10 Ways to Reward Yourself with an American Express® Reward Card

Posted on Aug 01 2016 Posted in  Member Rewards
Earn 5% cash back bonus

You work hard for your money and should be able to relax and enjoy the earnings! Did you know the cashback you earn through TopCashback can be paid out in the form of an American Express® Reward Card? And during the month of August we're even kicking in a bonus 5% on top of whatever amount you’re looking to withdraw! So why not choose an American Express® Reward Card as your payout method and go ahead and reward yourself!

Here are 10 fun ways to spend an American Express® Reward Card:

1. Take the family out for ice cream.

2. Grab a good book and hit the beach for some relaxing fun in the sun.

3. Buy some flowers at the local farmers market to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

4. See a matinee movie with a friend or family member.

5. Pay for a geneology service to learn more about your family history. This is fun for the kids to get involved with too!

6. Donate the gift card to a charity of your choice.

7. Buy a few fruits, veggies, and cheeses to eat at a picnic at the park

8. Contribute to a kickstarter campaign and snag a sneak peek at an upcoming product.

9. Treat a friend to bagels and coffee and go for a stroll.

10. Plan a movie night - rent a couple movies and pop your own popcorn.

Steps to get 5% bonus with American Express® Reward Card:

Get an extra 5% cash back when you choose an American Express® Reward Card under the payout methods in the 'Account' section of your TopCashback profile. Read below for some important tips to know when selecting and using your American Express® Reward Card.

1. You must have a U.S. address to be able to request your cashback by this method.

2. For a limited time only, there will be a 5% payout bonus, which is the highest payout bonus on the site.

3. There is a $20 minimum load, and a $1,000 maximum.

4. The card does not expire but has a $3 per month service fee after 12 months if there’s still credit/balance on it – so ideally you should spend your credit within 12 months to avoid the charges.

5. Some states in the U.S. prohibit cards with service fees, so these ones will receive a different card with no service fee.

6. You can’t reload the card, so once you’ve spent the credit on it you simply throw it away and request another one.

7. The card will arrive with the credit already on it, so you don’t need to confirm you've received it before it is loaded.

8. The card should arrive approximately 7-10 days after you make your payout request.

How would you reward yourself?

zilin129Jun 03 17 - 22:07 It has been two weeks after I submitted the request of Amex Reward card. But I haven't received it. The status shows "Payment received". I wonder where is my card?
Please help me check it. Thank you.
Member54296947756Sep 27 16 - 17:16 Card arrived! Thanks.
Member54296947756Sep 24 16 - 20:07 Hello,

I have opened a support ticket for this but several days have passed without reply. I requested an Amex card 24 days ago (17 business days) and it still has not arrived, but my account page says "Payment Received". I'm nervous because it's worth several hundred dollars and I was counting on it. Please update me!!!

cityslickerAug 24 16 - 17:32 It is several months since I was to get a rebate for the purchase of the new Star Wars movie. Subsequent to the purchase, I saw the item about an additional 2% If I took payment by Amex. It is now 5% And I have not seen any rebate to this date and it is several months.

Please expedite my first rebate and I should be entitled to the 5% Additional
Aug 19 16 - 00:43 I would have to help family and friends, and our home also
BlancaAug 17 16 - 18:07 How do I do by getting the top Cashback American express reward card how do I apply for it
SonmavsAug 03 16 - 02:11 I have payout to paypal 23 Jul 2016. This is notice : Pay-out due before Jul 26, 2016 .Until now, I don't receive anything.
Hi Sonmavs,

If you'd like to reach out to our support team about this, we'd be happy to take a further look! You can get in touch through the link i've shared below.


parasharamitAug 02 16 - 19:22 Hi,

I order amex gc payout but never saw the confirmation page and neither did I get any confirmation email however the amount is debited from my account. Also, under profile, I don't see field to enter my 'city' which is strange. Seems like the functionality is not tested and implemented half baked. I am worried that the Amex card will not be issued of be lost in transit. I would suggest anyone not to order, seems like a bugged process. I would have order paypal if I knew.
Hi there,

I'm sorry that you had this trouble. It might be worth checking your spam/Junk folders for this but if you'd like to contact our customer care team, they'd be happy to help with this.

I'll be sure to pass on your Feedback here and if you do have any trouble receiving your Gift Card, we can always request a replacement card to be sent to you!

NicKnackAug 02 16 - 15:54 I have requested a payout, but the confirmation email is not arriving. I get tons of emails from Topcashback, but not the confirmation email?

Hi Nicknack,

It might be worth checking your Spam/Junk folder on this but if you are still having trouble, our Customer care team are more than happy to take a look for you.

I hope this helps,
alchemista2Aug 02 16 - 14:52 Fyi - if you don't have a us mailing address, update it now in time for the promotion. You have to wait 3 days before you can request a payout after you change an address so don't do it at the end of the month!
noturbiznissAug 02 16 - 13:15 How long does it take to receive the amex gift card?
Hi noturbizniss,

It can take around 7-10 business days for your payout to reach you in the mail once you've requested this.

I hope this helps,
Nolecheer83Aug 02 16 - 12:09 When will this increased offer expire?
Hi Nolecheer83,

This increased top up for your payouts will last all of August so you've got plenty of time to get these requests in.

I hope this helps,
cerose1978Aug 02 16 - 06:51 Is this a 1 time offer, or can you receive the 5% Cash back bonus for each amex Reward Card you request during the promotional period?
Hi kadsalesandservices,

This will be every time you request a payout from your account that we would add the 5% Bonus! This should reflect in the total shown before completely your payment.

I hope this helps
TopCashback Support
kadsalesandservicesAug 01 16 - 21:39 Are you able to request multiple cards due to the max payout limit per card?
Hi kadsalesandservices,

This will be every time you request a payout from your account that we would add the 5% Bonus! This should reflect in the total shown before completely your payment.

I hope this helps
TopCashback Support]
[Ed:TopCashBack-Hi kadsalesandservices,

You are only able to request one card at a time but if you ever have more than the maximum aloud amount, it might be worth contacting our customer care team as they might be able to help with this!

I hope this helps,
TopCashback Support