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We compiled our top picks for 10 must-see places to add to your bucket list. Plus, with these tips you can also earn cash back while booking the adventure of a lifetime.

The Great Wall of China. Running East to West along China's borders, several of the walls were erected as early as the 7th Century BC to protect the Chinese States and Empires from raids and invasions. Find travel savings with Travelocity when planning your trip to China. With their low price guarantee, you are bound to find accommodations you can afford and enjoy while experiencing the Great Wall.

The Grand Canyon. Located mostly in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a magnificent example of millions of years of geological history in the layers of red rock that form this breathtaking spectacle. Imagine the views when you visit for sunrise or sunset, or both. Save your budget by booking a place to stay with Their loyalty program allows for a free night after 10, which combined with coupon codes and secret-price hotels, your savings will really add up.

The Great Pyramid of Giza. The oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza is on the border of El Giza, Egypt. Travel back in time when you visit this pyramid that is still largely intact. Check out hotels deals on

The Great Barrier Reef. The largest living thing on earth, located in northeastern Australia, is so big, it can even be seen from space. Imagine snorkeling this beautiful coral and swimming with colorful fish, turtles, starfish, sharks and dolphins. Use Hilton Worldwide to find a place to relax, as they offer fine accommodations, service, amenities, and value..

The Sistine Chapel. Located in Vatican City, the chapel is the official residence of the Pope. Travel back in time when you visit this museum constructed between 1473 and 1483. Don't miss the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo. Travel in style (and for less) when you use Europcar, the leading Leisure Car Company offering car rental discounts that will make you smile.

Yellowstone National Park. Located mostly in Wyoming, Yellowstone features hot springs, beautiful forest, wildlife, and geysers. Get back to nature in the most dramatic and satisfying way with a visit to Yellowstone National Park. Priceline offers travel deals online including last-minute savings and the 'Name Your Price' option to help you stay in budget.

The Eiffel Tower. Built for the 1889 World's Fair, this architectural wonder is still visited by more people than any other paid tourist attraction in the world. Don't get left out. Make your hotel reservations with IHG. You will love earning cash back while staying at one of the hotel brands that include some of the best-known and most popular in the world.

The Taj Mahal. Commissioned in 1632 and mostly built by 1643, the Taj Mahal is the mausoleum of Mumtaz Mahal who died giving birth to her 14th child. No trip to India would be complete without a visit to this ivory-white marble masterpiece. Book a stay at Marriott International and you'll not only earn cash back but also enjoy the perfect accommodations for downtime during your visit.

Stonehenge. This prehistoric monument, believed to be constructed between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, is located in Wiltshire, England but has no written records documenting its purpose or construction. How did they build it and why? You can decide which of the many myths surrounding Stonehenge you believe while earning cash back at one of the IHG hotels that you love.

Galapagos Islands. About 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are a shelter for many plants and animals, many of which can only be found here. These islands will take your breath away with all of the amazing sights to be found here.

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