Father's Day Gifts That Will Make You His Favorite

Father's Day Gifts That Will Make You His Favorite

Ok, so you just crushed Mother’s Day. You raised the gift-giving bar. But what about Pop? Moms are easy—they leave little hints. But dads say, “The best present is time spent with you” (aw but oy!). Your old man is not going to throw you a bone. But that’s where we come in.

We scoured the internet far and wide to find this year’s hottest Father’s Day goodies. And we narrowed them down according to personality type. So, you can choose the best match.

The plays as hard as he works dad

Personal Creations Slingshot

If your padre is like most fathers, he probably flicks paper footballs off his desk once a week. Let him upgrade his shoot-in-the-trash-bin game with a customized desktop wood slingshot from Personal Creations. You can carve up to 3 initials on the base. Nab it today, and you’ll score No Cashback cash back.

The adventure dad

Campmor Cooler

If your pop’s an outdoorsman, you’re used to fishing trips with brewskis and sandwiches, minimalist camping weekends and “How is he still so limber?” hikes. Let him combine convenience and style in the natural world with the Coleman 9-can soft cooler from Campmor.

This fully loaded bag is easy to clean. And it’s constructed with antimicrobial, product-protecting properties that prevent odor, mold and mildew. Snatch it today for 2% cash back

The accidental hipster dad

Personalization Mall Beer Mug

Sometimes, parents are cool without knowing it. They may collect vintage records, wear ironic graphic tees and play in a band. If this sounds like your daddy-o, gift him the old-fashioned, personalized, deep-etched beer mug from PersonalizationMall.com. It’s perfect for his obscure craft brew! Shop through us to earn 10% cash back.

The still dapper as ever dad

The Art of Shaving Kit

Has anyone ever called your old man smooth? Does he dress to the nines without even trying? If your answer is “yes”, the sandalwood shaving kit with jet black Morris Park razor is the present for him. This beautifully packaged set comes with a chic brush, sleek razors and fresh oil, cream and balm. So, your debonair hero can stay polished. Buy it at The Art of Shaving through us, and you’ll snag 8% cash back.

These are just a few Father’s Day ideas. Check out our top offers for even more giftspiration. And remember, he’ll love whatever you buy because it came from you.

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Posted on May 14 2019  |  Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests, Holidays
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