Merry Xmas Tell-a-Friend

Merry Xmas Tell-a-Friend

Sorry, Mr. Bing Crosby. But we’re dreaming of a green Christmas this year. Our goal for the holiday season is to bring joy to the world via cash rewards. The only thing is, we’ll need a helping hand. And if you’re still looking to switch your name from the naughty to the nice list, now’s the chance.

With our Merry Xmas Tell-a-Friend event, you are eligible to earn cash rewards for any referred pal you send.

The Way it Works: Each new friend you invite to join TopCashback who goes on to earn just $10 in cash back, earns you $15 and themselves a $15 Amazon gift card. It's so simple! Just email or post your referral link on Facebook and Twitter for maximum exposure. Your BFFs will be thrilled to discover the benefits of cash back rewards!

Why should they join TopCashback?

When they join TopCashback, there's no longer a need to scour the web for the best deals because we've got them all! Choose from over 4,000 retailers with the highest available cash back rates and coupon codes.

Compared to other cash back sites, TopCashback has double cash back rates as our normal rates are often double what you'll find elsewhere due to our 100% cash back policy. Unlike those other cash back companies, we have NO minimum balance to payout, offer up to 10% bonuses with select payout methods, and offer special promotions like this one to help our members boost their earnings.

Tell-a-Friend Terms & Conditions

This Tell-a-Friend promotion runs from 1 am PST December 9, 2019 to 2 am PST December 18, 2019.

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annmariegDec 09 19 - 15:52 I had did the "tell a friend" and she had made a purchase but I haven't seen Any Bonus for having her sing up? Very confused if perhaps I Did it wrong, or if she did if wrong.I mean it's simple, I sent her the invite she downloaded it and made her purchase (and this was over 2 months ago!) But Haven't Seen any Cashback for having her sign up!!! So while I absolutely love "topcash!" This is One Issue I have with them unfortunately!!!
i am sorry this hasn't gone through automatically for you. If you reach out to us through a support ticket, alongisde your friend's username or email we'll find out what happened and get this sorted for you.

Best wishes,
Cole_mayDec 09 19 - 13:22 I need money to help my mom with bills