Skeery Jones' Holiday Shopping List

Skeery Jones' Holiday Shopping List

The holiday shopping season is here! And if you clicked on this post, you’re probably in a tizzy with all the deals floatin’ around. Well, take some deep breaths. Because we teamed up with Skeery Jones from Z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to narrow down the BEST bang for your $$. Here’s a little peek at his personal shopping list:

Make It Meaty

There’s nothing Skeery loves more than a tender, succulent ribeye. Do you remember when he took his coworker out for a steak dinner? Lol. Bromance goals.

And when he’s not wining and dining his pals, he’s ordering bundles of mouth-watering beef from Omaha Steaks. From now until 11/29/18, you can get a $20 eReward card whenever you spend $69 or more. Tack onto your savings with 3% cash back.

Omaha Steaks

Spill Your Guts

If you listen to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show as much as we do, you’ve probably heard Skeery and the rest of the wisecracking gang partake in a delightfully wicked game called Privacy.

If you’re not familiar, here’s the gist: Players tell the truth or plead the fifth while using deduction skills to learn secrets about their buddies. The questions can get a bit saucy. And who doesn’t love a juicy story, right? Perfect for late-night Thanksgiving or Christmas shenanigans!

If you grab it at Barnes & Noble before 11/25/18, you’ll receive a FREE Grinch with Max plush toy (it’s adorbs). Plus, you can score 2% cash back on your purchase.

Barnes and Nobles and Walmart

Keep the Tunes Flowin'

Raised in Brooklyn, Skeery knows how to blend effortlessly cool with simple and practical (it’s in every New Yorker’s DNA), and the AirPods are just that. Nothing screams functional like the latest Apple products, and these cordless headphones are no exception.

In addition to crystal clear sound, they pause when you take them out. So like most Apple merchandise, they’re intuitive.

Snatch them at Walmart, and you’ll receive free shipping and Up to $10 cash back. Apple items rarely go on sale, so this rebate offer is a steal!

Get Toasty

You have to be a smarty pants to work at New York’s hottest radio station (dare we say the nation’s?). So it comes as no surprise that the Nest Learning Thermostat is on the tippy top of Skeery’s list. This eco-friendly appliance learns what temps you like and then builds a schedule around yours. And it can save you up to 15% on heating bills.

From now until 11/25/18, you can get it for $70 off at Best Buy. Slap that discount on top of Up to 7% cash back, and you’ve got yourself a whopping double savings bonus. We’ve done the back-of-the-napkin math, and you’ll pocket $78.99 in total. Wowza.

Best Buy

These are just a few treasures from Skeery’s wish list. Be sure to tune into Z100 from now until 12/16/18 to hear TopCashback mentioned in the sound waves. And if you’re plugged in around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll hear Skeery’s take on some of our biggest holiday shopping offers.



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