$500 Mother’s Day Giveaway

$500 Mother’s Day Giveaway

After all the times they wiped our tears, cooked us homemade meals and taught us some valuable life lessons, it’s no wonder Moms get a holiday they can call their own.

Their day in the sun should be filled with bear hugs, warm notes of appreciation and aww-inducing gifts that’ll make them feel spoiled. But this Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to throw some cash winnings into the mix!

TopCashback will deposit $250 into the account of one lucky winner who shares his or her favorite memory with Mom in the comments section underneath this post. In addition, five people will be randomly selected to win $50 each. That’s a grand total of $500 up for grabs.

Is your grandma your mother figure? Your aunt? Sister? Give her props and tell us what you love most about her. Every kind of mom is honored and remembered here.

The giveaway runs until Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST. So, get your memories in now! The winners will be chosen on Monday, May 11, 2020. Be on the lookout for an email from winners@topcashback.com letting you know you've won. Pro tip: Increase your chances for gold by submitting additional entries below.

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Member1116205003405May 10 20 - 23:57 My fondest Mothers Day memories are of going with my mother to visit her mother in the Alzheimers care home where she lived. At that point, my grandmother was unable to say our names, but the gleam in her eye and the smile on her face told us that she remembered who we were. We would take her on walks around the neighborhood lake, picking flowers along the way. She passed several years ago, but I will never forget these times spent with her.
Hello There,

Thank you so much for your message. What a beautiful story that shows love prevails through every situation.

Best Wishes.

Member526022651907May 10 20 - 23:08 One of my favorite memories with mom is when my mom took me on a drive in the convertible when all I did was complain about my hair. With the radio turned up and the wind in our faces, it was a memory that I never thought would mean anything!
Heh_therMay 10 20 - 23:00 When I was a toddler (circa 1980,) I did not have a baby doll like most girls. Since I am autistic, I chose to bond with a small plastic ketchup bottle that I called "Baby". One time, we were in the grocery store, and I realized that I lost my ketchup bottle. I started screaming, "my baby! My baby is gone! My baby!!!" And so, my mother pushed the cart up and down each aisle looking on the ground. Soon, strangers started helping to look for this poor little girl's baby doll (not knowing what it actually was.) Finally, my mom spotted the ketchup bottle and handed it to me. Through tears, I cuddled it and kissed it and sighed, "My Baby! You're okay... My Baby!" The strangers stopped and stared at me and then up at my mother. She ignored their stares and walked out of the store with her head held high. I still remember this clear as day.
Hello There,

Wow, what a beautiful story. Your mom was a very loving and strong woman. This is so wonderful to hear.

Best Wishes,

petergmailMay 10 20 - 22:49 My mother is the best mom ever! When I was little, she cast out my nightmares by chanting, and I always believe it was a real success. Happy Mother's Day!
LuckyTJGMay 10 20 - 22:45 There was this one Christmas when I was about nine years old and money was tight for my family. My mom had entered this contest at the local music store. They were giving away a silver Christmas tree with 500 one dollar bills stapled to it. A couple of days before Christmas they called her to tell her she had won. She was so happy and I remember the tears of joy she shed that day. When we were grown she told us that they didn't have the money to buy presents that year. She said she prayed about it and her prayers were answered. I'll never forget the look on her face as we took all those dollar bills off that tree. It was a look of pure love, and joy, and definitely in awe of such a wonderful Christmas miracle!
Hello There,

This is such a beautiful story. I can only imagine the great feeling of relief and happiness she felt hearing that she won. Thank you for sharing.

Best Wishes,

petergmailMay 10 20 - 22:38 My mother is the best mom ever! When I was little, she cast out my nightmares by chanting, and I always believe it was a real success. Happy Mother's Day
StatCashbackMay 10 20 - 22:17 My mother raised me and my younger brother, almost alone coming from Peru, South America and married my Dad, a teacher, and uprooted her life to move to the us. Her American mother-in-law hardly helped raising us. My mom was a one-woman family for us; she drove us to reading rainbows, out baseball games and loved us so much, made sure we went to schools. As a child my favorite memory was riding in the bicycle seat as she whisked us wherever we needed to go while we had no car for awhile; later she got a car and did the same. As an adult, it was probably trips to Peru and times as my uncle's house off the pacific ocean, and family time, and a memorable trip to the islas ballestas (whale islands) to see penguins, sea lions, and maybe whales; when the small boat engine she mused as to swim with me and her carrying me or swimming back to shore and get help. We got some gas or restarted the engine. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in 2016, we must find a cure to this cancer, may she rest in peace and paradise, Maria Ines Smith.
klahaneridgeMay 10 20 - 22:13 My mom passed 10 years ago and there are so many memories that I cherish. From my childhood, many involve making recipes together in the kitchen, and taking care of the animals on our small farm. <3
yolandar77May 10 20 - 21:56 I love my mom,she is the best cook. I learned how to make tortillas and lots of good recipes. Happy Mother's day!!
MsYoung1May 10 20 - 19:40 So my mother has two girls. As adults we don't get to spend a lot of girls time together with our mom. Well last year we went out together, just us girls to a performance and we were in such a good mood and energy my mother was called up to the stage and I got the best pictures i've ever gotten of mother. She never smiles in pictures and I got her biggest smile on camera. It was one of the best nights of life so far.
songincMay 10 20 - 18:47 I love everything about my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, kind, loving Mom and best friend!!
mare8earMay 10 20 - 18:37 My mother has never taken a vacation. She has always had to work to provide for me and she still is working now. She has worked tirelessly over the years to support me in school and made sure we had a place to live. Her routine was to walk me to school every morning, take the multiple buses to work, get off work to go buy groceries, take the buses back home, and cook as hearty a meal as she could. My mother is the true epitome of a selfless, always loving, hardworking, and humble woman. I love you, Momma. Always have. Always will.
Hello There,

This is a true testament to the sacrifices a mother will always make for her children. Thank you so much for sharing.

Best Wishes,

Member526020533608May 10 20 - 17:13 My favorite memory with my mother would be every precious moment I spent with her after my father passed away. I would visit with her and talk for hours, she actually shared her life with me, and I had the precious honor of those moments for 14 months!
I spent the last week of her life with her, and as we shared our lives with each other, we bonded so very much. I learned so much, and I could never haves loved my precious mother anymore Than I did then and do now. I miss her every moment of every day.
I love you so much Mom!!!
Member526020533608May 10 20 - 17:08 The last week of my mother’S life, I stayed with her. We shared more of ourselves than we ever had before, I learned more about her, and couldn’T have loved her any more deeply.
These are the memories I have to cherish, and although I wish I had more, I am so blessed to have bonded so deeply with the most precious mother a person could have ever been given.
Member526020533608May 10 20 - 17:00 My favorite memory with my mother would be every precious moment I spent with her after my father passed away. I would visit with her and talk for hours, she actually shared her life with me, and I had the precious honor of those moments for 14 months!
I spent the last week of her life with her, and as we shared our lives with each other, we bonded so very much. I learned so much, and I never loved my precious mother anymore
Sread0929May 10 20 - 16:29 Me and Mom went one year to a ladies tea and it was just a sweet time spent with my mom. We not only celebrated Mother's Day but my Birthday too. We even decided to do extra dessert. I cherish that time even more now since that was the only time we got to go and mom has been gone for 12 years now. Happy Mother's Day to all!!
gscoutmomMay 10 20 - 15:46 My favorite memories involve my mom reading. She took great care of us and our household and always made time to read.
Member526018662801May 10 20 - 15:38 My favorite memory is making cute little handmade gifts every year 💕
Member112420640549May 10 20 - 15:20 My childhood friends still remember my mom visiting our elementary to deliver popsicles on a hot school day.
mellanhead1May 10 20 - 15:14 She is awesome and funny
Member525935102039May 10 20 - 14:58 My favorite memory of my mom is of shopping. She would drive me all over town (probably had no sitter, i'm the eldest of 4)and neighboring towns, shopping for mostly clothing or shoes that I needed. That didn't change until moved back in my 30's. But then her two granddaughters got the fun. She's no longer here with us but whenever go to certain stores, I recall our fond memories.
funbunsMay 10 20 - 13:54 In challenging times it's always nice to recall those touching memories with my mom, who was painfully shy, but would put on her brave face to accommodate her outgoing and adventurous daughter. One of my best memories was of a 3 week vacation, traveling by car, wherever we decided to go. Completely unplanned. Just wherever we wanted to go at that moment. It was sheer heaven...From sleeping in the car to hiking in the rain on parts of the Appalachian Trail. Loved every minute of it. Love and miss my mom.
Member526015428249May 10 20 - 13:53 Bringing me home just after she adopted me. Priceless.
Member425611552910May 10 20 - 13:42 It’S mother’S day today wish your mothers a happy mothers day to everyone
luvCashBackMay 10 20 - 12:30 Mom comforting me in my first day of school is unforgettable. Happy Mother's Day :-)
ChuckMay 10 20 - 12:05 Love my mom and everything she did for me, too many memories to share
Lindsay1212May 10 20 - 11:39 I unfortunately lost my mom when I was 8, but I am the proud mom of my beautiful 4 yr old & Am grateful for the amazing memories we’Re making together everyday!
beeghly1993May 10 20 - 11:17 Every june my mom, my sister and I spend a weekend at a ladies only church camp special weekend by lake erie. This year it was cancelled, due to corona virus. But we have such funny memories to laugh about til next year!
Member526005325459May 10 20 - 10:53
keystonecandiesMay 10 20 - 10:22 My mom always read to us at bedtime.
anupamagajMay 10 20 - 08:58 When I was little, my mother turned on the radio and grabbed me and danced like crazy. When we were boring, we choose our favorite music & She grabbed me and we danced the whole house. When I was little, she cast out my nightmares, and I always believe it was a real success.
All the memories of my childhood because of my mom♥
I ♥ Mom
anupamagajMay 10 20 - 08:52 When I was little, my mother turned on the radio and grabbed me and danced like crazy. When we feel boring, we choose our favorite music & She grabbed me and we danced the whole house. When I was little, she cast out my nightmares by chanting, and I always believe it was a real success. Until I was a teenager.
All the memories of my childhood are better because of my mom ❤

I ❤ Mom
shulinggMay 10 20 - 08:38 It has been 34 year.....Not a day goes by I don't think of you. I miss you so much momma!
alphacatMay 10 20 - 06:26 The gentle kindness she expressed to everyone, regardless of the chaos all around us.
adecorsoMay 10 20 - 04:22 My favorite memory with my mom is one I will never forget ! I remember I was really young and the character Polaroid cameras were a hit. Where you take a picture and the film comes right out. (I think it was a Polaroid at least) well there was an ad out on Black Friday, that had them on huge sale. We stood in like a 3 hour line because my mom knew I really wanted the bugs bunny one. I will never forget how many fights there were and how chaotic it was , but I loved my mom for that man. That was the best day ever haha!!
Mberg032577May 10 20 - 00:41 I always remember her purse..She always had anything you needed in there! It was amazing. And it smelled like mints and her perfume :)
TahgMay 10 20 - 00:05 Topcashback is the best!
Member821461054727May 09 20 - 23:28 I loved going shopping- yard sales, thrift stores, Food Lion trips when it would be just me and my mom. Since my other siblings did not think it was fun, which was fine with me since it being a step family it was hard to have alone time with her. A lot of times at check out we would get a hersey bar to share on the ride home. No candy for the other kids who didn't want to go shopping. : )
No_MemberMay 09 20 - 22:14 Thanks Happy mother day
TAG2008May 09 20 - 21:44 My favorite memories of my mom so far revolve around cooking delicious meals together and learning recipes that have been passed down to her firsthand.
klsMay 09 20 - 20:39 My fondest memory of my grandmother (now 95 years old!) Is sitting on the porch swing listening to her tell stories about her amazing life. I only wish I had the forethought to record at least some of those conversations.
Member124440560232May 09 20 - 20:25 Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there!
Member425611552910May 09 20 - 19:54 Happy mothers day
Member124440560232May 09 20 - 18:05 Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there!
LEGGOMay 09 20 - 13:15 Happy Mother's Day 2020!
The good lifeMay 09 20 - 12:13 Happy mother's day!!
stwetzel76May 09 20 - 11:16 Havent seen my son since the lockdown and wont be able to see him for mothers day because he's an essential worker :(
Member31137469234May 09 20 - 10:43 My fondest memory of my mom was cooking with her in our tiny little kitchen. I try to share the same traditions with my daughters now.
Member525988655311May 09 20 - 10:19 Yes that's awesome
rrnycMay 09 20 - 09:48 Definitely when we went to see the Star Wars movie :)
Member1217123907355May 09 20 - 09:10 Summer days are so hot! As a child my favorite memory with my mom is holding her hand and walking down the long path to enter Six Flags WaterWorld area. Ok, I was running and trying to pull my mom! Lol! The amount of joy I experienced, being able to play in the water was immeasurable. The lunch was always the best due to how hard I played and how much energy I burned. Then to go on a roller coaster before we left because mom did not want us wet in the car. Best summer ever! My favorite season! I love you mom for always giving us adventures worth remembering!
Carath61May 09 20 - 08:47 My mom would take me to Feast of the Hunter's Moon every November in w. Lafayette, in. A reenactment of the French and Indian war. Everything there had to be authentic, costuming, tents the participants camped in, crafting, etc...I treasured those times with my mom. She's been gone 30 years...♥️
Member526006003449May 09 20 - 08:38 Ibuku yang telah meninggal meninggalkan miliyaran kenangan manis,kenangan yang membuat saya meneteskan air mata karna rindu...
I miss you mom..
I miss you so much😔
sylviezhang37May 09 20 - 08:36 Happy Mother's Day!!!
huangxin0712May 09 20 - 07:59 Happy Mothers Day to all awesome moms!
TigtinkMay 09 20 - 03:08 There are many memories of my mom, who just passed on October 12th. One of my fondest is how she would always tell such ridiculous and funny stories and how she would sing you are my sunshine to all the new grandbabies and great grandbabies. I love my Mo - that is what we called her...Momo - I miss her terribly but always smile when I think of some of her foolish and silly antics.
kayteemeeMay 09 20 - 01:32 My Mom and I would pick out jokes or riddles and record our skits using my cassette player, then we laughed our hearts out playing them back because they sounded so bad no matter how good/Natural our acting was.
everafter76May 08 20 - 23:09 Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers out there!
Member74812996920May 08 20 - 18:10 My grandmother was my mother. I remember when I had just turned 20, and the place I was living in burned down on Christmas morning. I showed up at my grandmother's front door, and she took me in. I had no doubt she would. Not having a mother for most of my life it was comforting, till the day she died, that I could always show up at her front door, and she would take me in.
wt1983May 08 20 - 17:58 My favorite memory is mom always cooking delicious food for all the family members.
Dancer4godMay 08 20 - 16:42 My favourite memory is coming home from school and being surprised by little treats on my bed- a quirky candy bar like a “Whatchamacallit” And a little notebook-just because she wanted to be nice. She’D do that every once in awhile and it’S those little special things that are so memorable and touching.
Dancer4godMay 08 20 - 16:36 My favourite memory is coming home from school and being surprised by little treats in my bed- a quirky candy bar like a “Whatchamacallit” And a little notebook. Just because she wanted to be nice. She’D do that every once in awhile and it’S those little special things that are so memorable and touching.
bathemanMay 08 20 - 16:27 My favorite memory with my mom is watching Minnesota Vikings football games together with the entire family while I was growing up. Great memories.
intrigue1May 08 20 - 15:57 My favorite memory was when my Mom went to the beach with our family. Campfires, singalongs, stargazing; so many great memories.
adaaa05May 08 20 - 15:39 Since I am doing my undergraduate studies in a foreign country, I can not go back home for several Mother's Days, but I always order some gifts online for my mom on that day. The favorite memory with mom is watching movies with her every night when I was young.
Member525998088547May 08 20 - 14:08 My Grandma mac was the closest to a mom for me. Spent countless hours with her. She taught me to cook and canning. She taught me gardening. Her home was my refuge when life got tough. My favorite memories were all the times she’D let me fall asleep in her bed. We’D watch a movie. Inevitably i’D fall sound asleep and my grandpa would scoop me up a tuck me into the guest bed. Loved them both so dearly.
aquariunMay 08 20 - 13:32 My mom struggled all her life with financial and relationship problems but she always have this positive attitude towards everything. She is very supportive and kind.
Kaligirl2003May 08 20 - 13:28 Taking a 2 day trip to Mexico with all our family. Whenever we would stop for gas we got to pick out any snacks we wanted. Then we had a tv to watch movies and with my 4 siblings and my dad it was non stop fun.
Member714513194531May 08 20 - 13:07 Great happiness when mom is alive and when you are mom
tina_harryMay 08 20 - 12:13 Mothers:- they treat and know us all our lives. Forever protect us. And Forever we are grateful.
Morgandbub2May 08 20 - 11:55 My Mother was a hard working women who raised all 11 of her children on her own. My favorite memory of her was every day she would make us dinner and I would stand in between the stove and the wall to watch her cook. Everyday we sat together as a family for dinner. Now I carry on the family dinner with my kids!!
Member525994491854May 08 20 - 10:00 Dona Terezinha Romilda Colli, ou vovó Chica como todas as pessoas há Conhecem, minha mãEzinha, minha mamãE, minhã MamãE zona, que amo muito. Mulher, amiga, batalhadora, companheira, carinhosa, gosta de ajudar as pessoas, super mãE admiráVel, sempre preocupada com seus filhos, trabalhando para nãO deixar faltar nada em casa, meu pai trabalha fora e voltava a cada 2 a 3 meses, entãO ela foi uma mãE e pai aí Mesmo tempo, nãO pode me dar uma faculdade, mas me deu tudo que sempre quis, Carinho, amor.
Hoje sou grato a Vovó Chica, por ter me ensinado ser uma pessoa honesta, amiga e persistente aos meus objetivos.
Obrigado mamãE por você Ser está Pessoa maravilhosa. Te amo!!!
rosaange04May 08 20 - 09:42 My mom is all about her kids. She puts us first. She is happy when we are happy. Sad when we have fears she cannot fix. She is always there for the family.
mrs_sosa1May 08 20 - 07:45 My mother grew up poor but her parents worked hard to provide for her and her seven siblings. My maternal grandmother passed away when my mom was 5 years old and her father when she was 16 years old.

Despite these hardships, my mother started working at age 16 and took night classes to learn English. She worked 2-3 jobs in order to provide for me, my twin and our younger sister. My mom still made us warm meals every day. She took us to the park and the beach and always made sure we had fun growing up.

My mom accomplished her dream of purchasing a home for us and is still currently working at the age of 68. She will be retiring at the end of this month after 52 years of hard work.

My mom is hardworking, humble and selfless. She is a woman of faith and always reminds us that we need to give to others in need and to love our neighbor. She is the best example of a loving and caring mother!
gooniedudeMay 08 20 - 04:40 Mom cooking the best homemade mac and cheese for me when I was sick as a child. Thanks, mom.
Member107399707323May 08 20 - 02:34 My mother was so lucky in my youth that I can’T put it in words! We go with her, i’M 7 years old to my mother 37. I’M wearing a jacket and a skirt knitted by my mother, so beautiful that I would have been running in it every day! And on my mother it’S just such a suit, knitted by her hands. Mom was told that we are sisters)
rachel0317May 08 20 - 00:50 My mom is nice women. She helps so many people. She is a grand women.
NotcreativeMay 08 20 - 00:39 My Dad was my Mom and my Dad. He raised me and my six siblings by himself after my Mom took off when I was seven. I haven't celebrated Mother's Day since he passed. It's too hard! Miss him dearly!
Thaddeuswilliams8115May 07 20 - 21:19 Cooking a dinner for my mom, and the worst part was it was awful. She ate it and hated it. The fact I was young and tried she was so happy.
jenius5150May 07 20 - 20:28 Going on a Caribbean cruise with my Mom when I was 11.It was really fun and we got to spend a lot of time together.
AschicktonMay 07 20 - 20:28 I was raised by my grandparents and they did all they could to be great parents to me. My friends loved coming to our house because they were so much fun! My grandmother was even class mom for my class all through elementary school. She was a florist and ran her shop out of our house. I loved helping her and she would always try to teach me how she made and put things together. Even after she no longer had her business, we would work together and make arrangements for family/Friends or craft shows. She taught me so much and we always had fun making things together and blending our ideas.
kas3579May 07 20 - 20:25 My favorite memories of my mom is her being home for me after school.
stl6vfMay 07 20 - 19:33 I love laying on my mom's lap when I was little and she would gently brush through my hair.
lenin1991May 07 20 - 18:29 All our trips together
Seung56May 07 20 - 17:44 My mom will be working this Mother's day, along with my dad at their small business. I live on the other side of the country now, but every year I send her flowers to their shop. Sometimes it's a day late, sometimes a day early, but they are always sent. It took me a long time to realize how much she put herself through for me and my sister. Only as an adult did I realize the hardships she endured, not speaking English, waking up at dawn to go to work, and coming home just in time to make dinner. My favorite memory would be when I got into a University, and being able to see how happy and proud she was, and validating everything she had done, all for me to pursue my dreams. To this day I remember when we got the acceptance letter, and how she broke down crying before I had even finished reading it. I will never forget that, and will never be able to make up everything she has done for me.
Hello There,

Thank you so much for sharing that heartfelt memory. I hope your mom has a wonderful Mother's Day!

Thank you again.
laurenvuMay 07 20 - 15:59 My mom and I were separated since I was an infant, she had to escape Vietnam with my older siblings back in the 1980s. Bringing along an infant would be very risky, an infant would not withstand the hardship of the journey so I was left behind with my dad to raise me. After the long 12 years, I finally met my mom for the first time. All those years I only communicated with my mom via letters and only knew her face from pictures. My deepest memory of my mom was the first time we met, seeing her in person and hearing her voice for the first time was most memorable to me. I have a natural love for her. I am so grateful my mom brought me to America to unite with her and have a better life. I was so poor in my country.
Hello Lauren,

Wow, this is an amazing story. I am so glad you and your mom were able to reunite, that is a beautiful thing. I hope you two are able to enjoy Mother's Day the best you can this year!

Best wishes,

dreambig732May 07 20 - 14:27 My mother grew up poor. When she was young, my grandfather passed away. To help my grandmother and her 5 younger siblings, she had to sell vegetables before school starts. This was right after the civil war between China and Taiwan. My family was on the losing side.

She didn't attend secondary school and went directly into the garment industry where the u.S. Companies had set up factories in southern Taiwan. She did it so she could send 90% Of her earnings to my grandmother and to help out her siblings.

When I came, my parents was doing better, but they wanted to my sister and I to have a better life in the u.S. So they borrowed and spent their savings to bring us here.

Although my father had a job while in the u.S., It wasn't enough so my mom would do odd jobs to help out. She even recycled coke cans at the supermarkets to earn a few coins. I remember I was so embarrassed of being her son when she brought those dirty cans to the supermarkets and even more so, when the clerk was shaking out the dirt from the cans, one can at the time.

Looking back at this memory, however, I know she was probably embarrassed too but for her family, she sacrificed. While it was not a pleasant memory for a child, every time I look back at that moment now, I realize how much my mother loves her family and me. I also cherish it because it taught me there is always a way as long as you are willing. I am here today because the sacrifices she made.

Love you infinity mom!
Hello There,

Thank you so much for sharing your memory. Such a beautiful thing to see how a mom will do anything for her family and children. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating her life!

Best Wishes,

Zekane1May 07 20 - 13:07 My favorite memory with my mom was waking up to the smell of fruit pancakes on Saturday morning. We ate breakfast as a family, had lots of laughter and listened to music on the radio.
EminaMay 07 20 - 11:42 I got a beautiful boy last May 28th and I became a mother, so this year is my “First Mother’S Day” Myself. I realized how hard to take care of children and how great mother is. She raised my brother and I up by herself. Can’T believe she could keep working and take care of us. Love and thankful her soooo much!!!! I really wish she is living closer... But I decided to live my husband. I didn’T regret, but I really really wish living closer....Love my mom and missing so much! Sending my love to over the sea....!
Member1223903030121May 07 20 - 11:01 Baking buttermilk biscuits every morning
Member525982572828May 07 20 - 09:44 Meeting my son for the first time at the hospital would be the most memorable moment and having the joy of telling our moms that we were now parents! We adopted and our son was a complete surprise!!!!
kimberlyn727May 07 20 - 09:07 Becoming a Mother myself, was the most memorable moment with my Mom.
Member1022550610333May 07 20 - 09:00 My favorite memories were attending church with her and the rest of the family. Working with her on the farm including milking cows, picking and selling sweet corn, snapping beans, and then coming into a home-cooked meal after a long day's work.
iliass_bourjaMay 07 20 - 08:25 Dear Mother, I pray for you to have a healthy life so that you can not only live long enough to see me through as much of my life as possible, but so you can live happily enough to get the most out of your time. You have always made sure I was taken care of, nursed me through illnesses and stood by me on bad and good times. I love you and I will always care for you.
What a beautiful message. Warms my heart to hear of the sweet bond you and your mother have. I hope you two enjoy your Mother's Day! :)
WackymomMay 07 20 - 07:18 So many great memories with my mom. All the beach trips. Love going to zoos with her and making her feed the goats she gets a bit squirmy. A great memory was when I dyed my hair purple every time she saw me she couldn’T stop smiling ( maybe she was laughing at me but she still was smiling) 💜❤️💙 Love my mommy!!
archie38May 07 20 - 06:01 I think my son can say doing homework, dancing, being silly, playing, making pancakes, cakes, going out together
Mecombrink77 May 07 20 - 03:17 My mom passed away when I was 7. The best memory I have of my mom was the Christmas before. I had wanted a Strawberry shortcake doll that blew strawberry scented kisses so much. My mom saved for months to get me that doll. I was so excited I got it. I carried it everywhere. I don't have many memories of my mom but the one thing I do remember is she scrimped and saved to provide anything extra besides rent and groceries especially for holiday's and birthday's. My mom passed away Feburary 13th 1985. Not long after that last Christmas I had with her.
cuponesparalatinasMay 07 20 - 00:56 I have a terrible car accident 4 years ago, my mom was my support she tough me to be strong since I was little. I lived in hospitals for 7 month with my husband (he has spinal cord injury) after many surgery's and therapy we got out I was pregnant. My mom took care of my oldest daughter when we were in hospitals and i'm going to be grateful for all my life.
LVLadyMay 06 20 - 23:53 My favourite mum memory is of my mum aged 64 doing a zip line. It was a terrifying experience to witness and relief at the end. My mum sadly passed away last year. She grabbed hold of life with two hands though, and had such a great attitude. It’S helped me pass this onto my own son.
RusCouponMay 06 20 - 23:20 I lost my mom when I was 10, so I do not have that much memories. I love how we had tea in the night in the kitchen with cookies of course and talked and laughed...
jqn1994May 06 20 - 21:03 My favorite memory is mom always walk me to school.
djy2g33May 06 20 - 20:31 My favorite memories were bedtime stories and cuddling when I was young!
ssorjuela May 06 20 - 20:20 My god-mother has been an essential person in my life. She is the epitome of what a god-mother should be. She has always been there for me, to listen, to share experiences and just being present. She has always shown me unconditional love and support. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” Well she is the “Village.” She has shown me what it is to be a giving, selfless, loving person. I’M very blessed that my mother chose the absolute best person she could to be my fairytale god-mother. On of my many memories would be family gatherings where she would bake our favorite homemade treats. Another memory would be when she gave me a position in her non-profit organization and made me the head of the youth out-reach program while I was in high school. I learned many skills that paved a way for me professionally and personally.
ssorjuela May 06 20 - 20:07 My favorite memories with my mom were when we would go to Orlando to Universal theme parks. My mom was a single parent. We were in elementary school and she would work and then go to college after work, so we would hardly see her. When weekends came and she got tuition money, she would use it to take us on a family vacation to Orlando. She did a lot to further her education and make many sacrifices for a better life for us all. She’S appreciated and even more so now that I too am a mother. Being a mom is all about sacrifices, many of which children never know of until they become parents themselves.
abhishekijainMay 06 20 - 20:01 My best memory was preparing my favorite lunch and dropping me to the school bus every morning. I miss the food and the talk when I came back home. Those moments were just for me.
ssorjuela May 06 20 - 19:54 One of my favorite memories of my grandmother would be her taking us on the weekends to eat pizza at the mall or wings at King of Wings. She had little but gave a lot. She would always bring us snacks discreetly behind my moms back and we would hide them in our room.
johnniw18May 06 20 - 19:32 Best memories would be grabbing ice cream with her at the local shop and taking her out every weekend for dinner.
gjnaismithMay 06 20 - 19:15 Best memories with mom includes drinking coffee together while sharing stories and having comfortable silence together. ♡
toyamayMay 06 20 - 18:55 My favorite memory of my mother is all the road trips we would take as a family. It was mother dearest, my aunt, the twins and myself. We always had a good times.
toyamayMay 06 20 - 18:36 Best memories with my mom and aunt was traveling. Road trip!!! I totally don't remember were we went but we always had good times :)
rzagMay 06 20 - 17:47 One of my warmest memories is the mother-daughter day we shared when I was a young girl. I needed to get the tetanus vaccine and I was scared! My mom let me take the day off from school and we went for pizza, ice cream, and to the library. I had such a wonderful day that I didn't even mind getting the shot. The quality time she gave me showed me just how much she loved me!
Member324928360545May 06 20 - 17:46 My mom passed away June 2019 alone in her home. My heart is still broken.
rudebellaMay 06 20 - 17:43 Seeing comedy shows together.
Member224790739453May 06 20 - 17:06 My Mom is my favorite person. She worked hard as a single parent and college student when I was little. She's been there when I had eye surgery as a child and again last year. She was by my side when I was in labor with my first child. She's always there when someone needs her. She is currently living with her parents, caring for them. Her compassion and love are my favorite things about her.
feng_luMay 06 20 - 16:18 Taking me to my frist swim lessons
Ritz83May 06 20 - 15:43 My favorite memory with my mom is when I lived in the same city as her and we would have Sunday dinner every weekend.
Member18407462254May 06 20 - 15:34 My favorite memory with my mom is back to school clothes shopping trips to Colorado!
RazenTC444May 06 20 - 15:20 I always missed my beloved mother. I might not be there always for them since i'm faraway but I always have her in my heart. Mother's love was always there, I can feel her within.. I pray to the Almighty I can see and hug them once again
redheadmamaMay 06 20 - 14:44 I am so sad I will not be able to be with my mom due to covid restrictions this year.
Member1223646039024May 06 20 - 14:26 My favorite memory of my mom is from 13 years ago. My family had moved 3.5 hours from my mom about 6 months prior for my job. This was a huge change because my kids, who were 3 & 6 years old, were use to seeing my mom almost daily. My 3 year old was having some medical issues & Was going to be hospitalized for several days for testing & She talked to my mom on the phone & Told her “Nonna, I need you here.” My mom was a high school librarian at the time & She submitted her resignation with the school district the very next day, effective the day before my daughters hospitalization (school was out for the summer but mom had extended contract) & Moved to my town. My mom took a leap of faith that she would be able to find another librarian job around where I lived so she could be with my child who needed/Wanted her during the medical scare.
DLD322May 06 20 - 14:25 Oh, I have too many! From driving a couple of hours to spend the weekend on the Oregon coast as a teenager- to going second hand shopping to see what treasures (mostly junk) we could find - to visiting Mom during the summer and going to the creek when my sons were little and catching crawfish! So many! She's been gone for 10 years and I miss her so...
DLD322May 06 20 - 14:18 Oh, I have too many! From driving a couple of hours to spend the weekend on the Oregon coast as a teenager- to going second hand shopping to see what treasures (mostly junk) we could find - to visiting Mom during the summer and going to the creek when my sons were little and catching crawfish! So many! She's been gone for 10 years and I miss her so...
groupbruMay 06 20 - 14:13 GroupB forever
The Mother’S Day of this year is a tough holiday for me, cause my mom is stocking at China during her travel and cannot back home because there's no flight back to the home country until the end of May or even more...... I really hope that she will be fine, stay safe and not be infected there...
And hope all the humankind can get through the pandemic disease asap🙏🏼
Kevin9xMay 06 20 - 13:55 My mum is the best mum in the world. She has sacrificed her whole life to raise me up.
Member514020284644May 06 20 - 13:26 Great idea~
Rob920May 06 20 - 13:25 The food...Never forget the food...
Member1223968760444May 06 20 - 13:18 Anytime with my Mom is memorable! She's the best!
Member821219028508May 06 20 - 13:15 Laying on the grass watching the clouds and looking for shapes in the sky.
805May 06 20 - 13:08 My most memorable moment is everything with my mom. There is never a dull moment with her. She always amazes me
9erica1May 06 20 - 13:00 I remember when I was a child, on my mom's payday. We would go to the bank and afterwards go to Kmart since it was next to each other. I remember having to grab her hand and cross the street. It was my favorite! I still remember vividly which is crazy.
GibbsstaceylsMay 06 20 - 12:57 Can't wait for mother's day
Member318622981548May 06 20 - 11:51 My most memorable moment with my Mom was when I was 4 years old I developed a very high fever one night when my mom lived alone with me in a countryside. With no transportation and no one to help, mom carried me in her arms and rushed through the rice fields by foot toward the only hospital three miles away, overcoming fears and lack of physical energy as a young woman . At one point my body limped and Mom thought I had passed, she sat with me on her lap, cried and kept calling my nick name. At that moment I woke up, the first thing I saw was the stars shinning on the dark blue sky. The scene was so beautiful I said, with my weak voice, "Mom, the stars..." My mom was so overjoyed hearing my voice, she answered through her tears, "Oh, you are alive, you are alive! Yes, yes, the stars, thank the stars!..."

I don't remember much from that age, but I still remember vividly the beautiful scene of the stars and my mom's grateful voice praising them...
eLTeeMay 06 20 - 11:41 Happy Mothers Day!
Member1223896467032May 06 20 - 11:38 My favorite memory with my mom was when we took a trip to California for my skating competition.
eLTeeMay 06 20 - 11:34 Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful moms!
LesniddiMay 06 20 - 11:20 My mom was a teenage mom, so I graduated from high school twice, once with her and once on my own. She always stressed education, said it was the most important thing I could do for myself. It was advice that I took to heart. I barely dated in high school in favor of focusing on my studies. I wanted to go to a specific college, and I took pride in getting in. I met my future husband in college, during my junior year. We got married right after graduation. Mom was so proud at the graduation ceremony and then the wedding two weeks later. Love you, mom!!!!
Member915467621156May 06 20 - 11:19 Taking me to my numerous piano lessons
bopperwhopperMay 06 20 - 11:04 Absolutely nothing can compare to the memory of my mother with me when my son was born. Never have I been more loved by a human than when my mother held my hand, looked down at me serenely, and reassured me that all would be well. When she cradled my son in her arms, I witnessed the most overwhelming love and joy that will live with me forever. I am most grateful for all eternity to my mother.
ronvogelMay 06 20 - 10:56 One of my favorite memories with my mom (and dad) was when they had given me a brand new instamatic camera (film camera with a drop in film cartridge.....New fangled for the time). The very first picture I took with it was a candid pic of the two of them kissing. (Thought it was very scandalous at the time).
kucher17May 06 20 - 10:27 My mom walked me down the aisle at my wedding because my dad couldn't. And it was one of the best moments in my life because I could feel how proud she was of me and her love for me radiating with each step.
Mancrew5May 06 20 - 10:11 My mom was awesome! When I was 10 I ripped my brand new jacket on a wire poking out of the school fencing. I was so upset, but she immediately went to the school with pliers and fixed the fence, and then fixed my jacket. We didn't have much growing up, but she made the most of what we had, and had a solution for everything! Happy Mother's day!
Mancrew5May 06 20 - 10:01 My favourite memory is her sharing stories of her life experiences and all her wisdom she passed onto me, and how she met my dad. Happy Mother's day to all of you wonderful mom's!
Mancrew5May 06 20 - 09:56 My favourite memory is her sharing stories of her life experiences and all her wisdom she passed onto me, and how she met my dad. Happy Mother's day to all of you wonderful mom's!
Cameo27May 06 20 - 09:43 I really enjoyed cooking with my Mom. She was so much fun and I loved learning new dishes and especially being the taste tester. :)
LucyAMay 06 20 - 09:06 I learned to cook and bake at the elbow of my mother. She never measured any of her ingredients but the food she made was delicious. We always ate our meals around the family table. Those are my favorite memories.
Member821104135437May 06 20 - 08:37 Enjoyed really really enjoyed me and my moms birthday celebration before she pasted. We laugh and laugh with family and friends. Thanks Mom for all the love, caring and understanding, always loved. Your daughter.
Niki4nuMay 06 20 - 08:18 My mom is my silent warrior! She is brave, courageous, and never once complains about the cards she has been dealt!!
slvhMay 06 20 - 08:16 My favorite memory is being in church with my mom. My brother, sisters and several extended family members usually joined us.
petrodzyuba7May 06 20 - 08:12 May God bless all good mothers! You are loved forever.
wisemomx2May 06 20 - 07:56 My favorite memory is taking mom out to her favorite restaurant. Not a chain just a little local diner type. She'd want to go 3x a week lol. Which was fine by me. I enjoyed the conversations. This is my second Mothers Day without her. The memories put a smile on my face.
syelirMay 06 20 - 07:49 Wishing every mom out there a very Happy Mother's day
Mimi2LucaMay 06 20 - 07:21 Playing Bingo is moms thing....That is her favorite past time!! We love going together!
JackilynLMay 06 20 - 07:15 My Mom was a single Mom and worked so hard to take care of my sister and i. She went back to school and always stressed the importance of education. I love her so much!
stinkybuttMay 06 20 - 07:11 My mother and I was close theatre buddies she would take the kids to the movies and we kinda took that tradition onto my adult life. Fun memories.
daiseymeMay 06 20 - 07:05 My favorite memory is when having my mom there for my first born.
Member513975263611May 06 20 - 07:02 My Mom is the most amazing woman I know. I love you Mom!
Member112517837636May 06 20 - 06:58 My mom and I have so many great memories,goingvshopping going to the casino and watch her won 70,000 was awesome!! I love my mom so much!!
Member815035143502May 06 20 - 06:57 My Grandma was my mother figure. She was a spitfire and made me love all things vintage. I miss her so much.
ktmolickMay 06 20 - 02:51 I loved to go to my Grandma's house as often as possible. She taught me to bake, cook, knit and other needlework. She was always patient. She would always listen to my hopes and dreams and anything that was on my mind. She encouraged me like no one else. She always had a Mickey Mouse candy machine in the living room with a mechanical arm that would dispense a handful of m&Ms. I treasure the many hours I spent with her while growing up.
Toby518May 05 20 - 22:43 Our trips to the casino with my mom and grandmother are by far the best memories I have with them
dionneMay 05 20 - 22:21 Impossible to pick a favorite memory, but one I think of most often is my mom & Grandma sitting around the kitchen table drinking their coffee and just talking about anything & Everything. I was lucky enough to have my grandma live across the street from us growing up, my mom is blind so every morning I would help my mom cross the street so she could have her daily visit with my grandma. I'd give anything to sit at a table with the both of them again one last time 💕
Aww, that is such a super nice story to hear. It's so lovely to hear :)

Best wishes,
backdrop001May 05 20 - 21:24 Every month, mom and I would go to Ponderosa and then go shopping . Just the two of us. May sound simple but I loves those days.
lilyzhang79May 05 20 - 20:40 In the other side of seesaw looking at me
Member325397034300May 05 20 - 17:31 Some favorite memories of my mom are staying up till midnight on the weekend playing yahtzee with her and my sister and laughing at her blowing on the dice for luck.
i still blow on the dice and think it brings me a lucky throw :)

Best wishes,
Baileycmk24May 05 20 - 17:28 Her laughing when the family is together.
Member325436968800May 05 20 - 17:03 My favourite memory is baking with my mother when I was a kid!
Member71918793729May 05 20 - 16:40 Our trips to the lake
HaoWangMay 05 20 - 16:04 The most romantic thing I could imagine

Is to grow older with you

All the memories we have been through

Could be talked about when we are old, sitting on the rocking chair
pfeifMay 05 20 - 16:01 Going to Disney World as a kid!
May 05 20 - 15:47 My favorite memory is when my daughter encouraged my mom & Me to jump on the trampoline-like it was no one's business. So many great laughs.
Member1016089561353May 05 20 - 15:38 Peeking in the kitchen and seeing my mom cook our favorite dessert - arroz con leche.
Member525912872316May 05 20 - 15:37 Favorite memory with my mom was when she quit drinking alcohol 3 years ago , it’S more special to me because for 24 years of my life she drank Every day . But when a life changing event happened 3 years ago she quit drinking cold turkey , and is now 3 years sober.
Member525912872316May 05 20 - 15:31 This is a hard choice because my Mother has been a single mother of 4 girls my 27 years of life and she raised my sisters and I to be wonderful women , but with my mother working a lot to take of my sisters and I she wasn’T home a lot so my 3 older sisters which are now also single mothers raising my nieces and nephews on their own . I am so grateful to have the best mothers I could ask for
SherSanchMay 05 20 - 15:30 Hoping everyone is happy , healthy, & Loved right now. Shout out to all the moms!!!!! Happy mother's day!!!
gshenderMay 05 20 - 14:59 This year my b-day on 05/10 falls on mother`S day. And because of quarantine my kids and and family members can`T come . Will be alone with my husband of 34 years and no one else............. No kids.......
sgt7May 05 20 - 14:39 My favorite memory with mom is just hanging out.
sherry00057May 05 20 - 12:37 The Mother’S Day of this year is a tough holiday for me, cause my mom is stocking at China during her travel and cannot back home because there's no flight back to the home country until the end of May or even more...... I really hope that she will be fine, stay safe and not be infected there...
And hope all the humankind can get through the pandemic disease asap🙏🏼
Member525911716758May 05 20 - 12:33 My favorite memory with mom was playing Shanghai Rummy.
mk7wMay 05 20 - 12:19 One of my favorite memories of my mom is when we were sitting in church, and all of a sudden she got a case of the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. We were in the 3rd row! I had to get her a tissue because there were (laughing) tears coming down her face. It was very hilarious and very embarrassing. I get my laughter from her :)
rivera23May 05 20 - 11:41 My mom showed up to every sporting event I had as a kid. She never missed one and she was a single mom with two very active kids. I know she will always be there for me and I am forever grateful for her hardworking and sacrifice.
MelSher98May 05 20 - 11:39 My mom is fun and funny. Shopping is our favorite pasttime.
Member18375207726May 05 20 - 11:16 My favorite memory is taking a road trip from nh to Chicago to visit my Grandmother.
mengyid2May 05 20 - 10:53 I am a new mom and my mom helped me a lot in being a mom.
informative1May 05 20 - 09:33 Raised 3 kids completely on my own... Had some hard times but we persevere <3
fengcheng90May 05 20 - 08:00 My mom raised with her whole heart and taught me all the life lessons.
Member525954271719May 05 20 - 07:19 My mother has always done her best to make sure I have a great life. Love her so
Member224694071333May 05 20 - 05:18 My mom is incredibly creative and fun - So many memories! Giving me a love of reading is one of her greatest gifts to me. We would ride bikes to the library, and I would explore the books - Magic!
jdorMay 05 20 - 04:35 Happy Mother's Day
yotiMay 05 20 - 02:51 My mother is everything for me. I love her so much.
selfserviceckinMay 05 20 - 01:11 Miss my mother a lot...She passed away from complications of bowel cancel...But she's always in my memories.
username2016May 04 20 - 22:58 Going shopping with my mom. It was always so fun even though my mom was so tired she would go along with me and be with me. Thank you mom!
et2qtMay 04 20 - 21:22 I remember the time when I was a kid and my dad passed away. I had not a clue what that meant at the time. I remember my mom bent over handwashing our clothes because we were very frugal. She stopped and I can tell she was crying. Only when I grew up did I realize that she had to deal with the death and had to bring up two kids alone.
marshamalindaMay 04 20 - 20:21 Watching my mom make my little boy laugh when he was a newborn.
Member218174911701May 04 20 - 20:13 My Mom is Irish. We went to an Irish Pub. The musician played Mom's favorite tunes. She tapped her leg and sang along. My Mom smiled from ear to ear.
sungminleeMay 04 20 - 19:45 My favorite memory with Mom was when our family rented a cabin for a week in the countryside. In the middle of the night while trying to sleep, I felt something moving under my pillow. I placed my hand under the pillow to check and freaked out when it was a mouse. So I immediately ran to mom about it, she got a fry pan and wack the mouse hard and saved my 8-years old summer life that night. Only mom's have the courage to defend against their sons in situations like these.
balltaniaMay 04 20 - 17:24 Growing up in and out of foster homes/ My time with my two kids and now their families being a mom and a grandmother is extra special/ Just knowing each day that I have with them is extra special
That really is really heartwarming to hear.

Best wishes,
ArgyllMay 04 20 - 17:05 I decided to run away from home about age 5-6. I fixed up a stick with a handkerchief tied on the end to carry stuff like a hobo and went walking by the kitchen to the front door. I hadn't thought about running into my parents but my mother saw me from the kitchen and said "What are you doing?"

I said "i'm running away from home."

She said, "Okay, but don't you want to take a sandwich in case you get hungry?"

I mumbled "Okay." She made a sandwich, gave it to me, and I packed it in the handkerchief at the end of the stick. Then I went out to the woods behind a neighbors house and sat there and ate the sandwich.
Member218167661042May 04 20 - 16:48 Ignore if this is a repeat (i don't see the post) My mom liked to go look for wild orchids and usually took my brothers and i. We lived on Grand Bahama Island and would go to the northern part of the island where they grew. We would say it reminded us of being on the moon because the limestone rocks were really jagged and full of holes. We always found some orchids.
Member218172719353May 04 20 - 16:44 Mom used to let me iron when I was little. I would do the napkins or handkerchiefs and thought it was such a big deal. We used a shaker of water to make the steam which was a glass Coke bottle with a stopper with holes in it. Whenever I iron today, I think of my Mom.
Member218167661042May 04 20 - 16:37 My mom liked to go look for wild orchids and usually took my brothers and i. We lived on Grand Bahama Island and would go to the northern part of the island where they grew. We would say it reminded us of being on the moon because the limestone rocks were really jagged and full of holes. We always found some orchids.
Member1116245378955May 04 20 - 16:31 I won a trip to Paris on a radio station and took my Mom along. We were there 11 years ago. We loved seeing the sites and visiting museums.
Oh wow! You must have been super lucky to win such an awesome prize!

Best wishes,
Member325384133459May 04 20 - 15:14 I loved it especially that as an adult, I could go visit my mom. She lived 800 miles away from me. But I would take my children, and we would drive to my mother's house and stay a few days. Those days were precious, not just for me, but for my children as well. Two of my children are twin daughters and have their own precious children now. I miss my mom. 🌹
Member1223907684358May 04 20 - 14:48 Making chicken and dumplings from scratch since I was a child with my mom, her mom, her sister, and all of my girl cousins. We would be in the kitchen for hours laughing and learning.
Member124090559859May 04 20 - 13:16 Spending a summer at the sea
natfilbyMay 04 20 - 13:01 My mom in law, Lynn has a special place in my heart. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 20, so when I got married, she was a great supporter!
HvnCnWt9May 04 20 - 13:01 My favorite memory of my mom was how she made dinner every night and we ate a 5'oclock as a family.
Lana_NYCMay 04 20 - 13:00 My favorite memory of my Mom was - her sense of humor and happy times together when we were laughing a lot and having fun! Miss my Mom!
Maryann2May 04 20 - 12:34 Having hot cocoa after we played outside in the snow
DENIS28May 04 20 - 12:20 Our mother-daughter trip to Europe when I was 12 :)
HeidiceeMay 04 20 - 12:03 A favorite memory of my late mother was how she would pray over us in the middle of the night. It was probably before she went to bed, but if felt late. To hear her prayer was so comforting and full of love. I miss that about her. I know that her prayers are still going forward for my siblings and i. Love you and miss you, mom!!
Jsmalls8688May 04 20 - 11:41 One of my favorite things to do growing up in ky was camping! What made it awesome for me as a kid was when my mom would pay me. 25 cents a can for each one I brought out to the adults so that they wouldn't have to swim back and forth to the dock, plus I was a bit faster!! Absolutely love my country style upbringing!!
ahewesMay 04 20 - 11:40 Spending Mothers Day with my mother n law was the best ever. Truly felt loved.
Jsmalls8688May 04 20 - 11:36 One of my favorite things growing up here in ky was camping but the one thing that made it awesome to me as a kid was when my mother would pay me .25 cents per can for each beer I would bring out to the adults so they didn't have to swim back to the docks each time!!! I love my country upbringing and life!
SashockMay 04 20 - 10:27 Our vacations and skied
te3ddMay 04 20 - 09:52 When we were little my mom used to "let" us draw on her back either with lotion or pen and then would try and guess what we drew. I realize, now that I am a mom, that she did it less for us kids and more because it was a sneaky way to get lotion on her back! But it's still a great memory.
Member1022237089047May 04 20 - 09:35 Running to make the cruise ship in SIngapore. A truly bonding moment.
Member1111734962644May 04 20 - 08:52 There are so many sweet memories. One of the magical ones I remember: as a little girl I had a tough day and my mom was putting me to bed and telling a fairy tail about me, as if i'm a princess in a beautiful dress and amazing shoes... The thing is it all came true and I vividly remember this moment, all she said turned true, I got the best shoes I could not even dream about, just like Cinderella;)))) magic mama's words.
Aww that's a super sweet story!

Best wishes,
CbescoeMay 04 20 - 08:46 As a mom of two boys, I appreciate memories with my mom even more now, over five years after she passed away. My favorite memory of my mom was her teaching me to make spaghetti sauce, noodles and meatballs from scratch. Just the way her mother did! My boys love to eat this meal and when they get a little older, I can pass the tradition on to them.
i love family recipes! My Grandma taught me how to make the most lovely family roast. I do love spaghetti and meatballs too 😊

Best wishes,
Member921599078751May 04 20 - 08:31 Happy mother's day to all mothers and mothers to be. You are loved and appreciated. You are beautiful and super heroes, we can not make it without you. Thank you for all the daily sacrifices that you make to keep everybody and everything going. I am a mother myself so I know it is. Peace and Love to all mother out there.
Member821238601144May 04 20 - 08:01 My favorite memory with my mother is when we hiked up Atlas Mountain. This was the first solo mother-daughter trip that we ever went on and I was finally able to take her somewhere after years of being a single mother. There was a noticeable shift in dynamic as this was the first time she viewed me as an adult and not just her kid. We passed a waterfall and watering hole on the way up and was rewarded with gorgeous vistas on the way up. Inexplicably there were also goats on this very steep climb.
amentadMay 04 20 - 07:18 Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there. Sending you love
sullyriderMay 04 20 - 01:13 Becoming a mother was the most wonderful event in my life! And I could never appreciate the sacrifices my own mother made until my time came. The very best memory of my mother is when she came over and helped me with my newborn. She rocked and sang sweet lullabies to my sleepless baby girl for hours. I had the blessing of witnessing first hand my own mother mothering. Without her help and insight, I truly would not have had the success I have been gifted raising my own children. I love you Mommy!
AhenryMay 03 20 - 23:04 My mom was just recently diagnosed with late stage bone marrow cancer and random memories of her are frequently running through my head. I have so many fond memories of her. I think one of my best moments with her is when I became an adult and was going through so mant hardship, one thing she always said to me was that not to worry or just sit their crying in pity. She always told me that life will happen and I just need to face it, taking it one day at the time. After crying, she would say to wipe those tears away and just live. I am stronger than I ever thought I would be because of her. I love and miss my mom. She is the toughest, most beautiful person I know.
NaotatMay 03 20 - 19:46 I can't place a distinctive memory, but one of the things I love about my mom is that she is human. She isn't invincible, she isn't infallible, she tries, she falls, gets back up and tries again. She is a realist, but she believes in my dreams and is always rooting for me.
lemonCCCMay 03 20 - 19:41 My grandpa's mother was the greatest mom i've known. My grandpa's dad died when he was 2 years old, shortly after his brother's birth. She tried her best to look after her two sons, without others' help. (They lived in rural area. And at that time in our country, it was almost impossible for such a woman to marry someone else then.)
My dad told me that she was a very nice and kind lady, and my dad used to like being around her during his childhood.
I didn't talk to her much because we could not understand each other easily and she had a bad memory. But everytime I visited her, she would give me something like snack she kept and valued, that was her way to express love.
She passed away five years ago at the age of 98. People say good person live long.
lemonCCCMay 03 20 - 18:13 My mom's work was very busy when I was young, despite that she still spent a lot of time to take care of me. Even when sometimes she went home after work at 9 pm without having dinner, she always spent some time to ask how was my day at school.
jendar108May 03 20 - 17:21 My favorite memory with my Grandma was doing meals-on-wheels with her. She drove, I ran. She passed away last April, and I am going to honor her memory by volunteering again!
amcranwellMay 03 20 - 17:06 I have so many best memories with my mom, but my best is probably when she came to help me when I had my first baby. She cooked, cleaned, snuggled her new grandchild. It was such a great 3 weeks together.
Member425747390536May 03 20 - 16:38 On mother’S day I always spent the day with my mom, grandma, and great grandma. I really miss those times. It was the best!
Member76865734655May 03 20 - 15:56 My grandmother was always my biggest fan. She always told me to be myself and not care what others think. She was was shinning star growing up and will forever miss her and her beautiful smile. Thanks
BukahMay 03 20 - 14:11 My mom and I took a road trip down the coast to go to Disneyland. It was such a special time and a mother/Daughter trip
poeticsong725May 03 20 - 13:46 Driving to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches in the morning and then going yard sale shopping and chatting along the way.
Member1216992445544May 03 20 - 13:34 Playing mah-jongg with my mother and grandmother.
neptoonandowlMay 03 20 - 12:43 My favorite memory of my mom was getting to spend our last mother's day together before she passed away.
E1ementMay 03 20 - 12:14 Everyday day is mothers day!
royoswaldMay 03 20 - 10:42 My favorite is my Mom signing to me when I was little.
Member821270093642May 03 20 - 10:04 I went to the usa, pursuing my degree last year. It's far away from my homeland, China. The favorite moment is every time my mom calls me and asks me if i'm okay. When the covid-19's breakout, my mom called me every two days and kept telling me to stay at home and find ways to go back to China whenever there is an opportunity.
ReprestMay 03 20 - 09:23 Favorite memory is when Mum called me every year on my birthday at the exact minute of my birth to wish me a Happy Birthday!
akiva599May 03 20 - 08:52 Mothers day is every day !
HonazMay 03 20 - 08:25 When I was growing up, we didn't have much money.It was the first time in years that we got to spend quality time together just having fun enjoying the all the lit up Casinos and talking about life drinking hot cocoa until early morning.
sruffinoMay 03 20 - 08:17 My Mom's mother died when she was 2 so she was brought up by my aunt whom we called Grandma. And my first cousin was my aunt. To the world it was confusing! I being a Hugger would Hug my Mom all the time but she did not. When I asked her why she told me that she never had a Mom's love. She never wanted to be a bother to her family as she and her sister were orphans and times were tough for families. So she stayed quiet and to herself. I shed tears as my Mom told me that although she never learned to be affectionate that did not mean that she didn't love me. She loves us with all her heart and was sorry that she didn't. I'll never to forget that moment! We hugged! Tears fell from my eyes. I was healed as I finally understood that our Mothers were children too !
Member1223931487820May 03 20 - 07:46 When I was growing up, we didn't have much money. One of my favorite memories is when we gathered all of the change we could find, got a small burger, small fries, and small drink from McDonald's. My Mom and I split them. She made it fun.
Member1223931487820May 03 20 - 07:32 When I was growing up, we didn't have much money. One of my favorite memories is when we gathered all of the change we could find, got a small burger, small fries, and small drink from McDonald's. My Mom and I split them. She made it fun.
HeidiceeMay 03 20 - 07:26 My memory is of my mom trying to do my hair. She wasn't the best, but it was the best conversation time away from my siblings. Now, as a mom of a 6 year old, that's our special time when I do her hair.
Member525929028831May 03 20 - 05:22 My mom and I took our first trip together last year to Vegas. It was the first time in years that we got to spend quality time together just having fun enjoying the all the lit up Casinos and talking about life drinking hot cocoa until early morning.
Member87066796107May 03 20 - 04:55 Happy Mother's Day!
bbw4u2loveMay 03 20 - 01:53 My favorite mom memory was everyday as she is my best friend. We always did things together big or small, it's all the precious memories we shared through all the good and bad times that made our mother/Daughter bond that much stronger.
Jesquivel62May 02 20 - 23:13 My mom lives here in Texas not because she likes it but because she had spent her entire life making sacrifices for us. After I got married, my husband and I moved to Colorado then I got pregnant and because it wad the middle of winter I knew my mom would not be able to make it for the birth of my firstborn. I was shattered because I really needed her there, but I also didn't want her risking her safety to be present. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and had to be induced almost 6 wks early, afraid I called my mom and tried to downplay it to not worry her but she asked my sister what preeclampsia was and became worried but also didn't want to stress me out more. She called me the next day as I was going through the 24 hour period of getting steroids for my babies lungs and again while I was having my baby she was with me the whole time though she could not be there in person, still I worried for my little girl as I too had just become a mom and knew the overwhelming feeling of wanting to do everything to love and protect my daughter. As they took her to the nicu I asked my husband to followand make sure she was okay. I was left alone in worry and just cried, I wanted my baby, I wanted my mom. She surprised me that day, as she walked into my room my eyes filled even more with tears as she came to keep me safe and comfort me. I remember the overwhelming feeling of being grateful, she and my dad drove all day and night to be with me and she would have made it to the birth of they hadn't been snowed in stuck in the mountain that night getting to get to me. My most treasured day with my mom is having her there by my side the day I too became a mother and I pray to be even half the mom that she is because she is out of this world amazing and she deserves the best of everything.
KaratedogMay 02 20 - 22:54 This will be the first mothers day for my partner who gave birth to our daughter in March. Still waiting for the time for when my mom can meet her first granddaughter, should be a memorable experience for us all.
Member325413759040May 02 20 - 22:36 This year is hard for everyone who are away with his Mom just like me man I miss her soooo much I want to hugg and take blessings from her but due to covid-19 i'm stuck in far from my home coz I m working in other city..
The most beautiful moment in life was when I pass my exam and take award from my mother's hand on the stage: She said i'm proud of you my boy' . I never forgot that moment that feeling the day of my achieving something and my Mom there for me. I just wish to allah plzzzz plzzzz be her for me for my daughter/Son and I want to be just like her for my children..
Thanxx a lot I enjoy to express my feeling...💚💚💚
srsanthoshMay 02 20 - 22:34 My favorite mom memory is presenting gift with my first salary and seeing the joy on my mothers face .
jporterMay 02 20 - 22:29 The most special mothers day was when I sent flowers to my mom. She told me she could not believe they were for her. That made it so special.
OwloverMay 02 20 - 21:35 Story time= Love, warmth and imagination that my mother and I will never forget
Member1116431306047May 02 20 - 20:59 When she was helping me through my pregnancy with my only daughter.
Necessary RoughnessMay 02 20 - 20:28 One of the favorite moments with my mother is when I was little my mom would always down to play with me. She always encouraged me no matter what.
minwenMay 02 20 - 19:38 This year is my first mother day. And my mom can't come to visit me and her grandson due to Covid-19. Much more upset
linhongjunMay 02 20 - 19:20 Great...I love my mom.
Member318539106903May 02 20 - 19:07 I miss my mom so much. She was planning to come to visit me soon but now due to Covid-19, she could not. I am so sad.
Member92327978422May 02 20 - 18:58 One of my best memories that I have with my mom come from when I was little. I was about 8 or so. My mom was making cookies for our treat that day, but she was short on sugar and butter. I was so proud to say I can go fetch these items from a near by store by myself. She smiled big and hand me some money. I remember I felt so grown-up that I could be a big help to her. I grabbed items, paid and skipped all the way back home. When I got home, I proudly put down a bag on the table. She thanked me, looked inside and smiled and chuckled. She didn't say anything to me but thank you and she was proud of me. She then snuck out of the house to go get some sugar and butter. Why? Because what I brought home was a bag of salt and a chunk of cheese 😂 I cherish that memory. Dispite the mistake I made, she still made me feel so good for helping her. I love her so much. She is forever my idle, who I strive to be like.
ElzeeMay 02 20 - 18:46 Shopping, we always loved shopping together and would spend hours together chatting while searching for bargains!
Member1223911066249May 02 20 - 17:49 Taking me to my swimming lessons twice a week, and ice skating every weekend. She would teach me how to play volleyball, and piano.
Boweil91May 02 20 - 17:07 I wish I could spend this day with my mom, but I can't. I couldn't even make it to say goodbye face-to-face when she was seriously sick and then passed away all in a sudden three years ago. We had a lot of good memories. I had planned to take her to a lot places of interests and try a lot of foods and sightseeing. I dreamed about her from time to time. I wish she could be here with me. But all my plans turn out to be null. Please do not think you have a lot of time to be with your mother. Life is short and you'll never know what will happen the next day. Please try to spare more time with your family however busy you are. Do not wait until it's too late!
AvilaJuanMay 02 20 - 16:03 My favorite memory of my mother is as a child my mother would always sit me on her lap and peel tangerines. As she would peel the tangerine she would tell me stories. I loved it. To this day any orange or tangerine I see brings me back to those moments. Happy Mother's Day.
Leani90May 02 20 - 15:57 We all want a mother forever, it is all we have and common in the topcashack community, therefore health for mine and each one of you ........

darleneavilaMay 02 20 - 15:51 My favorite memory of my mom is of when my mom and I used to cuddle in bed and we’D squeeze each other tightly and roll from one side of the bed all the way to the other. I thought it was the funnest thing ever and would be nonstop giggling like a maniac. One day, I grabbed the edge of the comforter while on one side so that when we rolled to the other side, we got wrapped up together like a burrito. Every single time we’D do this from that point on i’D always grab the comforter and she’D always pretend to be so surprised by it. Now of course, I know she saw it coming each time, but I remember feeling so clever about it. She now does it with her granddaughter's and I am grateful for that.
Member425901291451May 02 20 - 13:07 I have really great memories with my mamá And still making many more to come. I love it that we can just talk about anything and laugh alot when we get together , every time I spend it with her it becomes a great memory. I just feel so lucky to have her as my mamá She is the best !
yarbr012May 02 20 - 12:43 My favorite memory with my mom was driving around in our pajamas during the holidays to look at Christmas lights.
Member525911281139May 02 20 - 12:34 My best memory with my mom is the day she came to San Antonio for my basic training graduation and ceremony. I was marching and happened to see my moms face out of the corner of my eye. I’Ve never seen her so happy in my life. I was not the easiest son, but I believe that after that, she was proud of me.
popsey16May 02 20 - 11:44 My favorite memory of my mom was when we went to Disneyland together.
wallest02May 02 20 - 11:19 I have such special memories of after school chats - it was just me and her in the house and we'd talk for an hour or so throughout high school. Such a special time for me.
Member525917515722May 02 20 - 10:55 When I was small, Mama would always bake for us and we always ask her to let us help...It was always fun coz she will teach us and let us taste everything lolz...
KorkisMay 02 20 - 10:44 My favorite memories with mom is my mom :(
Queenkbossbiotch11May 02 20 - 10:16 My favorite memory of my mom was when she'd scratch my back and sing to me.. She's been gone since 2015 :(
ToyTopMay 02 20 - 10:15 My mother was talented in art. She taught painting for many years. I remember doing my homework next to her while she painted. She was a great cook too, she took various cooking class and made us a delicious meal all the time. We used to hike and climbed many mountains together. She loved to drive and she was in charge of the car/Driving wherever we went. She would drive 12 hour straight to get to her destination. She had this sense of a strong determination. She brought us back in line when things (us) went wild. She fought a good fight when she fell ill. I miss my mom very much.
jkolar1486May 02 20 - 09:52 My favorite memories with mom were the annual family vacations we took, most of them taking place at the Wisconsin Dells.
dtraveler5May 02 20 - 09:25 My grandma used to save pens. So many pens...And most of them didn’T even work. When she passed away I needed a pen to sign something and of course the first 3 pens I picked up wouldn’T work and suddenly I just burst out laughing and found it such a charming thing to remember about her.
andychen9526May 02 20 - 09:16 Favorite memories of my mom would have to be when vacationing in China. As a Chinese person born in the states, I prioritized learning English over Mandarin. Because of that, my native language is limited to a few words and phrases so it's embarrassing to admit that you can't speak your own language, especially when you're in a country where that language is used a lot. My mom never gets mad when translating what I say in English. Back in the states, however, I wouldn't help her understand or translate unless she's in dire need. I definitely need to be more appreciative and treat her better.
Member325224547809May 02 20 - 08:50 A memory i'll always carry with me is when I had to go to the hospital for an emergency and my mom came running to my rescue to take me to the hospital & Stayed with me and my husband at the hospital all night until I was finally released even though she had to wake up at 4am to go to work she didn't care and stayed with us. My mom was my true hero that day because I could of gotten worse if she didn't come for me that quick. We are so grateful for that.
Member325224547809May 02 20 - 08:45 A memory i'll always carry with me is when I had to go to the hospital and my mom came running to my rescue & Stayed with me and my husband at the hospital all night until I was finally released. My mom was my true hero that day because I could of gotten worse if she didn't come for me that quick
ahsinclairMay 02 20 - 07:50 My mother cooked the best, delicious dishes for me and my family!
lisamcfMay 02 20 - 06:15 Travelling to Chicago with my mom and my daughters
k9frizbMay 02 20 - 05:59 Our vacation to Norway
OnyiakpanisiMay 02 20 - 05:45 Favorite memory with mom was six years ago when she traveled all the way from Nigeria to come see her grandson. She helped me cope with everything.
LindaOaktonMay 02 20 - 03:34 Going on a hot air balloon ride to celebrate her 80th birthday!
TrulyJMay 02 20 - 01:38 My favorita memories about mother keep going on now.
Even though my mom is suffering breast cancer, we are in happy because we are together in this moment, right now.
I believe that my mom will overcome it. And I will take care of her, anytime, anywhere.
Have a precious day and every moment with your mom, all of you, everyone :)
Member1116431306047May 02 20 - 00:18 When she help me with my pregnancy.
ShansenbioMay 01 20 - 23:59 My favorite memory of my mom was planting our garden together each spring and then spending the summer picking tomatoes, beans, lettuce, etc. And seeing how large the zuchinis would get!
Teeje651May 01 20 - 23:23 What is your favorite memory with Mom?

My daughter spent a lot of time in the hospital, and she happened to be in the hospital on my first Mother's Day, so my mom said s he would come to the hospital to see us. She said I didn't have to get anything for her, so I pretended that I didn't have any money and ended up surprising her with chocolate covered strawberries because they're her favorites and she surprised me with tacos from my favorite taco truck. We spent the day reading books to my daughter, working on her occupational therapy, and watching some Disney Princess movies. As my mom was leaving that day, I was hugging her good bye and as we were hugging, I felt my daughter tugging on my pants and she was raising her hands up like she wanted to picked up and so my mom picked her up and we ended up having a group hug. So that's my favorite Mother's Day memory with my mom.
pristinegemMay 01 20 - 22:59 My favorite memory of my mom was seeing her meeting my daughter for the first time :)
TahgMay 01 20 - 22:37 When we can finally laugh about things. Me and my mom always butt heads, but we've always had each others backs and helped each other through the years, cause this is the family we were born with.
TahgMay 01 20 - 22:27 Entering everything commenting on all posts filling out all surveys, hoping to finally win! :)
preacherswife36May 01 20 - 22:25 My mom was with me during the birth of my first child. I don't know what I would have done without her. There is nothing like a mother's love.
Member313268719810May 01 20 - 22:08 My fave memory is after my son was born and we would all go to the park together
Vpanda3May 01 20 - 21:24 My favorite memory is baking with my mom.
LuvSavingMoneyMay 01 20 - 19:56 I remember she always made birthdays special. She's wake me up on my birthday with a new outfit for me to wear and then I usually got what I really wanted for my birthday though I knew not to ask for too much
VP72May 01 20 - 18:58 My favorite memory of my mom was watching her battle and beat cancer twice, all while looking good doing it. Her motto was that she wanted to look good even when she didn't feel good. We picked out cute clothes and makeup. Then when chemo took her hair, we got cute wigs and more cute clothes.
tracey17May 01 20 - 18:52 My favorite memory with Mom is having coffee together in the sun-room of their new home. We enjoy trying different brands of coffee and just chit chatting about things in the newspaper and family. Mom has a bird clock that would chime with a different bird song each hour, so we would enjoy that also!
sweetleeMay 01 20 - 18:28 My favorite memory is my mom telling me bedtime stories at night when I was little. She had made them up herself and I never got tired of hearing them. My mom was so animated, changing her voice for each character. It fascinated me to listen to the story unfold. When I got older, I told her that she should try to get them published. Which Mom never did. Unfortunately she died tragically a few years ago, but I can still hear her voice telling me those fantastic stories.
l77adhatterMay 01 20 - 17:48 When she would teach me how to cook.
jillladdMay 01 20 - 17:45 My favorite memory is kind of an odd one. When my father had cancer, we thought we were going to lose him. My mother looked so frail and so scared. It was truly the first time I saw my mother as a "girl in love" with her sweetie... Not just "my mom". It was a strange realization.... But going through that, and watching her and the love she had for my dad, truly made her so much more beautiful. My father survived and continues to thrive. And they lived happily ever after. That is one of my most favorite memorie of my mom.... Seeing how much my parents are in love.
dreamtsoi24May 01 20 - 17:42 My favorite memory is cooking with my mom.
u69745May 01 20 - 16:30 Cooking!. I have 7 brothers, cooking was always just Mom and i. Gave me the 1 on 1 time with her. Till this day I will still go over and cook with her.
SuzyQHardyMay 01 20 - 16:24 My mother was a wwii Navy Nurse. She also learned how to weld ships during the war. At 5'2" tall, she was a tiny spitfire of a powerhouse!!! She is my inspiration as she taught me I could weather any storm and overcome any challenge in my life. She also taught me to have compassion. I miss her so much. She was velvet and steel all wrapped up in a beautiful package.
mktungMay 01 20 - 16:07 I lived close enough to walk home from school for lunch. On cold rainy days, my mom would be waiting for me with hot potato soup and bread.
rockspriteMay 01 20 - 15:19 Making fruitcake for Christmas with my mom when I was 6 and her letting me lick the batter off a spoon.
juliet65May 01 20 - 14:58 I had so many marvelous memories with my mom,bless her soul,but one that stand out is our first Caribbean cruise.She loved it so much like a child made dream come true.
GiancarloMay 01 20 - 14:45 My best memor with my mom is when we went on a family vacations togheter, and all that she has helped me to accomplish in my life
first88rx7May 01 20 - 14:26 My favorite memories was learning to bake and cook with my mom.
Love2Save81May 01 20 - 14:10 One of my favorite memories is traveling with my mom to Spain right after my graduation. We had always wanted to learn more about our heritage. The two of us toured amazing cities, had fabulous tapas and meals and just had a great ladies trip!
lisamcfMay 01 20 - 13:42 Travelling to Chicago with my mom and my daughters
PriyakiaanMay 01 20 - 13:22 Thanks for teaching me to be happy in the smallest joys of life as well as weaving all my biggest dreams to reality! Love you mom 😘🥰💕
PriyakiaanMay 01 20 - 13:15 Thanks for teaching me to be happy in the smallest joys of life as well as weaving all my biggest dreams to reality!
LindaOaktonMay 01 20 - 13:04 My favorite memory is of the epic car trips we took as children during our summer breaks. My Mom would spend the winter ordering brochures and planning our itinerary using aaa's TripTik maps.
wesleysjunkmailMay 01 20 - 12:57 My favorite memory with my mom is the homemade costumes. She made them because she couldnt afford the store ones but that's now how I remember them. I remember them being unique and beautiful. I wish I had the ability to do that for my own kids. Such a small thing left such a wonderful impact.
Member36392415354May 01 20 - 12:46 Thanks for the chance. My best memory is my mom take us kids to the lake for swimming lessons.
Pyxie83May 01 20 - 12:43 Making jello jigglers with mom when I was a kid.
pristinegemMay 01 20 - 11:54 My favorite memory of my mom was happy she was to meet her first granddaughter :)
Member425832149822May 01 20 - 10:39 My favorite memory with my mom is going to Tennessee to help out my oldest sister, who just had a baby. While there we did a lot of things we don’T normally do, like going to museums (for me, I love them) and even helping my sister create a garden. It was one of the best trips i’Ve ever taken with her and it strengthened our bond
levinea12May 01 20 - 10:35 I absolutely love my mom and Grandma and I can't wait to surprise them with gifts at their door! Even if I can't hug them (social distancing), we will share lots of love from down the driveway!
Member1111792526634May 01 20 - 10:18 My favorite mom memory is seeing the joy on my mothers face when she found out she was going to be a grandmother. She broke down in tears and started planning all the things she was going to do with them. It was great to see her family continue and how much that meant to her!
rrivera1622May 01 20 - 09:14 My favorite memory with mom is when she took me and my siblings on our first true vacation trip to Niagara Falls. Although we were barely just getting by financially, she managed to save up money to take us on this trip.
gators8891May 01 20 - 09:11 Ah I meant to add rip Grandma Ruby, I surely do miss you every single day <3 <3
MschingelMay 01 20 - 09:10 My favorite memory with my Mom would be the one on one time spent with her. After a rough day at school she would run her hands through my hair and read me a book until I was ready for my afternoon nap.

Thanks Mom,
Love you.
gators8891May 01 20 - 09:05 My Grandma was always my mother figure, mainly because she is who primarily raised me. My foundest memories are spending quality time with her listening to Conway Twitty or Loretta Lynn on her record player while playing cards or dice, eating Vienna sausages and crackers. I can still smell the aroma of her stout parfume and cigarette smoke. Man how I miss those days.
Member525907776533May 01 20 - 08:29 My mom raised all six of my siblings and I all by herself! She’S the best mom ever and she deserves the world. She gave us her all and always put us first. Happy Mothers Day <3
Member525907776533May 01 20 - 08:22 My mom raised all six of my siblings and I all by herself! She’S the best mom ever and she deserves the world. She gave us her all and always put us first. Happy Mothers Day <3
Member525907776533May 01 20 - 08:14 My mom raised all six of my siblings and I all by herself! She’S the best mom ever and she deserves the world. Happy Mothers Day <3
Lena_BooMay 01 20 - 08:10 My mother is the best mom ever! Although I wasn’T the best daughter, but I really love her!
iveticaMay 01 20 - 07:56 Happy Mother's Day!
engroMay 01 20 - 06:40 I'd have to say that there are too many to choose from. As a single mother, she did all she could to give me the opportunity to succeed while sacrificing her own dreams and goals at times. Although not one precise moment, that is my favorite memory of my mother.