Member Appreciation Month Giveaway

Member Appreciation Month Giveaway

We are facing an unprecedented time that is affecting our daily lives, routines and more.


As a TopCashback member, we consider you to be a part of our family. And families stick together during tough times. So, we’re declaring April “Member Appreciation Month” here at!


Every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 am EST during the month of April, visit our Facebook page for a chance to win $20. We’ll randomly select and notify one lucky winner within 48 hours of the prize draw close date. Be on the lookout for a direct message from TopCashbackUSA letting you know you’ve won! The prize ($20 USD) will be deposited directly into the member’s TopCashback account, where you can cash it out through a variety of payout methods.


TopCashback giveaways are open to members only, so if you're not already a member, take a moment and sign up today. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.


As always, our team is here for you. If you have any questions about your account, our rates, payout methods or anything else, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

countrycathyApr 29 20 - 22:28Thanks for the opportunity.
countrycathyApr 29 20 - 22:21Thank you for the opportunity.
oneotherApr 27 20 - 12:05So nice of you
Radmom72Apr 27 20 - 11:06Thank you for the opportunity!
Member610067628643Apr 26 20 - 06:55Thanks for this blessing
grandmaccApr 25 20 - 17:32Thanks for all the wonderful opportunities. Topcashback makes online shopping so much better.
Hello There,

You're very welcome! We are so glad that we help so many members daily :)
billyingApr 25 20 - 17:01Thank you! Excellent!
Member720477907642Apr 25 20 - 15:05What a great opportunity!

Member921816474928Apr 25 20 - 13:51Great giveaway, guys! It's a pity it's only open to the us and Canada residents, though...
rkkickApr 25 20 - 12:15Thanks for the invite.
pkarbs1156Apr 25 20 - 11:55Thank you for all you do for your members! I'm sure it's not easy to look for and sign up companies who are willing to work with you, so that you are able to offer great deals to your members. I worked for a large business (the federal government), and I know how frustrating it can be at times. So, I truly do appreciate all that you do. I wish everyone who works at TopCash Back a wonderful future and all that you could ever want or need.


Patricia Karbs

Hello There,

We really appreciate your kind words. We are very grateful that we get to help such amazing members like yourself! :)

Thank you!
martyzzzApr 25 20 - 11:53TopCashback=Tcb=Taking Care of Business!!!!!!
TayrodApr 25 20 - 11:34Awesome thanks for chance
Member325018581046Apr 25 20 - 11:20Thank you so much! That would be wonderful!
Member720835679507Apr 25 20 - 11:06Thank you, I love Top Cashback!!
Mercedes7Apr 25 20 - 10:40Thank you, anything helps!
sumdude3Apr 25 20 - 10:11Thank you
bb0564335Apr 25 20 - 10:11TopCashback is the best cash back website ever
Hello There,

We are so happy we're able to offer our amazing service to all our members! :)

Thank you for choosing us.
megra10Apr 22 20 - 07:33I love TopCashback!!
TaraAnn77Apr 21 20 - 20:08I won $20 last week and i'm beyond grateful!
MsStitchApr 16 20 - 23:37Thank you. Much appreciated. 💚
JenReneApr 16 20 - 23:31I’M greatful that everyone I know has been following the quarantine advice and truly blessed because no one hasn’T gotten sick nor is showing any sings of illness.

Thank you for the opportunity. 🧡🧡🧡
Hello Jen,

That certainly is something to be grateful for. You're very welcome for this opportunity and good luck! :)
Member124125860552Apr 16 20 - 20:15Anything is helpful.
Cardinalgirl40Apr 16 20 - 17:43I'm missing my daughter, she's my only child and just had her first child herself, because of covid-19, I have not had the chance to meet him. I've been very lonely and depressed lately and it's small things like this that keep my mind distracted, thank you. I hope that everyone stays safe and is able to spend time with their family soon.
Harl69Apr 16 20 - 08:30I’M grateful for that I can to see with my family.
bbw4u2loveApr 15 20 - 17:26Wonderful site to earn cash back on the things we buy. Thank you for helping us get cash back on the things we buy!
ValeriechaconApr 13 20 - 08:57Its the little things that are most appreciated, Thank You!
BestShoppingApr 13 20 - 08:02It's great to get cash back for doing taxes online.
Hello There, yes it;'s always amazing to receive cashback for things you normally do anyways! We're so glad you're taking advantage of this! :)
AirForce65Apr 09 20 - 05:09I'm supporting small businesses by booking and paying for my nail appt. And not showing up
jshenrymomApr 09 20 - 00:17I'm buying gift cards from local businesses now to give at Christmas time.
Wow, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing! :)
aheerdeApr 08 20 - 23:56Thanks for chance
Hello There,

You're very welcome. Good luck! :)
Member620196079237Apr 08 20 - 18:59I’Ve been purchasing restaurant gift cards to donate to local first responders & Social service agencies.
Wow, what an amazing, thoughtful idea! Thank you for this message, hopefully this will encourage others to do kind acts like this as well. :)
milesvanrenApr 08 20 - 12:52How do I enter?
Hello There,

Specific details on how to enter are featured on our TopCashback USA facebook page every Monday and Wednesday at 10am :)
pplimadApr 08 20 - 10:55Thanks a lot
Hello, You're very welcome! :)
BestShoppingApr 08 20 - 07:30I'm going to shop online for gifts to cheer up my family
Thank you for your message. This is so sweet! :)
jmart27Apr 07 20 - 10:39My hobby now is taking free online classes. Does that count? With the quarantine and distancing and isolations in place, i've been taking advantage of classes that will earn me a diploma in 4 weeks. Thank you for the chance!
Hello, This is such a great way to utilize your time! Good Luck :)
michel_elisaleeApr 06 20 - 18:13My new hobby is baking muffins with my children because they do school work from home now and I need to find something that we all enjoy. So, baking muffins have been fun! We have tried out different kinds, such as blueberry muffins, double chocolate muffins, and our favorite cranberry orange muffins. We'll see what other kind of muffins we'll decide to make this week.
Aww, what a nice way to bond with your children during this troubling time. Keep staying positive and Good Luck! :)
BestShoppingApr 06 20 - 18:00I'm going to shop online for gifts to cheer up my family.
Genny Raye Apr 06 20 - 14:54I paint rocks for inspiration and to bring smiles

Beautiful! Thank you for your message and Good Luck! :)
pheizer_420Apr 06 20 - 09:38I do deliveries and take people where they need to go.
Thank you for all you do! Good Luck :)
Saltlife87Apr 06 20 - 08:17Thank you opportunity!
You're very welcome! Good Luck :)]
[Ed:TopCashBack-Hello There,

Specific details on how to enter are featured on our TopCashback USA facebook page every Monday and Wednesday at 10am :)
Member112517141058Apr 06 20 - 07:31Thank you for this opportunity
You're very welcome! Good Luck :)
carolynbarrApr 04 20 - 09:35Do you just have to like the facebook page? Then you're automatically in the draw?
Member1122561743314Apr 03 20 - 09:16Sounds good, but what if you do not have a Facebook account anymore and do not want to have one?
Hello There,

This particular contest is currently only being run on facebook, but please be on the lookout for any other on-site giveaways, such as the treats game! :)
Member324975130806Apr 03 20 - 08:18Love this idea, thanks for giving back!
Hello There,

No problem. We are happy to help where we can! :)
wwewingsApr 03 20 - 07:33Great idea!!
Member224885427828Apr 03 20 - 05:25Stay safe!!
Katherine_9Apr 03 20 - 00:16Stay safe, stay happy
arktomApr 03 20 - 00:00Very Nice.
kiwi77718Apr 02 20 - 23:19Stay safe
tututu2bApr 02 20 - 22:43Be safe!
LeslieCheung814Apr 02 20 - 20:56Stay healthy
Member513987356656Apr 02 20 - 20:33I will be there, thanks so much for the chance
Hello There,

Not a problem at all. We are happy to help where we can :)
Member513987356656Apr 02 20 - 20:24I will be there, thanks so much for the chance
Hello There,

No problem, you're very welcome! :)
mnyk3Apr 02 20 - 19:47Stay healthy
Member720903758251Apr 02 20 - 19:34Hello,
What if you don’T have a Facebook account for these giveaways? Any help is greatly appreciated.

jrj90620Apr 02 20 - 19:15Don't do Facebook,so i'm out.
itpassionistApr 02 20 - 18:46Thank you
jelferrerApr 02 20 - 18:18Keep it up!
wafer1976Apr 02 20 - 17:52Thank You!
jheise100Apr 02 20 - 17:17Buy, buy, buy .....
prastopcashbackApr 02 20 - 16:17Stay healthy
Member1223836546517Apr 02 20 - 16:11Hope everyone be safe。
LVLadyApr 02 20 - 16:08Thank you 😊
Lana_NYCApr 02 20 - 16:05It's so thoughtful and will be very much appreciated! Thank you dear TopCashback!
Hello Lana,

You're very welcome. Enjoy and be safe :)
lammsbtApr 02 20 - 16:05I agree withMaudeFurgie and Member218129435601 not everyone is on Facebook. Why do you discriminate against people who don't want to set up a Facebook account. We prefer to keep our lives private.
SuzieQQApr 02 20 - 16:03Thanks but I am not on Facebook is there any other way to see this? I am a single mom I would love to be apart of this?
pesreddyApr 02 20 - 15:36Good Initiative at the right time, keep it up TCB.
All should be safe and strong this time, good luck!!
Hello There,

We're happy to come together and help in any way we can during these very trying,difficult times!
MaudeFurgieApr 02 20 - 15:35I am not in Facebook. Kind of discriminatory.
scsApr 02 20 - 15:25Good deal
billyingApr 02 20 - 15:24Thank you and stay safe!
Member218129435601Apr 02 20 - 15:18Do I need to have a facebook account? I don't use facebook
kvc516Apr 02 20 - 15:17Keep up good work!
diamondbidsApr 02 20 - 15:16Be safe, be well!
long2vuApr 02 20 - 15:15Stay positive and healthy!
veritas25Apr 02 20 - 15:12Thank you so much!!
Kearney9Apr 02 20 - 15:11Awesome 👏
tiannapengApr 02 20 - 15:11Thanks for doing so!
long2vuApr 02 20 - 15:08Thank you very much!
gehudsonApr 02 20 - 15:03Blessings to everyone
wardaddyApr 02 20 - 15:02Thank you for the chance.
keiten112Apr 02 20 - 14:57Hope all are safe.
margaretg711Apr 02 20 - 14:56Thank you.
eueuApr 02 20 - 14:48Topcashback rocks!
AhenryApr 02 20 - 14:48It's fantastic!!! Thanks.
sixfootprintsApr 02 20 - 14:46Topcashback forever.
I will be back after this covid-19.
RunarqApr 02 20 - 14:46Will this also include members outside the us?
yesbthApr 02 20 - 14:46Wow great
leeannApr 02 20 - 14:44Thank you so much.
micahbrubinApr 01 20 - 17:53Really appreciate it.
No problem! We are always happy to help wherever we can :) Good Luck!
neelamchopade17Apr 01 20 - 17:34I believe that we need lots of positivity to make this go away. Everyday I call atleast one person from my contacts and discuss with them their routine and memories. Without mentioning current situation. I also ask all my friends and family to avoid watching news all day. As it affects mentally. I am asking everyone around me to stay strong mentally, physically, emotionally.
Member821447893724Apr 01 20 - 15:13Thank you soo much! Times are harder than usual and anything no matter how big or small helps! I love you guys.
No problem! We love you too! Good Luck and keep staying safe :)
bernard olocheApr 01 20 - 13:41Thanks TopCashback we love you
moneymatter56Apr 01 20 - 12:38Really appreciate it.
pplimadApr 01 20 - 11:56Thanks for your help!!!!
Lacondie1Apr 01 20 - 08:10Thank You!!
No problem! :)
adnouApr 01 20 - 07:27Good idea. Thank's TopCashback
Hello :)

No problem! Enjoy