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Posted on Jan 12 2017 Posted in  Member Rewards
January cash back boost

Taking advantage of sales in the new year is a great way to save some serious cash.  As retailers try to unload their extra inventory to make room for spring merchandise they often engage in price-slashing. To help you save even more we are offering a 24-hour only 20% cash back boost! Browse and shop through 1000s of cash back offers to enjoy your next great find! This promotion is active January 17, 2017.

How it Works

There are no catches here. A "Top Up" has already been applied to most cash back rates found on our site, so all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account and shop! Make sure you clear your cookies and cache beforehand, and get ready to watch that cash back track (and add up). 

Where to Shop

With over 4,000 retailers available, we've got every shopping category you could possibly need. Shop our deals to find the best travel deals in the new year, essentials for meeting your fitness goals, new home and garden supplies, incredible electronics bargains, and fashion and beauty must-haves-for-less. Our high cash back rewards ensure you save the most money this year. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!

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20% cash back boost terms and conditions

tessavJan 17 17 - 13:59I get it now, from reading all of your comments. But, I really thinking it is misleading, getting us to buy more today, thinking we will be earning more!!!
Shame shame....Glad I delved deeper!
t0n3dawggJan 17 17 - 09:49So Any stores I shop at today will give me 20 percent on top of whatever is already given?


Bestbuy shows 1.2. Shop like normal and expect 20% In additional?

Member97192564545Jan 17 17 - 08:12Why do some of you have to be so rude with your comments. Maybe some of the questions are from people who are knew to this. Are you really that miserable in your life.
76beanJan 17 17 - 07:54There should be no questions. They explained it very well and included a visual just to make sure people understood. It says "it has already been applied to most cash back rates on the site", so all you have to do is, the steps you normally do to get the cashback %
awlittlebuddyJan 17 17 - 07:00120% Of the cash back rate that the retailer is offering isn't the way it sounds-additional 20%. I was thinking that if the store offered 2% Then today it would be 22%. No. It's 120% Of 2% Correct according to Terms & Conditions?
blee530Jan 17 17 - 06:37You're not getting 20% Cash back on the purchase, you're getting an additional 20% On the usual cash back. If you look at their illustrative example it shows it. So Best Buy is probably 1% Regularly, today it's 1.2%
dewskiJan 17 17 - 06:34Read the description! It is a 20% Bonus on the cashback earned not 20% The purchase total.
cashbackmattJan 17 17 - 06:33It's 20% Of the cash back received added. Not 20% To the original cashback. So if you receive 5% Cashback from somewhere which results in $10 total cashback - you will get 20% Of that $10, so $12 total.

Not 25% Cashback.
fanamJan 17 17 - 06:17I didn't see them reply the questions neither in here, facebook nor twitter.
payoutTCJan 17 17 - 06:17I think I get it. It is just 20% More than the average percentage back. Ex: 4% Now is 4.8%. Get it?
tinkuegJan 17 17 - 05:34Exact same question. Best buy shows 1.2% And adorama 12% And non of them says 20%. How do we know..?
Hi tinkueg,

None of these will show 20% But the rate that you can expect including top up, should be showing before you click through but if you are unsure or feel this is wrong, you can always contact our customer care team to make sure.

I hope this helps,
rustyJan 17 17 - 05:27What if the tracking appears after the 17th as it will most likely be?
Hi rusty,

That won't be a problem! Your cashback should track for the date the purchase was made so we'll still apply the top up! If you do have any trouble, our customer care would be happy to take a look for you.

I hope this helps,
lambholm21Jan 17 17 - 04:35How do I know if the 20% Will actually be in my cutback account for a particular retailer. Bed Bath & Beyond says 4.9% Thanks.
Hi lambholm21,

If you click on the amount in your earnings once it tracks, you'll be able to see how much of the cashback is a top up in the drop down information!

I hope this helps,