Father's Day Survey 2020

Father's Day Survey 2020

Father's Day will be here soon (on June 21st, to be exact), but you still have ample time to figure out the perfect gift.

Will you be purchasing your dad another tie or toolset this year? How will you celebrate? Will you be visiting dad virtually?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their holiday habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on May 26th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our winners@topcashback.com email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

Take our survey below! 

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Member1123090997943Jun 10 20 - 12:27Happy Father’S Day!
rarojasp22May 25 20 - 20:48FelíZ DíA del Padre!!!
Member526232797116May 25 20 - 05:39Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers
TigtinkMay 25 20 - 02:52Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there and those real men who stepped in to be real Dads too.
Hello There,

Yes- very nice of you to mention stepfathers as they are very important!!

Best Wishes,

joeygirlMay 24 20 - 09:00Happy Fathers Day to all TopCashback fathers. Enjoy your special day for all you do.
Member425807476039May 24 20 - 00:06Happy Fathers Day Everyone!!
atoliverMay 23 20 - 20:07Happy Father’S Day. Stay Safe, everyone!
Member526130002700May 23 20 - 18:42Happy Fathers Day Everyone!! Stay safe!!
Dpita84May 22 20 - 07:53Happy fathers day.
Member1223906215802May 21 20 - 12:19Happy Dad’S Day!
Member526175112839May 21 20 - 09:56Love my dad
Such a wonderful thing to have a good bond with your father! Enjoy it :)


Lana_NYCMay 21 20 - 07:37Happy Father's Day for all fathers!
twareMay 20 20 - 08:23We will be celebrating Father's Day with my brother. He is an amazing dad to four boys. He also an amazing uncle to my five children whose father is absent in their lives. Hopefully, I can give him something special for cutting my yard every two weeks! I would not trade him for the world!!!!!
RosaYMay 20 20 - 07:54Nice giveaway. Happy Father's Day!
We're glad you love this giveaway! Good Luck :)

Best Wishes,

Member526152313435May 19 20 - 21:26Hello im so accated to winne 50 $
meganlu35May 19 20 - 21:11T t t t t t t t t
Member526119387511May 19 20 - 18:42I hope I can give my dad a gift this year, even for myself too. I will like smart phone for my father day
Member124229817734May 18 20 - 19:52I have a special husband who is dad to our two sons with autism! He deserves everything! I have a new ladder in mind...(Gotta keep my secret!)
Hello There,

What a wonderful Daddy! I truly hope you all enjoy your Father's Day!

Best Wishes,

Gugigi May 18 20 - 09:52😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
sang youn gminMay 18 20 - 00:46Happy Fathers Day
Member124070009245May 17 20 - 21:34Most shopping i’M learning to do online. The exception is fresh groceries or an item I ran out of with no time to wait on delivery.
Top Cash allows me to shop unique stores not available in my rural community.
Hello There,

We are so glad to hear you're taking advantage of all that TopCashback has to offer! We are happy to help :)

Best Wishes,

luvsdealsMay 17 20 - 21:11Time to be creative.
Member425601362247May 17 20 - 20:53It will be my hubby’S first Father’S Day with twins so we’Re all excited
Hello There,

Wow, how exciting! Truly hope you guys enjoy the day ! :)

Best Wishes,

MommzMay 17 20 - 19:58My gift idea(s) can change if my dad mentions some other idea...Lol
mandahuynhMay 17 20 - 17:38It will be my husband's first Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day to him! I hope you guys enjoy the day :)

Best Wishes,

Yusi WengMay 17 20 - 16:47Happy Fathers Day
Cocochloe333May 17 20 - 16:31I miss you.
maeshakes79May 17 20 - 16:27I love my dad with all my heart. Being away from him right now is so hard! I plan to do something extra-special for my dad this year to let him know how much I love, appreciate, and miss him!!!
Hello There,

Aww! I'm sure he will love whatever you decide to do. Truly hope you are able to enjoy the day to the fullest :)

Best Wishes,

mstruthersMay 17 20 - 16:26Happy Father’S Day to all the papas!❤️
CheleycatMay 17 20 - 16:23I’M giving mine electronics. He has been impacted by Covid-19.
mikareynolds2002May 17 20 - 16:12Dad’S are just as important has mom’S. They make the world go around too. Love my dad with all my heart.
Member224900689126May 17 20 - 15:40My dad passed away in July last year. I regret not giving him a gift on Father's Day last year. I don't deserve to be his daughter. If he is still alive, I will let him have a happy Father's Day. Dad, I miss you!
Hello There,

Very sorry to hear this. Love is what matters most, not material items! I hope this year the good times and warm memories surround you and fill your heart.

Best Wishes,

oso_lordMay 17 20 - 15:36Thank you very much:)
melnachMay 17 20 - 15:25My father is deceased but we will celebrate with my husband and the kids
Hello There,

So wonderful to carry on the traditions with your children. Truly hope you enjoy the day :)

Best Wishes,

Member1123306624151May 17 20 - 15:25.........
bronxbomma718May 17 20 - 15:17Thank u. You can send the $50 to my PayPal account.
Member1223758550711May 17 20 - 15:14Happy Father’S Day
Member620347233325May 17 20 - 15:13Fathers day is the best day of the year for us!
Member1223951355627May 17 20 - 15:12Love my Dad
amandakotyukMay 17 20 - 15:10Happy Father's day
AshleybeibeiMay 17 20 - 15:09Happy Father’S Day
Member419228959042May 17 20 - 15:08First father’S day for my hubby!
achruscielMay 17 20 - 11:22Happy Father's Day - such an important holiday! My Dad died in 1991 so I no longer personally celebrate but i'm so thankful this world still has a lot of awesome Dads.
Hello There,

You're absolutely right- it's so very nice to praise all the amazing dads worldwide! :)

Best Wishes,

Oscar VillalobosMay 17 20 - 10:07Happy Father's day!!!
Stay safe
bopperwhopperMay 17 20 - 09:41Happy Father's Day!
volare0711May 17 20 - 09:19Happy Fathers day to all Dad's
Member117563749647May 17 20 - 08:46Dinner and a gift!!
danimal522May 17 20 - 08:43Happy Father's Day!
Member212959486447May 17 20 - 08:22Happy Fathers day to all Dad's
mommie9801May 17 20 - 07:17Happy Fathers Day to all dads ❤️
RobyrooMay 17 20 - 06:58A nice dinner & Some gifts are alwaysgood
Member224755284208May 17 20 - 06:15Stay at home for this Father’S Day
Member1123062368343May 17 20 - 06:01My father passed away but my husband is worth celebrating🍾🎊 Happy pops day
Member1122918534825May 17 20 - 05:11Happy Father's Day!
Member325175589907May 17 20 - 03:46👨‍🔧Happy Father's Day to All The Dads, And to All The Strong Mums 👩‍🔧That Have 2 Be Dads Too..🙏🏼💯🥰
Pantherrra77May 17 20 - 03:23I wish all fathers health
Member325063974352May 17 20 - 03:20Happy fathers day
Member1123291769927May 17 20 - 00:51Happy Father’S Day to all you dads that continue to make your kids feel special.
Member425701748525May 16 20 - 19:28Happy father's day to all father.
tttaylor79May 16 20 - 18:57Happy Father's Day to all the dads.
Member1123090997943May 16 20 - 18:52Happy Father’S Day!
Member325378146922May 16 20 - 17:51All the best to all those who act as father and who are birth fathers as well.
gizmosmom64 May 16 20 - 17:13Thank you
Member1123301174956May 16 20 - 17:00Happy Fathers Day’
Member325283437858May 16 20 - 16:57Something he can use daily which will remind him this is from his daughter. Lol
Member425811529356May 16 20 - 16:44Turn erectus one dimension
Member1223862737139May 16 20 - 15:59Lets celebrate our fathers day.
Member425653924019May 16 20 - 15:56Happy fathers day!:)
Member1223862737139May 16 20 - 15:53Happy fathers day...
Member325290079834May 16 20 - 15:49Ty for a chance during this time of disparity
Member425672650940May 16 20 - 15:48He loved when I bake his favorite cake!
Member425590472556May 16 20 - 15:47Something creative and personal
Member325029155455May 16 20 - 15:45Thank you!
Brookecz19May 16 20 - 15:39Happy Fathers Day!
Iryna YurchenkoMay 16 20 - 15:22Love TopCashback
Member525930771520May 16 20 - 01:25Good Father's Day! God Bless You!
jen88May 15 20 - 15:50Sounds great.
Lolo113May 15 20 - 10:28So awesome for all the special 1 of a kind Dad's.
Member124349223411May 15 20 - 09:28Thank you!
AirForce65May 15 20 - 08:03Awesome Giveaway Happy Father's Day Everyone
We love that you love this giveaway! :) Haha Have a happy Father's Day!

Best Wishes,

AirForce65May 15 20 - 07:38Awesome Giveaway Happy Father's Day Everyone
Reyreybella01May 15 20 - 07:15Thanks for the chance, my husbands favorite store is home depot
LHigg93409May 15 20 - 07:11Special dads deserve pampering
atoliverMay 15 20 - 02:50Happy Father’S Day. Stay Safe, everyone!
atoliverMay 14 20 - 23:34Happy Father’S Day. Stay Safe, everyone!
Member526073394809May 14 20 - 19:12What a wonderful contest to enter and win. During this time where we are all or kost away from the ones closest to us it makes you realize how important those people in your life are..... 💕
anupamagajMay 14 20 - 11:44Wish my dad was alive, Thanks for reminding him again #Topcashback. Ii answered as I can how I celebrate father's day.
Hello There,

We hope your memories of him surround you and fill you with joy and laughter on this special day.

Best Wishes,

dionneMay 13 20 - 23:54Took the survey but was surprised to see all questions were based on assumptions that person answering survey had a Father that was still alive. Sadly I will once again be spending time with my Dad this Fathers Day visiting the cemetery. If your lucky enough to still have your Dad, cherish him every day, not just Fathers Day.
rdollarMay 12 20 - 18:36Honor you Father and Mother. Love, Jesus
beckd22May 12 20 - 14:49This is Awesome thanks#Topcashback
Hello There,

You're very welcome! Good Luck :)
MawMawHugs2May 12 20 - 09:40We plan on having a great Fathers Day Celebration. Only this year we will not be giving Hugs and Kisses. We will also be Social Distancing. But we can take time getting our food one at a time. And we will have a Firepit for everyone to make their own treats. Still being 6 feet a part. Our fire pits a big one so no problems just making our Smores...
Happy Fathers Day everyone..
Hello There,

I really love this idea. Having fun while still taking the necessary precaution! I Good Luck and I really do hope you enjoy your day :)
PriyakiaanMay 12 20 - 09:06Happy Fathers Day To all amazing Fathers
KorkisMay 11 20 - 20:15Thank you!
You're very welcome!