5 Graduation Gifts They'll Use and Cherish

5 Graduation Gifts They'll Use and Cherish

It’s almost time for your little birdies to fly off to college. And no matter how much you prepare them, they’ll probably pull all-nighters and consume endless boxes of Cup Noodles. It’s a rite of passage. To soften the blow of semi-adulting, we’ve come up with a list of useful graduation presents. And we’ve thrown in a few comfort goodies for good measure.

Betsey Johnson Flamingo Strut 20-Inch Spinner

Boscov's Suitcase

Ok, flamingos are so hot right now. Everywhere you look—flamingo floaties, towels, totes and more. People are going bonkers for this rosy pink, tall-legged beauty.

Let your little scholars in on the action with this cute flamingo suitcase. They can use it during breaks and semesters abroad.

Snatch it at Boscov's, and you’ll get 4% cash back.

Biltmore® Belly-Shaped Stainless 13-Piece Cookware Set

Belk Cookware

Unless you’ve been nurturing a young Julia Child or Gordon James Ramsay, there’s a good chance your kiddos can’t cook. And no, microwaving Easy Mac and pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets doesn’t count. So, the next 4 years are going to be experimental. And that means they’ll need something sturdy.

Enter: The Biltmore® belly-shaped stainless 13-piece cookware set. These non-stick, oven-safe pots and pans are crafted with the highest quality. So, they’ll endure late-night, fire alarm-inducing projects.

Nab it at Belk today, and you’ll score 6% cash back.

Tortilla Blanket


There’s nothing like wrapping yourself up like a giant burrito to keep you cozy on chili nights. Your lil’ angels can nestle into their fav nooks and crannies with this adorable tortilla blanket! Shop at eBay through us, and you’ll get Up to 1% cash back.

Cap & Diploma Personalized Coffee Mug 11oz.- Black

Personalization Mall Coffee Cups

Graduating high school is a massive achievement. Let your bookworms reflect on their success with a sweet customized mug from PersonalizationMall.com. Buy it today for 10% cash back!

Explore Dream Discover Coin Box

Party City Coin Box

Party City’s coin box may seem simple, but it’s one of the most practical items on our list. Your academic all-stars can save their change for laundry, off campus parking meters and more. Pocket some of your own pennies when you buy it with our 3% cash back.

These are just a few graduation gift ideas. Once you’ve stocked up on presents, check out our list of home décor. You can get cash back on everything from dorm bedroom furniture to curtains and more. And these deals will be super-helpful come move-in day.

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