Father's Day Accessories That Aren't Neckties

Father's Day Accessories That Aren't Neckties

Posted on May 27 2022 Posted in  Holidays, Money Saving Tips, Fashion
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Father's Day Accessories That Aren't Neckties

A necktie is arguably the most obvious Father’s Day gift of them all.  It has been joked about throughout popular culture and dads have been expectedly accepting them for years. This year, why not try to get dad something in the same vein as a tie that he might actually need? Although the business world is moving in an increasingly casual direction, these more formal accessories are still essential to any man’s wardrobe, especially if he already has a surplus of ties.


Cuff Links from J.Crew:

Most of his shirts probably already come with buttons on the cuffs, but every guy should have that one special shirt where a pair of cuff links are needed to tie it all together. If your dad has a big day coming up, an important presentation, or an event where a good impression couldn’t hurt, a pair of cuff links on the tips of the shirt really look sharp. Get him a pair like these from J.Crew with 4% cash back from TopCashback.


Bow Tie from Nordstrom Rack:

I know you think we said no ties, but we actually said we were done with neckties. And yes, technically bow ties also go around the neck, but they are entirely different. It is rare you see these types of ties in a boardroom, but there are the few, the proud that want to wear nothing else. You would probably know if your dad is one of these guys by now. If so, grab one and get yourself no cash back cash back when you shop Nordstrom Rack through TopCashback .


Watch from Fossil:

Another great accessory to add to your father's repertoire of dress and casual attire is a watch. The right watch can be worn for any occasion and is a great accent piece as well as a timepiece. Many stylish and affordable analog, hybrid, and smart watches can be found at Fossil, whereas the best cash back rates including 6.06% at Fossil can be found at TopCashback.


Suspenders from H&M:


Similar to the pants that don’t come with cuff buttons, you may be surprised to learn that certain men’s pants don’t come with belt loops. These pants require a pair of suspenders to keep them afloat and to add a bit of flair. Let your dad suspend his colleagues’ disbelief in his style with a pair of new suspenders. You also won't believe the cash back you get at H&M, up to 3% to be exact. Shop your H&M Father's Day gifts through TopCashback so you can earn while you shop.


Belt from L.L. Bean:


A good belt may be one of the most underrated accessories because a bad one rarely goes unnoticed. We believe belts are not appreciated for all they can deliver on. They can be dressy, casual, have different color buckles, come braided or full, and at the very least, they hold your pants up. If your dad may be using the same old cracked leather belt he wore to the prom, it may be time for a refresher. L.L. Bean has an excellent selection of belts in all the assortments and you can pick up one for your father with 4.04% cash back, only at TopCashback.


Shoes from Jos. A. Bank:

While we are on your father’s southern hemisphere, lets take a gander at his professional footwear. Some people are of the belief that one can never have too many shoes and we can see why they would arrive there. Work shoes can probably have a limit though. Has your dad not even come close to this limit? Would he benefit from another pair of shoes to add to the rotation? Does he know that it's actually better for your feet to not wear the same pair every day? Inform him of this if he reacts to your Jos. A. Bank gift that you received 15.15% cash back on with uncertainty.


Socks from Happy Socks:

Finally, as an added bit of fun, how about some socks that remind you of your dad? Happy Socks has an extensive assortment of fun dress socks that dad can wear around the house, around the lawn, or to work. Socks that read “Super Dad”, have beer and sausages on them, or even a pack of 7 would be a great gift for your father and a great opportunity to score 8.08% cash back.

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

Louis Pino is the junior copywriter at TopCashback.com. He defines frugality as not solely buying life's necessities, but being shrewd when it comes to purchasing your wants. This is why, since 2021, Louis has been spreading the good word of balancing money management and shopping through informative blog posts such as this.

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