Pet Expenses Survey 2023

Pet Expenses Survey 2023

Posted on Mar 13 2023 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
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Pet Expenses Survey 2023

Whether it’s a “woof,” “neigh,” “meow” or “ribbit,” this survey’s all about pets!

Tell us, do you own a pet? Do you spend more money on your pet than you spend on yourself? Would you switch places with your pet if you could?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their pets. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on March 27.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on March 27, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

This survey has closed. Click here to view the results!


gininberlinMarch 26 2023, 21:22 Let's Go!
anitarae3March 26 2023, 12:32 We have three cats Hurley.. Charlotte and Max as well as our dog Patsy Cline and fish. We make raw cat food with chicken thighs. They are healthy and Crazee cats that climb Christmas trees and steal food all the time. They chew up boxes.. Tissue paper... Eat plants.. Knock over anything on the counter etc.. That are like kids and keep us on our toes.
aprilahullMarch 26 2023, 10:48 I have two dogs Melody and Luna. I spend more money on their grooming than I do on my own hair. Plus two cats. I definitely would like to have their care free life to do whatever!
KdavisMarch 26 2023, 09:25 I have a dog named Mia and she is 9 years old. I feed her fresh pet with her meals., Give her treats. 😊🐶
Rolasuzanne March 25 2023, 22:54 Got a rabbit name Snowball. Feed him with hay and pellet. Carrots as treat.
dhkekdndnMarch 25 2023, 21:20 My dog’S name is Dale and he is 2 years old!
Onigordon13March 25 2023, 13:26 Dog, pet food, clothing, snacks
suzarue33March 25 2023, 12:20 I have a labradoodle, 3 cats, 12 ducks, and couple dozen chickens and a guinea pig. Love them all! Spoiled with treats and good quality food.
discountedMarch 25 2023, 03:03 I have two old dogs for which I spend ~150 bucks every month because of the food and medicine.
Member236490860915March 25 2023, 01:04 I have two cats and I love them so much. They’Re one of the greatest things that’Ve happened to me. I try my best to provide everything they need. Hope i’D win so I can treat them some good treats :)
Buywithme usaMarch 23 2023, 21:56 I have a dog and its the best gift from Universe that happened to me!!! I think I spend all my money on this cutie.. <3
Member915504142814March 23 2023, 15:11 My dog is named Baby Girl and she is getting old around 13 years old.
mrswolfsmithMarch 23 2023, 07:40 Yes, I currently have a dog. Her name is Roxanne, our fur-baby always get spoil. So, lots of money is spent on her. She's apart of our family, and is almost 3 years old; but switching places with her is a no because i'm happy just the way it is.

Thank you!
bbbb11March 22 2023, 19:12 I used to have a lots of pets but had never spend on them more than on myself! I would love to stay in my body :)
clphan8March 22 2023, 09:23 I currently do not own a pet; however I have had in the past. I have had iguanas, hamsters, chickens, fish, turtles, & Birds. I wouldnt want to change places with them because I realize it now that they were locked up like animals in a zoo. Dogs & Cats on the other hand I would trade places with.
panterikMarch 21 2023, 20:06 Привет,у меня четверо зверушек) два кота,кролик и собака. Собака 🐕 и один кот 🐈 приемные. Собака стала верным другом и охранником. По утрам любит есть хлеб 🍞. Коты играют и гуляют вместе,а кролик любит грызть ветки .
Деньги 💸 если и трачу это мелочи по сравнению сколько эмоций дают эти питомцы.
michelle1994cMarch 19 2023, 16:47 I have an hamster and I love her so much got her two years ago and she still love to eat and be cuddle
nurgaliassel2March 19 2023, 12:49 I don’T have pets, but I love them. I understand that this is a big responsibility to have pets because they require much time and money. I want to come to this question very consciously, and I am sure that I will have a cat whom i’Ll take care and love so much as I can in near feature
nomesengsavangMarch 18 2023, 15:53 Hi my name is Nome. I currently have 3 cats. One was given to us and the other two were adopted. I love all of my furry babies, they are the sweetest and bring so much joy. I hope to win, i’Ll use it to feed and care for them.
Linh TranMarch 18 2023, 10:19 6 cats <3
leojaiMarch 18 2023, 05:18 One dog and his name is momo, always need to seek help from vet
Member336653655616March 17 2023, 20:57 This is love
tan67400March 17 2023, 18:18 Three dogs
GHOWELL09March 17 2023, 16:59 Three dogs, three cats, and a turtle. All are rescue pets..
xiongyi3March 16 2023, 20:00 I currently do not have a pet but would love to get one once I find a new job!
zelaisi123March 16 2023, 18:49 I have a cat Momoe and she has the biggest personality. She always knocks over drinks w/ Straws on my coffee table at home. She follows me around like a dog. She's the best
angelbabyluv28March 16 2023, 17:11 I have a cat Momoe and she has the biggest personality. She always knocks over drinks w/ Straws on my coffee table at home. She follows me around like a dog. She's the best
Member1232365919736March 16 2023, 15:12 I don’T have a pet but my friends have a golden retriever. I used to pet sit when they’Re out of town. He likes me more than my friend.
p38424March 16 2023, 12:54 No I don't own a pet.
Reg60sMarch 16 2023, 07:31 I have a chinchilla as my indoor pet, and of course the outside pets like a large variety of birds I feed daily, Unwanted animals deers, groundhogs, raccoons, mice, moles, frogs, snakes, squirrels, and lets not forget the skunks! And I live in the city lol!
soledyvrmMarch 16 2023, 06:50 I don't have a pet, however, the father of my kids has a dog named Rocky and he is the most amazing dog in the world. He is so sweet and my kids love spending time with him, and of course, he is part of our family as well.
songokuMarch 16 2023, 02:05 I have one big crazy rabbit 🐰!
Member834764919841March 15 2023, 21:41 My two boston terrier furbabies are my life and I will not get through the day without them. They are in my presence 24/7.
I gave them the best food to eat as well as their daily walkies arw very enjoyable.

And of course they are extremely the cleaverest dogs in my eyes.
kelleymcMarch 15 2023, 19:35 At this time I do not own a pet; however, we anticipate adopting or getting a puppy for my kids when I know that we can properly care for, love and play with them daily!
dionneMarch 15 2023, 18:52 I serve the pleasure of 5 rescue kitty's. They have trained me well & Tolerate me most days.
Member934906471203March 15 2023, 18:16 I only had two turtles as pets.
AwilsoMarch 15 2023, 18:02 I am owned by two dogs, five cats, frogs. Fish and lizards!! Most of my money goes for their care. I think they are all healthy and happy but I would rather be loved by them than be one of them 😁
kiki22March 15 2023, 17:05 I love my 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am furever covered with their fur!
Toby1TNTMarch 15 2023, 16:33 I have a Old English Bulldog. I would say I still spend more on myself but he comes close. I would change for a day or two to get some rest.
LadydolsonMarch 15 2023, 15:08 I have an Alaskan Husky named Kylo Ren. He is definitely considered one of my kids and we adore him to pieces. We do spend a lot of money on him since we have him on a no grain diet but don’T think we spend more on him than ourselves.
Member313272128455March 15 2023, 14:32 Our dog Duke is a member of our family. We love him and have so much fun with him
Member834604523328March 15 2023, 14:28 I have a mini bernadoodle named Bella. She is my world, my life, my heart. She shows me love and hugs daily. I spend all my money on her and I wouldn't have it any other way. Her medicine, vaccines, food, snacks and toys.
bromeroMarch 15 2023, 14:11 I sure do own 2 cats. Their names are Stewie and Sasha. They are both tabbies and love cozying up together.

I do buy good food for them. I also give them probiotics and look for ways to improve their health so they have less vet visits. However, when they need that, I have a nice savings account just for them.

I try and clean up after their bathroom messes to make sure it's cleaned and they don't dirty the house. They always have a clean litter box.

I don't know what i'd do without them. Stewie loves to follow me around. I call him my body guard or guardian angel. He seems like he's there to protect but he's the one he needs protecting, lol. Sasha is my hunter. Anything that moves in the house will be found by her. She sees things before I do most of the time. I call her Ms. Independent because she likes her private time but then cuddles up for a minute or 2 when she's in the mood.

I would definitely switch places if I could with my cats especially because they're mine. I spoil them so much with lots of love, playtime, and scheduled meals.
wicker_parkMarch 14 2023, 14:17 I own a cat! She gets the best of everything. Food (dry and wet) , slick water fountain, she even had a stroller. She has the highest pet insurance. She is spoiled and lives a life of leisure and love. I try to make sure that she doesn't go without anything including her expensive cat litter. Most items I purchase are travel because if i'm out of town for more than a day she is coming with me. I'm glad cat live a long time because not sure what i'd do without her. I call her my daughter. Hahahaha
YayForReneeMarch 14 2023, 06:40 I do own pets. Dogs! They are spoiled! We do purchase them the best of the best for foods, treats, etc. They have routine vet care and some are on medications that are very costly as well as surgeries that needed to be done. I do joke and say to family that I think they live better than me at times. It's funny when you go to sit on the couch but they are in your spot. You try to squeeze in not to bother them while they sleep ha! I love them. We take care of ourselves though as well but honestly there was times I had to cut back on things for us so we could afford surgery for one of our dogs. It's what you do for family though! Maybe for a day I would love to be them and they be me. It would be nice to just lay around and not have one single worry in the world. Thanks for reading!

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