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New Year, New TopCashback Rewards

Posted on Jan 02 2017 Posted in  Member Rewards
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Tell a friend bonus event

With our Bonus Tell-a-friend' event, you can earn $20.17 for each referral!

The Way it Works: Each new member you invite to join TopCashback who goes on to earn $10 in cash back earns you a sweet $20.17 bonus. That's more than 2x our normal Tell-A-Friend Bonus Rate! For maximum exposure, simply email or post your referral link on Facebook and Twitter. With many post-holiday sales going on in January, it's truly a wonderful time to invite others to witness themselves how cash back helps to deepen the savings.

Besides the Bonus You'll Earn, why else should you encourage others to join TopCashback?

We've already got daily "double cashback" rates covered with our 100% cashback policy, but did you know you can also stack our exclusive coupons with the cashback? This means a whopper of a savings for you!

Plus, we offer limited-time flash sales for many popular brands, host giveaways on our blog, and offer fun games and contests. With over 4,000 popular brands, you're bound to find the store you wish to shop online with. Just do a simple search to see if your favorite retailer is featured. Shop through our links and you'll earn 100% of the commission back!

Lastly, unlike other cash back sites, we do not have minimums to payout, offer bonuses with select payout methods, and offer special promotions like this to help boost your earnings!

Bonus Tip: You can easily share specific retail offers with others and your Tell-A-Friend link will be automatically embedded.

Bonus Tell a Friend Terms & Conditions

This 'Bonus Tell A Friend' promotion runs from 0:00am PST January 2, 2017 to 11:59pm PST January 13, 2017.

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kjacques27January 6 2017, 14:13 Hey, I use top cash whenever i'm going to purchase something online. If you are going to buy it anyways, long in to your topcash and look up the retailer. Trust me, you make cash back for stuff you already had on your shopping list. Try it. Love Karen.
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