Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $194.10 on Apparel

Rakuten | Ebates vs TopCashback: Save up to $194.10 on Apparel

With augmented reality tech and seamless mobile apps, it’s easier than ever to hunt for clothing online. And many retailers let you try on outfits for free. So, you can say “sayonara” to those awkward fitting room days.

We want you to make the most of your sprees. So, we found the top apparel deals. And we stacked our cash back rates next to Rakuten’s/Ebates because you deserve the best bang for your buck.

Cash back from TopCashback and Ebates

But before we jump in, let’s explore some handy shopping tidbits.

Average Amount Spent on Clothing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average 3-person household forks over $37.33 a week for new threads. They shell out $161.75 per month and $1,941 annually.

We know what you’re thinking. Other than fashion influencers, who buys garments every week? But you have to consider the wear and tear of socks, shoes and other essentials. And kids have a special talent for ripping jeans and sneakers.

Let’s move on to the best offers. Because excellent cash back rates are a parent’s best friend.


Macy's Clothing

Celebrated for their wide selection of merchandise and stackable savings, Macy's has cute duds for every occasion. Make the most of your purchase with our 8% cash back. The average 3-person unit spends $1,941 per year on attire, so they’ll snatch $155.28 cash back for all 12 months.

Settle for Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll get 3% cash back. That’s $58.23 back annually.


adidas Apparel

Comfy and effortlessly cool, adidas has been a staple on the athletic and streetwear scene for quite some time. Stock up on new gear with our 10% cash back. That’s $194.10 back for an entire year. Use Rakuten’s/Ebates’ services, and you’ll pocket 2%. That’s $38.82 for all 12 months.


Nike Apparel

Nike is the most popular store on our list. And for good reason! They’ve made athletes into legends with their innovative and expressive collections. Bump up your street cred with up to 6% cash back. Shop through us for a year, and you’ll snag $116.46 back.

Place your order through Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll earn 1.5% cash back That’s about $29.12 annually.


H and M apparel

A go-to for millennials, H&M offers sleek, stylish and affordable getups. Spruce up your wardrobe with our 3% cash back. Splurge for a year, and you’ll walk away with $58.23.

Go through Rakuten/Ebates, and you’ll receive 1.5% cash back.

The Bottom Line

Cash back from adidas and Macy's


Year's worth of cash back if you shop at adidas and Macy's for 6 months each.

These are just a few fashion deals you can use. If you’re not sure which store is best, try out 2 for a year. So, say you shopped at adidas for 6 months, that’s $97.05 right there. And if you bought Macy’s apparel for the rest of the year, that’s $77.64. Altogether, you’d nab $174.69 for those 12 months if you combined 6 months’ worth of cash back from each store.

If you shopped at adidas through Rakuten/Ebates, you’d get $19.41 for 6 months of goods. And if you did the same at Macy’s, you’d earn about $29.12. So, you’d pocket only $48.53 for the year.

If you’re interested in the other differences between TopCashback and Rakuten/Ebates, check out our nifty guide. You can learn about payout bonuses, coupons, payout options and more.

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Editor's Note: Cash back rates and promos were correct at time of publication.

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That being said, great article! I always go to Top Cash Back as my first choice.