Spend Less on Fall Travel

Posted on Oct 03 2016 Posted in  Travel
Spend Less on Fall Travel

Fall is one of our favorite times of year here at TopCashback.com. But not just for the obvious reasons – pumpkins and falling leaves, turkey and dressing, and hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire place. So, why do we love the season? Because there are so many opportunities to save on travel!

Whether it’s a visit to see family, a holiday for two, or a solo adventure, plan your next getaway with TopCashback as your destination for extra discounts and take advantage of cash back rewards on flights, hotels and car rentals! Here are our top tips to booking travel this time of year, for less:

1) Book Early

Watch out, procrastinators. If you wait until the last minute, you may not even be able to get flights. The airlines that do have flights available will be able to charge exorbitant fees because of the demand for them. Earn cash back rewards when reserving a discount flight through Expedia, Priceline, Flight Hub and Travelocity.

2) Pack Less and Save on Baggage Fees

One of our favorite tips for being frugal with travel is to pack a smaller suitcase. Most airlines have really hiked their fees for baggage, so packing one small suitcase can end up saving you a ton. If you do need a larger bag, be smart about it. You might be better off taking two smaller bags than taking one bag that will be oversized. Make sure to weigh your suitcase before you leave for the airport!

3) Ride Share

Consider a carpool! For larger groups, reserve a car rental and split the bill. You’ll save on gas and spare wear on your car. You might even be able to get some work or reading done in the car when it isn’t your time to drive. Double win! Look for car rental deals from Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

4) Travel When Others Don’t

Go against the grain, swim upstream, or otherwise fight the highest prices by choosing flights that no one wants to take. That could mean night time and red-eye flights, or it could mean flying on the actual day of the holiday instead of the day before. Another idea would be to schedule an alternative date to celebrate the holidays with your family. If your family is willing to celebrate on December 28th instead of the 23rd or 24th, you’ll get a much cheaper rate.  

5) Don’t Drive to the Airport

Airport parking lots can have expensive fees, so don’t park there! This is a great time to enlist a friend, or at least try to carpool if your flights are on the same day.

6) Look at Alternative Transportation

Although flying might be easiest, a train or carpool might save you money. Alternatively, you might save so much time on a flight where it ends up being worth it. If you’ll be staying overnight, don’t forget to get cash back rewards on your hotel. Check all your options, and however you get there, we hope you’ll enjoy knowing you saved on your fall travel adventure.

7) Go international

Don’t limit yourself to domestic travel. Consider an international getaway in a location where the seasons are reversed; you'll not only get sunshine during rainy days back home, but you'll also save lots of money booking during these "off-season" periods.

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What's your favorite way to celebrate fall?


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