6 New Payout Options

6 New Payout Options

Here at TopCashback, we’re always adding new ways to make it easier and faster for our awesome members (like you!) to receive their cashback.

In addition to our other incredible payout options such as PayPal, bank transfer and over a dozen gift cards to choose from, we’ve gone ahead and introduced 6 more gift cards this week. When you do choose to cash out with any of these gift card options, you'll receive an extra bonus amount. Check them out below:

· adidas - get a 5% bonus

· Bed Bath & Beyond - get a 5% bonus

· shopDisney- get a 4% bonus

· eBay- get a 4% bonus

· Old Navy - get a 5% bonus

· Under Armour - get a 5% bonus

Not only are you nabbing the highest cashback, but you’re also scoring up to 5% more! Cha-ching.

So, what are you waiting for? To get started, simply log into your account and head to the payout page now.


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SELVIN ARNULFOApr 02 20 - 17:42 Quiero tener una tarjeta visa como
SELVIN ARNULFOMar 31 20 - 17:29 Quiero una tarjeta visa virtual
SELVIN ARNULFOMar 31 20 - 17:15 Quiero obtener una tarjeta visa virtual
Member620248236055Mar 20 20 - 16:48 No walmart
Member325007845505Mar 07 20 - 00:37 I want underwear
engroJan 23 20 - 07:57 EView:
I choose the Virtual Visa Card most often, and i've never had an issue using it. I find no reason to pay the $5 for the physical card. Just add it to PayPal as a payment method to use easily online and elsewhere.

EBay is also an awesome new choice, btw! :)
eviewJan 19 20 - 11:34 I wish you did not have to pay additional to get a visa card. I dont know why you cant print the card to use as I have on other sites.
Hi there,

There is actually no charge for a Virtual Visa card. But if you would like to have a physical card shipped to you, this would carry a $5 fee to cover the cost and shipping of the card, but the virtual card is entirely free.