Holiday Treats Game

Holiday Treats Game

Holiday Treats Cash Back Giveaway ("Sweepstakes")

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The popular hummingbird hunt has returned! Collect the holiday icons for instant cash rewards and chances to win the mega prize. As you browse our site for the greatest cash back deals on everything you'll need this season, you might just find a buzzing hummingbird waiting for you. Each hummingbird you find may contain a holiday treat or an entry to win the $500 grand prize.

Starting Monday, November 28, 2018 at 06:00am PST until December 21, 2018 at 11:59 pm PST you'll encounter hummingbirds around our site to collect for cash prizes. Studies prove that hummingbirds can remember every flower they've visited. We will give you clues to solve so that you can follow them on their "migration route" around

How to Play:

How to enter: Entering the sweepstakes is easy. All you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account any time during the promotion run date and look around for clues that lead you to find the hummingbirds. Each hummingbird you collect (by clicking on the hummingbird) may contain a holiday treat which will be counted toward your instant wins for the day.

Instant wins: When you collect a certain number of holiday treats to equal an instant win, the prize will be automatically added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours. Return each day to increase your chances for instant wins and gain more entries to the grand prize. There are thousands of instant wins in the form of some of our favorite holiday icons that range in value from $0.25 to $100 each.

Mega prize: The grand prize, valued at $500 will be deposited into the winning TopCashback member’s account to spend anywhere they want.

Refer to the terms page for more prize details. At the conclusion of the game, we will select one winner at random for the mega prize. Upon confirmation, the $500 prize will be deposited into the winner's accounts. The winner of the grand prize will also be announced on our social media.

Get others to join in the fun to increase your chances to win! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain more entries to the big prize draw. At any time, you can check your account to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries gives you a better chance of winning the final prize.

Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily clues. You can also visit and click on the holiday Treats banner found on the bottom of the screen to review your prizeboard and daily clues.

Don't miss a single hummingbird! We will post a round-up of the previous daily clues right here, so be sure to bookmark this blog post.

Crate and Barrel
Lord and Taylor
Lands' End
Cost Plus World Market
Old Navy
Best Buy
American Girl
Saks Fifth Avenue
Tory Burch
Ulta Beauty
Neiman Marcus


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Member814947841149Dec 20 18 - 20:18I would like to win. I never win anything 😣☹😞🤑😝
Member1216944040246Dec 20 18 - 10:03Grandbabies need some goodies from "Santa"
Member915590542244Dec 20 18 - 08:48Yes!!!&^$$"^&
Member915590542244Dec 20 18 - 08:48Yes!!!&^$$"^&
jmkoltiskaDec 20 18 - 04:25Happy holidays!
Member1217241146122Dec 19 18 - 02:45American girl
Member1217241146122Dec 19 18 - 02:44American girl
1mi4petDec 16 18 - 13:48Today's clue is Carter's (12/16/18). I also found a hummingbird at Microsoft. Anyone find any others?
Member1217193952540Dec 16 18 - 10:47I think my be let😥😥😥
trinajaneDec 16 18 - 07:07Yes I do! I certainly would love to have some kind of win, thanks so much for the chance to win
Member714657690445Dec 15 18 - 20:32I'd love to win
ann5137Dec 15 18 - 18:10I really need to win this
Member1217168227516Dec 14 18 - 23:36I would love to win to put a smile on my children's faces
kare09Dec 14 18 - 20:02Me I need
Member814988687903Dec 14 18 - 09:41I would love the chance to win
schnoodleDec 13 18 - 20:48Guess it's daily except for when it's not
sashakalytaDec 13 18 - 11:02What is the daily clue today?
whinniepoohtutDec 13 18 - 10:15Great Holiday give away...
whinniepoohtutDec 13 18 - 10:14Great Holiday give away...
Member1217129327419Dec 12 18 - 21:16I have no money to buy Christmas gifts would be nice to be able to give to others
Angel3Dec 11 18 - 21:41We all want to win this as it would help us all out. Everyone is in some type of situation or another but no one is alone with many facing similar situations.
Member66757362953Dec 11 18 - 17:15Clue: Macy's
Member87126449040Dec 11 18 - 16:01Clue Word: Belk
Member1116338802809Dec 11 18 - 15:39Me please.
salahshabanDec 11 18 - 09:28I would love to win
sryan000Dec 11 18 - 07:02I lost the game pop up.. How do I get it back?
arunsmDec 11 18 - 00:45I want to win this one.
maxwellzhang1993Dec 10 18 - 19:08Great!!!
trinajaneDec 10 18 - 06:03I really enjoy myself trying to win!
tmjDec 09 18 - 19:58Soo much funnnnn!!!! Love it
MengQingHuaDec 09 18 - 15:01Excuse me ! I win $100 ,but I can’T see your give me win prized
arunsmDec 09 18 - 09:27Me please (raising my hand)
NrsdeedeeDec 08 18 - 14:07Would love to win
SexySadieDec 07 18 - 10:49Would be amazing to win
MarianetteDec 06 18 - 21:10Would love to win, never win anything
dc916Dec 06 18 - 02:44........
Member1217003754018Dec 06 18 - 01:54Would love to win . Need some help with xmas
DpsomosDec 05 18 - 21:27Love this game hope to win something ☺
Member1216997778321Dec 05 18 - 19:32Please please please
Member1216997778321Dec 05 18 - 19:32Please let me win this
Member1216997778321Dec 05 18 - 19:31Please please please
mommysbusyDec 05 18 - 07:30I love the Hummingbirds!
LsworkDec 02 18 - 05:49Would love to win!
Member1216924413604Dec 02 18 - 05:44Characters
MoneyMateDec 02 18 - 02:33Don't know why but here I am.
Rstone727Dec 02 18 - 00:38Love to win!
Member1216922437508Dec 01 18 - 21:46Would love to win!
Member1116901372457Nov 30 18 - 16:58Love to win for Christmas
imnikiNov 29 18 - 21:47Crate & Barrel
Hailstorm47Nov 29 18 - 21:06Home For Holiday

Travel to see family.
RosaYNov 28 18 - 20:13The banner is not showing up.
Member1116704412228Nov 28 18 - 18:17I would to win to help my entire family. Specially to my little son
Member1116863943529Nov 28 18 - 18:02This looks like fun 🌞
eduardocecNov 28 18 - 16:11It's back, have yet to win but just love the game!
Member513871123731Nov 28 18 - 13:59I would like to win to give my grandkids something i'm on a fixed income and tight for Christmas gifts this year, thank you.
Member614376165656Nov 28 18 - 13:26I would love to win.
Member1116863329110Nov 28 18 - 13:05I so wanna win im a 55 yearold who never wins
Member714617533919Nov 28 18 - 11:32I would love to win
Member714617533919Nov 28 18 - 11:32I would love to win
Member1116860688824Nov 28 18 - 11:10This would help out with Christmas gifts for my children so much this year! I would be extremely thrilled & Thankful to win any of these prizes!
Member1116571203552Nov 28 18 - 10:33I would love any of these prizes. I help alot of people thru the holidays and I would use it to help them! Thank you!🎅🎄
Member1116857461413Nov 28 18 - 08:38I really would love to win this for the holidays.