Father's Day Survey 2021

Father's Day Survey 2021

Get ready to hear some ‘dad’ jokes ...because Father’s Day is almost here!

Tell us, do you believe gifts are necessary on Father’s Day? Is it more difficult to shop for your dad than it is for your mom? How will you be celebrating the holiday this year?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

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EllrygrndsJun 14 21 - 01:54 One thing I like most of my dad? Hmmm, it has been awhile that I haven't thought of my dad since he died way back 13 years ago when I was just 19. It was hard for us. Having us 4 siblings and my mom was left alone and our youngest was just 11 years old and we have nothing. Doing this entry is my first time I don't know why I even checked my Topcashback account today but thanks to this I have flashbacks with my late father. One thing I like the most of my dad was the times we spent together when my brother was not yet born. He treated me like a boy dressed like a boy because he was longing to have one. We played marbles, we played and made kites together every summer, we watched movie together with my family every Sundays. He taught me how to ride a bike then our very first motorcycle. Go to the beach with family. Thinking about this all made me remember how luck we were having our dad. We saw what love was having him as our father and seeing him and my mom loved truly and dearly since they were high school lovers until they got married and had us 4. Until he got sick and shocked us all because everything was so sudden we did not know he was sick at all because he was so healthy and then just one month that one month he suffered which he tried fighting it "liver cirrhosis" cancer of the liver. He still stood up he even tried to isolate himself not letting us go near him because he doesn't want us getting any sickness too. Having all this thoughts right now this feeling when we have him around thank you #Topcashback this alone I feel I won already. He was the best dad ever! And I also want to give the best dad ever to my mom. She never got married again as her love to my dad is still the same. Having us 4 siblings. Getting my 2 sisters finish college and me with vocational college graduate. She stood up took care of us. She did it all with just her baking passion with her cakes. She did it all when my dad left her. I have soo much to tell but this is my One thing I like the most of my dad entry. Happy fathers day to all and to all single mom's who have been a father to their child/Children :)
Harl69Jun 07 21 - 15:07 I miss and love my dad he is in another world now.
deedees98Jun 06 21 - 08:38 I try on Father's Day to make a simple meal he likes. I can't be standing by the stove for long periods at a time, due to chronic pain.. Gifts I don't think are a necessity for doing your "job," Maybe a thank you or something handmade showing you're appreciated. It's all to make holidays and such commercialized. Of course I fall for it each time. I use to get gift for my parents to share. Now it's just my mom and I feel horrible I haven't gotten her things in a long while, unless I see the perfect item which would be anytime during the year.
I do purchase things for my husband from my kids who are older. 2 are 18 plus. They sometimes get their own gifts as well. It is hard to buy for him. He's now retired and does nothing. At home 24/7. Music is his only hobby, and it's expensive. I venture towards sales. No matter what I get he doesn't like it. Good thing it's from the kids😂🤣😂 Yes he knows it was me that picked it out.
Apr, May, Jun & Jul we have 5 bdays, mother's day & Father's day, 1 hs grad (this yr) and 1 Graduate School Grad (this yr) so gift giving this year was overwhelming to think of and keep organized. Oh no i'm going off track.
wwwoo9Jun 05 21 - 15:15 I miss my father,he is in another world now.My hero!
yuki_store_lkJun 05 21 - 06:57 I want him from heaven
minghai huangJun 03 21 - 20:25 I love my father .But I dont see him for long time
Green_79Jun 03 21 - 15:25 God blessed us all with fathers to love and love us back. Cherish all the memories and this special day with your father.
hotlin1224Jun 03 21 - 06:11 I love my Dad.
Dmitry_Jun 03 21 - 04:04 I not have dad, but I have lord father
SobolevaJun 03 21 - 02:32 I love my dad
YURETSsJun 03 21 - 00:32 ПАПА Cool
Yevgeniya_KanJun 02 21 - 20:29 Daddy is my Hero! Ofcourse gift is necessery and its very importanat.
coolstepslgJun 02 21 - 07:53 I believe gifts are not necessary on Father’S Day but they should be honoured in some way. Yes it is more difficult to shop for moms as they are more fussy. I will you be celebrating the holiday this year by spending family time out together.
countrycathyJun 01 21 - 20:33 Unfortunately will not be celebrating Father's Day since my dad, father-in-law, & My husband are deceased. I do lan to do something special that day.
helloamiJun 01 21 - 19:49 I miss my dad he is in another world now
Member727020449809Jun 01 21 - 12:52 My first Guru...
He loves t-shirts
Cakuffo45 Jun 01 21 - 09:10 Dads are the best. Love my Dad
Sachintha01May 31 21 - 20:29 The greatest male soul we can meet in this world is Dad!
Raymom54May 31 21 - 11:17 The fathers in my life are my husband and son. They are both great fathers and emulate what a good father should be. Living and a great role model fir their sons.
fifi43May 31 21 - 09:41 I never had a Father’S Day with my dad,my parents were divorced when I was two.I have no idea what I missed.
Lstrak13May 31 21 - 07:48 I have my Dad over for dinner every Father's day and yes he is the most difficult to buy for because he always say you should save your money. He has every thing he wants and won't allow me to do anything for him. So we have dinner and play cards. : )
sparklygirlMay 30 21 - 16:25 It’S so much more difficult to shop for my dad. Honestly, i’M sick of all these gift giving holidays when the people I know prefer to buy their own items, including gifts. The element of surprise can lead to disappointment.
Member313366868459May 30 21 - 16:10 I love you Dad!!!
jessjk0214May 30 21 - 09:55 I always feel it is important to recognize Dad on Father's Day, but a physical gift isn't required. Sometimes, the best gift is just your time together. Unfortunately, my dad lives far away so a phone call and a little gift of some kind will have to suffice.
sdk504May 30 21 - 09:13 I don't think gifts are needed for father's day
fixitMay 30 21 - 07:12 Probably not necessary, but we enjoy getting our Dads a little something, while making sure we spend time together and have a nice dinner.
KUMAR AYUSH THAKUR May 30 21 - 06:58 Wish you happy fathers day
eun joo songMay 29 21 - 23:35 My father's volunteer life that I didn't understand when I was young. I'm so sorry for the way I used to look away from saying I love you. Thank you and respect you for being consistent until now.
ra1234May 29 21 - 20:01 To me, getting together and having a good conversation with my father is more important; gifts are not needed.
BroklMay 29 21 - 14:10 I am not sure if physical gifts are necessary on Father’S Day. However, it is very important to get together for the family.
blissjoyloveMay 29 21 - 13:09 Why did the chicken cross the road?
To return the tv clucker to Dad 😂
Fsxfrak1123 May 29 21 - 07:24 In my opinion nor neccasary. It really depends on every family and how they express their love.
Member224772727719May 29 21 - 05:23 Probably not necessary, but we enjoy getting our Dads a little something, while making sure we spend time together and have a nice dinner.
Member530712620352May 29 21 - 02:35 The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature 😭❤️
Member526238872445May 28 21 - 23:18 I think Father's day and Mother's day should be equal. Both are parents. Both needs appreciation and gifts at least once a year for their hard word 7/24. It shouldn't be that hard to buy equally gifts for both.
ilonaMay 28 21 - 21:50 Dad I love you!!!😍😍😍
Sheebz786May 28 21 - 21:36 Anything that shows you put a thought towards it is appreciated as a gift because we live a fast paced life where everything is "express". Seldom we take time out to sit down and think what is and isn't important in life. So that's where gifts fit in on Father's Day. In general, there are less gift sets or options out there for men. So for my father and husband I look for things they need or would have liked but don't get because they rather sacrifice they needs for their children and other loved ones. This year unfortunately I will not be able to celebrate my dad in person as he recently passed away but I will make prayers for him and celebrate the way he wanted to be celebrated. For my husband, I will get him a trial membership to this fancy local gym where he's been curious and wanting to workout but it's a bit expensive. Happy Father's Day to all reading this message! You are to be cherished and celebrated!
sumbulkirMay 28 21 - 21:33 I miss my dad. He is far away from me 😥
SobolevaMay 28 21 - 20:41 I love my dad❤️❤️❤️❤️
SHOPSPRINGMay 28 21 - 20:03 Dad! You are my hero, I love you.
lkwhite74May 28 21 - 19:28 My dad worked for 60years until he retired, still wants help us and always there for us. We are far each other but you are always with me! Love you dad!
juyleeMay 28 21 - 17:44 Dad I love you
Hpnksh May 28 21 - 17:01 My dad is my hero.Even though he is a heart patient , he works really hard. He deserves a lot than we think.
kelekaiMay 28 21 - 16:54 Time is the best gift. My husband always appreciate small things small dinner will do that’S for sure, with his favorite dishes of all time. Happy Father’S Day !
diminchenMay 28 21 - 16:53 Dad! I love you!
Ohiojess630 May 28 21 - 16:45 I love buying presents for my dad and husband on Father's Day. They definitely deserve but don't want or expect anything. A nice dinner with the family is necessary that day as well.
VP72May 28 21 - 16:22 I don't think gifts are necessarily necessary but I do like to give small, thoughtful gifts to show my appreciation.
Anniewho315May 28 21 - 16:10 For my husband the best gifts are those made with our family pictures. He loves them as they are the most sentimental gifts to receive.
CilaimleeMay 28 21 - 16:09 It doesn’T matter what kind of gift I give my dad…It is still a gift from my heart .. From $1 to 1000+ Or even nothing He still happy and our love never end
ZIYAN YANGMay 28 21 - 16:00 My dad and my husband, happy father's day~
mishycsMay 28 21 - 15:56 I don’T think gifts are necessary but they are a really nice detail to show people they are loved and you take care of them ♥️
Member530624223504May 28 21 - 15:37 I love my dad. He is the hardest person to shop for. He definitely deserves more than just a gift for all that he does for our family.
Sydalg8370May 28 21 - 15:30 I don’T think gifts are necessary to make a father feel special but if you have the possibility it is nice to give him a little gift and see his reaction. In my case it is easier to shop for my mom than my dad thats why most of the time I prefer to give him a gift card so that way he can buy what he wants.This year we are going to celebrate in his house, make a nice dinner and enjoy with all my brothers and sisters.
jli70May 28 21 - 15:26 I love my father
Member1128414474210May 28 21 - 15:24 Love it!!
Member530728108132May 28 21 - 15:15 I love my dad but he his the hardest person to shop for. He definitely deserves more than just a gift for all that he does for our family.
danamorinMay 28 21 - 14:57 I think gifts are important, but with that being said my dad is soooo hard to shop for. My mom is so easy to shop for. This Fathers Day we're celebrating by going to his favorite steak house.
HatmikMay 28 21 - 14:26 My father always guide me live good life.
ruby34May 28 21 - 14:09 No, gifts are not necessary for father's day but I think that's a nice gesture to appreciate everything a father does for his kids. I find it easier to buy for my father than my mom.
Member1128866386151May 28 21 - 13:06 My father is not in the u.S. I will video with him to celebrate
MetricBlueMay 28 21 - 10:38 I don't think gifts are "necessary," but I love giving them!
BizzMay 28 21 - 10:27 I made a reservation at my husband's fav place about 1.5 hrs away. Due to covid we have not been there and this was a place his dad introduced him to. Both of our precious dads have passed so this will be a special day for my husband. In the past, I always honored both dad's with a special homemade meal and just being in their presence.
Will still remember both of them as our heroes.
songokuMay 28 21 - 10:00 I don't believe in gifts!
dmflower2002May 28 21 - 07:52 I do not believe gifts are necessary for any father's day but it is nice to see their reactions when they get a little something. It is more difficult to shop for my mother than my dad as my dad is unemployed and has a medical condition that does not allow him to work. My sisters and I are getting him things that are more of a necessity than actual gifts. We believe that parents deserve the best everyday not just on fathers or mothers day.
Hope we are one of the lucky ones to win so we can get my dad stuff he needs in this difficult time.
prahilMay 26 21 - 11:03 I make something with my hands like cooking, crafts on fathers day. Doing anything with ur heart ❤ On Father's Day is the special gift for all Father's in the World. Happy Father's day to all strong fathers.
SarahjhmMay 26 21 - 02:57 Currently I live in Unite State but I grow up in south korea. We did celebrate parents day on May 8th. When I was little we used to make paper carnation at school for both parents and go home put them on their chests and tell them how thankful I am. That was my gift to my mom and dad...
My patents are deceased long time ago.
Bur I still remember those days and it gives me a smile.
Happy Father's Day to all fathers!
ERA822884512EDMay 25 21 - 13:07 Go early home and give him a hug first.After that give him to your love .Warship to him and tell him t how much you love him and tell him to you can remember how him help to live like this.