Pink Tax Survey

Pink Tax Survey

From razors and clothing to dry cleaning, the "pink tax" could be busting your monthly budget.

This feminine term is used to describe the extra money women often pay for the same products men use. Have you ever noticed the female equivalents are more expensive?

TopCashback wants to tackle the unfairness of this gender-based price discrimination, so who better to ask all these questions to than you?

Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. And don't forget to submit your email address at the end of the survey because two winners will be selected at random on August 16, 2018!

Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway. Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

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Member59754469134Aug 14 18 - 13:34 There was no survey available.
thecrzyldyAug 14 18 - 12:05 Didn't show me if it accepted my answers . Don't know if it actually entered me for the sweeptakes!
thecrzyldyAug 14 18 - 12:04 Didn't show me if it accepted my answers . Don't know if it actually entered me for the sweeptakes!
Member112325232445Aug 14 18 - 09:37 Women are a larger buying segment of the population and are exploited more for that reason, it may seem unfair but it's the economic truth, so call it what you want,ie...Pink tax or what ever it is the money making truth...
JeorgieAug 14 18 - 08:52 I've know about the price difference for some time, but I feel women's products are nicer/Better because actually care, and men don't. If you don't care, buy the men's product.
TracibakerAug 13 18 - 14:55 Already did
Richard Justman USAAug 13 18 - 10:45 I have to chuckle that it shuts you down immediately if you click on "i agree pink tax is Fair"

Looks like this survey isn't about asking questions - it's about finding a validation for the argument you already have in mind.

Anyway no pink tax isn't that much of thing as people think.
It's partly down to.
1) More commonly refreshed lines
2) More ingredients/ Higher cost of manufacturing and more packaging

For example a woman's disposable razor cost the same or less than a man's but an elaborate one with a big advertising campaign and a sculptured rubber handle will naturally cost more - it's bigger.

But it's a fact that woman have control of the the majority of house hold spending so they have a higher buying power and thus are seen as able to pay the higher prices - even when there isn't a legit reason for it like there is in something like a t-shirt (having more stitching and a more elaborate cut and taking longer to make).

It's much like dry cleaning - it cost more for woman as their clothes often have to be addressed by hand and not on a partially automated dummy they can use on a men's shirt.

Pink tax may exist to a small degree - but some of it is simply down to quantifiable differences in manufacturing costs.

But simply put Men are not willing to pay as much for things - they are also perhaps more likely to bulk buy in a sale too - something like Razors or plain t-shirts. - Underwear etc..

Topcashback is overplaying it's hand a bit based on a few shaky assumptions.

Just do a search for "Why does Woman's x cost more" 9 times out 10 there will be a legit reason given.
joelmadyAug 13 18 - 06:32 Never heard of this item.
Triplett1960Aug 12 18 - 19:45 You learn something every day… I did not realize that women’S products cost 7 % More, that is very interesting.🤨
ValeriechaconAug 12 18 - 15:47 I tried to complete Survey but it would let me finish.
MartheAug 12 18 - 06:37 I think it is unfair for women to pay a higher price for products that are equivalent to men's products that are priced cheaper.
Anastasii_69_blackAug 12 18 - 04:25 I cannot find the survey
LuismrAug 11 18 - 10:27 Women buy more items then men. When something sells better than other things sellers usually increase prices.
Member814963178320Aug 11 18 - 06:35 Where is the survey?
Member814963178320Aug 11 18 - 06:35 Where is the survey?
Member814963178320Aug 11 18 - 06:35 Where is the survey?
Helthi25 Aug 10 18 - 16:51 I've never heard of this but it's not fair!
Member814934093017Aug 10 18 - 11:01 So because women's products are usually pink and butterflies on them they should cost more? No, I don't think so, it's ridiculous. Other than products for our periods, society and ad agencies dictate what products women should buy but then charge more for them, how is that fair? It's not and it needs to stop.
Member714737405504Aug 10 18 - 10:16 Doesn’T seem fair.
Member714732456758Aug 10 18 - 09:31 It's depending on female s choice and arguments
RMMAug 10 18 - 09:26 I think the products for females are more expansive due to it more advanced. Females usually more picky and more sensitive than males.
Member714596516508Aug 10 18 - 09:15 I had no clue women's stuff was higher priced than men that is so unfair
Member1212063333041Aug 10 18 - 09:13 No way is this fair or right.
CaroldvsAug 10 18 - 09:08 I never heard of this kind of tax before...
eviewAug 10 18 - 08:12 I did not know it was called the pink tax, but I have heard of it before.
Member814947555531Aug 09 18 - 17:30 I don't believe that women should pay more for items that men dthey
mymarlaAug 09 18 - 15:44 I have never even heard of this
mymarlaAug 09 18 - 15:25 I have never even heard of this
pplimadAug 09 18 - 12:37 Pin tax is not real.
Men use less in cosmetic than women.... But more tools...
forevercharmedAug 09 18 - 11:17 Not fair at all.
gotknikkiAug 09 18 - 07:08 Are myths fair?
joannjudith44Aug 08 18 - 17:14 I believe lots of items cost more but if you need them you must buy them
TayrodAug 08 18 - 17:12 Def don’T think it’S fair
shannonvAug 08 18 - 16:16 I cannot find the survey
shannonvAug 08 18 - 16:16 I cannot find the survey