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Best Places to Get a Pizza in Chicago

We’re not about to take sides in the Chicago vs New York style pizza debate, but if you’re headed to Chicago, we bet that you won’t want to miss a few of the traditional Chicago-style pizza places. We’ve also added a few recommendations for some less traditionally deep dish places we think you’ll like if you’re staunchly on the New York side of the debate.

Deep-Dish Chicago Style Pizza

Deep dish style pizza isn’t just filling. It’s food that will put you into a food coma and send you walking out of the restaurant in a daze. Some Chicagoans will say that deep dish pizza is a Northside thing, and you’re closer to walking distance to a lot of these restaurants if you consider a hotel on the north side. Try using to find a place in Lincoln Park and you’ll be all set.

You can get several different spins on the deep dish style, though. One blog writer, whom shall remain nameless, once tried all four of the go-to deep dish style pizza restaurants over the course of two days. If you aren’t looking to try all of them for yourself, here are a few tips to help you choose the one for you.


Giordano’s has a yummy classic deep dish pizza, but they are famous for their stuffed crust pizza, which has a thinner crust on the bottom and another crust on top of the ingredients, all topped off with another layer of sauce.


The difference at Gino’s is the cornmeal crust. Gino’s also has a different atmosphere with graffiti all over from guests signing the walls.

Lou Malnati’s

Malnati’s crust is a more buttery crust and the style is more up-front and simple, which may be why it’s consistently reviewed as a favorite on sites like Lou Malnati’s also has gluten-free crust which is raved about. 

Pizzeria Uno

This one is the original deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. The crust here is more like a pastry and their signature is the sausage –which is actually topped with a giant sausage patty the diameter of the pizza.


Pizano’s is the least heavy of all the deep dish offerings listed here. Fun fact: Pizano’s was started by the brother of Lou Malnati (see above), both of whom were the son of Rudy Malnati, who was instrumental in the establishment of Uno’s (see above).

Pizza in Chicago That Isn’t Deep Dish

Not every restaurant buys into the deep dish pizza style. There are several great restaurants for the “tavern” style pizza. Book your hotel through in the South Loop for the best access to these restaurants, and you’ll get cash back. Here are a few favorites for tavern-style pizza in Chicago.


In the heart of the south side, Pat’s claims to have Chicago’s best thin crust. Their sausage is also arguably the best in Chicago.


This one isn’t just for deep dish. Some consider their thin crust to be even better than their deep dish, but this would be a great stop if you want to try both styles or have friends who want both styles.


The pizzas here are actually cooked in a coal-oven and emerge slightly charred and incredibly tasty. Coal-ovens are rare outside of the West coast!


Started by a guy who hated deep dish, this crust has tons of flavor that matches with any toppings. Try the chocolate pizza and your life will never be the same.

Michael’s Original Pizzeria and Tavern

Best thin crust on the north side and fun for watching sports.

Now you know! Make pizza part of your Chicago itinerary and you won’t be sorry.

What are your favorite pizzerias in Chicago?


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