10 Ways to Save on a Jet Skiing Adventure

Posted on Aug 15 2016 Posted in  Travel
Save money with these tips

Although jet skis started out as manufactured by the leading producer of motorcycles for the water-loving thrill seeker, today’s jet skis are actually quite safe, made for riding while sitting, and even can carry multiple passengers. Whether you’re a competitive jet skier or just love to have fun on the water, we bet you’d like to save money on your next jet-skiing adventure, so we’ve compiled 10 ways to save! 

Save on Flights

The best advice we know for saving on flights is to be flexible. If you can consider multiple travel dates and more awkward overnight flights, you’ll save big. Don’t rely only on one travel website, either.

We know, we know…it’s easier to just go to one big site and get the rates for bunches of airlines, but many of the smaller airlines won’t list their flights there. Instead, check what airlines fly into the smaller airports near you and you’ll pay a lot less looking directly at the websites for those airlines.

Save on Meals

We think one of the less well-known ways to save on room and board is to focus on the “board” part of room and board – the meals! To do this, consider a condo where you’ll have a full or even partial kitchen. A mini fridge and microwave will mean you can at least save and re-heat leftovers from restaurants, but a full kitchen and a well-planned tripped to the grocery could save you a ton.

Use Season or Holiday Deals

Timing might be key to saving for you. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you can take advantage of last-minute deals on condo or hotel rentals that resorts are trying to fill up.

Hit the Opposite Hemisphere

Although going to the other side of the world might be more than you’re bargaining for, if you’re really up for an adventure, consider traveling during the winter to a place where it’s summer. You’ll usually save on your travel fees.

Go Local

To really pad your pocket, you might want to consider going local. A day trip means saving on flights and hotels, and you may have areas without even any entry fee. Check your local state parks, rivers, or reservoirs for their policies. You may be surprised what you discover!

Save on Gear

You’ll save big on gear if you purchase at the end of the season. Some jet ski dealers boast up to 50% savings at the end of the summer when they are trying to move inventory instead of having to store it all winter. Most of the time you can also catch good deals on wet suits and other accessories during this time.

Use Groupons

Groupon doesn’t have a lot of deals on actual equipment, but you can definitely save big on your travel by using Groupon. Also make sure to watch for “adventure” deals. You’ll sometimes see a deal where you’ll get a three-night hotel stay plus a sunset sail and an hour jet ski rental at your destination – with huge savings!

Combine Activities

If you’re just wanting to sample jet skiing, or if you’re interested in sampling another water sport, consider bundling. For example, an option in Key West lets you experience six water sports for much lower than you would pay if you rented all the equipment separately.

Use Coupons

When searching for the best prices  for your boat and jet ski outing, check online for exclusive online-only coupons.

Book Early

Many rental facilities offer reduced pricing during non-peak rental hours. Aim for early morning or late evening times to complete a booking with the most savings.

We hope these tips will help you save the next time you hit the water!

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