Six Ways to Get Denim Runway Looks For Less

Posted on Sep 06 2016 Posted in  Fashion
Denim Runway Looks For Less

New York Fashion Week is upon us! We can’t wait to see the looks on the runway, and we’re getting a jumpstart on fall trends this season by taking a look at denim. We found six denim looks-for-less that we think you’ll love if you’re a cost-conscious fashionista.

Hudson Denim Jacket

Did denim jackets ever really go out of style? One thing’s for sure – the one you had ten or twenty years ago will probably never come back around, but denim jackets are definitely still a trend. Check out these two runway versions spotted this year:

We think you’ll be happier with the simple version above from Hudson Jeans for a more every day look. You’ll be saving thousands over the exact runway versions, and you’ll save even more with cashback.

Diesel Flare Jeans

Flare jeans can actually flatter most any body type, so it’s great that they are in for this fall. Check out how they were styled on the runway this year:

Basically every designer has put their flare on flare jeans (see what we did there?), but we think the version from Diesel is fantastic. The wash is unique but subtle and attractive.

Paige Denim “Suit”

We weren’t sure about this, and it probably sounds a little crazy, but once you see it a couple of times, it grows on you: The Denim Suit. Check it out here:

We’re not sure if you’d might get side-eye wearing a denim suit to work, but we like the jacket from Paige Denim as a more relaxed everyday version. You could get the look while out and about, but maybe have a little more reigned-in look once you took off your coat.

Ralph Lauren Denim Dress

If “denim suit” didn’t throw you, we bet “denim dress” did. It’s become the “homeschooling mom uniform” joke, but it’s also all over the runway in many different styles. Check out these two runway versions:

Denim shirt dresses are definitely still in for this fall, but we wanted to find a version that was a little more interesting. Depending on where you live, the denim dress above (on sale now!) from Ralph Lauren could still work. Not to mention – you could certainly wear this with leggings and a long-sleeve shirt to get more of that overall or jumpsuit look. Which brings us to…

AG Jeans Denim Jumpsuit

That’s right! Overalls and jumpsuits have been all over the runway! Here are some ideas on how to style them:

AG Jeans has a couple of versions, but we really liked the elongating jumpsuit. How incredibly trendy! These overalls stole our heart. We’re pretty sure they’d make any body type look long and lean.

7 for all Mankind White Denim

One last runway look for the road – white denim! It might not be just for summer anymore. Here’s how it’s being worn on the runway this fall:

7 for all Mankind has several styles, all discounted now. We liked the above version in particular, but it might not last you into late fall. Another fun trend with white jeans is that it’s also for men! 7 for all Mankind has a few styles for men as well. Definitely something to watch for at New York Fashion Week – how are white jeans being worn this fall?

We love these fall denim trends and that you can get cash back on all of our “every day” versions. Which denim trend do you prefer?




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