Mother’s Day Survey 2019

Mother’s Day Survey 2019

Mother’s Day is almost here! How do you plan on celebrating?

What’s your go-to gift? Which TV mom is your real-life mom most like? Moms, what do you really want on your special day?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their Mother’s Day traditions and celebrations. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on May 2.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

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Posted on Apr 18 2019  |  Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests, Holidays
My mother is heaven and I am very lucky to become her child
  May 05 19 - 06:50
The post is great.
  Apr 30 19 - 13:18
My mother is in heaven, but I always show my love to here everyday.
  Apr 30 19 - 01:22
My auntie is my mother figure. I will be with her as recovers from surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer recently.
  Apr 29 19 - 22:46
My aunt has been my mother figure since my mom lacks any motherly attributes. My aunt was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has her 2nd surgery on the 1st of May... So I will be with her as she recovers
  Apr 29 19 - 22:39
We are buying a house. That is my gift!
  Apr 29 19 - 14:01
My Mom is better than your Mom!
  Apr 29 19 - 07:47
Happy mother's day
  Apr 29 19 - 07:40
The gift didn’T list skincare or beauty products.
  Apr 29 19 - 05:28
I live far from my 💕Mom😔 I haven't been able to go back to see her in years. She's not aging well and has alot of feet pain so I will be mailing💌 Her some special shoes👟 To help alleviate some pain and give her a call☎ To thank her for all she's done for me and my sister especially after my dad left us, how strong💪 She was, and that I love her. It breaks my heart💔 That I haven't been able to be with her on mother's day in 32 years. 😢 Then for me and mine we'll try a new restaurant, maybe a 🎬Movie🎥, & Icecream🍦!
Thank you TopCashback for the opportunity to win💥!
  Apr 29 19 - 03:03
  Apr 29 19 - 02:05
My mom what's the best! She raised without a father. She was strict but loving. She taught us to work for what we wanted. She going to brunch on mother's day. I love it too. She reminds me of the mom on Father knows Best.
  Apr 29 19 - 01:07
I love my Mom so much.
  Apr 29 19 - 00:10
Will love on my 4 kids!! I’Ll also send my mom and mother-in-law gifts!
  Apr 28 19 - 20:42
Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate moms day. Happy Mothers Day to all moms!
  Apr 28 19 - 19:55
Will visit her grave.
  Apr 28 19 - 15:14
Thanks for the chance! Everyone remember your mom😁
  Apr 28 19 - 14:34
I love Mom 😘
  Apr 28 19 - 12:44
Fingers crossed! Good luck to us all!
  Apr 28 19 - 12:17
Pick me Pretty Please!
  Apr 28 19 - 11:21
Nice survey
  Apr 28 19 - 10:38
Thank you for the opportunity to win, good luck all...
  Apr 28 19 - 10:27
Thanks 4 the opportunity
  Apr 28 19 - 10:11
Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway
  Apr 28 19 - 10:05
My mom=Best mom
  Apr 28 19 - 09:15
I loss my Mother when I was 6yrs old. Now that i'm married my mother-in-law is the closest to being my Mom. I love her dearly.
  Apr 28 19 - 08:51
connie wade
Miss and love my mom and dad. She was awesome. Love you both so much
  Apr 28 19 - 08:48
With me being 66 and my mom passed 40 yrs ago...I will bring her 40 white roses to her grave site.
  Apr 28 19 - 08:43
I loss my Mother when I was 6yrs. Old. Now that i'm married my mother-in-law is the closest to a mom to me.
  Apr 28 19 - 08:42
Always love you mom
  Apr 28 19 - 08:40
I haven’T seen my mom in years, she divorced her family when she divorced my dad
  Apr 28 19 - 08:32
My mom is hard working and currently taking care of my aunt and dealing with all the stress and putting everyone else first. She deserves so much more than flowers.
  Apr 28 19 - 08:31
Love my mom
  Apr 28 19 - 08:22
Love helping my 80 year old mom, she still does everything and anything she can,stubborn yes..But she tought me well..I follow her footsteps. Love you mom
  Apr 28 19 - 08:14
I Love uuu my Moon
  Apr 28 19 - 02:20
I love u mom...Live long
  Apr 27 19 - 10:06
My mom is the strongest person that I know. Hardship after hardship, blow after blow, she has always remained strong and happy for all 4 of us kids. She gives and gives and never puts herself first. She has only went on "Mom Strike" one time and the whole family was completely lost. Lol we all have never taken her for granted since. I want her to be spoiled and to be put first for once. She so very much deserves it.
  Apr 26 19 - 19:41
My mom is almost 82 years old and she really needs nothing but love❤️
  Apr 26 19 - 16:18
My mom is the most amazing person, mother ever. I am disabled with a lot problems she was also taking care of my dad he was in a nursing home up until last year when he passed from a long battle of Alzheimer’S. She is amazing always wondering how I handle my illness but really she is the one caring for us both. She is the amazing wife, mother, sister, sister in law, nana most important, aunt, friend person you could ever+Meet. She giv es and gives and I think she needs win n do for her once.
  Apr 26 19 - 03:06
Would love to win this who dont love shopping
  Apr 25 19 - 13:37
Topcash always help me to save
  Apr 24 19 - 10:55
Would love to be the winner!
  Apr 24 19 - 09:24
  Apr 24 19 - 07:25
Anxious to see how TopCashBack can benefit me.
  Apr 24 19 - 07:12
TheBest cashbac
  Apr 24 19 - 04:00
Topcashback good
  Apr 24 19 - 02:37
So nice to relax and enjoy a day with Mom.
  Apr 23 19 - 18:56
My sister and I bring lunch and gifts to Mom’S house. Lots of laughs and partial pictures with Mom because she hates having her picture taken!
  Apr 23 19 - 18:50
I plan a big dinner with all the family at a. I e restaurant.
  Apr 23 19 - 17:30

We spend time with my mom on mother’S day.
  Apr 23 19 - 17:27
No survey appear
  Apr 23 19 - 16:17
We spend time with my mom on mother’S day.
  Apr 23 19 - 16:11
Why is Canada omitted from winning.
  Apr 23 19 - 16:08
We attend church and then go to a waterfront restaurant.
  Apr 23 19 - 15:39
Wait for win something
  Apr 23 19 - 15:01
My mom definitely needs something nice this year. We spend the day together just catching up on old times and she usually gets something nice like one year planted her a rose bush. This year I think she wants a tree.
  Apr 22 19 - 08:18
Happy moms day to all!
  Apr 22 19 - 04:13
Hope to win something
  Apr 21 19 - 17:25
We always spend time buying flowers and planting them together. And usually spend time
As a family having a meal and a few gifts! Fun day always ! Thank you !
  Apr 20 19 - 17:28
Ty TopCashback
  Apr 20 19 - 10:08
Happy Mother's Day
  Apr 19 19 - 23:27
Love cashback
  Apr 19 19 - 10:24
Happy Mother's Day!
  Apr 19 19 - 09:18
Thanks for the chance 🤗
  Apr 19 19 - 09:13
My mom was the greatest!
  Apr 18 19 - 18:34

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