with 3 of my friends. We had 3 flat tires on that trip spent most of our money fixing or getting new ones, but it was so much fun. Everything that could go wrong on that trip from the tires to the hotel room did yet we had a blast!
Member821146761217Jul 17 20 - 18:21 Traveling to visit with my som. Grandchildren I havent seen in awhile, one being my 1st granddaughter!
eviewJul 17 20 - 18:17 My favorite summer vacation, was the entire summer, where I went to horse shows on the weekends and the beach during the week. It was great.
Member325426106738Jul 17 20 - 18:08 I want to win.
Member821146761217Jul 17 20 - 18:03 As simple as it sounds our last vacation was a trip to see our first Granddaughter along with her brother, and other family I haven't seen in a while, they also they could meet my husband and we had the pleasure of meeting our new daughter in law to be. Leaving them to return home was hard.
veneedJul 17 20 - 18:00 Camping in my own yard this year
Member726993725249Jul 17 20 - 17:25 Great giveaway!
rchailletJul 17 20 - 17:15 Left for school in August many years ago to attend university in Europe.
jocelynshopsJul 17 20 - 17:11 Awesome giveaway
Member1116323828606Jul 17 20 - 17:07 Great giveaway!
Member1223934587447Jul 17 20 - 17:04 Thank you Topcashback
scanningarJul 17 20 - 17:01 Summer trip to the beach with great friends after high school graduation.
gshenderJul 17 20 - 16:31 Having a good time in Spring Lake ,nj
szhang14Jul 17 20 - 16:30 Happy everyday!
Destiny983Jul 17 20 - 16:24 My favorite memory is our entire family going to Hickory Run state park every weekend, I miss I so much :( but we really used to have some amazing times swimming, hiking, camping, just being together.
Member513987356656Jul 17 20 - 16:13 Camping in my own yard this year
Member1116307738423Jul 17 20 - 16:09 Would love to win!
Member425525765242Jul 17 20 - 15:42 When i'm off I love swimming with my grandson and daughter.
Member413388724041Jul 17 20 - 15:34 Seeing my sister and family in idado.
Member821104135437Jul 17 20 - 15:25 My all time favorite was when I went to Myrtle Beach, wow talking about an enjoyable experience. It was just simply wonderful from the 6 hour drive viewing the gorgeous landscape to staying right there on the beach with an Oceanview room to stepping into the soft sand on the beach to taking a day cruise to end the trip enjoying an all you can eat crab buffet loved it loved it loved it.
golyg11Jul 17 20 - 15:12 Going to the Valleyfair with family!
Member218172719353Jul 17 20 - 15:05 Touring the Pacific Northwest in June -years ago - for 2 weeks with my sister is my favorite summer vacation memory.
benche83Jul 17 20 - 15:04 Let's go camping
shanebridges1234Jul 17 20 - 14:47 Getting outdoor projects completed before the snow comes! And offroad 4x4 trails on my free time.
dionneJul 17 20 - 14:42 My favorite summer vacation was many years ago in my childhood. It was a simple, no frills, week long stay at a small cabin on the lake up north with family & Friends. It was a week spent swimming, fishing & Boating on the lake, all of us kids would explore the woods picking wild raspberries while the adults seemed to always be cooking great food on the bbq, we would end every perfect day sitting around the campfire at night listening & Telling stories. I'll never forget the sunsets on that lake, it was the best way to enjoy the long, lazy days of summer surrounded by family & Friends.
OnyiakpanisiJul 17 20 - 14:36 Favorite memory was spent in South Africa two years ago with my family.
dchagdesJul 17 20 - 14:34 I love walking trails with my boys!!!
lisamcfJul 17 20 - 14:29 Family beach trip a couple of years ago to panama beach city - wonderful time with daughters and son in law
thebeautystealJul 17 20 - 14:22 Favorite memory is just the days of going to the pool with all the neighborhood friends and coming back home late in the afternoon for snacks and movies. Not a worry in the world.
gsmom35Jul 17 20 - 14:20 My favorite summer vacation memory was spent in Topsail, nc at the beach, looking for sea shells, enjoying clam bakes on the the beach, and just soaking up the sun.
aquariunJul 17 20 - 14:19 My favorite summer vacation was our trip to Disney world to celebrate our daughter’S birthday.
Member218167661042Jul 17 20 - 14:17 My favorite summer vacation memory is when my sister and I went on a road trip to nc to find waterfalls.
lisamcfJul 17 20 - 14:17 Family beach trip a couple of years ago to panama beach city - wonderful time with daughters and son in law
kavitajadavJul 17 20 - 14:14 Two years before, we had best vacation time with my husband and my sister family. Remembering those days!
hntaylor32Jul 17 20 - 14:11 My favorite summer vacation memory was in 2001 when I took my two kids to Disney World. I made this happen by myself with a bargain deal I got for 4 night stay at the Sheraton and 3 day park passes. We went to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom band Typhoon Lagoon water park. My total for everything was $400! We enjoyed every moment and even the simple stuff like the free shuttle rides to and from hotel, the monorail rides to visit the Disney resorts, the river boat ride to Wilderness resort and Mickey and Minnie's buffet! I remember saying to my kids at that time to remember this trip forever because we may not get this chance again which held true. We sure did have a blast!
dtraveler5Jul 17 20 - 14:07 A trip to Hawaii!