Summer Beauty Tips

Posted on Jul 12 2016 Posted in  Beauty
Summer Beauty Tips

It’s heating up out there! Planning to spend a lot of time outside this summer doesn’t mean you have to skip makeup – especially when we give you access to such great online makeup deals. A few changes and maybe a new product or two paired with these simple tips will keep you looking and feeling fresh under the sun so you can enjoy all your favorite activities.

Try Lighter: If you can forego foundation in favor of a tinted moisturizer – especially one like VitaZing with SPF 15 from Origins- you’ll have a more even skin tone without the added weight.

Proof Your Lashes: Waterproof mascaras are notoriously irritating, aren’t they? Here’s a tip we think you’ll love: to get the waterproof mascara with less irritation, put a clear one over your regular mascara – and maybe only do the top lashes. You’ll still get a bit of definition, but you’ll avoid raccoon eyes and irritation.

Forget the Sparkle: A foundation or blush with a shimmer might help you feel fresh in the winter, but avoid them in the summer. The added shine from heat will leave you looking less than luminous. Freshen up with a new product from Clinique and our beauty cash back will get you a great deal on the change.

Don’t Fight It: You won’t win an argument with humidity. Use whatever frizz or curl your hair wants to give you in humidity. Instead of trying to blow-dry out the frizz, use a combination of beauty products, like a curl enhancing cream paired with gel and sea salt spray, to get beachy waves that you won’t have to worry about all day.

Change Your Shadow: If you want to skip it entirely, a natural look for summer is beautiful, but something light looks great, too. The key for the summer is that we can’t skip that primer for eye shadow, and a cream or pressed powder is a summer skincare essential because it will be less likely to move around.

Don’t Re-powder: One of those go-to makeup routines can be to keep your powder with you to touch up throughout the day. This trick doesn’t work so well in the summer because those extra layers of powder will get cake-y by the end of the day. Instead, try oil-absorbing sheets to keep the shine away.

Sun Safely: Use sunscreen, and then bronze with makeup. You’ll protect your skin to keep it looking young, while still getting that summer glow. Use a bronzer powder or a bronzing lotion with SPF.

Set with Spray: If you’re really wanting a polished look to last through a day particularly filled with your favorite summertime activities, consider a setting spray. Check our beauty partners for discount cosmetics and cash back.

 Summer doesn’t make it easy for makeup and hair, but we know you’ll look great out there. Keep these tips in mind to lighter and smarter with your beauty looks for summer - and then confidently go get your Vitamin D!

What is your go to summer beauty product?

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