College Dorm Essentials: A Guide for Every Freshman

College Dorm Essentials: A Guide for Every Freshman

It’s that time of year for many parents. The time we all anticipate to come, but never actually think will get here. No, it’s not the apocalypse, although it may feel like it for some. It’s the time when you prepare to release your kiddos from the nest and let them fly away to the college world.

What we all want most for our children is for them to have all the necessities they need, especially things that are going to bring them comfort and the feeling of home even miles away!

That feeling of comfort begins where you lay your head at night. Nothing says a new start like fresh sheets and pillowcases. You can score 2% cash back at Bed Bath & Beyond with these Jersey Knit sheets from Pure Beech.

In order for you to truly feel that sense of comfort, you have to have peace of mind. For every college student, that means knowing you’re protected against bed bugs and other creatures. (Yes, that is the harsh reality of dorm life!)

This Becky Cameron microfiber mattress protector from The Home Depot keeps the critters at bay, but it also shields against spills caused by those endless nights of coffee and studying.

The saying "if you live around clutter, your mind gets cluttered" can definitely be true for some. College is stressful enough, so why have clothes strewn all around the room? You should have at least 20 hangers to maintain an organized closet. Grab a case of inexpensive, mint-green hangers at the Dollar Tree that will get the job done.

If there's one thing about undergraduate school that everyone underestimates, it’s how many things you will need to remember at once. It’s hard to balance a social life with the workload, and sometimes we may even forget to check our cell phones. (Who would’ve thought?)

Having a dry-erase board to leave notes for your roomies is not only cute, but so clutch and necessary. You can get this durable, melamine whiteboard with aluminum frame from Staples and pocket 3% cash back as a bonus.

Walking across campus + crippling presentation anxiety = recipe for sweat! As a result, you may need to take multiple showers a day as a college student. And a full supply of fresh towels is a must. Because let's be real, waiting for an available washer machine in the communal laundry room can take quite a while, especially if you live in a dorm full of athletes.

We suggest nabbing this 6-piece Martex ringspun cotton towel set from Macy’s, which is currently on sale for $24. That's a deal you can't stand to miss.

Keep everybody's spirits up during finals week with feel-good memories. With plenty of picture frames and room decor to display, it’s always smart to have extra command strips on hand. You can snag a pack at Office Depot and earn 6% cash back.

College campuses aren't as safe as you’d expect. That’s why it’s important to attach this BURN pepper spray to your keychain. It's small enough to be discreet, but still packs a punch. Buy one or three at eBay for under $10 and get Up to 2% cash back.

With all the excitement of packing and nerves of meeting new people, it can be easy to forget some basic necessities -- like this handy bubble umbrella from the brand Totes. It's yours for just $19.50 when you use the code FLASH28 at JCPenney.

Trust us -- you’ll want to encourage your children to stay clear of the Campus Cafe for every. single. meal. Instead, they should stock up on healthier food options (or home cooking from Mom and Dad). For this reason, it's worth spending money on a microwave and mini fridge. You can purchase Insignia's black compact microwave, which is on sale at Best Buy for $49.99, and scoop up 2% cash back.

While you're at it, add Insignia's retro mini fridge to your cart for only $139.99. It's the perfect appliance for the college student who wants their room to look a little more chic.

Safety always comes first! Pick up this 140-piece all-purpose first aid kit from to stash in your room for low-key emergencies, like stubborn little paper cuts and stress headaches. You'll find pain relievers, adhesive bandages and more supplies at one great price of $14.99.

With all of these dorm room essentials, you’re sure to have your child walking onto campus at least a little prepared for what’s to come. But, of course, Mom and Dad are only one call away should they forget anything.


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