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friend icon Top of cash back - This is the best and prompt cash back site . The customer service is also very prompt !!!
  Member41574302501 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon Its a no brainer use topcashback. Its a couple of extra clicks with the mouse. I have already cashed out once and the money was put into PayPal love it
  tramps | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon Best cashback site. This site is reliable and dependable. The great thing is that if you cashout with amazon gift card you get a extra bonus. Which is the best and the tracking is better than upromise or shopdiscover by miles. It allows you to submit claims and they are very dependable. I use this site for all my shopping needs. The only time I use other sites is only if the merchant is not covered by topcashback. Overall best site ever.
  dhuang1210 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon It is very useful and can save my money! I love topcashback!
  dcktam | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I was a little skeptical of this site but I came across it through raininghotcoupons.COM and I love and trust that site. I had the offer to buy a razor online from walmart and make 100% cash back. So I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. Although walmart.COM took forever to process it through my topcashback.COM page, topcashback was true to the advertisement.
  mappleget | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon we used a few websites and then discovered Top cash blew us away with its returns on purchases. thank you.
  Member12638882750 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I've been using cashback sites for years. Yet, I'm really happy I've found TopCashBack. In the beginning, it offered only a few stores I shop but now it got all stores I usually shop except one, Swanson Health Products. However, this store isn't on any cashback site anyways. I hope it will be on TopCashBack. The thing what I love most about TopCashBack is its generous cashback rates, the friendly layout of the user interface where you can easily track your cashback. Also, TopCashBack makes it easy to find your store and earn some money. Another plus are the payout options: Paypal and Amazon Gift cards. I use the latter because I get an extra bonus (another way to get some free money). The only negative is that I didn't find TopCashBack earlier. It provides excellent customer service and I've never missed a cashback. I always recommend TopCashBack to my friends and will use it as much as possible.
  Liam_Gutierrez | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon Although I haven't received any rewards, yet, from TopCashback, I not ready to give up trying either. I've been using another cash back site for years, and it's really hard to break the habit of checking who has the best deal. I'm going to do better because from the testimonials this is the best way to go :)
  hfengland | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I was skeptical at first to try another cash back site that I hadn't heard of. The deal seemed too good to be true. Even when the company used wasn't prepared to give back the money they offered, TopCashBack stood up and gave a goodwill amount of cash back.
  jlafount | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I used TopCashback and earned almost $102 last year! It's convinent and easy to use.You will always get good deals! Absolutely,it's a must try site!!
  Member82182910708 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon A monetary incentive for purchasing things online from my favorite merchants...Excellent! I love TopCashback so much that I've referred all of my friends and family.
  delores1978 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon The BEST part is you can withdraw cashback with no minimum, anytime and directly into your bank account with max cashback match guaranteed. Why go to any other site?
  fun2earn | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon although I have not yet taken full advantage, this is a really great site and can help put some cash in peoples hands
  Member72115258354 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I love Topcashback! I have always received my cash back and when I have missed one a simple email is all that is needed.
  gregwilber | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon TopCashBack referrals are awesome! I've earned hundreds of dollars sharing the offers and incredible deals!
  FreebieDepot | 13 Aug 2014