Bridal Beauty From Bohemian to Beachy-Cool

Wedding Beauty Tips

Is makeup the last thing on your mind right now? Here are 8 Absolutely Stunning Makeup Looks for the Bride on her wedding day. When planning a wedding, it's easy to get so caught up in the planning of the wedding party, guest list, photographers, bands, florists, and caterers, that you forget one of the most important elements of the day, your makeup. To help you out with that, here are a few tried and true wedding looks.

# 1 Bohemian. This timeless, classy, chic style is a matter of lightly accentuating your natural features. Your foundation should be an illuminating formula to give your skin a soft, dewy finish and go for the minimal; no makeup look to bring out your inner boho goddess. You don't want to look overdone, so highlight your natural color with neutral shadows and softer eyeliner in addition to a little bronzer in all of the places the sun naturally hits your face. For more bohemian makeup ideas, take a look at Sephora and make sure you watch their "Bronzer Tips and Tricks" video!

#2 Retro. This hot beauty trend draws inspiration from the 50s and 60s. All you need for this dramatic look is a retro glam hairstyle, a bold matte lip, and contoured eyes. When looking for products to achieve your retro look, Amazon's selection will have you on Cloud 9!

#3 Beachy-Cool. Think naturally glowing and gorgeous when planning this look. Remember your skin will need to breathe, so opt for whisper-light makeup from foundations to eyeshadows and lipsticks that will still give excellent coverage but feel and look truly natural. For your barely there beachy look check out what Avon has to offer.

#4 Berry-Beautiful.  Berry-colored makeup will be equal part romantic and part dramatic with subtly lined lids, a soft blush on the cheeks, and strong colored lips for a beautiful berry look with any skin tone. For the inside track on this look, check out Clinique.

#5 Golden Goddess. To create a dreamy effect, brush a pale matte bronzer on your cheeks to warm up your skin. Brush a shimmery pink-gold blush on your cheeks, and blend a couple of golden shimmer shadows on your lids, before you line your eyes. Don't forget to use plenty of black waterproof mascara to complete the look. To find products for your golden goddess look, Dermstore is the place to shop.

#6 Smokey Eye. Most likely you will want to stick to the "less is more" philosophy when planning your wedding day makeup, so when incorporating the gorgeous smokey hot look, choose browns, bronzes, grays and greens with your shadow and avoid too much black. You can lighten your look even more if you use pinks and neutrals on your inner lid. Blending is the secret to perfect smokey eyes. You should not be able to tell where one shade begins, and the others end. Check out the smokey shades at Estee Lauder. You may also want to use an eye primer so that your smokey eye look will stay looking perfect long after you say I Do.

#7 Classic. To keep your wedding photos timeless, go with a classic look that never fails. Radiant skin, rosy cheeks, and lighter lipsticks while adding definition to the eyes with an eyeliner that you can work into the base of your lashes and then add to the upper lid, will give you a classic, dreamy look that you will always love. Save money on this look at Bobbi Brown.

#8 Natural. Don't feel like your makeup has to be over the top to match the importance of your wedding day. Keep your foundation color close to your natural color. A muted blush like soft rose or peach and a soft stay-put shade of lipstick will keep you from looking washed out in your photographs. Keep your eyeshadow color choices to shades that compliment your other makeup selections and remember to use a good mascara that won't clump. When trying to achieve the natural look, Vitacost has products that will meet your needs.

Remember, no matter what look you decide you want on your wedding day, waterproof mascara is a must! You don't want those tears of joy ruining your beautiful makeup!

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