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Here's a selection of testimonials provided by our members. If you are interested in adding a testimonial for use on TopCashback or by the press, we'd really appreciate it.
friend icon This website is awesome! I was able to receive a free Frozen DVD and free dryer sheets. I would recommend to anyone interested in saving!
  srfcow6 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon This site is by far the highest paying cashback sites and is easy to use.
  Bone_Doc | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon What I like about TopCashBack is that it's reliable, a sure thing. I know it's going to work, I know I will get paid, and their customer service backs up the promise.
  jess889 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I was hesitant to try this site but I'm very glad I did! They pay out more than other cash back sites and if you choose amazon as payment they give you 2.5% more! What else can we ask for? Win-win for me!
  Twinkies25 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon Awesome website. I've gotten so much cash back! TopCashBack is the first place I go online before making my purchase. I also recommend it to all of my friends.
  tenea13 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon Help me save a lot money! I love it!
  18627122379 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon earn more cashbacks here, Great site!
  caiyunjiao | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I love using Top cash back along with my hotel rewards card to get a maximum return on my purchase. That extra few percentage points really helps to offset some taxes and fees that get thrown on at the end of your bill!
  lederach104 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I got a night of our hotel paid for by using TopCashBack! Plus some other cash back options on other items I was buying anyway - I'm using it as a vacation fund!
  Member41528031103 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon It was easy to use and get my money back - very good experience so far!!
  Member31118085048 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I wish i would have found this site years ago.Its awesome. I will come back again and again.
  Member82179166110 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I used Topcashback twice so far and I highly recommend it! Positive experience so far! You will be happy you signed up!
  Member31298610948 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I have been using topcashback for nearly a year and happy to get the cash back. thanks!
  fandian | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I use Topcashback for almost every purchase I make online. They generally always have the highest cash back as compared to other sites.
  Member582027529 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon TopCashback Rocks! I have save over $20 so far and excited to see how much more to come.
  ddixon8 | 13 Aug 2014