June Jacobs Spa Collection Review

Posted on Apr 03 2017 Posted in  Beauty
June Jacobs Spa Collection

Meet the June Jacobs Brand: Natural ingredients form the basis for the face, hair and body products offered by June Jacobs. June and her daughter Rochelle designed a product line using their patented anti-aging combination of 6 anti-oxidants including pomegranate, green tea, red tea, white tea, goji berry, and grape seed.  Their products are made without parabens, synthetics, and sulfates when possible and can be found in high-end spas, resorts, and specialty stores.

What we Love: The website is set up so you can shop by category to find the right product. For full transparency, the product pages list the ingredients and provide usage tips. Choose from gift sets and travel-sizes to “try before you buy” best-selling items. Look for the Mini-Masque Quartet to have on hand a deluxe mask to hydrate, nourish, detoxify, and renew your skin. Or take some Creamy Cranberry Cleansers with you on travel or in your gym bag for the ultimate refresher-on-the-go.

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The Reviews: Several TopCashback employees volunteered (and perhaps jumped up and down with joy) to sample some of June Jacobs’ luxurious line of products for the face and body. Find out which products were our favorites and why.


TopCashback Staffer Review: I love it! I have been applying this toner, after I wash my face to remove my makeup at the end of the night. It really removes all the access dirt and oil that my facial wash didn’t do, in a gentle way. My face feels super cleansed and bright after! It smells refreshing, isn’t harsh, and doesn’t burn. I feel like I’m giving my face some extra love and care and look forward to it at the end of the night. Two thumbs up!


TopCashback Staffer Testimonial: This was my first time using a cold cream cleanser, and I will never go back to gel! I used it for several weeks and could feel a difference right away. I usually break out when trying a new facial product, but this was so gentle, and gave my skin a clean, hydrated feeling without any side effects. I am a gigantic fan!


TopCashback Staffer Review: I used this mask 3 times a week (recommended usage) over the last few weeks and have noticed a difference in how soft my skin feels. It did leave a bit of a tingling sensation after I washed it off, but it really felt revitalizing to my skin. It contains extracts of mango and pineapple, so get ready to start envisioning yourself relaxing at a tropical beach!


TopCashback Staffer Testimonial: It is a fantastic product. I use it right out of the shower and it glides on and makes my skin super soft and smooth without leaving a sticky or oily residue. I recommend drying off first before using so it penetrates deeply. But sometimes I am too eager to moisturize. Oh and the scent is understated and pleasant... Must keep this as part of the routine!


TopCashback Staffer Review: This body scrub is so delicious. After using 1-2 times a week for a few weeks now, I am hooked. The sugary-lemon scent is refreshing and the best part is that the polish does not leave your skin feeling greasy like other polishes/scrubs.


TopCashback Staffer Testimonial: I suffer from dry lips in the wintertime and this lip moisturizer has been a huge help! I applied it several times a day and felt a dramatic decrease in dryness and restoration of cracked lips. It even has SPF50 for protection against sun damage! The product is a combination of jojoba and coconut oils, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E.


TopCashback Staffer Review: This moisturizing SPF lotion was easy to apply and I felt great knowing I was protecting my skin from UVB rays. I applied it 2 times per day while out in the sun. It has a light feel to it and an earthy smell, likely from the rice, soy and algae extracts it is made with. This is a product to keep on hand all-year round as it keeps your skin free of environmental toxins. Who doesn’t want youthful looking skin? Two thumbs up! *This product was out of stock at the time of publishing. Please check June Jacobs for availability.

Try it and see for yourself how gentle, effective, and amazing-smelling these products are. Shop June Jacobs today!

Which June Jacobs product would you like to try?

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