Share the Love Giveaway

Share the Love Giveaway

Love is in the air! While cupid is busy firing up his arrows, we’re getting ready for the most romantic day of the year with another heart-racing giveaway you won’t want to let fly by.

Literally. Get your and your soulmate’s heart pumping with the Fitbit Inspire 2, Fitbit’s newest health and fitness tracker bracelet, by participating in TopCashback’s Share the Love Giveaway. The Inspire 2 helps you achieve your personal fitness and health goals by tracking steps, distance, hourly activity and calories burned, as well as monitor your resting heart rate. To sweeten the deal, we’ll slip $50 into your TopCashback account, too.

To enter to win two Fitbit Inspire 2 bracelets (one pink, one white), plus $50, simply share your answer to the following question in the comment section below:

How are you sharing the love this Valentine's Day?


This contest runs until Monday, February 8, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST, and the victor will be chosen on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. So, be on the lookout for an email from letting you know you’ve won.

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informative1Feb 10 21 - 16:39 Will be spending Valentine's Day with my youngest whose almost 15. It's just been the 2 of us for almost 15 years now and this will be the 15th Valentines celebration. We made plans to join a gym together (now that teen is old enough to go where i'd like to join) so this would be a great win! Not only that but would be a great way to show teen how appreciated they are for all they've done in helping (i have chronic health issues) this family of now 2 <3

Thank you TopCashback for the opportunity to win and all that you guys do!
Member1229211306318Feb 10 21 - 08:29 I will be spending time with my two boys and my my boyfriend
GCastillionFeb 09 21 - 12:37 This Valentine's Day, I will be spreading love by giving personalized gifts baskets to those I love most! <3 -xo
HLBNFeb 09 21 - 08:15 Bought my lover new kitchen tools and an air fryer for our brand new house!
bcmogaFeb 09 21 - 07:36 Spending time with my husband, daughter, and grand-daughter (age 3) and probably painting a canvas with my grand-daughter. We love to paint together!
kripley81Feb 09 21 - 07:18 Hoping to get baCK in shape!
lvlelissa3Feb 09 21 - 07:00 I’M getting him new golf attire he’S really been wanting that lately.
Noriko_TakayaFeb 08 21 - 22:56 Wait, it's Valentine's Day?? Guess it's time to find some Zoom dates....
wubuluFeb 08 21 - 20:23 Having a nice home-cooked dinner with my significant other!
Acts of KindnessFeb 08 21 - 20:07 Kissing the cat:)
Member95245238446Feb 08 21 - 19:00 We don't usually go out for dinner on Valentine's Day and definitely will be staying home this year. I'll probably bake a chocolate dessert for my husband and son.
Member418807462359Feb 08 21 - 17:18 I don't know yet!
bouch76Feb 08 21 - 15:09 With prayers, cards, calls, texts, emails and zoom.
bakibelastarFeb 08 21 - 14:44 As a single mom I will make my Valentine's day more special.. I plan to make a memorable candle light day with flowers,favorite food,favorite drinks,favorite desert and favorite stuff animals for my 2 kids so they will feel more love and special on Valentine's day.
Member229739556854Feb 08 21 - 14:09 We will start the day by going to couple massage and spa afterwards we are going to buy some groceries and cook together something really gooood
mmswanepoelFeb 08 21 - 12:56 I will be making lamb racks and grilled vegetables and baby potatoes. We will celebrate as a family as we have elementary school-going daughters and we usually treat them as well.
SMontenegroFeb 08 21 - 12:02 Eating chocolate
Tfitton10Feb 08 21 - 09:17 I will be cooking a nice meal with dessert and getting a small gift for my 2 daughters and 1 year old grandson to show them how very special they are to me.
artmFeb 08 21 - 08:49 There is always someone special in our hearts that we remember and love. I have a plan to make the day a unique and memorable experience.
LindaOaktonFeb 08 21 - 08:42 I am sending ecards to friends; special cherry gift packages to my kids, ordering Doordash to delivery from our favorite restaurant to celebrate at home with my husband. We have been married for 42 years!
Member129658562256Feb 08 21 - 08:33 I’M spending the day with my boyfriend watching tv and prepping supper together
aprilahullFeb 08 21 - 08:30 I’M sending valentine cards to my family and friends to make them smile even with covid going on. Plus making some chocolate treats for my son.
Member9536636112Feb 08 21 - 07:50 I'm sharing this Valentine's Day with my favorite guys. My husband, my son and myself will be making a full dinner together, each one of us lending a hand in preparation of the full meal. I love being in the kitchen with them, we always have so much fun cooking that it just seems right to do that on the day dedicated to expressing love.
Member1122563121212Feb 08 21 - 07:50 We will order dinner out, and maybe pickup some dark chocolate from our local homemade Candy shop, Aunt Charolette’S, which has been in business over 100 years.
mariarceFeb 08 21 - 07:46 Spending it with the love of my life of 34 years and still counting.
Member117886322340Feb 08 21 - 07:35 My brother and I are both single at the moment. We will be hanging out together and maybe ordering dinner in and then watch an action movie. :-D
BestShoppingFeb 08 21 - 05:53 Seafood dinner and sparkling wine.
deiv12345Feb 08 21 - 01:56 With my lovely valentine
Member129657306103Feb 08 21 - 00:48 I'm so amazingly blessed to be spending time; making unforgettable , funtastic loveable family memories with the 4 sweet little faces that makes my ♥️ Go Pitter Patter & Who are the 🍎 Of my eyes. You see these sweet little faces are my Sweet Valentine's, but my #1 Valentine is Jesus Christ & He's the 1st i'll be saying Happy Valentine's to, saying I ♥️ You & Spending time with. Valentine's Day is love & Our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ is the true definition & Representation of Valentines & I'm so happy I get to celebrate Valentine's Day w/Jesus & My sweet little family faces
Member129657306103Feb 08 21 - 00:43 I'm so amazingly blessed to be spending time; making unforgettable , funtastic loveable family memories with the 4 sweet little faces that makes my ♥️ Go Pitter Patter & Who are the 🍎 Of my eyes. You see these sweet little faces are my Sweet Valentine's, but my #1 Valentine is Jesus Christ & He's the 1st i'll be saying Happy Valentine's to, saying I ♥️ You & Spending time with. Valentine's Day is love & Our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ is the true definition & Representation of Valentines & I'm so happy I get to celebrate Valentine's Day w/Jesus & My sweet little family faces ♥️♥️♥️♥️🌞
jesilodge18Feb 07 21 - 23:03 My Hubby and I will be apart for Valentine's Day as we are currently on opposite sides of the country. We will talk on the phone and maybe i'll even text him a naughty picture.😈😘
Member714693937910Feb 07 21 - 20:03 I bought some sweet gifts for my family members. We are planning to celebrate at home, have romantic dinner and play funny board games.
Member229731657525Feb 07 21 - 17:59 Spending my Valentines Day
Apart from my Sweetheart.💗
We're trying to use the time constructively for getting in
Shape physically. 🕺💃 He's already sending me videos of romantic songs 🎶 That he
Sings while playing his 🎸 Guitar. Looking forward to seeing what's planned for actual Valentines!💖
AmnerisVAFeb 07 21 - 13:03 We celebrate my Hubby's Birthday and Valentine's together since they are a couple of day's apart. Probably order in and celebrate at home since we have 2 little ones.
Member129601815723Feb 07 21 - 12:18 Family scavenger hunt around the house to find small gifts and cards! <3
Member1229206418426Feb 07 21 - 11:30 Celebrating our 2 year anniversary and eating some yummy spaghetti warehouse!
SRothFeb 07 21 - 11:28 Spending quality time with my family ♥
cbreeFeb 07 21 - 11:24 Alone. Probably visiting the parents. Feels
Lacondie1Feb 07 21 - 11:17 My hubby & I are in our 60s, just started working on losing some weight we gained during that virus. These would help keep us on track & My hubby can’T fake walking..🤥
Thank you!
TopMember007Feb 07 21 - 10:25 Spending the time with family at home, keeping it simple during these times. <3
DLori27Feb 07 21 - 09:25 I've been taking care of my 90 year old mom this past year and it's been the hardest job I ever had. I don't help her, I do everything. I'm thinking of changing my name to Cinderella. She can be difficult, sometimes leaving boxes in the walkway, where it's dark (recently broke 2 ribs after going flying over boxes she had moved right into the middle of the room, but in all, I enjoy spending time with her and doing things for her. After all, she took care of me for her entire life so it's my time to do the same for her. I'd love to get her to start exercising and these watches would be perfect, one for her and one for me. Thank you for doing such a fabulous giveaway and good luck to all.
Lim01BabeFeb 07 21 - 09:11 We are cooking dinner together and giving each other our gifts, spending the rest of the day/Evening together. Love is in the air everyday that's why we are still together as we have been for 30 years. This would be a sweet gift to help us work on getting fit together, Thank you for the chance.
t843tgriffFeb 07 21 - 09:07 By continuing to do the most important thing in life. Placing my self in a position to help others and continue to advocate the importance of social distancing. Most of all continuing to tell my loved ones I love you. With the current pandemic, many lives have been lost including my father. The first thought that came to mind was did I tell "daddy" I loved him before he died. So now I make sure to protect myself while helping others so that I can be here to say to my loved ones " I love you".
t843tgriffFeb 07 21 - 09:01 By continuing to do the most important thing in life. Placing my self in a position to help others and continue to advocate the importance of social distancing. Most of continuing to tell my loved ones I love you. With the current pandemic, many lives have been lost including my father. The first thought that came to mind was did I tell "daddy" I loved him before he died. So now I make sure to protect myself while helping others so that I can be here to say to my loved ones " I love you".
KorkisFeb 07 21 - 08:55 Having zoom call with loved once.
Member710349895906Feb 07 21 - 07:05 We’Re probably going out the day before Valentine’S Day and on the day we’Re spending it together at home with the kids❤️❤️❤️
IOPis4meFeb 07 21 - 06:33 We've already decided on sushi takeout, some saki, and a night of games. Pg games though, since my 10- and 11-yo will be crashing our date :)
Purplebookworm88Feb 07 21 - 04:29 Spending the day serving others together, then probably making a special treat for the two of us!
valliamFeb 07 21 - 02:24 Keeping it sweet & Simple. Staying home to love on each other, lol
mereedFeb 07 21 - 00:04 With my husband of 25 years. I still get butterflies when I hear him pulling into the garage!
Member610045365024Feb 06 21 - 20:03 Time together.
bekahteetFeb 06 21 - 19:59 I am sharing love this year by trying earnestly to get a Covid vaccine.
JonnyFeb 06 21 - 17:46 By distancing!
amcranwellFeb 06 21 - 14:01 My hubby has a surprise for me this year! Some sort of yummy dinner spot
sling7571Feb 06 21 - 10:46 Go to the gym with my wife in the morning after that she will go get her nails and hair done because she deserve it. Remember love always win
sunson231Feb 06 21 - 10:34 How are you sharing the love this Valentine's Day?

I wake up saying "i Love You" every morning and sleep with a "i Love You" every night. Been married for 26 years and trust me, it works better than a cheesy gift at Valentine's. You don't show your love on one day, you live and practice it every day !!!
LARIMERFeb 06 21 - 09:46 I wear my fitbit every day.
Treece7Feb 06 21 - 09:22 Sharing the love just means to me mostly taking care and helping my family, especially helping take care of my 87 year old mom which I have been doing the last few years since I retired.
tixinhaa4Feb 06 21 - 08:51 Sharing the love by staying home and spending it with my husband and 2 year old son. I'm planning on baking some goodies with my son and then probably ordering dinner for the night.
rcahanFeb 06 21 - 08:35 Enjoying a romantic dinner together then watching a romcom of her choice
saguptaFeb 06 21 - 08:31 Kiss kiss kiss
NixMaksMamaFeb 06 21 - 08:21 At work we are having a safely distanced "Galentine's" luncheon. There are only 4 of us, so it should be fun.
PookinsFeb 06 21 - 06:53 I will be sending flowers, balloons and having dinner delivered.
Spock999Feb 06 21 - 06:52 Stay at home!
Member1223536848946Feb 06 21 - 06:47 I'm going to FaceTime my folks on Valentine's Day, so they know that they are loved.
Member1128512827741Feb 06 21 - 06:31 Candle light dinner with her favorite foods and some old school love songs.
staceydlvFeb 06 21 - 03:50 Nice dinner at home and some quality time together.
jas_starryFeb 06 21 - 01:19 I am going to be sharing the love this Valentine's day by spending time with my precious family over a home cooked meal but I also will be baking goodies for my special friends and delivering it to them from a distance !!
songincFeb 05 21 - 23:15 Spending time with family!!
Member129594718340Feb 05 21 - 21:56 I will sharing the love by letting all the ones I love know that they mean the world to me and I am so very grateful to have them in my life!
dash43Feb 05 21 - 20:25 By being thankful for the loving and supportive people in my life.
atzhhFeb 05 21 - 19:20 Not sure, guess try to be helpful and accountable for the 12 hours time difference.
holliekestlerFeb 05 21 - 18:13 By enjoying a yummy dinner.
Ale Feb 05 21 - 15:32 I am sharing the love with my 2 daughters eating cookies and watching a romantic movie and making some video calls to the family and friends
Member921926502037Feb 05 21 - 15:03 We will have a girls night Valentine party with my 4 year old niece.
saleagoFeb 05 21 - 14:52 I am gonna be nice for a day.
yarbr012Feb 05 21 - 14:34 I am sharing the love by sending my mom a bouquet of flowers!
Cherylann68Feb 05 21 - 14:05 I bought a 25# Bag of flour at Sam's Club, i'm going to make approximately one dozen loaves of bread & Distribute to the older folks in our neighborhood. Nothing says love like homemade bread <3
eviewFeb 05 21 - 13:41 I am sharing the love with my 2 4 legged girls. We have a Valentine's Party to go to at the local pet store, with social distancing. The contest will be online, just go to the store for treats and pictures. So I have to make the girls' costumes this weekend.
Member1128656518136Feb 05 21 - 13:26 Sharing the love by motivating more friends to do more steps with me to get healthy while unable to visit. The FitBit App has been a great way to be a little competitive with weekly step goals and taunt your friends to do better :) I love it. One thousand miles away from family, yet just an app away. The more the merrier.
annluckFeb 05 21 - 11:12 Bake some sweets
countrycathyFeb 05 21 - 10:58 My husband passed away in March of 2019, so I don't have a partner to share Valentine's Day with, so I will share my love with my friends & Family on Facebook. I will also make a donation to a cause I love.
beckd22Feb 05 21 - 08:19 Just quiet time with my Hubby!
FashiondollFeb 05 21 - 08:11 A special dinner and dessert with my amazing family <3
rondavuFeb 05 21 - 07:54 Being still in b/C of Covid, I think I may revive sending Valentines via real mail! Maybe i'll even make them with construction paper and paper lace and hand-written poems!
kyra1982Feb 05 21 - 07:27 Going on a staycation with my hubby and our kiddos. Ordering in and relaxing all weekend. ❤
mlinusaFeb 05 21 - 05:58 A special dinner night with family members.
Member915467621156Feb 05 21 - 04:43 Sharing some valentine's day baked goods
NataliyaBoroninaFeb 05 21 - 02:36 Я делаю маленькие пряники-валентинки и дарю их всем кто сердцу дорог
purpleandorangeFeb 05 21 - 00:57 I will share the Valentine's Day love virtually with friends and family!
timetravellerFeb 05 21 - 00:07 Virtually, with lots of humor and hope to tide us through everything. <3
Member1216980393052Feb 04 21 - 21:24 This valentine's day, i'll be sharing the love from a cdc-approved distance.
Member1216980393052Feb 04 21 - 21:19 This valentine's day, i'll be sharing the love from a cdc-approved distance.
VP72Feb 04 21 - 20:31 I will make treat bags for the kids.
ShumakovaFeb 04 21 - 20:04 My husband and I go to a restaurant and give each other gifts
GeminiQueenRoseFeb 04 21 - 19:41 I hope to have a nice relaxing day, snuggling, eating chocolates & Smelling fresh flowers, while watching a favorite show or new movie.
Jennifer AndersonFeb 04 21 - 18:45 A zoom Cooking class and wine. I hope wine!
AvolavarioFeb 04 21 - 18:04 We will most likely order some sushi!
LotsofmoneyFeb 04 21 - 17:32 We will spend a quiet night at home. I make all my husbands favorites. Light some candles have a glass of wine. Rent an action movie that he would enjoy. Then I will give him a back rub. He deserves it, my wonderful hubby of 41 years.
Tacoma1997Feb 04 21 - 17:00 I will make a romantic dinner for my husband and exchange our gifts with each other and watch movies all night.
PvSimsonFeb 04 21 - 15:43 Outside! Skiing or hiking. Nature is a mutual love of ours so we will be sharing the love with her. Then a romantic dinner of course.
PvSimsonFeb 04 21 - 15:38 I'm sharing the love by going on a romantic dinner and spending the day with my lover. We may go skiing or go on a long walk through a new park we want to explore. Nature is a mutual love of ours so we will share the love with her!
xstitcherFeb 04 21 - 14:23 Sending all of my grandchildren Valentine's and special treats.
WillznanaFeb 04 21 - 13:50 Would love to have these to present to my Grandson and his love. They had a difficult year, but have begun this new one on a new health and exercise routine.
Member927589801847Feb 04 21 - 13:32 With my new granddaughter! Finally at age 71, I have become a grandfather and I cannot get enough of this little darling. Thank you god!!!
AnnDFeb 04 21 - 13:27 Male special Valentine's dinner for my husband.
Member43984583558Feb 04 21 - 12:16 In masks.
Member124212615733Feb 04 21 - 11:40 With my sweety kisses🥰
topcashback52Feb 04 21 - 10:32 Quick getaway trip
hawaiiancashFeb 04 21 - 09:25 Making homemade goodies for my loved ones!
JayredFeb 04 21 - 09:05 Participating with my whole family doing a food drive sponsored by the church to help local community.
monica001Feb 04 21 - 09:00 Same sh*T, Different day
nicksFeb 04 21 - 08:25 Socially distant.
Member1128787579724Feb 04 21 - 08:04 I have a brunch date for v-day and snuggle time with the boys!
MinkyFeb 04 21 - 07:07 For this Valentine's, with covid and all, my husband and my kids will be having a food drive to share love with those in need in our community.
Audio51Feb 04 21 - 07:06 Since I lost my husband of 38 years 4 years ago, I will be sharing the love with my Golden Retriever and 2 cats. My kids and Grandkids have moved away, so I will have to mail the Grandkids card.
Member1223903030121Feb 04 21 - 06:34 Home alone. :(
hdt1108Feb 04 21 - 06:21 I will be spending Valentines Day with my husband and dog. Lots of yummy treats and homemade meal💕💗💜
hdt1108Feb 04 21 - 06:11 I will be spending Valentines Day with my husband and dog. Lots of yummy treats and homemade meal💕💗💜
bigguy2261Feb 04 21 - 04:15 Social distance at home safe.
Member1028173381957Feb 04 21 - 02:53 Definitely and Detailed.
coolstepslgFeb 04 21 - 02:31 This year I am staying safe at home sharing the love with my kids and wife with a bbq dinner and camp fire outside.
larvf20016Feb 04 21 - 02:19 We will be having a family candle lit dinner out at a fancy restaurant.
jreyes170Feb 04 21 - 02:17 At home with family watching a movie
Member714776272654Feb 04 21 - 00:43 Oh.. Nothing too fancy, y'know. Just me and my children hanging out. And then i'll cry silently into the night.
Member129578649454Feb 04 21 - 00:05 My partner and I will probably stay at home, cook something special, watch a movie and cuddle all night.
Elena12WalkerFeb 03 21 - 23:00 My partner and I will be spending time together at home. Our plan is to grab some tacos, rent a movie, and drink a few beers. And after that have a major cuddling session all night. I actually want to do something nice for him the day before Valentines, i'm thinking of taking him food from his favorite place to his work. Just to show him how special he is to me. We've been together for 4 years, and still going strong. I also plan on giving my mother some flowers to show her how much I appreciate her love and support in everything I do.
TJ72Feb 03 21 - 22:15 I'll be staying home and indulging in self care.
ChoastarFeb 03 21 - 21:54 This year I am focusing on sharing the love with my kids and hubby. My boys are 3 and 5 and I am looking forward to going for a hike ( weather permitting) with the boys, husband and 9 month old baby. With working from home and online school we all need to focus on our mental health and breathing fresh air, letting the boys run and walking brings us together while focusing on our health. Afterwards we will have a dinner as a family and Zoom my family to further share the love with my parents, siblings and nieces and nephews.
Member1229254579219Feb 03 21 - 20:02 I’M sharing the love by making the perfect Valentines meal for my family. And Sending Valentines out to my church ladies.
Member112523527023Feb 03 21 - 20:00 Dinner and dancing.....At home~!
jwbarnesFeb 03 21 - 19:51 Dinner and a movie... Over skype -_-
Deborah_RFeb 03 21 - 19:29 I am sharing the love by making a big meal that I can share remotely with others. I will pack up half of whatever I make and take it over to my elderly parents house, then enjoy a nice meal and night in with my hubby. Sending cards to a few friends and my adult kids too.
Member1128622620541Feb 03 21 - 19:01 Karaoke and dinner with family 😍😍😍
larvf20016Feb 03 21 - 18:36 Family dinner
dutlswlslFeb 03 21 - 17:44 Xoxo my little angel
temekasjonesFeb 03 21 - 17:23 I am sharing the love this Valentine's Day by cooking dinner and spending quality time with my 18 year old son who is about to leave to serve our country.
SpeckopolisFeb 03 21 - 16:30 Gonna get all mushy and tell my hubby how wonderful he is. Maybe a dinner out if it's nice enough that we can sit outside somewhere. Covid can't keep me from eating out!
jke0989Feb 03 21 - 15:41 We'll be sharing the love by spending time doing home improvement projects. We've spent the last six months doing home improvement projects together and are still madly in love!
BeckMooFeb 03 21 - 15:07 Sharing the love by attending a marriage conference.
go4momomoFeb 03 21 - 15:01 My partner and I plan to go climbing at the rock climbing gym! We will go kill our arms there and then afterwards enjoy a quiet evening together reading a good book.
joyzkimFeb 03 21 - 14:35 Mailing lots of valentine's cards out to remind family and friends we don't get to see and be with due to social distancing that we are thinking of them, love them and we are still here if they need us! I always think that people love getting mail so it's my way of supporting the post office and surprising loved ones with a card....Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!
Member1128691160031Feb 03 21 - 14:29 We're sticking to our pandemic routine but having fun with each other. I'm planning a brunch with raspberry compote on heart-shaped flax waffles because breakfast foods are his favorite. We'll probably spend the day cuddled up on the couch as the temperature sinks to 1°F!
Member1128775955934Feb 03 21 - 14:29 Well, i'll be sharing the love by (hopefully) welcoming a bunch of highly anticipated Alpine (dairy goat,) babies into the world.
Member921900952231Feb 03 21 - 14:28 Singing to one another, chocolates, candle light & Dinner.
Member1128265757350Feb 03 21 - 14:14 Our 59th anniversary is 2 days after Valentine's Day so we will be sharing lots of love with each other and our family. We have been blessed to have such a long and happy marriage!
Member129630862331Feb 03 21 - 13:22 Planning on sharing the love with my husband of 31 years. We will have chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. 💕💕 It’S a tradition 🥰
venkata08Feb 03 21 - 13:21 Sharing and expressing love to my wife and my 2 little kids !!!
RazenTC444Feb 03 21 - 12:52 Sharing the love with my little family -3 kids and hubby at home. Gonna cook them our favorite FilAmerican foods for dinner instead of going out. More family bonding time and better to be safe at home on this difficult times of the covid season.
Member1128689091541Feb 03 21 - 12:38 This year Valentines Day I will be sharing love with my one and only best friend, best partner, best dad to my children, my husband to a mini vacation in Homer, ak. And it our 6 years wedding anniversary ❤.
JDinnsenFeb 03 21 - 12:18 I am making a special effort to think about those around me that don't have anybody in their lives, and then making sure I surprise them with handmade cards and a chocolate treat. Even the smallest thing like that is so meaningful to those who are alone. Sharing the love with the special person in my life, means he helps me deliver those Valentine surprises, and then we just hang out together at home, make dinner together, and then play a fun game.
nicholemichalekFeb 03 21 - 12:13 My family and I are sending everyone cards. We make cards and ride around our town because even though we might not personally know each other its nice to give someone an uplifting message after all the craziness that's happened in the past year. One little message could be exactly what some needs to get thru their day.
Member129635419658Feb 03 21 - 12:08 With my husband!!!
Member229678343348Feb 03 21 - 11:58 I will be writing notes on the tiny Valentines cards normally used by kids and taking them and putting them on the doors or cars of my loved ones.
Noah02Feb 03 21 - 11:52 This year, I will be buying gifts for all of my friends and family. The gift is going to be under 10 dollars each.
Member827386722245Feb 03 21 - 11:44 We will be spending Valentines with family, every one got some sort of medical issues so we don't want to end up with worst news, love family stay safe
Member129611421458Feb 03 21 - 11:43 My husband, myself and our three little ones will make Valentine’S Day dinner and dessert.
Member1229263941929Feb 03 21 - 11:37 I’M planning to spend Valentine’S Day with my two Young daughters! It’S always been me and then and we don’T have much so we spend time making some cool arts and crafts and sometimes I do redbox but always some candy 🙂
Member827386722245Feb 03 21 - 11:26 We will be spending Valentines with family, every one got some sort of medical issues so we don't want to end up with worst news, love family stay safe
suzeFeb 03 21 - 11:22 Staying home with my sweetie or if go out, socially distancing and protecting others by double masking.
abbysmom02Feb 03 21 - 11:17 My soulmate passed away suddenly 4 months ago so I will be celebrating Valentine's Day alone remembering all the love and good times we shared!
minxa1Feb 03 21 - 11:15 I'm making goodies for my coworkers- i'll be working that night
Member129612129718Feb 03 21 - 11:07 This year i’M spending it with my husband and two kids. We will enjoy it by doing things together as a family aka baking cookies, eating a movie, and making everyone’S favorite dinner, heart shaped tacos!
APLadyBoss628Feb 03 21 - 11:06 Sadly probably alone this year! I'm staying positive that I will meet a great guy but I don't want to settle for Mr. Wrong!
FeedingPhoenixFarmFeb 03 21 - 11:03 Steak & Lobster
Member129572826750Feb 03 21 - 11:00 I actually have no idea what we will be doing. My husband is planning some sort of surprise for the kids and me. My plan to share the love is spend one-on-one time with each one of my family members and give plenty of hugs.
LATERISENFeb 03 21 - 11:00 I love my partner and I had better mean it as she was just appointed a judge!!!
Member1229263941929Feb 03 21 - 10:59 I’M planning to spend Valentine’S Day with my two Young daughters! It’S always been me and then and we don’T have much so we spend time making some cool arts and crafts and sometimes I do redbox but always some candy 🙂
Member129587340748Feb 03 21 - 10:52 It'll be mine and my daughter's first year with it just being us together. This is her last year before shes a big girl in kindergarten and I want her to still feel all the love in the world so im sending flowers and a "basket of love" to her class. 😊 She will be over the moon when she realizes it's all for her and my heart will be so full. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day! ❤❤❤
kinrun7Feb 03 21 - 10:50 By kissing my girlfriend for the first time in 11 months .. Covid gives way to Cupid !!
RsthaFeb 03 21 - 10:46 Going to celebrate with my hubby. With some home cooked meal and movie night.
Member1228907788831Feb 03 21 - 10:41 My husband and 5-year-old daughter are the people I will be celebrating with. In the midst of everything that has happened over the past year, we have been working hard to keep the perspective of the importance of our loved ones as our top priority.
DOLLFIN630Feb 03 21 - 10:40 Going to have a nice quiet dinner with my hubby and no kidos :)
IamHarvFeb 03 21 - 10:35 Now that we're both retired and because of the pandemic, we have sharing more time together doing house rennovations. When we aren't doing work inside, we love taking rides and occasionally taking in antique shops.
Member821209373659Feb 03 21 - 10:28 Trying out a new recipe, seen on The Kitchen and demonstrated by Iron Chef Zacharian...Duck breast with cherry glaze. It will be a joint adventure to a delicious dinner with beer (his) and red wine (me).
Member129578339554Feb 03 21 - 10:20 I am sharing the love this Valentine's Day by continuing to wear a mask and advocate for everyone to care about their neighbors by practicing social distancing, masks and hand-washing guidance. Hopefully then next year more people can share the love on Valentine's Day in person!!!!

Let's all battle this virus by staying safe.
Member1128675462558Feb 03 21 - 10:18 Will spend time with my husband at home, to stay safe from the pandemic.
Member129549792726Feb 03 21 - 10:18 I will be getting takeout for dinner with my significant other. We will use this holiday to have a stay at home yet, romantic dinner in the living room on a blanket with lots of candles and rose petals. We will enjoy each other’S company and take this moment to appreciate one another. Of course we can’T forget the wine.
Member1128536908450Feb 03 21 - 10:13 My husband and I will share the love with one another, as we have done for the last 40+ Years. We will go out to eat dinner and enjoy one another's company.
Member129534537441Feb 03 21 - 10:09 I'm going to get my girlfriend her first pride flag. I wrote a song for her that i'm practicing to sing for her on valentines day. And of course, i'm going to get her the traditional heart shaped box of chocolates. <3
rfreebiesFeb 03 21 - 10:07 Will spend time with my family :)
Member1128778674527Feb 03 21 - 09:59 For me, every day is Valentine's day. It is just for the world to remember the day. And we recollect and discuss all the happiest moments. I will cook her something special for my wife and will enjoy the day with my son. Happy valentine's day to everyone!!
lastern929Feb 03 21 - 09:59 My wonderful hubby will cook for me and give me flowers and chocolate, then we'll cuddle and watch a romantic movie together.
ashleyannfriendFeb 03 21 - 09:57 By sharing love and kindness in my everyday interactions at my work and everywhere I go regardless of the pandemic or my job on Frontline of grocery store. Always trying to reflect the love that is within me to others even when they don't give it. Bee kind. Always.
PETERLAMFeb 03 21 - 09:52 Sharing it with my gf.
CouponcrazyinkyFeb 03 21 - 09:50 Hanging out with the family, playing games, and having fun!
Member229678387459Feb 03 21 - 09:47 I welcomed seven family members to stay in my home <3
GusDithFeb 03 21 - 09:37 Will spend time with family, playing wii games, with lots of love and teasing!
Parasavemoney43Feb 03 21 - 09:36 We will be at home with a home cooked meal and watching comedy movies :)
Member1015951525931Feb 03 21 - 09:36 A random act of kindness (or two) to help make a stranger's day better.
DesertcatFeb 03 21 - 09:34 It's been a hard 11 months so just making sweets and eating candy ofcourse will make it a good day for cuddling :)
Member1229230923927Feb 03 21 - 09:32 I'll be spending Valentines Day this year with my husband and step daughter. We'll be spending the morning making breakfast and binge watching Disney movies before drop her off with her mother. From there my husband and I will be spending the rest of the day just watching some romance movies and drinking some delicious wine 🍷😋
bibet80Feb 03 21 - 09:27 I will be spending Valentine's day with my family going outdoor for hiking in the afternoon after church and playing board games in the evening while enjoying delicious home-cooked food!
jess_powellFeb 03 21 - 09:21 I will be spending Valentine's day with my son.
Samir999Feb 03 21 - 09:21 We celebrate with our family
Member1128864301437Feb 03 21 - 09:19 I'm spending Valentine's Day safely with my family <3
GusDithFeb 03 21 - 09:17 Will spend time with family, playing wii games, with lots of love and teasing!
diane91653Feb 03 21 - 09:17 Its been a rough time since Aug 27th . It was the day after celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary, Never expected for Hurricane Laura to reach Northeast Louisiana but it hit 8/27. We retired here 4 yrs ago and remodeled a home that now we have to do again. So Covid, Hurricane, and husband got 3 heart stents. We are still not due in til end of March but we survived a near hit by tree going through the kitchen window. So I will get a nice take out dinner with a wonderful box of chocolates. I usually get a Christmas box but it was overlooked!! Its been rough but we will celebrate his birthday 2/08 then Valentines day celebration for us both!!
ulovereneeFeb 03 21 - 09:13 I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my parents!
jacksbynFeb 03 21 - 09:12 Happy to be stuck in the house with them in the pandemic.
JJ73Feb 03 21 - 09:10 Yes I am! I always make tons of cookies, brownies, and banana breads to pass out to my frieds and coworkers. I still buy my kids, 19 & 23, valentines presents.
huntress1181Feb 03 21 - 09:09 Will be spending Valentine's day with my mom and kitty Samuel. Each moment spent is super precious.
EiremuseFeb 03 21 - 09:09 I'm calling friends and family to tell them how much I love them!
caleshia004Feb 03 21 - 09:08 I am sharing the love by celebrating the birth of my child. He is a Valentine's day baby. My husband and I may just do dinner and cake.
jess_powellFeb 03 21 - 09:08 I will be spending Valentine's day with my son.
cwh168998Feb 03 21 - 09:08 We hope can wear it totake a vacation after the pendemic passed.
Member229690363117Feb 03 21 - 09:07 I will be sharing the love with my lil darling in the nicu. Hopefully we get some great news that she can finally come home to me !!
Dpita84Feb 03 21 - 09:07 Sharing the love with our daughters, we made them all valentine baskets, ,<3
ford3512012Feb 03 21 - 09:07 Im sharing the Love with my beautiful daughter and spending the day with her shopping and going to eat :)
phamt01Feb 03 21 - 09:07 I will spending valentine with my mom
ILUVFUN2Feb 03 21 - 09:06 I'm sharing my love with a kayak weekend anniversary celebration.
Member827473750432Feb 03 21 - 09:06 We're sharing the love by supporting our local businesses and restaurants with a couples massage, fondue dinning and then a romantic walk in the park (to really get our heart rates up!)
Member1128536908450Feb 03 21 - 09:05 My husband and I will share the love with one another, as we have done for the last 40+ Years. We will go out to eat dinner and enjoy one another's company.
manrei2014Feb 03 21 - 09:05 I am hanging out with my family.
HodaddyFeb 03 21 - 09:05 With a romantic dinner with the misses.
Member97145211622Feb 03 21 - 09:05 I'm sharing the love by doing cute crafts with the grandkiddos!!
mccyhytr75Feb 03 21 - 09:04 Buying lots of Valentine chocolate for my family!
bigmanazFeb 03 21 - 09:01 Going to cook a fabulous dinner for my wife!
Member921648136853Feb 03 21 - 08:03 I'm sharing the love by visiting Asheville with my boyfriend <3
bha_sheoFeb 03 21 - 07:15 We as a family will be sharing love by meditating together, spending time together (cooking, eating, playing) and then will do a zoom call with the non profit who takes care orphan autistic kids
LytlecubFeb 03 21 - 04:28 We will be celebrating Valentines Day by going out to diner without the kids and just having some us time.
Marcee DellingerFeb 03 21 - 01:36 I will be spending Valentines with my 4 kiddos, my little sweethearts!💕💕💕
lindsey_ryanFeb 02 21 - 18:10 I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my mom! We'll have a healthy but scrumptious and point-friendly homemade meal and dessert (we recently rejoined ww) and watch a favorite classic movie. I will share the white Fitbit with my mom to help step up (pun intended?) Our health journey. We both live with chronic illness and pain and are both trying to build a solid foundation for a better future <3
johnrudaFeb 02 21 - 17:12 We are moving to a new location to start our next chapter together.
Abby1990Feb 02 21 - 16:45 I’M sharing the love by making my husband’S favorite meal for lunch. And getting my toddler a lot of heart balloons and some chocolate.
dealqueen83Feb 02 21 - 15:26 I will be sharing my love as well as my TopCashback link with all of my loved ones. What better way to show someone you love them than helping them get money back from their purchases?!
unkapsFeb 02 21 - 12:15 Watching tv with my husband. (Maybe the Fitbits will inspire us to exercise!
Harley boyFeb 02 21 - 10:52 Going to Church then home to my two dogs my soul mate husband passed away 3 and a half years ago so it's been hard so thankful for my buddies.
AS2016Feb 02 21 - 08:45 With words of love combined with plenty of hugs for family and friends
Stasy28Feb 02 21 - 08:37 Love is an amazing feeling that makes each of us better! And the main rule of love is to give without demanding anything in return! I plan to spend this wonderful holiday of love with my loved one, giving him a pleasant surprise and saying pleasant words to him that I say to him every day!
steinhausFeb 02 21 - 08:35 No special plans, just make a nice dinner to have with the family.
dmf52180Feb 02 21 - 08:05 Well, since I am goign through a divorce after 20 years of marriage... This year will be different. I refuse to let my situtation bring me down! I will be working my second job in the morning then taking my three girls out to lunch and then I will be giving them a small gift. They are all I need!
Member229686118111Feb 02 21 - 07:54 I’Ll be with my fur baby Boston spending the whole day playing fetch, tug of war, making dog biscuits with only 3 ingredients and us humans can enjoy a biscuit with our favorite fur baby and making a birthday cake for Boston she’Ll be a Year old on the 28th of February actually the 29th she’S a leap year pup!! 🐶🦮
Member726974076136Feb 02 21 - 07:25 I always make filet mignon, lobster tails and heart shaped brownies fir my boyfriend and i.
Mayansunshine7 Feb 02 21 - 07:17 With a 6mo baby and her 22month old sister, we will be in quarantine playing it safe. We will however, make hear shaped brownies and a little festive dinner for my mom as it is her birthday. My mom will forever be my valentine and my husband understands as it is her birthday, he knows about sharing a birthday on a "holiday" since his is Christmas. Yay me, I have to go above and beyond for two birthdays... Well 3, my nephews is St. Patrick's day. Lol!!!
سامح سمير حفيظ Feb 02 21 - 02:55 احبك الى المنتهى يااميرتى ياحبيبتى
Member224547512319Feb 02 21 - 01:20 Quarantine cuddle sesh with the loml watching rom-coms (he’Ll probably fall asleep lol!
mrbenjaminsFeb 02 21 - 01:17 Ill be eating more chocolate than usual and spending the day by myself.
pointFeb 01 21 - 21:58 A very romantic socially distanced candlelight dinner over Zoom
SnowsappleFeb 01 21 - 21:41 Over FaceTime on his lunch break. We’Ll probably watch a couple episodes of our favorite show when he gets off work at 1 in the morning but it’S definitely worth staying up late for that extra time together.
ajtuckerFeb 01 21 - 20:53 I can't speak for anyone else, but i'll be taking a nap.
bettymichelleFeb 01 21 - 19:29 I’M sharing it at home with my husband and our dog 🐩
kulu07Feb 01 21 - 19:24 I will stay home and will cook something nice for me.
lindazhou2001Feb 01 21 - 18:48 I will stay home with my dogs, cooking for them, massaging them, complementing them (they smile as I say they are handsome, beautiful and good boy), giving them hugs, giving joint supplements, fish oil to appreciate this sweet day with them. They are the magic thing in my life. Love them forever. Can't be one minute less.
Member229682749756Feb 01 21 - 18:01 I’Ll be spending Valentine’S Day at home with takeout and a good rom-com! I’Ll probably get myself some flowers for some self-love 🥰
Member218167661042Feb 01 21 - 16:00 Spending Valentine's Day at home with a special dinner and a movie-at-home.
cyndinFeb 01 21 - 13:30 Spending Valentine's day with my significant other at home with our cuddly cat. We'll probably enjoy some hot chocolate and desserts!
KatiemehnFeb 01 21 - 13:29 Staying inside to keep everyone safe!
Royce627Feb 01 21 - 13:02 Picnic with my 4 favorite girls, my wife and kids that is.
Member229681253648Feb 01 21 - 12:44 With my husband of 16 yrs and three kids. Couldn't have asked for better valentine's!!!
cjfuller70Feb 01 21 - 12:43 Facetiming my adult children, whether they like it or not!
kpeterson26Feb 01 21 - 11:53 This Valentines marks the 10 year anniversary of us meeting for the first time. Unfortunately, we won't be able to travel back to the place we had our first date due to covid, so instead i'm going to recreate it at home (which will probably be more funny than romantic, but that's how we are!)
SMontenegroFeb 01 21 - 11:42 Staying in with all my loves!!
cagey60Feb 01 21 - 10:33 Snuggle by the fire🔥On a winter night
GggFeb 01 21 - 10:23 Staying home with my husband and 4 children)))
cagey60Feb 01 21 - 09:47 Snuggle by the fire🔥On a winter night
PurpleliciousTFeb 01 21 - 09:45 By telling my husband that I love him, everyday not just on a certain day!
Theresa4739Feb 01 21 - 09:30 Romantic dinner at home with my awesome husband of 20 years. ♥
CarliNFeb 01 21 - 07:08 No special plans, just make a nice dinner to have with the family.
Aliya01Feb 01 21 - 02:39 Проводим время за романтическим ужином
Toby518Feb 01 21 - 01:06 Staying home with family, relaxing with a good show
JiddellsJan 31 21 - 22:10 Baking a cherry lattice pie for my wonderful parents.
nicksJan 31 21 - 21:33 Cuddle with cat?
Betty203Jan 31 21 - 21:31 Making a steak and shrimp dinner and spending time with our kids.
BizzJan 31 21 - 19:50 It is my dad’S birthday so I honor him by making a heart shaped cake. He passed 22 years ago but he will always be my special Valentine❤️
lesley3000Jan 31 21 - 17:31 I will share the love by giving my kids and husband a chocolate valentine and watching a movie together.
cathrogJan 31 21 - 15:07 I'm a public health professional and will be sharing the love by staying home, wearing a mask if I go out, and practicing social distancing. The best way for us to love each other, and ourselves, is to stay healthy.
sytown7Jan 31 21 - 12:44 My beautiful daughter literally stole my heart the second she was born! Before even graduating a&M, she was hired for her ideal job...But in another state! She still owns my heart-it's just a little more broken now without her near! So i'll talk to her for sure, but i'll be snuggling with my fur-babies!!
Member129635424752Jan 31 21 - 11:27 I am sharing the love this Valentines day by spending it with my little girl. She is really my grand daughter, but last year I adopted her after fighting for her for the last 3 years. And finally I won!! So you can see why this Valentine’S Day, she is my number one, because for years she was kept away from me. Not any more ❤️❤️❤️
ShennieJan 31 21 - 11:08 Long weekend with the wife watching our college senior daughter in her first lead in a play.
Member1223931487820Jan 31 21 - 10:45 I will be sharing Valentine's Day with my mom and sisters. We might get a special dessert. 🍧🍨🍦🥧🍰🍮🎂🧁🍫🍩🍪
Member129659248630Jan 31 21 - 10:22 On the roof of an old house in St. Petersburg. Fruit table, champagne. Violin by David Garrett
natfilbyJan 31 21 - 10:12 Husband and I are going to have a weekend getaway to a cabin in the mountains!💕💕
Heidib21Jan 31 21 - 09:48 Having chocolate and playing with my grandsons.
Heidib21Jan 31 21 - 09:18 Spending the day with my grandsons! Probably have chocolate and a small gift.
Lemonhead13201Jan 31 21 - 08:47 Quiet dinner at home. 🥂 ❤️
smartcashJan 31 21 - 05:37 Chocolate and cheese fondue with friends...Your choice or both!
Member1229345446230Jan 31 21 - 03:17 Love,hugzzz, chocolate and...Otter watching at the river! I love this dude of mine!
staceydlvJan 31 21 - 02:37 My husband and I will sleep in and wake up to cook breakfast together. Just a relaxing lazy day of enjoying each others complany. I also have a special Valentines Day present hidden away with a card in the house to surprise him. Xoxo
trillium14Jan 30 21 - 22:02 Sharing the love with my 83 year old Mother and sister, since it is my birthday. They would love me to win this to help me with a healthier lifestyle. I would share the other with my sister since I have no significant other at the moment.
Member425679784914Jan 30 21 - 21:33 Say "sorry for so many time I hurt them that I did nit mean to". I am a rough wife and mom but I love them
slick1109Jan 30 21 - 21:20 My mom will be my Valentine this year. We both had a really rough 2020, with both losing our jobs, the passing of our precious Yorkie-Poo, and constant health issues that won't seem to leave us alone. She rarely goes out anymore anyway since the passing of her daughter in 2018. I am planning to give her a Card, some Red Roses and a Bottle of Pink Moscato. Then I will cook up some frozen crab cakes and Lobster tails for dinner (that my father sent me as a Christmas Gift). I hope it makes her Happy.
Uaz74Jan 30 21 - 20:19 Будем встречать с женой и детьми. Так как младшая дочь аутист, мы должны дарить любовь каждую минуту. Она очень резко чувствует перемену отношении, ссоры и т.д. Сча вообще не ругаемся , и не спорим приней. Ребенок нас больше сплотил
TaraCJan 30 21 - 17:49 My toddler and I are making a 5x7 canvas paintings to send to the grandparents. Thwn we will be decorating the house for Valentines day. On Valentines day I am planning to make dinner with my husband. We haven't decided on what we will be having yet but we will be shopping next weekend for it. We have made a list of what we would like and we will be sitting down to decide on the exactly what we will be making this coming up week. It's more fun to decide together. During the day we want to stay home so we will most likely be catching up on our recorded shows and movies, and playing a couple card and board games.
dionneJan 30 21 - 17:26 Looking forward to a quiet, cozy night in watching movies with my love and maybe break in my new Air Fryer with a nice steak dinner⚘
Member129663310918Jan 30 21 - 16:43 My husband and I plan to start off the evening with a special homemade dinner for all of our rescue kittens, our cats and of course Princess, our dog. Once they are all fed, cleaned and tucked in for the night we will enjoy a great dinner, sometime in our spa and a movie before bed.
KorkisJan 30 21 - 16:32 Alone, cant fly to be with fiance!
Member519931216719Jan 30 21 - 14:55 Having Chinese with my nephews while their parents are celebrating in Vegas.
denisebuffJan 30 21 - 14:33 I am going to make time for what’S important and spend quality time with my loved ones. The easiest way to spend quality time with loved ones is to involve them in your day. So I plan on creating a special dinner. There isn’T much more that speaks love than a home-cooked meal — It will taste even better when you share it like I will with my Mom and Children.
Shannondvs322Jan 30 21 - 13:20 I'm planning to spend the day with the hubby and my two boys hanging out, watching movies. Probably eating some strawberry Haagen Dazs and leftover birthday cake.
The fitbits will be really useful after that, besides i've been wanting one forever so there's that too!
Member1229205401426Jan 30 21 - 13:01 I’M sending Valentines cards to all my friends!
MrMoneyJan 30 21 - 12:42 I'll bring my sweetie lunch at work while she saves lives for 13 hours <3
rockspriteJan 30 21 - 12:19 I'm sharing the love this Valentine's Day by sending my friends chocolate by mail.
JordanmthJan 30 21 - 12:15 It's my sociopathic ex boyfriend's bday, and we still live together. So...
JordanmthJan 30 21 - 12:09 It's my sociopathic ex boyfriend's bday, and we still live together. So...
merwingaJan 30 21 - 11:54 I'm planning a Galentine's celebration for my pup & I, it's going to be fun.
YarielJan 30 21 - 10:45 Yo comparto el amor con mis hermosos hijos que son mi razóN de vivir. Les doy el amor que ellos necesitan para que sean muy felices. Ellos son mi vida.👩‍👧‍👦
74sholdenJan 30 21 - 09:56 I will get a cozy fire going and cook my husband his favorite meal and have a romantic dinner by the fire.
Member626389238405Jan 30 21 - 09:20 Planning to give hugs and kisses to my family.
AdrianaQJan 30 21 - 09:18 Sharing love at home with my pet watching a movie with my pet dog 🥰🥰
RighteousZombieJan 30 21 - 08:59 Its just me and my pup, so extra snuggles for us!
artemis520Jan 30 21 - 08:58 I will be sharing a box of chocolates with my son.
idanskJan 30 21 - 07:57 Sharing my love by surprising her in her office with flowers and chocolates.
kpjaviya1988Jan 30 21 - 07:43 Planning to bake a cake with my daughters for valentine's day as well as our 13th wedding anniversary and spend quality time with my family at home.❤❤❤
Shirley007Jan 30 21 - 07:18 Flowers are necessary! I would also love to book a nice restaurant even during the pendamic!
andreaa16Jan 30 21 - 07:16 I am sharing the love by choosing to spread love and not hate!
ShebeztrollinJan 30 21 - 06:30 Ill get him reeses he will not even say thanks he will go to work. Day goes on life goes on its just another day
Lacondie1Jan 30 21 - 05:57 I start Valentine’S Day with cards in the mail for grandkids, so they receive theirs first. My hubby and I have date nites so Valentines Day is really every month for us. We don’T exchange gifts anymore, just having him there holding my hand is really enough. You don’T know your time frame in life, so live life everyday!
Lacondie1Jan 30 21 - 05:51 I start Valentine’S Day with cards in the mail for grandkids, so they receive theirs first. My hubby and I have date nites so Valentines Day is really every month for us. We don’T exchange gifts anymore, just having him there holding my hand is really enough. You don’T know your time frame in life, so live life everyday!
MrMoneyJan 30 21 - 04:58 I'll bring my sweetie lunch at work while she saves lives for 13 hours <3
selfserviceckinJan 30 21 - 03:54 Cosy dinner at home...Love my hubby!...Been happily married over 36 years.
Member827263844642Jan 29 21 - 23:54 Going to a local restaurant for dinner with my husband.
Member1212006409845Jan 29 21 - 23:17 Spending quality time with family
blue102883Jan 29 21 - 23:17 Celebrating our recent engagement. Happy news during these tough times
Member129655652205Jan 29 21 - 22:57 This year I will celebrate Valentine’S Day a little different. I Lost my mom just recently. I Took for granted that I will always have her. Therefore I would hug my love ones a Little longer tell them how much I love them spend more time with them and show a lot more appreciation towards them.
gkurodaJan 29 21 - 21:07 Spending time with family
HusarzJan 29 21 - 20:36 14 years ago, on valentines day I got married to the man of my dreams. Everyday is special but every Valentines day is the day for showering and expressing love to my husband and my family . We spend the day doing special things for one another, cooking together our favourite meals, celebrating our life together.

However this year is different. The pandemic has effected everyone and today we really know and realize the importance of family and home. It is our biggest strength and support . We will never forget this year with each other during these tough times. So this year valentines day must also be different and special for - more the difficulties more the endurance.

So, this year we have planned to
Enjoy and live every moment together and appreciate everything we have especially our life and togetherness.

Some of our plans include
To prepare a cake and cut it together with our kids
Decorate our room with heart balloons
Cook lunch together and enjoy the food watching a movie
Play a game where each one of our family members will write a loving and appreciative note to each other.
Print photos and make a photo book of some special moments of this year.

And a special event this year is that we have organised to meet all our extended family online on Zoom where we will share the love and relationship with all.

Also personally I have Planned to write a card this week to all who have helped me in my difficult times this year financially and emotionally.

I will try my best to share the love with my near and far one's for - love only grows by sharing.
AGDGJan 29 21 - 20:23 I'm going to make a bunch of heart shaped cookies for people & Their fur kids, (can't forget to share the puppy love) & Distribute them in gift packages. Then i'll share some with the hubby & Our dogs.
AzMaryJan 29 21 - 19:58 I'm making planters with cut out valentines modg-podged in them and with a pretty pink leaved plant. Leaving at doorsteps of my sisters' houses.
bouch76Jan 29 21 - 19:40 I'm sharing love by reaching out to family and friends.
purchaseacctJan 29 21 - 19:16 Spending ❤️ Time at home with my hubby & Children!
Member115540160908Jan 29 21 - 19:14 I'm spending it with my bff because she lost her husband two weeks ago and needs me.
BibinJan 29 21 - 19:02 On this day, we want to legitimize our relationship. We have been meeting for several years. There will be a day spent with our family and friends. And then a romantic evening.
Member927655538717Jan 29 21 - 17:21 Spending time with my loved ones.
Member927695510139Jan 29 21 - 16:50 Spending time with my hubby watching Netflix
Member1015951699007Jan 29 21 - 16:48 Hopefully spend time with the Hubby but also with the kiddos. Maybe lunch with the kiddos and supper just the hubby.
javiyakhushbuJan 29 21 - 16:04 Celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary with my husband and 2 beautiful daughters.
kat6bangstangJan 29 21 - 15:29 Spending time with my husband of 13 years!
ppapJan 29 21 - 14:49 We will celebrate at home and make desserts from scratch!!
zaiciebatesJan 29 21 - 14:47 I will cook a very delicious dinner for my wife, since no restaurant is open for dine in during the pandemic.
SnootyTootsJan 29 21 - 14:30 Spending quality time with my fiance, cuddling, thrift shopping, eating a nice dinner together. Let him know how much I love him.
SnootyTootsJan 29 21 - 14:16 Spending quality time with my fiance, cuddling, thrift shopping, eating a nice dinner together. Let him know how much I love him.
Member1229218372503Jan 29 21 - 14:08 I am going to do a good thing for my love on Valentine's day which is I am distributing food or some stuff for the sake of my love so that their blessings are always with her..
melknighton74Jan 29 21 - 13:23 I'm cooking a favorite meal for the family.
stevenli42Jan 29 21 - 13:18 A nice, cozy meal.
rchailletJan 29 21 - 13:14 Dinner for two.
nannyshel1104Jan 29 21 - 12:58 Spending it with my son and making goodies to bring to our elderly neighbor who lost his wife last year. Holidays have been especially hard for him so we always stop in for an extra visit when ever there is a Holiday. Weather permitting my son and I will take a hike to the creek on our property with hot cocoa and a movie at home later in the evening.
Jesquivel62Jan 29 21 - 12:13 Sharing the love by making a special dinner and dessert and popping in my girls current favorite movie the croods. We are also doing a friendship day for our church youth to share the love.
Tmy921Jan 29 21 - 11:51 I will be snuggling up with my lover in front of the tv and ordering take-out.
smilezlieJan 29 21 - 11:45 I am going to spoil the man in my life with lots of millet and seeds and scritches! He will probably do a preen and lots of cuddles in return. Probably some ahhhh into my ear too....

Note: The "man" in my life is a salty watermelon (lovebird) named Buster.

The other man in my life is getting some chocolates and a card, virtual hugs, and a phone call since it isn't safe to be there together. That man is my dad. :)
kbeattyJan 29 21 - 11:26 Plan to stay home and cuddle on the couch. :)
Member626374906844Jan 29 21 - 11:22 Spending time with my family and pets!
TweetymamaJan 29 21 - 11:11 Most likely just going to stay home and maybe order out we’Ll have my 17 year old daughter home as well
Member129563310448Jan 29 21 - 11:08 I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my son's. Hopefully a full of fun activities.
moonfairy521Jan 29 21 - 11:08 We will cuddle up at home with takeout dinner and a movie
Member129563310448Jan 29 21 - 11:00 I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my son's. Hopefully a full of fun activities.
JustBrandi619Jan 29 21 - 10:46 Considering it's my favorite holiday I always make sure my husband is spoiled and he does the same. With the things going on right now we have to show one another how greatly appreciative we are to still have each other.
kai_fangJan 29 21 - 10:42 Have a big tight hug with all I love in my family.
ronvogelJan 29 21 - 10:30 Hopefully we will be able to make the day different than all the other days. It is just the two of us already, and neither of us works, so each day are pretty much like all the others. Haven't been to a store in over a month and a half. So hopefully will be able to at least get out and drive somewhere enjoyable.
AzukowskiJan 29 21 - 10:18 Probably just spending the day at home cuddling with our 1.5 year old, but maybe we will get a date night in as well! :)
hollym20Jan 29 21 - 10:02 We will simply celebrate at home this year and spend time together. That's the best gift!!
furnaceJan 29 21 - 10:01 A good Rib-eye grilled standing outside in nw wi cold and snow, served alongside Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Scallops, Twice-baked Potato, Mixed Green Salad, Cherries Jubilie for dessert and Wine for my spouse and water for me.
Work for me, but a gift of love for him.
Tamara421Jan 29 21 - 09:59 Cooking on the Traeger then cuddled together on the couch streaming a romantic movie.
bg001Jan 29 21 - 09:59 Contacting friends and hopefully be able to talk to most of our family on Valentine's Day- little grandson, plus son in Navy if in port. Hang out with our kitties, order out or make something special at home. My husband already mentioned getting something we both really like for v-Day too!
HoursmanJan 29 21 - 09:56 I am sharing the love this Valentine's Day by spending quality time with my wife and daughters while remaining safe during this health crisis.
eviewJan 29 21 - 09:56 I usually share my Valentine's Day by going to dog event and dog parties at the local pet stores. However, this year will be different. So I guess I will be staying at home with my 2 4 legged girls and celebrating v-day at home with them.
Lorialzamora Jan 29 21 - 09:36 I am an icu nurse and will be working that day taking care of covid patients.
Member124125106916Jan 29 21 - 09:20 I will make Snickerdoodles fir my sweetheart.
QwinotajJan 29 21 - 09:18 The way that i’Ll be sharing the love for Valentine’S Day is honestly by giving all of my loved ones a call to tell them how much I value and appreciate them. I don’T want to risk anything so unfortunately I won’T be seeing them physically. In the meantime my girlfriend and I will snuggle, watch movies and eat a hearty meal (maybe a little white chocolate) that she’Ll be preparing for us..Oh yeah btw i’Ll be getting something very special for my Fur Babygirl, Nala. She’S my first “Child” And I love her like no other!❤️❤️❤️❤️
lisamcfJan 29 21 - 09:10 Dinner for two at home
bhjusticeJan 29 21 - 09:09 Husband and I will have a romantic dinner for two. Our six children, fifteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild are not invited...
TwitchJan 29 21 - 08:57 We will celebrate Valentine's Day by staying home and catching up on some of our tv shows. We will probably order food out. If there wasn't a pandemic, we would normally go out to a new place to eat.
npstalonJan 29 21 - 08:43 Sending flowers to my Aunt and sister-in-law.
gsummey0071Jan 29 21 - 08:39 Helping out my disabled neighbor with whatever he needs.
npstalon2Jan 29 21 - 08:33 By donating to children's charities.
Bettina90Jan 29 21 - 08:09 We are planning to go out and go to our favorite restuarant. I bought him some dark chocolate Dove candy. In the past I would give him flowers but with the pandemic I trying to save money
Member124436525801Jan 29 21 - 00:38 I will be sharing the love at work with my residents. After work planning a nice dinner at home with each other😘😍.
showebJan 28 21 - 23:48 Eating out!
Member921664544414Jan 28 21 - 22:55 I will share the love by Putting flowers on the graves of my lost loved one's. Praying they keep us safe from above ♡
TigrrrJan 28 21 - 22:24 I'll be sharing the love with my two adorable ducks, Rainy and Windy. I'll be giving them extra cuddles and dried mealworms. And then on the 25th, I will place flowers on their sister's grave in the garden.
NGPJan 28 21 - 22:19 Sharing the love with my wonderful husband.
Member74812996920Jan 28 21 - 21:30 By feeding the homeless with food I obtain from stores that throw it away.
Member129512113022Jan 28 21 - 20:27 Sharing the love by making my husband a nice dinner , then having a bonfire and a couple of drinks under the stars (if the weather lets us!)
HavirovJan 28 21 - 20:19 With hubby and the kids
andiJan 28 21 - 19:55 We will celebrate Valentine's day by sending donations to charity organizations, spread some 💕💕💕 To others, especially to the ones who need lots of 💕💕💕.
Sharonda WilliamsJan 28 21 - 19:18 I’M throwing a joint baby shower for two of my friends ! This is the best way to celebrate life and bring joy to pregnant moms that went through 2020 fears and still decided to give life and take care of another life and surround by love one through drive by gifting!
Mdillon9183Jan 28 21 - 19:11 I am sharing the love buy surprising my hubby with a membership to the local golf course. He would never get it himself because he is so selfless so I am splurging a little and doing it for him <3
Josh_waaaa Jan 28 21 - 18:48 With my best friend, partner and lover. We have been together over 10 years now. Shes my all. I wish everyone else a happy valentine's day! Much love!
Sunny007Jan 28 21 - 18:35 I'll be eating chocolate and popcorn while watching my favorite movies. There's nothing like self-love!
Member915588084951Jan 28 21 - 18:33 Enjoying Godiva’S chocolates (which I will buy for myself because I deserve them) on my white couch!
curtis206Jan 28 21 - 18:12 Spend qt with the wife.
Member610079748915Jan 28 21 - 17:00 I'm going to make beef wellington for my Man share bottle red wine then bake a chocolate chip cheesecake for dessert. Happy Valentine's day
VickygaJan 28 21 - 16:44 I am not only sharing the love with my soulmate but also with my whole family. I will cook a nice dinner and make some chocolate for my loved ones. I already bought Nintendo as Valentine’S gift for my husband, I hope he will love it.
ivycottageJan 28 21 - 16:39 I'm sharing my love by making a special dinner for my daughters.
MarkijennyJan 28 21 - 15:42 Walk by the ocean, takeout dinner and redbox movie for this year
Maluli_allaucaJan 28 21 - 15:31 I will make a nice dinner for the both of us and since i’M working that weekend, We will go on a getaway the following week.
Jessica M AskewJan 28 21 - 15:06 By spending time together. Because we haven't had enough of that lately.
sgt7Jan 28 21 - 14:56 Spending the day with my gf
EimeeReeseJan 28 21 - 14:49 My boyfriend will be working offshore this valentine's day! So I plan on getting treats for my great aunt and spending the day with her!
TracyMackJan 28 21 - 14:40 I'm sharing the love this Valentine's Day by helping some seniors/Disabled with their daily activities. Making their day that much more manageable.
TracyMackJan 28 21 - 14:35 I'm sharing the love this Valentine's Day by being with seniors/Disabled and helping them with their daily activities.
cpuff412Jan 28 21 - 12:57 I bought my boo some chocolate gold coins and a nice card. We most likely hit up a fancy restaurant and then spend the night playing around :)
tenea13Jan 28 21 - 12:56 How am "i" sharing the love this Valentine's Day? Why keeping all my loved ones safe by staying home. :-)
groozerJan 28 21 - 11:56 Through a very creative yet secret plan that I cannot share here - since she is a TopCashback fan too and I don't want to spoil it!!!
RenaeAJan 28 21 - 11:06 Just spending time together at home and probably get take out.
metbear1012Jan 28 21 - 10:39 Might get some takeout for dinner and some sweets from a local bakery.
SilentJJJan 28 21 - 09:45 The wife is pulled in so many directions (full-time teacher, half-time college student, full-time mommy...) That i'm going to give her the only thing she'd actually appreciate for v-Day; a deep-cleaned house!
ebaymachine10Jan 28 21 - 09:04 We will be spending time together as a family. I will be preparing a wonderful dessert as part of my contribution for this Valentine's Day celebration. Dessert will be a cheesecake and chocolate dipped strawberries, yum.
BooksssJan 28 21 - 07:43 The same way we spend every day. Showing love for each other and to our children. It's the little things that mean the most, not some big, fancy celebration.
ARH47Jan 28 21 - 07:12 My husband is going to take me to the local chocolate factory to pick out some chocolates.
littlecity413Jan 28 21 - 04:54 I will be making a Valentines Day basket for my boys with gift cards, candy and a chocolate scented bear for my younger son this year. We are gonna get pizza and watch a movie together to end the night.
metalrckgrlJan 28 21 - 04:30 I will be giving my daughter a hug.
TigtinkJan 28 21 - 03:45 I typically do not allow hubby (of 37 years) get me anything for Valentines Day - I tell him to love me every day - no gifts needed. These past 4 years have been really tough - from being diagnosed with Stage iv lymphoma, to losing my mom to having to put my dad in a nursing home and then Covid - so I just told him - surprise me!! We will see what happens - even if nothing -- I am grateful <3
yuhushopusJan 28 21 - 03:33 Looking a best watch for me :3
CutieJan 28 21 - 03:29 Cook a lovely dinner for my hubby at home. One of his favorite meals. Then watch a movie cuddled up.
kmalleckJan 28 21 - 02:39 I'll be wishing hubby and I were on a romantic cruise, but this year we'll be lucky to feel safe enough to go out for a nice dinner. But anything we do together will be ok with me.
AngieH99Jan 28 21 - 00:06 Going to a nice restaurant with the love of my life.
iavramenkoJan 27 21 - 23:51 I will cook a dinner at home and buy flowers.
Member1229349772859Jan 27 21 - 22:58 Going to a beach for a romantic getaway
OnyiakpanisiJan 27 21 - 22:44 I plan on cooking a nice dinner for my family. It’S just gonna be us having a quiet night.
DinaraJan 27 21 - 22:24 I have found box filled with notes “100 reasons why I love you” Which I presented as a gift for Valentines Day when we were a couple (not married) 5 years ago, and now I will be updating the reasons, since we are married and we’Ve been gone through many things together
psjonesJan 27 21 - 22:20 I will probably cook a dinner at home! Will have some long stemmed red roses and candy handy as well, probably chocolate truffles. In past years, i've made hand-dipped white and milk chocolate big strawberries so we'll see about that one.
kkalookJan 27 21 - 22:02 I plan to cook a nice dinner and will bake a treat for dessert.
kkalookJan 27 21 - 21:26 I plan to cook a nice dinner and will bake a treat for dessert.
Meli102780Jan 27 21 - 21:18 I plan to send Valentine's day cards with a family photo inside to friends and love ones the week before the holiday. At home, my plan is to decorate the house with red lanterns, larger paper hearts and pink, red and white balloons the night before Valentine's Day. On the actual holiday, I will exchange gifts with my husband, bake cupcakes with my boys and order takeout so I won't have to cook. My husband has also offered to make lasagna, peas and garlic bread, but i'll keep takeout on the back burner just in case he's too tired.
JwickJan 27 21 - 19:40 I am sharing the love for Valentine's day by taking her on a surprise trip
Member54353761757Jan 27 21 - 19:31 We celebrate Valentine's Day & Our anniversary on the same day, so we call it Valenersary. This year we will be staying home and cooking together. Then we'll probably watch some diy tv shows.
JustMeConnie3Jan 27 21 - 18:15 I plan on sharing the love by showing kindness (as I do daily) with random compliments, a simple hello, or thank you, give a smile and hope to get a smile back! To me, that's sharing the love!
Nightling7Jan 27 21 - 18:11 I'm hiding from it. With covid keeping me locked away from the world it's very difficult to find romance. (Not that I was much good at it prior to covid) So, instead of spending my time with a special someone, i'll be continuing to improve my fitness, financial situation, and emotional well being before re-entering the dating world.
LymanJan 27 21 - 18:04 Nice quiet date night at home.
Member526195366419Jan 27 21 - 17:50 Cooking dinner with my partner of 8 years <3
JustMeConnie3Jan 27 21 - 17:48 I plan on sharing the love by showing kindness (as I do daily) with random compliments, a simple hello, or thank you, give a smile and hope to get a smile back! To me, that's sharing the love!
callarse1Jan 27 21 - 17:29 I am sending cards fo my family and friends.
Member1223725043709Jan 27 21 - 17:24 I'm lucky, my wife doesn't make me celebrate Valentine's Day. She agrees that because flowers quickly die, they are a waste of money & Besides, if I want to give her flowers I cut them from the wild with my Benchmade Knife. Which is more thoughtful, because then I have to clean the knife & There's a high likelihood that I will sneeze because of allergies.
jtrotter4Jan 27 21 - 16:50 I'm sharing love by spending Valentine's Day with my girlfriend.
moonpie2020Jan 27 21 - 16:42 Hubby will pick up a nice dinner to go for us.
mlpaprzycaJan 27 21 - 16:11 I'm sharing the love with my wife and daughters with our yearly tradition of flowers and heart-shaped pizza. The fitbits will come in handy the next day.
EoliveJan 27 21 - 15:43 I’Ll be cooking a homemade meal and baking his favorite dessert 💕
verislJan 27 21 - 15:38 I plan to finish up a home improvement project by then, and then we'll probably have an easy family dinner followed by an early family movie night. Fingers crossed that all goes well!
Lorwin742Jan 27 21 - 15:24 I am not celebrating this year.
hdt1108Jan 27 21 - 14:58 This Valentine’S Day we will get take out from one of our local restaurant ms. We will watch a movie while eating. If the weather is not bad we may even have a beer.
Member23199317957Jan 27 21 - 14:57 This s Valentine's Day, I plan to share the love by making special cupcakes for friends and family and then at home it will be my two young adult sons and me having a home cooked meal, cherry cheesecake and some strawberry cream floats while we enjoy a fun comedy movie. Most likely also soon with my mom as we remember my sister and my father when we lost this year I know the love we had for them and they gave to us.
Ashley_MainsJan 27 21 - 14:45 This Valentines Day we are celebrating our 4 year anniversary! We plan on getting dressed up to go out on a hot date! :)
jufaswifeJan 27 21 - 14:31 We will probably just order something and eat at home!
jbeanieJan 27 21 - 12:53 My significant other will be recovering from surgery, so my plan this Valentine's Day is to shower him with love and affection to aid in healing.
Member318676616448Jan 27 21 - 09:41 We will be sharing a bottle of Champagne!
jdsd6kJan 27 21 - 08:03 We'll crack a bottle of wine we've been saving with our daughter and raise a glass to our family as a whole (our kiddo just turned 21). Valentine's this year will be a family affair. :)
Member129618539505Jan 27 21 - 07:44 I have a beautiful, romantic evening planned for myself and my soulmate which we look forward to every year.
I also make small bags of goodies and hand them out at my appointments for the staff, through the drive thru at the pharmacy or fast food etc. It surprises people but, the best part is it makes them smile and I love that.